touch screen not responding do not in the iOS 10

Hi all

I use 6 and recently upgraded iPhone upgraded to iOS 10.

I started having some strange behavior on my iPhone the day where I put on level to iOS 10.

My iPhone touch screen is not responding properly. Sometimes I need to wait a minute for a touch of answer, and sometimes it does not. Sometimes, I need to extinguish it with force my phone.

I never had a single problem with my iPhone 6 before and I think that it happened only after I upgraded to iOS 10.

I tried to reset the phone and also the factory reset but no improvement.

Any solution please.

Thank you.




I'm having the same problem. The 'funny', it's that I have used the last two betas public iOs 10 and did not notice the problem, it seems to have started with the 10.0.1 release official. I tried version 10.1 beta, but the problem persists. Yesterday I went back to iOs 9.3.5, and the problem did not go so far.



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    IM Apple Fan.

    Purchased IM Ipad2, Ipad4, Iphone6

    Last month I already buy s Iphone6 +.

    Today I feel unhappy

    MY IPHONE 6 'history '.

    My touch screen has a problem after downloading the IOS 9.0.2.

    Already called and try apple advises the steps. But the problem still occur.

    Already done restart of strength. Factory setting Reset also possible. But still the same problem.

    Only can be used for a minute. After that... The problem comes in again & again & again...


    Can U help me

    Only products of Apple of love before updating the version 9.0.2

    iOS 9.0.2 happened some time. The last iOS is iOS 9.2. If you have not updated, updated. If you restored to the factory, it must have downloaded iOS 9.2. Also, if you restore to the factory and the problem is still there, then you must make an appointment at the Genius Bar to the nearest Apple store or Apple authorized service provider or call the Apple Support to have the device examined by Apple. There seems to be something wrong with the screen.

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    Hi!, @bigbob50:

    If your FIRST HP, have the warranty available, you can call, support Centre and the support oh HP, closer, your home of...

  • HP Pavilion x 360 n014na: HP Pavilion x 360 n014na touch screen not working not not after installing Windows 8.1

    Please help, I'm desperate.  I searched for weeks without any solution.  I have a HP Pavilion x 360 n014na, when I bought it I installed Linux immediately and have been using it this way without problem.

    However, I decided that I wanted to go back to 8.1 for Windows as the main operating system.  I was not able to make a USB recovery in time when I bought the laptop, so I used a legal copy obtained directly from Microsoft.  It has detected my BIOS on the product key and activated correctly, all devices work.   Except the touchscreen unresponsive.

    I went to the support page for my machine model, downloaded and updated all the drivers.  There is NO drivers for the touch screen.  I contacted Microsoft, the drivers are provided by HP and they have not.

    I have seen that others complain and no resolution, just a pointer to a page for Windows 8 (not 8.1) with outdated information.  It is NOT a hardware problem.  It IS a driver problem, IE. There is no driver available anywhere.  I am not a novice, I have worked with computers professionally for decades.

    Need help please, I just need a link to the driver, not a page with obsolete or non-applicable information.

    No, no.  Having to purchase replacement media is not a solution.  I said I got a legal copy of the Microsoft Windows Installer, I have a product key integrated in the BIOS.  I won't spend more money for something that I own.

    As it is a common complaint, here's what I did:

    The solution was to check the HP drivers for I2C and GPIO are present and loaded correctly, he will be seen in the device under "Human Interface devices" Manager  They appear originally HID-compliant touch screen driver, get these right and the touchscreen should work after a reboot.  I had to install both times that something must have gone wrong the first time.

  • HP Envy X 2 touch screen not responding do not when waking from sleep

    About half of the time when I wake up my HP envy X 2 version sleep 128 GB touchscreen is unresponsive. The mouse pad and the keyboard usually work but screen tousch work again until it is restarted.

    I took a peek in the Device Manager, while the touch screen did not work and I don't see under User Interface devices, I have a HID I2C device that has a yellow warning sign. When I open it under device status, it says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) »

    Someone at - it information on how to solve this problem?

    I had already tried to upgrade the Synaptics drivers and it does not solve the problem.

    I noticed several times that when I wake the PC from sleep that Google Talk would be stuck with about 40% of the use of processer according to the Task Manager. I usually just close and re - open Google talk and he would not stuck using the processor.

    A couple of days ago I closed Google Talk and did not restart the program, during the last 2 days I didn't only once when the touch screen has been non-responsive after waking up from his sleep.

