TouchMove events do not sent

I have a page that listen to key events. If you tap and drag right now everything is fine, but if you hesitate a moment after the touchstart, touchmove ever event happens. All the event handlers call preventDefault().

The test page prints below each event it receives when you move the rectangle.

This has been filed as bug 735523 by diagrammer and works for me using the trunk builds (Firefox 14 a-1).

Tags: Firefox App

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  • Cancel key event is not sent immediately

    It is a question for the gurus of management of key events. The problem I have is this: I have two containers A and B which are side by side and are equal in size and shape. If a finger touches the first A container, a touchdown event is generated on A. As your finger moves on a container, then touch MOVE events are generated. When the finger leaves container and begins to touch the container B, touch MOVE events are generated on B. When the finger is released during a B, CANCEL button is generated A and then b. touch UP

    Is it possible to receive on A CANCEL key as soon as the finger stops to touch a container?

    Thank you!

    On further investigation, I found a better solution that uses the onTouchEnter and the onTouchExit. As soon as the press finger leaves A container, onTouchExit is issued. As the finger enters container B onTouchEnter is issued. When the finger is released during a B, only editing event is released.

  • MainTimelime ContextMenuItem MENU_ITEM_SELECT event not sent the magazine containing the external SWF

    1. custom context menu applied to MainTimeline
    2. using a Loader() to load an external SWF and have it added to its container display string
    3. Make a right-click SWF loaded menu contextual custom appears, but the MENU_ITEM_SELECT events are not dispatched when the user clicks on the items
    4. click right on elsewhere in the parent SWF works great, even on deep nested objects (not externally loaded)
    5. Remove loaded SWF of the display string and right clicking in its location very good

    I managed to find a hack . On the charger () parent display object, I put:

    .mouseEnabled = false;

  • Custom events are not heard or sent successfully

    Hey guys, I did experiments with the writing of my first custom event.  So I have a MovieClip class in the library called "curtains."  He plays an animation and at the end of the animation, I have the code:


    dispatchEvent (new Event ("closed"));

    Now, I create an instance of this MC curtains in my class below.  The custom event is not detected.  Did I put the event listener in the wrong place?  What I've done wrong?

    package {}

    import flash.utils.Timer;

    import *;

    import flash.display. *;

    SerializableAttribute public class TransitionTimer extends MovieClip {}

    var localTimer:Timer = new Timer (4000,1);

    curtains: curtains of var = new Curtains();

    public void TransitionTimer() {}

    localTimer.addEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER_COMPLETE, playTransition, false, 0, true);

    addEventListener (Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, addedHandler);


    public void addedHandler(e:Event):void {}

    starts the timer which called Transition curtain

    localTimer.start ();

    Adds the event listener for the custom event 'closed' to frame 27 curtains MC.

    curtains.addEventListener ("closed", loadNextScreen);


    public void playTransition(e:TimerEvent):void {}

    addChild (curtains);


    public void loadNextScreen(e:Event):void {}

    trace ("loadNextScreen");

    curtains.gotoAndPlay ("open");




    Thanks in advance for any help

    Add a track to your class TransitionTimer to confirm that it is used as the document class.

    Add a line to the last frame of your movieclip where your 'closed' event is dispatched.

    Copy and paste the instructions of tracing so that might not be obvious what is your problem.

  • EventLogger events does not appear in the event log Simulator

    So, I was more than a little frustrated with debugging Widget applications and decided to help me a bit.

    I've created a Widget extension that connects to System.out and the EventLogger BB using:


    public class Logger {}

    public static final String APP_NAME = "AppName";
    public static final long GUID = 0xb50dd37e31148effL;

    public static enableLogging() Sub {}
    If (EventLogger.register (GUID, APP_NAME, EventLogger.VIEWER_STRING)) {}
    out ("recorder active.");
    else {}
    ("EventLogger record has failed.");

    * Prints System.out and event log (if enabled).
    public static {Sub out (String msg)
    String message = formatMessage (msg);
    System.out.println (message);
    log (message);

    * Prints in the journal of the events with the ALWAYS_LOG level.
    Public Shared Sub log (String msg) {}
    logEvent (msg, EventLogger.ALWAYS_LOG);

    private public static Sub logEvent (String msg, int level) {}
    If (EventLogger.logEvent (GUID, msg.getBytes ())) {}
    System.out.println ("EventLogger.logEvent succeeded.");
    else {}
    System.out.println ("EventLogger.logEvent failed.");

    The Widget extension works.  I can not even log JavaScript stuff :

    somewhere in file.js:

    Logger.log ("it is JavaScript!");

    as seen by the Eclipse debug console:

    AppName [2010-09-24 12:01:33.609]: active recorder.
    EventLogger.logEvent succeeded.
    AppName [2010-09-24 12:01:33.625]: it's JavaScript!
    EventLogger.logEvent succeeded.

