Transfer iTunes Music From Windows on iMac

I am trying to help my sister. She has a very old Windows Vista laptop that is to his last breath. She wants to transfer the music from iTunes to Windows to an iMac (iOS 10.9.5).

I tried searching on these boards without success. Both the posts that I found about this are old. Links to the answers, items of information, etc. do not work. Other solutions to the issue of link to old items outside of the Apple community where you are notified that the solution is not authorized by Apple and so on.

Music from CD only. There are dozens of CDs. Some of these CDs are now damaged or missing.

She wants to transfer the entire library of music. She is not interested in playlists, etc.

Thank you for your help in this matter.



On his current machine, if the library is not already consolidated, run the command build.  Then copy folder integer iTunes to the media (USB key or external hard drive) and the media for the new Mac.

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    Hi treksie,
    Check the following Nokia Support positions and see if it helps you:
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    What is "apple mediathek?

    Depending on the context, I'll assume that you are asking how to unload files of songs from an iPod to a computer.  iTunes synchronization is generally in one direction, from iTunes to iPod library. You cannot use iTunes to transfer files of song from iPod to computer (with the exception of songs purchased from the iTunes Store)

    NOTE: Songs purchased from the iTunes Store can be downloaded again free of charge, on the iTunes Store purchased screen.

    Download your purchases past - Apple Support

    However, there are methods and third party utilities that can transfer from iPod to computer.  If you do an Internet search on something like 'ipod music transfer', you should get a few links (including a CNET article on the subject).  Once the files of songs from the iPod to your disk, add them to your current iTunes library.

    Further, you should backup your iTunes data.  Apple describes a way to back up your folder full of iTunes on an external drive.

    Manage and backup your iTunes media library - Apple Support

    This method should also be used when switching from an old computer to a new computer.  By transferring or restore your complete iTunes folder, it's the same iTunes library on the new computer, not a new iTunes library with your old songs.  iPods are not designed to be your data from iTunes backup.

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    Your i-device was not designed for unique storage of your media. It is not that a transfer backup device and media has been planned with you keep a master copy of your media on a computer that is in itself independently supported against loss.  To use a device with a different configuration, you pass the old library from a computer or a backup directly in the new configuration, not the device to the library. Synchronization of media isn't a way, computer to the device, update the contents of the device to the content on the computer, update or restore the content on a computer. The exception is iTunes Store purchases that can be transferred to a computer.

    Redownload or transfer your iTunes Store purchases an iPhone, iPad or iPod to computer - - 'this feature only works for content purchased from the iTunes Store. From iOS9 is more apps that now need to be re-downloaded directly from the store.

    To transfer other items from an i-device to a computer, you will need to use third-party commercial software.  See this document in turingtest2: recover your iTunes library from your iPod or device iOS - even this method can fully recover what you originally had in the library. For example, in order to save space during synchronization if you had converted music files at a lower rate, or photos at a lower resolution, it is these lower quality files that will pick you up.

    If you subscribe to the Apple music, titles that are not part of the content that you have purchased or downloaded may not be transferred and must be downloaded directly from iCloud.

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    You do not have.

    You must synchronize with iTunes.

    iTunes: synchronization of multimedia content for iPod and iOS devices

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    Please see the instructions for the digital recorder to transfer the files on the computer.

    You can also transfer files using the recorder memory card.

    Follow the link to download music from Windows Media Player Digital Recorder:

    Add items to the Windows Media Player library:

    Note: Also applies to the operating system Windows Media Player in Windows XP.

    I hope this helps.

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    That is controlled by PC-phone connection software provided by the manufacturer of the phone.  If the phone is compatible with windows 7, they will provide pilots & an application to allow transfers that you want.

    If this software is not supplied with your phone then go to the support site for the manufacturer of the phone to know if everything is available.

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    See if it works. Open Contacts in WinMail and file | Export (perhaps other address book) and export into a CSV to the desktop and then follow these instructions (#3) for Outlook Express.

