Touchpad not working not - corner double tap does not work - no yellow light

I have a Folio 9470 m.

My touchpad does not work.

The tip of the double tap does not work.

The yellow light is not on.

Someone at - it help him?

Press the power button and then immediately press the ESC key to call the start menu.

In the boot menu, press the F2 key to enter the PC Diagnostics.

Select the component tests , then the mouse. Run the test. If she passes the test then the touchpad is fine and all that should be required is reinstall the driver for the touchpad. You can download the software from your support of the ultrabook Portal in the download section. Download and install the appropriate version of the operating system.

If the led on the touchpad of orange does not illuminate, the touchpad is enabled. Amber led on the means, the touchpad is disabled, disabled.

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