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Why keep track titles in my musical library of Windows 7 get switched on so that a song will be the wrong name or that there will be 2 different songs with the same name. It's really frustrating to have to keep editing the title right back in.

Why keep track titles in my musical library of Windows 7 get switched on so that a song will be the wrong name or that there will be 2 different songs with the same name. It's really frustrating to have to keep editing the title right back in.

Most likely file names do not match the "title track" is recorded in the metadata of the file (AKA Tags).

With the help of Windows Explorer look at the Details tab when you right click and select properties to one of your music files that I have this problem.   WMP will display the name entered here as the 'title', not the name of the file. You can change the title on the Details tab entries to make those who conform with the actual track titles or change the names of files though is what is wrong.

You can also change various other music file of entries of metadata using WMP itself or using 3rd party software like MP3Tag or TagScanner.

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  • New Sansa Clip + not showing the track titles

    I recently got a new Sansa Clip + as a Christmas gift to replace my old (his helmet came out). I've updated to the latest firmware (even my old 01.02.18A,), and I copied my entire library of music from the old to the new player. Everything plays and works in the same way, except for one thing: on the new drive, the song titles never see the place, and the name of the file is always displayed during playback of a song. My old player would show the title of the song of the metadata instead of the file name during playback if it was available. I checked that the titles are actually there and were not lost through some freak mishap copy, so I'm puzzled as to why it won't work as my old drive.

    Anyone know of the issue and how to fix it?

    Well, Yes, that is my point of view. All tags are there, and all the rest (album, artist, etc.) is displayed in the main screen of the reading and the news section of track except for the title (who, oddly, has never had a track in any case information entry, but that is not the issue).

    ... well that, as strange as it may seem, the titles of the tracks seem to have returned - after, I moved music off the device to analyze the data volume to activate the Clip + Replay Gain. Really weird, but hey, it works now! (Maybe switch to the computer did it, since I initially copied it directly between devices?)

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    It is a commercially available original CD?

  • iTunes sets the random track and album artwork when I add files

    Hey! I have iTunes 12.3.2 for Macbook Pro and I have a problem with the work.

    Whenever I have add files to iTunes of new selections, I end up getting automatically added work. Often, iTunes adds the first pages of random PDF as work of tracks which is so weird? Like, I see it in the track list for this playlist, right next to the track title to his left.

    However, when I actually open "Get Info" to this song, there no real work there under the title "work"! It is confusing because I see these pages of the PDF popping work in the actual playlist, but I have no way to remove them (in order to have no work for this track) unless I physically have to add a new photo work for this track under 'Get Info '.

    What should I do?

    (PS - I tried to run an AppleScript script to remove the work for selected files - did not work.) I ran yet another which would have all the track list with no work off those I chose - all these tracks on pdf files as the work "apparent" appeared. It's 04:00 and I am so tired of this *.)

    With iTunes open, click file > library > get Album artwork.

    Doesn't seem like iTunes Gets the correct information, or one at all.

    Control iTunes > Preferences > Store > check "automatically download album artwork.

  • Problem with movie maker and edit and remove a superimposed title.

    I'm doing a movie with Windows Movie Maker.  I added a title I've superimposed, but do not because it is too much and covers the image.  I tried to remove the title by clicking on the table of the storyboard by clicking edit to remove the title.  It does not remove the title.  I also tried to remove the photo thinking the overlay would remove with the image, but rather the superimposed title passes just to the next image.  I'm frustrated.   Help, please.

    I'm doing a movie with Windows Movie Maker.  I added a title I've superimposed, but do not because it is too much and covers the image.  I tried to remove the title by clicking on the table of the storyboard by clicking edit to remove the title.  It does not remove the title.  I also tried to remove the photo thinking the overlay would remove with the image, but rather the superimposed title passes just to the next image.  I'm frustrated.   Help, please.

    Try the following...

