Travel safely videos from iPhoto?

I have many years of accumulated videos in iPhoto that I finally want to organize outside of iPhoto.

I think I want to put on a set of DVDs, but I also think to put them on a thumb drive as well - could have two copies.

The last time I tried to do, things are really weird and I think it's because I've renamed the video (from the file number for a brief description of what was in it).   I got messages saying that the video could not be found.  After some advice from people here, I put the names of original files back in place and it worked.  Phew!

In any case, I want to try again and do the things this time.  If anyone can help me, I would like to get instructions on how to handle each file and finally get it on the DVD player and the thumb of my dreams.   Thank you!

P. S.  Is there a point in the process where you can safely rename the file?


Select movies in iPhoto and export (menu, file == > export) the original unmodified in a folder - you can rename as you like and write on CD/DVD or a USB key - you must NEVER make changes to the contents of the iPhoto library - only after export you can make changes to the file outside the library


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    What export settings are you helping?

    You can play the video in iPhoto?

    What version of iPhoto and the operating system?

  • How can I move video from iPhoto to iMovie?


    I'm moving the video from iPhoto to iMovie. I've done it before without a problem, but not today.

    For some reason any video does NOT appear in the iMovie library case. I don't know why and I don't know how to make the video appear.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you very much!!!

    PS I put my OS is 9, but I updated to Yosemite last spring. Even is this screwing?

    You've improved iMovie version 10.1.1?  Then Photos videos will appear in the section of the library of the media browser and not in the events of iMOvie.

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    In the screenshot you posted, you should see iPhoto in the list between films and photo booth. Also movies iPhoto should appear in the browser. Since you see nor it seems than iMovie and the operating system cannot see iPhoto library. If you click the photo button in the toolbar you see your photos in iPhoto? If this is not the case, this would confirm a problem with iPhoto library. Try opening iPhoto, hold down the command and option keys. In the first aid window trying to repair the library and perhaps rebuild if repair does not fix your problem.

  • Lightroom: Time to Capture for videos imported from iphoto does not appear in the metadata

    Hi, I imported all my photos and videos from iphoto to Lightroom recently with iphoto import plugin.  I think that all my photos have been imported, but I noticed that all my videos have no capture time, while they became grouped in my collections.  But I think that I can still see their capture time in the 'gray' text on each photo.  Why did this happen and how to solve this problem?  I really want my time to capture in video metadata, and I also want to see my videos in chronological order on the right with my videos.   Strangely, the videos imported into Lightroom directly from my camera SD card do not have this problem, don't do that those imported from iphoto.  Thank you!

    LR does not correctly manage video metadata in general, and in particular, he often misses capture time.  Sometimes it works: choose a video, make metadata > edit Capture time and then click all change (without actually modifying the corrected time).  If that sets the time of capture at the right time, you can select all the videos of problem, metadata > edit Capture time, and then click all change.   If you have a small number of videos, you can manually fix the capture time to help change the Capture time.

    See for more information in the official forum for feedback from Adobe for more details, vote on it and give your opinion: Lightroom: metadata applied to videos in Lightroom is not available in other applications

  • Can I drag a very large number of files from iphoto to a file on my desktop?

    Can I drag a very large number of photos/videos from iphoto to a folder on my desktop?

    Of course, but it might take some time, depending on the number of files you have.


    A test, I just moved 154,944,028 bytes (155.8 MB on disk) of videos and photos of 417 points in 70 seconds.

  • HOW to transfer pictures from iPhoto on my external drive?

    I want to transfer all my photos from iPhoto to an external drive. WHERE is my library in my MacBook Air? brary-on-a - external drive

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    I just transfer a bunch of photos from an external hard drive in my iPhoto library.  I created several new Albums right here.  The problem is that my photos are not displayed when I click on the Photos icon on my menu bar.  Also new albums and photos will appear not on my iPad via the photo stream.  I don't understand how the 3things: I picture library, photos, photo stream, work-sharing app.  How to do all of my albums (and the photos in these albums) duplicate in all (or appear to) all my devices?