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    How can I transfer contacts (people) from windows 8 for my android mobile.

    Download the app on your phone and connect to your Microsoft account. Your contacts and calendars will be synchronized between your devices.

  • How to transfer my music FROM Media Player to iTunes?

    Hello, I have an iPhone and I want to use my iTunes.  When I used the easy transfer cable he put all my music in Media Player and iTunes not. I can't get Windows 7 to allow me to transfer my music and video from Media Player to iTunes.  How can I do this? And choose "Import a file" does not work.  Thank you!

    Open iTunes, in the section of the library, click on music.

    Open the folder where your music is stored, probably the standard place which is the library, my music.

    Highlight all the music files that you want on your iPhone, just right-click on it, select copy, then back in iTunes, select Paste.  You can also drag and drop if you find that easier.

  • Transfer music from Windows 8 to Surface RT operating system

    I find that Surface RT doesn't have an app to run just about everything. Now, I find I can't transfer music from a flash drive that was on Windows Media Player.  This flaw is never told to potential buyers. I would have not bought.

    Windows Media Player is a program on Windows 8.  Mainly, it gets its music from files stored in the music folder.

    If you have opened the file manager on your computer that has the music, click the MUSIC folder you see in the left tree.  If this folder is empty, then your music was stored somewhere else.  Check other records, including the downloads folder.

    Windows Media Player scans the entire computer for files and catalogues, but does not appear where they are stored.  You will need to manually browse the folder via the file manager to find.

    Better to stick a USB stick in the USB port and when you are looking and find the files, copy them to the USB.

    If it's music you've been downloading, most while they go in the Downloads folder or to the last place where you downloaded a file from Internet Explorer.

    When I backed up popular data to work on their computers, I noticed that a lot of them stored images, videos and music in the Documents folder for some strange reason.  However, the program in windows scans the computer for the type of media, they are intended and throw them in their own built in file manager.

    Always best to stay organized.  Chances are, your music files are scattered everywhere.

    You can organize at the same time that you copy them.  Simply tell the program to 'Cut' and then 'paste' to the USB.  In this way, it will move the files to the USB, and then when you are done, and you want the music to stay on your main computer, just copy the music on the main computer to the MUSIC folder.

    This way you'll always know where they are and the music is not only organized on your computer but also copied on the USB so that you can copy on the RT.

    I kept my is fairly simple.  I put all my files on a Microsd card and inserted into the RT of mine.  I opened the music app XBox and waited about two minutes and bingo, my music has been catalogued and ready to play.  Most of the people that screw up and think that the computer does not find their music.  They forget that they must WAIT and let the computer analyzes the disks for the media.  What RT can be slow but sure.

  • I bought iTunes game how do I transfer my music from the iCloud to save my storage space on my iPad and iPhone

    I bought iTunes game and brought extra iCloud storage to store all my music on, rather than use one all my storage capacity on my mini iPad and iPhone 5 s. Please could you tell me how to transfer my music on and save my storage device.

    Regards Wendy *.

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    ITunes game uses no storage iCloud. He needs analyzing your music on your computer in order to determine what can be mapped and must be downloaded. Once the music in the cloud, you need to turn on icloud music library on your iOS devices.

    Use iTunes game on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support


  • transfer music from windows media player files (windows 7) for mobile phone

    I get an error message when you try to transfer mp3 files on my Walkman of Sony W760a from Windows Media Player.  I have a Sony VAIO with Windows 7 software. I use a USB cable and my phone is recognized as a compatible device in Explorer Windows and Windows Media Player. I can go as far as creating and dragging playlists. Once I select 'sync', OMP said she is "preparing to sync" for about 5 minutes, it says "syncing" for 5 minutes, then said that the track was a mistake and stop the rest of the channels of transfer to the phone. He's going to tell me what the error... Help!

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    You are in the Vista Forums.

    See you soon.

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