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Two years ago, I decided to scan and put all our family photos in digital format (some will to the 1890s), which I just finished several months ago.  I used a Windows operating system and the PC to manage the process. Recently, I poured out my Windows and PC hardware for an iMac and MacBook Pro.

The last month I have transferred all my photos from my PC to my iMac system.  But when the transfer took place in the Organization of the files I had in place has been lost - some of the pictures that were in the displaced and slept files in folders, others are just grouped in one section.  I had a folder for each year.  First few years had only a few pictures.  A few years had both single photos and pictures inside the files.

I tried to figure out how my iMac "reads" and organizes the photos, but have not been able to understand.

Can someone tell the best way to transfer photos from a Windows system to an iMac system and maintain the integrity of the file structure?

I'd appreciate any help.

Thank you


You probably do not use the Photos provided with your computer, app if you were then you would have found Photos for Mac organizes your photos how you want. I strongly suggest to use Photos to store your photos, organize them and when it is necessary to improve them.

If are unaware of the Photos please start by

You can also find many tutorials for the Photos if you do a bit of research, even Youtube has free tutorials.

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