Transfer of files RAW of MacBook Air

I recently acquired a MacBook Air and am still getting used to him and iOS. I transferred a large number of RAW files from my camera to the laptop. Now, I want to move to any external drive to free storage. I am able to open and view these files RAW using Photos and also using DPP4 (canon photo editing) for RAW files are certainly somewhere hidden in my laptop. If I try to transfer those files from the library anywhere, they convert in JPEGs.There must surely be a way to transfer RAW files without any conversion. Suggestions, please?


Select them, and then export the original unmodified

But that does not reduce storage needs - do you want to delete the photos - it is not possible to remove only the original RAW


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    The "import" tab appears only when the iPhone is connected to the Mac via a USB port.

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    Any suggestions to what you tell us the model number of this Brother MFC, so that we can check if current support OS X printer driver is implemented to support scanning. That offer your manual from the Brother printer in which is the configurations of scanning on OS X?

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    1 n ° put them on a regular external drive and the value of Time Machine to back up as well; the files you want to keep should be at least two disks in case one of them goes down.

    2. they will not be usable until the restoration.


  • Cannot transfer a file PDF of MacBook for iPad

    I have a MacBook Pro 13 inch 2012 running on OS X El Capitan, version 10.11.6. I also have an iPad 2014 Air running on iOS, version 9.3.4. I'm trying to transfer a file PDF of the MacBook to the iPad. However, when I try to use iTunes to synchronize a selected PDF file, the following message appears:

    "Are you sure you want to remove the existing music, movies, TV shows, books and shades of the iPad and the sync with this iTunes library? Music, movies, TV shows, books and tones synchronized to [the iPad name] from other iTunes libraries will be removed and the items will be synchronized from this iTunes library. »

    Message offers two options: 'Cancel' or 'delete and synchronize.

    After having done some research on this question, I understand that the problem is that my iPad is supposed to be linked to a different iTunes library. In fact, however, my iPad has always been tied to the iTunes library. I guess that the "confusion", if you want to, is the fact that I recently changed my Apple ID because my ID original Apple gave me problems (the iPad was constantly asking me to type my password Apple ID).

    In fact, my question is this: what happens if I click on "Remove and Sync?

    All the music on my iPad will be removed and changed with all the music on my MacBook? I don't want to do. I have many, many more songs on my MacBook I do on my iPad. I don't want all these songs on my iPad, because of limited space on the iPad. (I put iTunes so that my music will not be synchronized automatically whenever I connect the iPad to the MacBook).

    Or else I'll lose only PDF files that I have on my iPad, which is replaced by PDF files I have sync with the iPad? (After all, I will ask only the Sync system in PDF format, not another thing). I wouldn't mind this scenario too, because I currently do not have that many PDFs on the iPad in any case.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hello Jack,.

    Thanks for your question.  I understand you wanting to sync PDFs of your MacBook Pro to your iPad Air.  However, how you've changed your Apple ID, the computer considers that you try to synchronize your iPad to a different iTunes Library.

    If you have not backed up your iPad, I suggest you do that first.   Then, check what you want to sync on iTunes again and select "Remove and Sync."  This will replace the contents of your iPad with only the items you selected for synchronization of your iTunes library.

    Below are some resources about management of PDF files using the iBooks app.  One of these methods may be easier for you.

    Use iBooks with PDF documents on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    ICloud Drive or iBooks allows access to your PDFs, books and ePub files

    Have a great day!

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    I have a complete suite Adobe CS5 installed on my macbook pro, and I recently bought a macbook air, if I want to transfer photoshop on my new laptop computer. I used time machine and recorded the suite adobe on an external hard drive, but when I click and drag it from the drive to my new requests, I get error message saying: "error in Configuration please uninstall and reinstall the product. If this problem persists, please contact Adobe technical support help and mention the error code displayed at the bottom of this screen. Error: 6 "I tried to uninstall and reinstall PSD and I get the same error message. Any suggestions?

    Transfer from a backup will not work.  Adobe applications must be installed using installation files.

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    I have ' 12 elements working okay.  I find this extended file of 12 elements, on my MacBook Air: Applications / Adobe Photoshop Elements 12/SupportFiles/Plug-ins.

    (I need to copy a special "sharpening" ("Magic Focus") program that I downloaded. How can I find this file?

    I don't know what you mean about "extended", but click once on your desktop and press Command + Shift + A and who should open the applications folder. Find the folder Adobe Photoshop elements 12 in there, then the support files folder inside and the plugins folder in the folder of media files.

  • Photoshop CS4 does not recognize files RAW on MacBook

    I recently installed photoshop CS 4 on my MacBook Pro. I have a Sony alpha 330 camera, and photshop does not recognize my files RAW (ARW)

    What should I download for my photoshop work?

    Are Photoshop and ACR fully updated?

    It seems that support RAW of Sony A330 has been added with ACR 5.4.

    Have you tried to download the free DNG Converter and processing images with it yet? HTENC

  • Transfer the file RAW with edited Information?

    I have Lightroom on my pc laptop and desktop (Windows Vista and Windows 7 64 bit respectively).  I copied a few Canon RAW CR2 files to my laptop in the field and edited some of the files.  Is it possible to transfer these changes, along with the files on my desktop pc?