    Migrating from iPhoto to a Photos library library affects only the photos in the iPhoto library in time. Photos and albums added to the iPhoto library after that will be in the iPhoto library unless you also import the photos into your photo library and set and fill albums.

    Albums are not spread through my photo stream, only by iCloud photo library.

    The new model is of approximately:

    * Use only the Photos app and the library of Photos on your Mac (s). After the initial migration, ignore iPhoto and its library.

    * Use iCloud photo library as the repository ignoring my photo stream unless you have devices that don't support icloud photo library (for most older iPods). You may need to increase your storage plan iCloud to organize all your photos and videos.

    * Use the Photos app on your iPhone (s) and iPad (s) with iCloud as library active. Again, my photo stream is necessary only if you have devices that don't support icloud photo library. You can use the option "optimize storage' to save the storage space on your iPhone (s) and iPad (s).

  • How to keep the titles and names of events when importing from iPhoto?

    I have 17,000 photos and you want to migrate from iPhoto to LR. Some of them have titles I assigned in iPhoto. Other events, which I'd love to keep the names. This information is really important for me, because it contains a lot of travel since the origins of the photos.

    I already tried import with the CAP, folders and albums are perfectly converted to collections.

    Is not that someone has an idea what to do, maybe before hand in iPhoto to keep information?

    Any hint is appreciated!

    I had assumed that iPhoto metadata has been imported as with info opening panel that corresponds to the IPTC data fields. The link below gives more information.

  • Cc 2015.4 Lightroom will not import video from canon 5 d mkii!

    I was able to import videos directly from my canon 5 d mkii in lightroom on my macbook pro 2015. IPhotos, bridge, and Lightroom show an error when I try to import videos from 5 d. Import photos perfectly fine, but no video. I tried to import the videos same in Lightroom to my pc and they import fine. I need to import it back in my mac! Help, please.

    Hello Stephen,

    It seems a problem with the destination folder, then I would suggest to check if you have read and write access to the destination folder where you try to import images.

    Also try to change the location of the destination folder, and then import the videos in Lightroom.

    Let me know if it helps.

    Kind regards


  • Cannot import photos from iPhoto to 9 elements Organizer

    I am organizing running 9 items on my MacBook Pro. When I run the command file/Get pictures and videos / iPhoto, I get the error message, "there no media to import from iPhoto. In fact, I have thousands of photos in iPhoto that I would like to import Organizer so that I can edit them in Elements 9.

    I can also edit pictures in the elements placing him as default editor in iPhoto. When I do that, it opens items but does not open the photo in iPhoto.

    When I do that, it opens items but does not open the photo in iPhoto.

    This usually means that you have chosen the wrong file as the external editor. In PSE 9, you want than this one. The other is an alias for the home screen and choose one causes the behavior you described:

  • How to import existing images from iPhoto into LR4?

    Tutorial Adobe TV said to import existing images into LR4 using the 'Images' folder, but iPhoto does not use this place.  Import of iPhoto options are "grayed out".  How this is achieved without moving pictures from iPhoto to a Document file?  Who wouldn't be difficult, take forever and come outside iPhoto 'actuality' and any other file organization?  You have to move previously organized iPhoto images separately, that sounds like a real pain?  This indicates that the LR4 has all the features for Mac?  I know have used iPhoto seems stupid, but I could get away with it when booting with good shots of the camera.  In addition, as a photographer of long date to a lot of different subjects, I 4 700 photos in iPhoto, including 2,400 of several trips to Paris.  This number does NOT represent a problem to not remove the poor images: I run continuous/burst on shots of candid people, wildlife and sport, giving a little to a number of good and different frames per output.  Like many, I have also let customers choose among many, in addition to keep those I consider the best.  I also keep a lot in order to provide retailers with a good selection of what they want to do.  What should I do to transfer to iPhoto to LR, and how difficult and tedious might?

    Hi Tim,.

    4. what still bothers me, is that I am doubling of the amount of space that I use if I pull every 185 gigabytes of photos dating back to 1998 iPhoto to LR.