    Go to timeline view and... Right click / Delete...
    the unwanted track "title Overlay". John Inzer - MS - MVP - digital media experience

  • How do cancel you title overlays in the clips selected in Windows Movie Maker

    How to change or remove titles that have been superimposed in some video clips in Windows Movie Maker?

    In Vista Movie Maker 6... switch to timeline view
    and watch the track title/overlay.

    You can... right side click/delete...the titles.

  • How to extend the duration of the title

    Duration of the title - can anyone HELP

    In the middle of my film, I want to insert a title, the default value is time 03:50 seconds, I can't right click to get the red mark and drag it for longer. I even tried to insert a longer video and hoping the title will appear longer than 03:50 second - it just doesn't work. I want to extend it to 20 seconds.

    Can anyone HELP


    THANK YOU for trying to HELP MS MVP, but your method works only with the beginning title (which I did), what I'm doing now is in the middle of the movie, when I want to overlay aTitle, this is where I got into trouble, and when I tried to save the movie, even accepting the short duration of the title, the system crash me does not save.  This means thatWindows Movie Maker does not make a title in the middle of a movie, they don't allow that in the beginning and the end?

    THANKS - thanks

    The method that I gave you should work anywhere on the
    timeline... maybe your title is in the track title Overlay?
    And... you can place a title where you want... you
    can even drag one to another position.

    If you encounter problems when recording... it can be due
    for incompatible source files. And if he is a large project...
    It may be too complex for your system resources.

    See the following articles:

    Movie Maker - problem solving-
    "Can't save a movie."

    Type of file with Movie Maker compatibility

    Volunteer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience J - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • When I build any title to a photoshop image, the image is lost by leaving the title Panel

    When I build any title to a photoshop image, the image is lost by leaving the title Panel

    The titration module shows the background image that relates to the position of ICT on the timeline, as you work on the title, but the title itself is an independent image.  You need to position the new track title on a video track above the existing image composite, both together.

  • Voiceover speaks of Album names

    Hello guys, I have an iPod Shuffle 4th gen with VoiceOver. He tells me that the titles of the songs and artists, but not the album names. Can you help me get my shuffle to talk about album names?

    Hi rcovey2004,

    Thanks for your question.   If I understand your question, you want iPod Shuffle 4th gen say you album names.  It is currently not a feature of VoiceOver.

    iPod shuffle (4th generation): activation and use of VoiceOver

    To hear the current announcement of the track

    Press the VoiceOver on iPod during playback. You will hear the current track title and artist name. You can also use VoiceOver to navigate to another title, when you listen to track the ads.

    Take care

  • Path missing iTunes Songs (already tried script)


    recently I moved all of my itunes library to my new computer (Mac-> Windows), I noticed that some songs bad location path, and I discovered that the songs with special characters (like aeioun, Yes, I'm Spanish) are those who have suffered from this problem.

    ITunes can't find the songs automatically, said that almost the 2000 song are not and nothing else.

    I'm used to manage xml and looked up in the itunes library xml file and to know that these songs with special characters did not alter his path to the new properly, they keep the way old-macintosh, something like "http://localhost \volumes\macintosh\music\blablabla\".

    The thing is, I tried out solved with samsoft script, but the suggested path does not match my only current. I saw this script search paths similar to what itunes automatically creates, but in my case, I made my own path model (something like \music\%artist%\%artist%-%year%-%album%\%artist% - track - %title%).

    In my xml library I set paths, but when I tried to rebuild the itl file, missing tons of songs and I got crazy once more.

    Is it possible to code in hard itl file to replace this wrong paths? It's just replace 'file://localhost/volumes/macintosh/Music' ' file://localhost/D: / Music»

    I think about modifying the script samsoft to correspond with my custom path, but I am a junior Javascript coder, and I have no idea how this VBS script works.

    Thank you!