    Probably do you a temporary LR catalog on the LT to make your changes, but your permanent catalog is on the DT?

    On your LT, if you use the library / metadata / save metadata to the files (plural) with selected images in the library grid, you should get an XMP file for each file CR2 containing the snapshot of adjustments when you perform the backup.  Copy the CR2 as well as the XMP file on your desktop, and when you import the changes will be part of the State of the initial import.  If you have already imported the files on your w/o the XMPs DT, then remove them from the library of DT (but not record) and reimport them after copying the XMP files above.

    If it is something unique, then the single transfer and CR2/XMP is ok.

    Depending on what else is in the your LT LR catalog, you can export a catalog, with just your images and their settings and import this catalog on your DT, change the paths to the images if necessary on the side of DT.

    Presumably, you know how to copy files (CR2s, XMPs, LRCATs) from your laptop to your desktop through a network or a USB drive connected, right?

    Either of these processes is a little messy.  If you do this on an ongoing basis then think about how to make the process as simple as possible.  What I do is have the LR catalog and images (for the last year, at least) on an external drive 1 TB USB3-speed that I bought at Best Buy, where drive letter is set to be the same on both computers I use LR on, and then I just plug in the USB drive to any computer I want to use at the moment.  I backup all the contents of the drive every night at a different speed USB3 drive so if I never forget that I'm wearing autour and destroy it, then I have another copy of everything.

    The initial copy took time, but changes in nightly replication does not take too long.  I use PTReplicator from KarenWare to plan a my pictures folder replication nightly at 02:00.  There are other similar programs to facilitate unidirectional replication such as RoboCopy SyncToy and DoubleTake.

  • Unable to transfer the iTunes of the MacBook Air for iPhone music SE


    I have recently (April 2016) bought an iPhone SE. At the time, I used iCloud to back up what I had on my iPhone 4S for I can have my music, etc., photos on my new SE. However, since my 4S lacked storage space, a lot of my music was not stored on it, so he has not also transferred to my new SE.

    Now I have plugged my SE (iOS 9.3.3) in my MacBook (OS X 10.7.5) and iTunes (v does not recognize my iPhone. I can't add another my music from my iPhone iTunes SE and it is super hang me!

    When I plug my phone into my MacBook and open iTunes (I already said "Approve this computer" on the phone), I get this message: "the iPhone"iPhone"cannot be used because it requires a newer version of iTunes. Go to to download the latest version of iTunes. " Goaaaaal... you don't go to and download to iPhone... So I'm stuck with a tiny part of my music on my iPhone and no way I can find to get more to transfer.

    Help, please! Thank you!


    The message refers to requiring a version update of iTunes on your computer, not on the phone - you need to an updated version of Mac OS X on your Mac (10.8.5 +) and iTunes installed 12.4 above, to be able to sync it to your phone.

  • How can I transfer my photos from a macbook air to another?

    I am consolidating the photos that are on different with different usernames and passwords mac book airs.  How can I do the transfer?

    Use AirDrop

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    creative suite 4 will transfer to ibook G4 to Mac Book Air?

    N ° you must perform a clean reinstallation of applications.

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    I really messed up things and don't know what sharing arrangement I should or can enter. The Finder sees different another Mac, but that's all. Maybe I should start from scratch - but back to a 'clean slate '? I would be grateful for any comments. TH

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  • Deleted all my files off my MacBook Air and it still says I have 84 GB of "other."

    And yes I emptied my Recycle Bin, as well as the photo bin.

    I only have the GoPro GoPro Studio, iMovie, and Lightroom installed apps.

    I don't have a time Machine is turned on also.

    It's in my head!

    Very often rebuild Spotlight index will update the other category to its actual size.

  • Help, please!   Nothing WORKS loading Acrobat Pro XI on the new MacBook Air

    I have a new MacBook Air.  I transferred all the files of old Macbook Air, including Acrobat Pro XI.  It does not work.   I bought Acrobat Pro XI on 18 February 2015.  I still have the email and the link for the download.  The link will only now in Acrobat Pro DC.  I discovered that with the code I have for Acrobat Pro XI, I could get a free upgrade.  OK, I downloaded Acrobat Pro DC and entered my key - that should work, especially if the upgrade is free, right?  EVIL.  He said that the key is not valid.  It IS valid for XI Pro because I have it on my old MacBook Air.  I went back and found the .dmg file that I downloaded originally to install Acrobat Pro XI.  Of course, who does not work on my new computer is - says it is not valid.

    Someone else in Adobe on this forum gave me links to the windows that obviously do not work on my Mac.  I simply cannot change computers?  What kind of racket is Acrobat?  Please, someone help.  I tried to solve this problem ALL DAY.

    I'm just screwed?  Is this really how Acrobat treats its customers?


    Please refer to the instructions to disable the Acrobat on your previous machine in the following link:

    Enable and disable Adobe products

    Use the following link for download Acrobat XI pro:

    Download Acrobat products | Standard, Pro | DC, XI, X

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards


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