    RIDDLE ME THIS: WHY are the messages NOT sent to the event log Simulator! (9550 or 9800 > tools > Show Event Log does not show my posts.)

    My frustration with BB Monte.


    Windows XP 32-bit

    Install Eclipse Version: 3.5.2 version identifier: M20100211-1343

    Version plugin Web blackBerry: - 33

    BlackBerry Java plug-in Version: - 16

    BlackBerry Java SDK Version:
    BlackBerry Widget SDK Version: - 126 blackBerry SmartPhone Simulator

    As a new BB developer, imagine my surprise when I discovered that the API of EventLogger BB and the BB Simulator event log were completely foreign.

    It's like they're really trying to confuse us.

  • Operational status SCCP bring up is successful. message not sent to port or VTY sessions to THE


    On a Cisco IOS router, when the command of the CSPC is configured, the following message is sent to the console port:

    Operational status SCCP bring up is successful

    However, this message is not sent to telnet or ssh sessions through VTYs, or ports in the

    Is this a bug?

    I tested it on:

    2821 router running IOS Version 12.4 (24) T6 with function ADVENTERPRISEK9 defined

    2801 router running IOS Version 12.4 (24) T6 with function SPSERVICESK9 defined

    2801 router running IOS Version 12.4 (24) T6 with function ADVENTERPRISEK9 defined

    2921 router running IOS Version 15.2 (3) T

    2851 router running IOS Version 12.4 (24) T6 with function ADVENTERPRISEK9 defined

    Gateway analog voice VG224 running IOS Version 15.1 (3) T1

    Router 7206VXR with NPE - 400, running IOS Version 15.1 (4) M4 with the ADVENTERPRISEK9 option

    I'd say it's a (minor) bug.  An IOS programmer SHOULD have sent the message to the logging engine, but sometimes a programmers could write a message directly to the console for internal diagnostics during development, even if it is not the best practice.

    They should remove this message before sending the code, or make a call suitable for the engine of logging to announce the event through standard logging mechanisms.

    Please engage the TAC in order to get a bug filed.

  • Invitations not sent on the Calendar Server 6.3

    We would be grateful for any help on this. We can give more details if necessary, please just let us know.

    Thank you very much.


    Our clients calendars server seems to be fully operational and error-free. However, when a customer creates a new event and invites others to attend, no prompt is sent. The creator of the event, however, believes everything is in order, because no error message appears and the guest list is displayed on the event. He worked recently. We tried some things have changed (e.g. disk space, size of files, corruption, recent patching, licenses expiring, etc.), but not him have not yet found something that has changed.

    Some details of our system:

    Oracle Communications Calendar Server 6.3 - 27.01 (built on February 15, 2011)
    SunOS 5.10 xxxx Generic_142909-17 sun4u sparc SUNW, Sun-Fire-V440

    In var/opt/SUNWics5/logs/watcher.log, we get these notices and these errors when restart us the service.

    [20/Feb / 2012:12:35:56 + 1300] (Reviews) Request received to restart: store admin http
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:35:56 + 1300] (Reviews) Connecting to watcher...
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:36:00 + 1300] 7698 (opinion)
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:36:00 + 1300] (Reviews) If you stop http server 7704... fact
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:36:02 + 1300] (Reviews) If you stop http server 7705... fact
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:36:02 + 1300] (Opinion) server admin does not work
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:36:02 + 1300] (Reviews) Stopping Server store 7700... timeout
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:37:03 + 1300] (Error) Can not stop Bank server with SIGTERM, now a new attempt with SIGKILL
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:37:03 + 1300] (Reviews) Stopping Server shop 7700... fact
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:37:05 + 1300] (Reviews) Ex-store server... 7718
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:37:05 + 1300] (Reviews) Verification to store the State of the server... ready
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:37:07 + 1300] (Reviews) Starting the server admin... Looked at 'csadmind' process 7725 ended abnormally
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:37:08 + 1300] (Reviews) From http server... [20/Feb / 2012:12:37:08 + 1300] (Reviews) Request received to restart: store admin http
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:37:08 + 1300] (Reviews) Connecting to watcher...
    ... 7727
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:37:13 + 1300] 7698 (opinion)
    [20/Feb / 2012:12:37:13 + 1300] Store (error) has failed two times in 600 seconds, they will not restart
    Looked at 'csadmind' process 7844 ended abnormally

