Transfer of files from the old HARD DRIVE to new computer without an old computer. (He's dead - can not use) I have the hard drive, but need help to transfer my old files and settings.

·        My old Win XP computer died - it is completely unusable. I bought a new PC with Win 7 Pro and 1 TB. I still have the old HARD DRIVE (250 GB) which I have attached on the new computer using an external enclosure supports SATA drives. The external hard drive is connected to the computer in USB 3.0. I checked that the new computer can see the external hard drive. (I also used for backups by changing the hard drive with a 2 TB drive 'mass storage' - that works.)

I searched the internet for possible solutions and found no help. If the transfer of files from Microsoft would change the disc to analyze, it would be simple. But if I select the OLD computer it scans the disk I'm on (new) - automatically.

Is there anyone who has had the same problem? He must be because computers die all the time and people buy new computers - who then, somehow, they get the former transferred files. I could do it manually, but that wouldn't change the settings. Last resort would be to buy an old computer XP (SATA), replace the drive. Transfer the files, and then sell this computer.

You may be able to recover your data files, but I hope that you will set up your new system to automatically backup a second internal hard drive or an external USB hard drive.

This suggestion may not work, but it's worth a try. Buy an external USB drive enclosure. They come in two sizes 2.5 "for the portable computer drives and 3.5" for desktop disks. You can purchase adapters for 3.5 "envelopes so that they can also be used with a portable player. Place the hard drive in the enclosure and connect to a USB port of another computer. Several hard disks are more able to start, but the contents of the disc can still be accessed, read and copied from the disk because you do not use the operating system on a failed disk.

Here is an example of the type of device, I suggest:

You need only to the speaker, that you see are not necessarily more expensive. Thereafter, you can put an old hard drive usable, an abandoned because you need a larger drive internal, in the enclosure and use it as additional external storage.

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    That I took a third hard drive and installed a new Windows XP [SP2] on it. How can I transfer my files and settings from this partition of the second hard disk [which is the image of the original hard drive] third hard disk [which I now use as the bootable hard disk instead of the original one]?

    Can I use "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" for whom? If so, how?

    I think it's a little late for the transfer Assistant.  You should use it while the other drive has been started.  But you can try the wizard.
    Run it and tell him that you are on the new PC.
    So say no to create a wizard disk.
    Then on the location of the files screen, select other and see if it will let you access the info on your another drive.
    In my view, it will look for the file in the wizard, but it is worth it.

    If this does not work then you need to just reinstall your programs and manually copy the data to your new drive. Typing of my new Windows 7 64 bit and love it! Soli Deo Gloria!

  • Easy Transfer Wizard error: there is not enough available disk space to transfer your files and settings. The download file size is 40 GB and I have a C: drive that says he has 280 GB free and a D: drive has 298 GB free.

    I made a successful backup of the Easy Transfer of files on an external hard drive.  Previously, this computer was in Vista for more than 1 year without any problem.

    After you perform a custom installation (I wanted to start with a clean install) of Win7, everything works.  I installed the Windows/Office updates and all my other program files.  When I run the transfer Assistant, it locates the 'old computer' transfer file and reads OK, showing users and the size of the 40.1 GB file transfer.  When I click the button forward, I get error: there is not enough available disk space to transfer your files and settings.  However, I have more than 280 GB free on my C: drive.

    This disc is watching him and what should I do to work around this problem.  If I can't get my files/settings back, I'll be VERY unhappy customer.

    I've just passed through even - WET previous Dell PC running Windows 7 Ultimate to HP with Windows 7 Home Premium. The Belkin Easy Transfer cable help.
    WET said not enough space even if the hard drive is twice the size.
    I clicked on "Advanced" and noticed that WET strives also transfer Dell factory image from the recovery partition and the HP recovery partition was smaller.
    I unticked (unchecked) files recovery partitio on old computer and everything is going very well from hand to hand.
    Hope that helps!

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    There are three points of important control you need to follow in order to extract the files and settings of the F.A.S.T. see image:

    Dealing with corrupt files and transfer settings (F.A.S.T.) image Assistant:
    Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Desktop Experience]

  • The files and settings to remove the old computer when you make a file and the transfer settings Wizard?

    The files and settings to remove the old computer when you make a file and the transfer settings Wizard?

    Hi KaraDay,

    When you use the files and Settings Transfer Wizard in Windows XP, it only transfers a copy of the files and settings on the computer.

    How to use the "files and Settings Transfer Wizard" in Windows XP

  • Transfer of old XP files and settings to new XP using a USB enclosure.

    Main map of my old XP computer died.  My new (refurbished) computer has an ATA hard drive, but old did an EIDE hard drive.

    I want to transfer files and settings, etc. from my old hard drive (now in a USB enclosure) on my new computer.

    The problem is to execute the transfer Assistant, I need to start Windows on the USB HDD and I can't.

    Is there a way to do this or what I try and do it manually?

    Currently running on the computer Dell Optiplex 740 current XP sp3

    Old hard drive is Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB that has XP sp3 on it.

    Thanks in advance, Al

    I'm sorry, but you cannot use the wizard to transfer settings and files for it.  You must do it manually.  The new computer must assign a drive letter to the old drive when it is connected. Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

  • Big problem with the files and Settings Transfer Wizard.

