Toshiba T 8000 - where can I find the Bios battery?

I have a problem with my Bios, I put a password and now I have to reset the Cmos because I forgot it. I think that the only way to do it is to put the battery of the Bios for a few minutes. But where is the battery? I hope you can help me.
Sorry for my bad English, I hope you guys understand it.


First of all I must tell you that your English is not so bad you think.

Anyway, this kind of problems can be solved simply by service partner and in my opinion you should not try to remove the battery alone, because you can damage other hardware components because they are very sensitive to electrostatic discharge.

Next time chose a word just your password. ;)

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    Where can I find the BIOS updates?

    This should be so simple, but somehow did this simple task very difficult.

    It looks like a series of portable US and so you should check the page Web of Toshiba us.

  • 5200-801: where can I find the bios editing application?

    because of the businness implementations I've migrated to Windows Xp PRO. I formatted and reinstalled the intire system. All right, but I can't change boot preferences settings. The Toshiba Control Panel is not integrate more. I installed all the stuff that is downloadable from the official website, but it is not the request to change the bios settings. Where can I find it? (or how do I enter the bios?)

    Thank you

    Simone Chiesa


    to enter the BIOS or make changes, you need hardware Toshiba (als called HWSetup.exe) and Toshiba common Modules!

    You must install all the tools in a special order. These ordercan is located on the CD-ROM tools & Utilitis in the html file.

    Goodbye, TOK

  • HP Pavilion Notebook 15-n290sa: where can I find the right battery for HP Pavilion n290sa-15 Notebook PC

    When I turned on my laptop it came with a warning on my battery and it may need replacing. I can't find where I can buy a new battery for it.  Where can I get this part?

    Dear customer,

    Description-battery 4 cells, 41-Wh, 2.8 - Ah, Li-ion battery
    Spare part number:728460-001

    You can order the part from HP parts store using the link below. Or buy any store of the computer room.


    Contact HP All over the world

    You can also check your warranty here to check the status of the guarantee

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  • Where can I find the bios update, I need to install Windows 7?

    "The following problems prevent upgrade Windows. Cancel the upgrade, perform each task and then restart the upgrade to continue.

    Windows cannot be installed on this computer with the current version of the system BIOS. Contact your computer manufacturer for a BIOS update, install the update and then restart Windows Setup. OEM name: Dell Inc.; OEM model: XPS M1530. The version of the BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS MORE Version 1.10 A05. Date of the BIOS: 20071117000000.000000 + 000 "

    Where can I download it go? I've hunted on the dell site, used their upgrade check tools and can't find it.

    I found the update next availible for your laptop

    before you Flash your Bios to ensure that it is correct.  Once the flash do not power off the PC or interrupt for some reason any.  An inccorect or a bad flash can 'brick of your motherboard.

    Read the instructions with the download with a lot of attention

    Good luck

  • Where can I find the BIOS version 1.9 for my Satellite A 60?


    I have a Satellite A6-692, model: PSA60E.

    I find on your site the link for many BIOS for this laptop.

    I try every url, but all the URLs are dead!

    Can fix you these links? (

    Any body have saved this BIOS?

    Thank you



    Probably is known to you that companies like Toshiba do maintenance scheduled from time to time with servers and all saved data. I'm sure that it will work again very soon.

    As an alternative, you can track page

    Bye and good luck!

  • Inspiron 8000 & Win XP - where can I find the drivers after upgrade HD?

    I replaced Win98, ME, with Win XP last year and found XP drivers on the support site. Now I want to upgrade the HD the original 10 GB to 80 GB and I'll try cloning the old HD with Acronis True Image 11, but if it goes wrong, I'll do a clean reinstall of Win XP.  Problem: support site now offers the drivers for all the operating systems (including Linux Redhat) - but is no longer for Win XP.

    2 questions:

    1. where can I find the necessary drivers now, if I have to reinstall Win XP from scratch?

    2. is it possible to clone my old HD 10 GB for my Maxtor 320 GB external HDD and clone then down to the Maxtor for my new 80 GB HD?

    Advice and guidance very much appreciated - thank you!

    Inspiron 8000

    512 MB of RAM

    Win XP Home

    External hard drive Maxtor 320

    Acronis True Image 11

  • Where can I find the drivers for my Portege M200 - I lost my recovery CD

    Where can I find the drivers for my Portege M200? Because there is none on the download page. The only drivers that you might find there are drivers for bluetooth, wlan and I think it is. Have no drivers for my sound card, my network card and all the other stuff.