    What we did:

    We had db_verify and csdb - v check on data bases. ics50deletelog.DB had corruption, we who fixed using db_dump and db_load to export, and then import the data bases.
    We also served the ics50deletelog.db database with the help of cspurge later in the discharge and charge do not seem to have had an effect.
    We have tried to put the log level upward in the opt/SUNWics5/cal/config/ics.conf, but did not have more details when you restart the service (via /etc/init.d/sunwics5 restart)

    Before that we had the db_dump and db_load purge:

    Calendar database version: 4.0.0
    Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 4.2.52: (December 3, 2003)

    Total database size in bytes: 1465503744
    Total number of calendars: 14964
    Total number of events: 830842
    Total number of tasks: 17351
    Total number of alarms: 57181
    Total number of entries of gse: 9
    Total number of entries of main component: 24100
    Total number of entries deletelog: 1779967
    Logfile total size in bytes: 79262

    Session database version: 3.0.0 [BerkeleyDB]
    Total database size in bytes: 0
    Logfile total size in bytes: 0

    Meter database version: 1.0.0 [memory mapped files]
    Total database size in bytes: 0

    After the db_dump and db_load the purge:

    Calendar database version: 4.0.0
    Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 4.2.52: (December 3, 2003)
    Total database size in bytes: 1201864704
    Total number of calendars: 14964
    Total number of events: 830845
    Total number of tasks: 17351
    Total number of alarms: 55116
    Total number of entries of gse: 9
    Total number of entries of main component: 24100
    Total number of entries deletelog: 1779967
    Logfile total size in bytes: 5251612

    Session database version: 3.0.0 [BerkeleyDB]
    Total database size in bytes: 0
    Logfile total size in bytes: 0

    Meter database version: 1.0.0 [memory mapped files]
    Total database size in bytes: 0

    Thanks again.

    Sounds like we're talking about 'Notifications of events Invitations '. These are notifications that is sent when someone invites you to an event. If you get the notification or not depends on your preference stored in ldap. This can be set using the Convergence to navigate through the Options-> calendar-> notifications (check "Notify me by email of new invitations or modifications of the invitation"). The attributes below is actual ldap that is stored in the user input.

    icsExtendedUserPrefs: ceNotifyEnable = 1
    icsExtendedUserPrefs: [email protected]

    In the following cases (participant) user won't get notifications even if the preference above is defined.

    a > creating an event with participants in the past. CS6, by default, removes the notifications of past events. You can turn notifications of past events by setting the configuration 'ine.pastnotification.enable' on 'Yes' in ics.conf

    b > if the client creating the application server event does not send notifications. (smtpNotify wcap param to storeevents.wcap). Outlook Connector uses this param wcap, so you won't get notifications server for events invited using Outlook Connector. Outlook Connector sends that is own notifications directly.

    According to me, you are looking for this kind of notifications. The process responsible for sending these notifications is "csadmind" on the Frontend. So, you must check the admin.log on the Frontend to see whether or not it is sending notifications.

    Published by: dabrain on February 21, 2012 09:26

  • Email not sent by INSERT trigger with utl_mail

    I have a trigger that is sending an e-mail whenever a particular column (ATTRIBUTE11) is inserted with the value or updated.
    E-mail should be sent when the table (ATTRIBUTES) is inserted with a value of ATTRIBUTE11 (IE, ATTRIBUTE11 is not null)
    An email must not be sent on the update of the same value in this column (former. ATTRIBUTE11 = new. ATTRIBUTE11) and also an email must not be sent if the table is inserted without value in ATTRIBUTE11

    ATTRIBUTES of table has a structure:
    Account varchar2 (20);
    Attribute11 varchar2 (20);
    user_name varchar2 (20);

    Triggering factor:
    MSGBODY varchar2 (50);
    () UTL_MAIL. Send
    sender = > "hemanth11""
    recipients = > "[email protected]"
    subject = > "Test mail through utl_mail.send."
    message = > msgbody,.
    mime_type = > ' text/plain '.
    dbms_output.put_line (' error: ' |) SQLERRM);

    * One Email is not sent whenever a new row is inserted in this table whose value ATTRIBUTE11 (this happens). *
    The trigger is activated an email successfully each time an update happens on the column.