    Basically, what has happened here, it is that I did a backup of the files on the computer of a friend with the wizard to transfer to an external hard drive, but I started on the old computer and for one reason or another never get the CD Wizard so I thought that I was OK.  Don't think.  The idea was to have the backup files in case I needed to reformat the drive hard, I ended up reformatting the drive and when I finally got the installation more done with trying to run the file and Settings Wizard and when I chose the external drive that files were on and then subsequently the folder and it said that it did not contain information.  So basically I'm stuck with a complete record of .dat files, and the wizard will not let me extract the files off the drive.  Is there anyway that I can return information about the files, or I'm totally finished.

    Everything worked ok that it proved just that he did not want to me to choose the actual file as a path, but the hard drive.  It was just something simple that I pop up.  Thanks for the help but I don't know that it would have been the next problem if I didn't had not updated the operating system first.

  • Transfer files and settings from an old PC to a new PC with W-7 W - 7 pre-installed?

    I have an old HP PC with W-7 and buy a new PC HP W - 7 pre-installed.

    How can I transfer my settings, files, and programs (e.g., office) from my old PC to the new PC?

    Microsoft Office and other applications will need to be reinstalled from their original installation disk or install files. Make sure you have your product key for your applications.

    Here are four utilities, which can display your product keys if they are still there:
    Belarc Advisor:
    (He did a good job of providing a wealth of information.)

    and RockXP: which has additional features

    See also:

    How to install applications in Windows

    In what concerns your personal files and settings, you can save them using Windows Easy Transfer and restore them on your new computer, you can have an external hard drive for this task.

    I highly recommend using Windows Easy Transfer, as it stores a lot of what you miss by a manual copy and paste. For example, dictionaries customized in Microsoft Word and bookmarks and other custom settings for third-party applications that are stored in the folder (hidden) of AppSettings.

  • recover files from USM2T. UNC (old XP files and settings transfer tool) folder in windows 7

    Breath my old XP and put in place a new W7 Pro 64 b. stupid did me not carefully the manual before I went away to transfer all files and settings XP, the wizard files and Settings Transfer (FAST) "old."

    Now I'm stuck which dominates the stream _ with my nice, clean, but oh so empty, installation of Windows 7 Prof 64 b.

    Problem is that the wizard of Windows Easy Transfer (WET) native in W7, it will come out looking for a *.mig file - and guess what! There is no file in the USM2T source folder. UNC. Just a bunch of GOOD *. DAT files.

    Can someone give me a name on a good therapist or better yet, to guide me?

    Whatelse... ?  I found a GUI which is a wrapper for the MS-DOS command "fastconv" - but it's a bit unstable and it takes time awful lotta.

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi wolfbeach ,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers community.

    I suggest you try the procedure described in step 2 of the link below.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Let me know if it worked.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Umesh P - Microsoft Support

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Files and settings are not transferred when I use the files and the Settings Transfer Wizard

    Two XP computers are same all critical Service Pack 3 with the update.  Same version of FAST.

    Running FAST on the old computer (files and settings) creates the USMT2. The UNC file.

    Run FAST on the NEW computer concludes the USMT2. UNC file and works through its steps.

    Both measures take about two hours to complete.

    When FASTING is complete on the new computer he wants to disconnect the user.  At this point, it seems that it worked without errors.  (no error messages at all)

    After the Cup then turn it back, it's as FAST does not work.

    FASTWiz.log is 175KO on OLD PC and 72KO on NEW

    Don't know what to look for or what could be the problem.

    Both computers have MigWiz.exe version 5.1.2600.5512

    I'm glad you worked on it.  Thanks for letting me know.

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    I just bought a new computer that is pre installed with Vista from HP.  Can someone tell me how I can transfer some of my old files and settings from my old computer, which works on XP to my new?

    Thank you.


    An inexpensive way is to use a crossover network cable.

    It is a description however computer stores will sell them at low cost.

    Amazon - example of a crossover cable


    If this isn't a lot of files, you could their zip and send them by e-mail.

    Online record sites could function as your SkyDrive.

    25 GB Windows Live SkyDrive

    And you could set up a network if you really need as much connectivity.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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    In the library, go to the folders Panel, right-click on each folder of upper level and "updated to the folder location".

  • Files and settings transfer

    I have the C: drive of my old PC which is now the D: drive in my new PC.  The old drive (now D :) is readable but not bootable.

    Both drives have Vista.

    I want to transfer my files and settings from the D: drive to my new drive C: while all applications, drivers, settings, etc. from the old pc is put at my disposal on the new pc.

    How to achieve this?  WET only seems to work if the two discs are in separate computers; It is not possible.


    You say that the former slave drive is readable.

    Copy the files on the master hard drive.

    And you can't transfer programs; they must be reinstalled.

    See you soon.

  • Files and Settings Transfer Wizard-problem

    I recently had to format my hard drive and start over. I used the "files and Settings Transfer Wizard" to collect, compress and save all my pictures, etc... She is transferred to 11.1 GB and ended successfully. But now that I formatted I can't transfer files to the newly formatted hard drive. I direct the wizard to the folder I saved them and I get the message:"the location you specified does not have information stored. Please enter a valid folder path into the edit box

    If you have entered a path to a folder on a removable disk, the disk must be in the drive. »

    At the same time I see 7 files in the folder.

    They are IMG00001 by IMG00006 andstatus

    IMG00001-IMG00006are all the DAT files.

    The two operating systems is Windows XP Professional.

    I am confused, maybe I need some sort of program that can read and decompress these important images. Please help me.

    Choose the folder above the folder you chose when you got the error message. Let me know what happens.

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