    I've said before, but I had a similar problem with the rotation sensor, after waking up from his sleep, he would be intermittenetly does not work and I could also see in Device Manager that another I2C HID device was a code 43 error. Also since the closing of google talk, I didn't freeze the rotation sensor.

    Like I said its only been a couple of days, so it can always happen, but 2 days is the longest I can remember never go without this problem.

    mfhengst, you have google talk installed on your laptop?

  • touch screen not responding do not on HP Pavilion TouchSmart laptop computer 15-n027sa

    Can someone help, my HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15-n027sa for computer laptop touch screen is unresponsive, someone has ideas how to operate it please

    1 reinstall the drivers from the touch screen of the HP Web site

    2 calibrate the touch screen once installation is complete

    This should solve the problem

    Hope this helps, for other queries in response to the post and feel free to join us again

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  • Toshiba still WT10 2A - touch screen not working not

    I bought less than a week ago and I'm having problems with the touch screen. It stops working all of a sudden without reason and I have to restart to make it work. It will work very well for hours sometimes, but sometimes I have to restart every five minutes. Can someone please help me solve this problem.

    Thank you

    Have you ever tried to retrieve the Tablet back to factory settings?
    If this is not the case, try.

    Here is a nice document HowTo showing you step by step detailed instructions for the recovery of the device using the HDD recovery procedure:

  • Touch screen not working not not in TouchSmart

    Hello, I have a 4 years old HP TouchSmart IQ770, and for a long time, when I played a few games on it, I accidentally pressed a combination of keys or something, and therefore I can't use my touch screen, I hear the sound that I would use it, but there accutualy is not to move my cursor or anything like that. My operating system is Windows 7 32 bit.

    Thank you all for the answers and sorry for the typos, I did type (I'm Polish)

    If the position is not clear or something, I'll try to give more detailed information,

    Thanks again, Maks

    Go to control panel and select Configuration from the touch screen. Ensure that, in the global settings touch screen is activated. If it isn't, then select Enable and click on save, and then close.

  • T232HL touch screen not working not not - something different

    Several months ago the touch part of the screen stop working (Windows 7 SP1), although the screen itself works well. I lived all the Acer and Microsoft and testing solutions suggested with no luck. Initially after the touchscreen to quit smoking, Windows couldn't find the USB drivers for the part of the touch screen of this monitor. Then after several months, he found a 'CoolTouch (TM) system"pilot for the HID Composite device and Windows now shows that the touch screen is-button entry with 10 Touch Points available Changing the settings of Pen and Touch have no effect. It seems that Microsoft-provided USB drivers have been changed and now are not available for my system, because it will load the wrong drivers when the USB cable is connected. Anyone out there have any idea of what is happening?

    It seems that I received a gift - Christmas the Acer touchscreen mysteriously started working again. I note that the current touchscreen features are very different from the originals, which suggests either Microsoft or Acer have streamlined the entire pilot, corrected the problem and that the drivers now only support standard features of Microsoft. I hope that this continuous touch screen to work correctly, and that whoever is behind the scene screwing with this software will be a bit more diligent in the future.

  • Touch screen not working not not after upgrade from 8.1 to win

    I have a PC HP Envy product number X 2 C2K61UA #ABA now Win 8.1 32 bit running. After the upgrade is installed, the screen no longer meets a contact. On the other hand, the touchpad works.


    Welcome to the HP Forum.

    I just went through this process on my own want of X 2 and the touch screen is OK after the upgrade.

    Something that I've done that maybe makes the difference: I have day all driver sets for Windows 8.1 before the upgrade.  Pilots have been out for awhile; the drivers for the 8.1 are also compatible with Windows 8 update was possible before installing the Windows 8.1 operating system.

    I had also stripped most of my personal computer programs: I refresh the system using a customized several months back Image, which included only a relatively bare installation and installation of Microsoft Office standard packages.  I left installed HP SimplePass (I use a device of fingerprinter USB with this computer) and my photo editing software that has been designed for Windows 7 which was SO painful to install that I decided to take the risk of letting up.   Those who survived.

    The stripped upgrade Firefox and Chrome (no biggie), Flash, Kindle, various programs and the old OneDrive files the installer for Windows 8 and a couple of obsolete Broadcom drivers.

    • If you not already have, update all your drivers from the website of media from your computer.  You can always reinstall the drivers - if they have already been installed, you can select "Yes to all" and reinstall / reload the packages during the installation.  Restart the computer after installation.
    • You must run also immediately the Windows updates to 8.1 after the upgrade - there is not zillions of updates, but there are several critical fixes that you do not want to get on the system.


