trackpad wireless disconnects on one of my accounts

Running latest version of El Capitan on an iMac retina end of 2014. But had the same problem on Yosemite IIRC.

I use a trackpad Apple wireless, I think that at the same time bought than the iMac. 87% battery.

On my user account, the track behaves normally.

However, on another user account, the trackpad turns off / disconnects. I don't have the exact details, because it is not the account I use, but I * think * most OFTEN, this occurs when the user starts and the computer goes to sleep. HOWEVER, my wife says him, it happened that the trackpad simply 'disappeared' upon him in the middle of a business meeting, and that sometimes happens ("once a week or more").

I just went up to the computer, which had finally been used last night, was recorded on a different account, and the trackpad was totally insensitive. By pushing the side to turn on the trackpad button did nothing, so I had to do a hard reboot of the machine.

Any suggestions on how to fix?

Bluetooth devices no longer meet

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    Best regards
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    You answer a question with a new post instead of answer, or you have a problem?

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    I suggest that connect you with a USB cable then.

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    Hi TM1997,

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