Transfer from Windows Media Player to Zip Sansa Clip

In the end, I am creating playlists on my Sansa Clip Zip. So I think THAT I have to create a playlist in Windows Media Player and then sync my Sansa Clip Zip. For some reason any I am only able to see 5 playlists, but I know that I have created several of them. In fact, if I try to create a new play list using a name I know, I created, it is said that there are already. How can I see ALL my playlists?

Also, if I click on playlists for the Sansa Clip Zip it shows I have 9 playlists, but I can't see what they contain!

Hi Nymickey,

I suggest you to contact the Sansa Clip Zip support for better support associated with Sansa Clip Zip and check if it helps.

Tags: Windows

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