    Turingtet2 article may help:

    Empty/corrupted library iTunes after upgrade/crash

  • White letters/name of the file is displayed in the lower left side of the video clip and photo in my Windows Movie Maker slideshow

    This only happens to a music video and a photo.  I removed the clips and replace them again and it still happens.  I can't find a way to remove the white titles from the images.  Help?  I don't know if I have Vista or XP...

    The same letters seem if you watch the video in Windows Media Player?

    In Movie Maker - timeline view... Look at the track "Title Overlay"... If there is
    the unwanted titles here... right click / delete them.

  • Just got my Sansa clip +. Made my head. Help, please...


    I got my Clip + yesterday and I am impressed by the sound, but I really need help on the following please:

    Drag and drop the gel: it does seem like other titles at all. If I try to delete a file Explorer windows (W7 Ultimate) album, it's maybe 2 or 3, then locks up. The progress bar freezes, and eventually it times out. These are quite normal MP3 files.  I can drag some of the individual titles in, but then that he is stuck on everything won't. Why is this? On an album, there are 4 that will not in all.

    Can't delete some folders: I'm going to drag a folder and it works OK, but when I try to delete it, it says that I can not, because it is write-protected, and the only way I found to get rid is to format the clip + and start over.

    Records do not remain separate: I maybe drop 3 files in, but on the music list that they are all bundled together. For example, I dropped 3 metallica album files in (also those who would not delete). Kill Em all, Ride the relief and Master of Puppets. But they are not separated on the clip +. The order in which they will be is:

    01 - hit the lights

    01 - fight Fire With Fire

    01 - battery

    02 - the four horsemen

    02 - Ride the relief

    02 Master Of Puppets


    What should I do? My last MP3 player was about 5 years ago and it's simple.

    I'm not going back, I love the size of it and the sound is quite impressive, but I'm going to need, if I can't get a grip on it.


    Go to system/settings/USB settings and change it to MSC. This should make the Clip act as any other flash drive and simplify slide / move. The other mode is the PSG, which is supposed to work with Windows Media Player and sometimes gets tangled with protection against Scripture and other oddities - to avoid, IMHO.

    If you click on the list of music, on a second page, you will see the folders and you should be able to find your music in the same way as on your computer.

    But like most new mp3 players, the Clip works also by labels instead of folders.

    Lists the Album, artist, etc. you see are not records. These are databases built since the tags ID3 - electronic tags in the files themselves. Album lists each title of the album found among the mp3s. Etc. It looks like your Metallica albums do not have the field filled in the ID3 tag Album or the Clip cannot read this field, so it is to find the artist (Metallica) and the track number and doing the best he can.

    This can be corrected very easily if you keep just with the single explanation below.

    Download the free program mp3tag.

    When you install it let it be added to the context menus (an option during installation).

    After installed, open it and go to tools, Options, Tags, Mpeg and under writing choose ID3v2.3 and ISO-8859-1. (ISO-8859-1, this is how Windows displays the text in the English language).  Make sure that these options are saved.

    Marking is not standardized in particular, and who's going to save the tags Clip how like them.

    Click on an album, and then look at the tags. Click the header file name to put in order - those who seem to work - and then fill in the other fields correctly. You can labelled the album both highlighting everything and put the artist, Album, etc. in the box on the left. Obviously make sure album is in the area of the Album.

    MP3 tag also has some other nifty features. One is assistant tools/auto-numbering. Make sure the files are in order, from top to bottom, reading, choose the option of leading zeros. If an album has 10 tracks and they are labeled, 1, 2, 3, etc., the Clip will play 1, 11, 12, 13, before 2.   Leading zeros fixed that.

    Under Convert, you can convert your files in tag names.  It's pretty obvious, how it works, each field is shown by the artist %, etc.  So in the box to convert you can type Track % - %Title% and complete them for your file names.  This could be your best option, but mp3tag is very flexible, and you should understand something.