    Content deleted from here about RemovedApps - it was not correct for this context.

    • If you find that the question is one of the 'lost files', structure pilot, lost 'something' - lost-at so you can get in C:\Windows.old offending data / missing.  You have 28 days from the date of the upgrade.  I'm not sure of the type of 'time bomb' built into the data - you might be able to actually prevent lost data by copying to an external drive if you really want to keep.

    I hope this helps.

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  • HP Pavilion 11-n010 dx: Touch Screen NOT working after upgrading RAM

    I've recently updated the RAM on my HP Pavilion 2 in 1 portable from 4 GB to 8 GB and now the touchscreen does not work. I preformed a refresh on the PC when updgrading memory. Now, windows does mean no net or touch input is available. I updated and reinstalled the BIOS and this has not solved the problem. Any ideas?

    andrewstarr09 wrote:

    I solved the problem. I had to download the HP Support Assistant program again this orginially came with the PC. Downloaded once, I opened it and course and everything, but it was the new BIOS update that fixed I think. Anyway, the touchscreen works now. So if you do a refresh on 8.1 of Windows and your use of an HP product, Microsoft will remove most of the HP stuff and you have to reinstall them all yourself.

    It is good to hear that it works. In fact, Microsoft provides the touch screen driver, not HP. It is located in the directory DriverStore.

  • Touch screen not responsive - laptop HP Envy 17-j051ei

    I bought a second hand model, and I can't get the touch screen to work.

    I tried all the standard corrections and remedies on the implementation options.

    There is option no. Human Interface for touch screen.

    Put full Windows Update. HP update drivers. All the updated graphics to date.

    Is it possible there is a model that did not touch screen option installed, as in the screen is not touch?

    I bought it not tested by the seller online

    Any ideas or advice. I can send return it for refund, but prefer the opportunity to remedy

    Thank you

    The HP Envy 17-j015ei laptop model that you bought is not an edition of the touch screen.

    That's why you don't find it shows in Device Manager.

    See the card to the following ADDRESS.

  • HP Envy 14-k110, touch screen not working not not w. browser chrome

    Hello out there.

    -HP Envy 14-k110 14.0 "QHD + touch / with Windows 8.1

    -F8S72EA #UUW

    Well, the problem I have is with my touch screen. When chrome the touchscreen function does not work properly, because if I try fx to press the X I have the upper right corner it looks like I'm pressing 8-10 cm to the left on the screen. So when I try to close chrome it shifts instead another tab.
    But when I use chrome, it works very well. When I first got this computer it worked fine in Chrome, and since then, the only thing that I "changed" on chrome is uninstalled and then installed it again.

    I looked through the other posts, but I was unable to find a similar problem, so I hope that this has been posted before.


    Axt3ch, welcome to the forum.

    I don't think it is a problem that can be solved otherwise than by Google Chrome, Customer Service, since it only happens in Chrome.  They are the experts on their program.  If it was a problem with the software Touch be a problem in all browsers or programs.

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  • (Redirected) Studio 1749 touch screen not working do not after Windows not supported 8.1 upgrade

    I have a Dell Studio 1749. It came with Vista which I've upgraded to Windows 7. I have since deleted the hard drive and installed Windows 8 from scratch, but the touch screen no longer works. I tried to install several recommended drivers before but they fail to install. I can send you the serial number if you need it.

    Thank you


    Dell has only tested and validated Touch for Vista and 7 on this model. We do not know what or where you can find the applicable chipset and touch drivers for 8/8.1. You should ask users on general portable hardware Board for ideas on this company not supported.

  • Dell touch screen not working not not with Quickbooks pos 2013

    Hi all:

    First time here; has someone encountered difficulties with any touchscreen monitor Dell (DELL E157FPT) running on a Windows7 computer Dell Inspiron professional when using the new software QuickBooks 2013?

    I am a Tekky guys and have ordered a replacement from Dell touch screen (he did not here yet) and the Dell Inspiron is brand new (purchased in Mar.2013), and it was working fine until my Office Manager downloaded and installed the software of 2013 QB pos on the pc.  After that, he was up and down like a yo-yo.

    All met with similar problems, or suggestions regarding the fixing of this are welcome!

    See you soon!


    Big Bear Lake, California


    QuickBooks POS 2013 is compatible with Dell E157FPT touch screen.

    Check out the link for more information.

    Point of sale: HCL

    You can also contact Support QuickBooks and check.

    It will be useful.

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