    Do we not have an option to manage the when clause differently for INSERT and UPDATE differently or is theer a way to manage the same in the trigger above.

    Please help me in this regard.

    Published by: user13321434 on July 7, 2010 06:19

    user13321434 wrote:

    I need to send an email, even if the transaction rolls back, makes my job easier it

    It is always wrong.

    What happens if this code UTL_MAIL ends up with slow network response or an SMTP server overloaded? What happens if the SMTP server is down and the mail cannot be sent? What happens to the transaction then?

    Your code is involved not only with the execution of the transaction, but also the integrity of the transaction. It is absolutely not a single justification for this approach to coding a ULT_MAIL delivery within a trigger. Is bad.

    The right approach creates a notification or an event to create and deliver an e-mail message. Where the process that will make this event or act on this notification
    (a) may have retry mechanisms for mail failures
    (b) has no impact in any way shape or form on the transaction that created the event or notification

    Violate this fundamental principle to your own (and the base of data and transaction) risk.

  • Near Cache invalidation events are always sent asynchronously?

    Can someone tell me if near Cache invalidation events are always sent asynchronously regardless of the defeat strategy?

    I just read the book of the Oracle coherence 3.5 of Packt publishing and he says that with the invalidation of strategy 'Présent' events are always sent asynchronously, which means that there will be a small window of time when the front cover is out of date. However the "All" section doesn't mention anything on this subject so am I correct to assume that the strategy of 'All' will be synchronous?

    If there is a difference, then I'm surprised that the documentation of consistency not accentuates this as this seems to be an important factor.

    Published by: Simon on June 18, 2010 05:14

    Hi Patrick,

    so this would mean that in the case of a cache of nearly, another node may still get the old value of the cache close even if the NamedCache original call has already returned, which is a lower guarantee than what you have with partitioned cache.

    In fact, what is the case with replicated cache? It is ensured that the change is propagated to other nodes until the local call returns in the case of a replicated cache?

    Best regards


  • How to create a @icloud not sent alias in mail OSX 9.3 10.11

    How can I create a @icloud not sent by alias in Mail 9.3 running OS x 10.11?

    I read all the links help Apple.

    It's easy with the IMAP account to create aliases @icloud - preferences / account number / change the alias - that sends you on your iCloud account.

    It's easy with POP account to create an alias [email protected] - preferences / account number / change the alias - what you can do it directly in the window pop up.

    What I can't understand how to do it is to create an alias of [email protected] in my iCloud IMAP account. It has been possible in Yosemite

    WHO provides this e-mail otherwise iCloud.

  • Text message error "message not sent".

    After upgrade to os 9.5.3, some text messages are not sent. I need to fix?

    Hono wrote:

    After upgrade to os 9.5.3, some text messages are not sent. I need to fix?

    Text is a characteristic of carrier, ask your cell phone provider which is the fix.

  • I get e-mails bounce, which I have not sent. These emails contain a message and a link. Could I have a virus?

    I get emails returned, which I have not sent. These emails contain a message and a link. Could I have a virus?

    I use OS Yosemite 10.10.5. Thanking you in advance for your time.

    Not on this basis. It's probably that a person's mail and which actually look like it came from your address. This can be done without having access to your e-mail account.

    If they were sent to the people you know, a person can have in your information, and you should change your passwords.


  • If a file is attached - recipient receives but TB says message not sent

    If a file is attached - recipient receives but said TB message not sent and does not close the message window. Message does not appear in the sent messages folder.

    Thank you very much. now I CAT know my messages have been sent. I landed 5 identical messages with large enclosures in Inbox an unfortunate friend last week.

  • calendar events are not a to do list on my imac

    Calendar of events do not appear to make the list on the page of the calendar on my imac. He used to do this on my pc. When you enter an
    an event, it shows on the calendar, but you will need to enter it again if you want to appear on the to do list.

    I think that these are two different lists.

  • When you reply to my messages arrive empty and I'm still wondering on some long filenames which is not sent

    I respond to emails a box will appear asking you if I want to save the text, and then when I send the answer, I still wonder about some long files that is not sent as and my replies come empty to the recipients.

    You use Avast?

Maybe you are looking for