    5. so my question is simpy is there a way of not having to create a whole new batch of thousands of photos so that LR can work with them? In addition to reading the posts, I see that someone said to make an alias in your iPhoto library and then rather off select copy select Add instead. This way you do not have a lot of extra space and only reference the photos already in the iPhoto library, which, in my case, has been moved to the larger HARD drive and player off the SDS drive which is my boot drive. I have not tried this yet, because I fear that my light room 4 catalog file is big and I'm back where I started. Is it possible to move my LR catalog file to my HARD drive instead of keeping it in my Pitctures folder in my user on my SSD drive folder?

    It makes no sense to manage your images in iPhoto both in LR.

    If you really want to, then Yes, it is advisable to double them, there will be no interference.

    Why not double them for now (on your hard drive, no SSD) and see later if you like LR enough to give up their iPhoto?

    You can place your catalog LR = *.lrcat file where you want to. Clicking it will open in LR. You can then select in the preferences to always open the last catalog, or more precisely of this catalogue, at the opening of LR.

    The catalog file will become too big. mine is about 1.5 GB for some 110'000 images.

    Which takes much more space is the folder with the previews that will create a LR. The amount depends on your tastes and your speed needs.

    I don't want to wait for "Loading"... "in the library module I dedicate some space in the folder of the previews (actually ca. 100 GB!), because I put the size of the preview wholesale in the dimensions in pixels for a big screen and high quality. This is because I use a laptop and want to be able to show images because of their preview when I travel, without having my originals available (they are on a NAS at home *).

    In terms of performance of LR, you benefit most if you put your lrcat file as well as the issue of previews (... Previews.lrdata) on your SSD, as it is advantageous to use the fast playback speed.

    Your actual image files can be stored on the hard drive, as LR is accessed less often.

    If you are not so much on the agility of LR, you can put everything on your hard drive.

    Separating his Previews.lrdata lrcat file - folder is not provided by Adobe, but possible - Victoria Bampton gives a work around for this in it "(la FAQ manquante pour Lightroom)." Then, of course, you renounce your SSD speed again access to / writing previews and just take the advantage of speed for the lrcat file.

    If you are very concerned about the storage space on your SSD, why not start with everything on your hard drive? So if you get impatient with LR response time, you know that the first tweak would be to the SSD of catalog + previews?


    Note: Develop actions are not possible, if I have no access to images, but the actions of the library, as side, keywording and other metadata adding and their navigation.

  • How to add photos from iphoto to imovie

    I want to create a slideshow of paintings with a musical background. My 'paintings' is as JPEGs into iPhoto, and my music track is in Garage Band or iTunes. When I go to iMovie to start a project, it shows not possible to import photos from iphoto, but only these photos taken using "photo booth".

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

    If you click windows, and then click OK for Media you should find the iPhoto library under library.  You can then open an event and select a photo.


    So I was about to export a video to my iphone out of storage ram. So I decided to remove the videos from the library until I discovered, it removes off imovie! I didn't know that! Like imovie takes lots of storage. I deleted the videos of recently deleted, so now they are gone!

    Is it possible to restore them?

    And if you're advising me to download something, no malware or viruses please.

    If you have enabled iCloud photo library, that's how he wanted to work. iCPL synchronizes all changes and actions, including deletions, across all your devices and computers.

    The only way for you to restore these files is from a backup, preferably on your computer.

  • How to convert pictures from iPhoto?  I need general info and advice.  My library is huge (95 GB).  I am running OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 on iMac.

    How to convert pictures from iPhoto?  I need general info and advice.  I saw the help info but I am very nervous to take on this project, as my library is huge (95GB), organized in several events and albums.  My library is saved (Time Machine SimpleSave HD).  I am running OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 on iMac.

    Have you seen this document?   Updated Photos for OS X - Apple iPhoto support

    Is your iPhoto Library Library on your system drive in the pictures folder? And you have a lot of free space on your system drive? The migration will need additional temporary storage.

    Then drag the iPhoto library icon pictures open to create a new library of Photos of her.

    Your albums appear unchanged in the Photos.  Events will appear as additional albums, because the pictures has no events.  See this link: How Photos handles content and metadata for iPhoto and Aperture - Apple Support

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