Transfer the photo library in iPhoto to Photos

I have just passed my iPhoto library photos on El Capitan (10.11.3) on my new iMac and have lost some pictures, some were 3 years old from the originals and thus lost location information, faces and events.

Would this be normal?  Can I retrieve the original info. ? or do I have to revisit each of my photos almost 5000 and identify the faces and places all over again?



It's the photo library is exactly the same as the iPhoto with converted albums - events library see How Photos handles content and metadata for iPhoto and Aperture - Apple Support

You have iPhoto 9.6.1? If not see if you can get it - can not update iPhoto because it is not available in the App Store

Then clean your iPhoto library - Notes on the migration of an iPhoto for iPhoto to Photos for Mac library

Then drag the library own icon in the Dock to migrate again from Photos


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    I got a new Macbook and wanted to transfer my photos from my old computer in a fairly simple manner. Thank you

    You could try & use migrate manually move (copy) data from one Mac to another...

    Not all the elements of an older Mac or its OS X should be moved into a new. Be wary.

    • OS X: manually migrating the data from another Mac - Apple Support

    There is a section that says what to try once you have the iPhoto library

    moved to the folder of Photos, and if it is not recognized, a link to info on what to do.

    • How to move a photo for Mac iPhoto library:

    Remember to make backups and separate archives for your computers so that they does not work

    out of storage space. and a device size enough drive for Time Machine, too.

    This is a source of information that can be useful beyond the investigation of libraries of photos.

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    Good luck & happy computing!

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    I searched the forum and it seems a few people came across this or something similar to this, but I did not find a definitive solution that does not require to go online with my phone.

    Did anyone figure a way around it and what could be the cause?

    I'm having the same problem. Yes, the encryption is enabled. I found that if I connect via sync windows media rather than the usb mass storage it connects properly.

  • transfer the music library (not bought) one Apple ID to another

    DH has used my iTunes/AppleID account download her CD to the Mac, and then on his iPod.  He recently got an iPhone with its own AppleID.

    We would like to have the iPod and put all his music not purchased on his new iPhone with its new AppleID.  How can I transfer his playlist of music not bought at its new Apple ID?

    Whenever I have to 'create' a new iTunes Library, even when I'm out of iTunes, it automatically opens with all my music and my iPhone connects via WiFi.

    DH has used my iTunes/AppleID account to download her CD on Mac

    In fact, he was using your iTunes library, not your iTunes account or Apple ID.  When you import the songs from the music CD, your Apple ID is not involved.

    Is "DH", the initials of the other user?  If DH does not have its own computer, create a new user account on shared Mac.  You can do this in the Preferences system users & groups window.  If you are the primary user, you can make DH user Standard (not administrator) account.  In this way, the Admin authorization ("your authorization") is necessary to make changes to the system for the Mac.  Log out of your user account and have DH, sign in to his new account user and things together upwards to use his Apple ID.  When it runs iTunes in this new user account, it's HIS iTunes library, not your library.

    Return to your user account, scrunch a new folder (on the desktop) and name it something like the Songs of DH (or whatever you want).  In the window iTunes (with your normal iTunes library), use some view is more convenient to show your library iTunes music.  Dragged the songs of DH of the iTunes window to this new folder on the desktop.  For example, if these songs from music CD, using the view Albums can be more convenient, because you can drag entire albums in the folder.  iTunes copy the song files in the folder of Songs DH .

    Once the file has all his songs, copy it to a shared location.  You can use the folder users / shared , which is accessible from two user accounts.  Have DH to connect to his user account.

    NOTE: You can enable the fast user switch to keep the two users connected at the same time, to save time when switching.  Password is still required to switch between user accounts, but you can ignore the disconnection and crosses the login screen.

    Drag the DH songs folder from the shared location and drop onto the iTunes window, to add songs from the iTunes library.  OR, in the iTunes menu bar, use the command file-> add to library , and select the folder of Songs of DH .  Once the songs in its iTunes library, connect the iPhone and set up the synchronization as you wish.

  • Time it takes to transfer the photos to iCloud

    I just start to synchronize all my photos to iCloud, about 31 000 photos. It seems to take a lot of time. It was sync about 12 hours, but still has 28 000 to go?

    iMac (27-inch), mid-2010, 2,930 GHz Core i7, 16 GB Memory, HD 2 TB running OS X El Capitan 10.11.3

    Yes, it takes a while - mine took 10 days for 7000 photos and videos - yours is very fast comparison research

    Keep your Mac awake and on the Internet and don't mess with the download (people stopped and restarted everything already causing her fact to be lost and start back at zero - don't do it)


  • Impossible to transfer the photos from my camera

    I am trying to transfer pictures from my FinePix F60fd, it has always been very well until recently, and now nothing happens when I connect the camera to the PC. I tried to uninstall USB drivers (because they are plug-and-play) and reboot the PC. When I tried in case of problems one of the suggestions was checking if I had a file or ptpusb.dll file on my PC. I searched and had neither.

    Can anyone help as I have a lot of pictures that I need to download?

    I tried all of these suggestions and the PC does not recognize my camera at all. I know that the USB cable is connected to the camera and the PC OK, the camera battery is fully charged and it is the first time that this happens since I was the camera in March. The only changes that I made on the PC are the regular updates that vista automatically gets.

    The following article might be worth a visit:

    (927836) a still digital camera is not recognized
    in Windows Vista or in Windows XP

    If you have more than one port... try USB to another.

    If you have an internal or external USB Media Reader... try it.

    Might be interesting to try to do a system restore to one hour before the beginning of the question.