    I need to download because I really really need to do a fresh install and my recovery disk is lost since the last time I moved.

    Naturally, I called Toshiba and asked if I could get a new one, or if I could download it some how, the response I got was "I'm sorry, neither we nor any of our partners have a.

    And because the windows license is only valid for the Windows XP Tablet edition with SP1 preistalled "Toshiba" and the only way I could get if I had such a drive.

    So the advice gave me support was to buy a new license windows and if I wanted to all work I must review the Windows XP Tablet edition 2005 or something like that.

    But since I already have XP pro license, I decided to install it because I almost never use the tablet properties more. And now when I did just that I can't find almost all the drivers my computer cannot function properly.


    > Where can I find the drivers for my Portege M200? Because on the download page, there is no

    What page of the driver Toshiba have you checked?
    I visited the page of European driver of Toshiba and found all the necessary drivers

    Please follow this path and you should get the European driver from Toshiba site:> support the Dowloads & -> support home page-> download Driver

  • Camileo X 100 - where can I find the drivers?

    Where can I find the download of the driver because he doesn't seem to be one on the Toshiba site, please?


    Normally, the drivers are placed on the installation disc that came with the Camileo X 100.

    In order to take the X 100 disc you must have and install the software you need. After that your computer should recognize the device correctly. :)

  • Where can I find the files of the OS to create a restore CD?

    Dear Sirs,

    I want to reinstall the laptop. Where can I find the windows (to burn) files on the hard drive?
    I only find the Toshiba Tools CD.
    But no matter which folder on the operating system

    Maybe someone can help me



    Hello Patrick

    With your unit is also delivered media RECOVEY. This DVD contains the operating system and other things you need. By using this media you'll assign laptop to factory settings.

    If you use it to install the OS new HARD drive will be formatted and you will lose all your data. Due to this backup all important data before you run to the recovery procedure.

    If you need further assistance please write again.

  • Qosmio F10 with mainboard replaced: where can I find the right drivers?

    Hello guys,.
    Toshiba service replaced it by a new one, including a geforce 6600 gpu on my F10. So, now I formatted the laptop and I want to once again return to work. But I see that there are a few different devices, such as the 6600go gpu.

    Where can I find the drivers (lan, chipset, modem.. etc..) On the toshiba web site? If I choose qosmio F10 downloads, get the drivers for the old motherboard (and the 5700 graphics card).

    Anyone know where to find the correct drivers? Thank you!


    Check it please THIS page.

    I assume that LAN driver chipset and driver are also the same.

  • Satellite A60-742-where can I find the drivers?

    Where can I find the drivers for a Satellite A60 742?


    Search on the Toshiba site. You will find all the drivers. decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300 - where can I find the SATA driver?

    Where can I find the SATA driver for Toshiba Satellite A300 1MW for Windows XP?
    I tried to find it here:

    There are a lot of drivers, but none for SATA.
    and here:
    Here I can't find appropriate for my model injector.
    Thank you in advance for your help!


    The SATA drivers are in the Intel Storage Manager, so you need to download this package.
    You can find it on the Toshiba site and on the Intel Web site.

    Check again for Intel Storage Manager Web sites.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P300 - 1 year PSPCCE - where can I find the USB2 drivers?

    Where can I find the usb2 drivers?


    USB drivers are part of the Windows operating system.
    This means that you will find all the USB drivers for the Windows operating system.
    The USB ports should be automatically recognized by Windows 7

    You have problems with the USB ports?
    Have you installed the chipset driver/utility?
    If this is not the case, this!

  • Re: Satellite P200D - 11L: where can I find the latest drivers for the Radeon HD 2600


    Where can I find the latest drivers for the Radeon HD 2600? The Catalyst 7.11 since the official site of Ati/Amd works on a laptop? I read some stuff that these drivers do not support mobile maps and that there is a software for this problem, so I'm a bit confused now.

    What about drivers on the Toshiba site? They are more suitable? I don't really know.

    Thanks for your help.

    Of origin ATI/nVidia drivers are not designed for Toshiba laptops.
    ATI drivers can be used on desktop computers.
    The drivers of Toshiba graphics card supports thermal protection which is necessary to avoid the increase in temperature.
    Laptops, graphics cards do not have huge as cooling office modules graphics cards and therefore the GPU driver control the performance of the graphics card.

    What you could do is to check the site driver for 3rd party such as;

    But the non-Toshiba drivers may be used only at your own risk!

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