    It is best to take off the Clip files problem, fix them on the computer and return. You can just format and start over. If you have not freshly formatted the device, you can delete MTABLE. SYS of the clip - which is the database of the ID3 tags - and when you unplug it will make a new MTABLE. SYS to your new tags.

    Further, it takes about 5 seconds to make sure that the artist and the Album are consistent on the album in full and run the auto-numbering wizard before adding the album to the Clip. Then you can search... and destroy.

  • several annoyances "unknown album".

    OK, I have the same problem of "unknown album" than some other people here.

    I did a search, discovered that the version tag could be a problem - so I tried marking in


    ID3.2V3 ISO 8859

    ID3.2V4 UTF 8 (and 16)

    (marking using MP3Tag)

    No joy with any of them.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

    Thank you!

    you wrote:

    'ID3.1 '.

    ID3.2V3 ISO 8859

    ID3.2V4 UTF-8 (and 16)"

    Since those who don't exist I'll assume that you have entered the wrong.

    The only one to use is ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Others won't help him.

    You are taking the album OFF the Sansa, he re-marking on your computer and put it back on the Sansa?  With mp3tag, it is sometimes quite difficult to tell which copy of the album you're fixing.

    Is the music player on your computer to read the correct labels? Are there foreign characters or non-alphanumeriques characters? Are there any very long comments or art rooted? The fields of Tags (artist, Album, track title) are filled?

    Depending on which version you have, you may need to delete the database that indexes the tags. On a v1 - Firmware Version under INFO begins with 1.x - you must delete the DATA folder located in the SYSTEM folder (hidden). On a v2 - Firmware version begins with 3.x - you must remove mtable.sys in the root directory.

  • Edit music file details

    When I go to my folder music and click on a music file (mp3), I'm trying to change the details of this file. I click on properties / details / but cannot change the details. What I need to change the security permissions to make these changes. I am the administrator and have full control. Why can't change the details of these files of music, for example. track #, title, album? What should I do?

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    Here's an answer posted in a long article about WMP FAQ:  I don't know if these solutions work for you.

  • Film of Vista Mkr. drops 20 or so photos & videos that also SUPERPOSER TEXT not apply according to the instructions. Help, please!

    PROBLEM 1:
    I have Win. HP Pavilion s3300f 32-bit, Vista.  Win. Movie Maker removes my pictures and videos, and leaves a red x. navigation for them always fails and waste my time for them sin. When I find them Win. MM does not accept some of them after I import and then drag them to the table of Storyboard. The next time I launch W.MM. some of them may have disappeared or new disappeared!

    PROBLEM 2:
    Also, OVERLAY TEXT, my title is long 6.7 seconds and I want to wish 36 seconds but it does not work. MS Win. MM instructions: "(to CHANGE TITLE DURATION: 1 Select title)(TIMELINE 2) - change (HOW do we DO THAT?)" Before editing, I clicked on the first clip in Storyboard, where I want to start. (3) "DRAG THE END TRIM HANDLE TOWARD THE END OF THE TIMELINE. There is no handle trim, only a blue fill line or a blue vertical line with a PIN double on both ends.

    Help, please! I have to do something terribly wrong.

    I can only imagine you run Vista Movie Maker 6.

    Question about ISSUE 1...

    Where have you saved pictures? They are in a folder on your primary hard drive?
    The red Xs appear generally when photos have been moved, deleted or other.
    Unavailable wise to Movie Maker.

    Answer to problem 2...

    Choose Calendar view...

    At the bottom of the screen, you should see the track "Title Overlay"...
    If you place your pointer over the edge of the title... you should see a red double arrow...
    Click left/dragging this arrow will change the duration of the overlay.

    You should see a ToolTip that diaplays the change you drag the handle trim.

    Also... the titles can be repositioned on the overlay of the title track by clicking left/drag the
    the hand symbol that appears when you rest your pointer on the title...

    The music files on the audio / music work the same way.

Maybe you are looking for