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Nice day! I have an iPhone 6s + 10.0.1 (beta out GM) running. I would like to move all THE photos from my camera to the cloud. I have the cloud settings all configured (photo stream, etc...) However, it is always more than 1.5GBs for hard to photos stored on my device. I would like the number to be literally 0 and have all the photos/videos stored in the cloud.

Thank you!

Although I can't speak for iOS 10.0.1 (but in this case, I can't believe there is a difference) iCloud is not just intended to be used simply to external storage.  Apple intends to be a synchronization mechanism (and backup).  If you delete the photo on your device, it will be also deleted in iCloud by using the photo library.  However, see the section "Save space on your device" in this article:

iCloud photo library - Apple Support

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