    Using Windows 7 or Vista System Restore

    Good luck...

    Volunteer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience J - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

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    Safe mode does not work. However, when I downloaded Firefox laptop everything worked. Any suggestions as to where I should go now. Thanks Fire Fox works on other sites I work with. The download has started working. I think the problem was the website.

  • Transfer the Aperture/Photo library to new Mac: how to manage the referenced pictures

    Here's the scoop.  I was a long-time user of Aperture with half of my pictures handled as pictures referenced to an external drive.  Photos, as I understand it, also sees the photos as mentioned.

    I then acquired a new iMac and want to now all of my photos to reside on his hard drive and I'll give up on opening.

    So, if I transfer the Photos library file to the new computer, how can I get these files referenced on the new computer?

    Do you want the photos to be referenced or you want to group as managed in the Photos?

    If you want to keep the referenced pictures, use Aperture on your old mac to move files referenced in a folder on the new Mac, before opening the Aperture Photo library to convert it to a library of Photos.

    If you are satisfied with transforming the library to a library of the crib, you can use pictures after the migration the photo library to build the library.

    Pictures has the command "file > consolidate" to move the intone library pictures and make managed, it has few tools to fix the referenced files broken, but it can not move the referenced files. No matter what move you want to do, do it in Aperture, while your library is still an Aperture library.

    Opening still work under MacOS X 10.10.3.

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    How to transfer an album in iPhoto to a mac book pro to another mac and keep all information added name. I tried the air drop and a flash drive. Passage of the pictures is no problem, but the name added info does not always transfer. The original img # transfers instead. iPhoto version 9.5.1

    Albums of guard that you must transfer the entire library - they do not exist in separate form the library - you can export the photos including the desired metadata and import it into another Mac


  • Mac freezes transfer of photos of Pentax K-30

    When I transfer photos from my camera Pentax K-30 to iPhoto on my Mac, transfer hangs after moving 3 or 4 pics max. Anyone know how I can stop what is happening or transfer the photos on my Mac another way?

    It has never worked? Has it happened with more than one card? It is possible that there is a problem with the card, or with the cable allows you to connect the camera to the computer, assuming that's what you do.

    If you attach the camera directly, consider using a card reader. I never have anything other than a card reader used to move images of my cameras (including a 30 K) to my computers, and it has always worked.

  • Faces in the Photo App

    I have spent a lot of time, marking the faces for photos on my Mac when the first Photos app came out.  I need to get a new computer and discovered I have to redo it.  I have thousands of photos!  Is there a solution?

    I need to get a new computer and discovered I have to redo it.

    This will depend on how you will transfer the photo library to the new computer.  Migrate your documents and data from your current Mac to your new Mac using the Setup Wizard when you first launch the new Mac, connect the old Mac or a backup Time Machine to the new Mac. Then the photo library will be migrated because it is as well as all your other documents and data, all the faces will be tagged, when you launch Photos on your new mac.

    The faces will be absent, if you use iCloud photo library and you download the photos to iCloud photo library to your new Mac and not a backup.  But in this case, only the thumbnails of nominated faces will be missing.  All the photos will have the names of available faces, calling again will be much faster and easier.

  • Transfer of photos of Android to HP PC laptop

    I have the version more ancient of the Android Smart Phone - a Samsung Galaxy s I want to transfer about 1400 photos off of it on my laptop HP Pavilion Entertainment PC.  It is not as easy from an IPhone.  I drove out of an IPhone for a friend once and he had guests when I plugged the IPhone to PC - very easy.  This is not the case with my Smartphone (Seems it's not so smart!)  So, can someone tell me the best way to transfer photos to the smartphone Android too liked my PC?

    I'm also about 80 memos in the Memo section on the android smartphone. They are very important and I don't want to lose them.  Is there an easy way to transfer them to the smart phone to my documents files in my PC?

    It is possible more easily if I just get a new phone and transfer the photos and memos for the new phone first?  If this could be true I would need some help with that also!

    Thank you!

    Looks like you're there at halfway. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with the old model of phone, and it seems to be different than the most recent models.

    But, since you're going for cellular consumption, have clients walk in centres that you can take the old phone to and they can transfer your files on all new smart phone (possible any other telephone company).

    They can also support your original Samsung phone if you want to continue to use it with a new SIM card.

    If you are in the USA, here is the link to their store locator. 888-345-5509.

    Find phones cell phones consumer in a store near you

    Otherwise, you are more likey going to find more specific assistance for the transfer of files from a PC on the AT & T forum.

    I don't know that these old phones should have the info you want to put on the SD card first, then you can transfer these files to the PC when connected via the USB cord.

    Sorry I can't be more help on this topic.

  • Not all the photos to back up

    Why only 21 photos appear indeed when I try to transfer the photos to the back to the top - I 1 151 in all the Photos.

    I have the iPhone 5 and the current (9.2.1) operating system. 12.5 GB

    I'm trying to move some of my photos to another device to free up space, but it's only to find 21 photos. When I try to save them on my computer the same show 21 upwards and not more. How can I access the rest of them?

    Thank you!

    hollylu16 wrote:

    When I try to save them on my computer the same show 21 upwards and not more. How can I access the rest of them?

    Your computer is a PC?

    How do you do that? You are to be imported or looking in the file Explorer?

    If you imported images in the past, new photos, that is, those that have not been imported before, are the only ones who would would present.

    If you are looking in the file Explorer, there's probably several subfolders under the main iPhone and each folder DCIM would have pictures.

Maybe you are looking for