Treo 500 broken expansion card slot

Trying to take out my battery (very difficult), I broke the expansion card slot.  The wacky things that create the hinge broke.  The cardholder still "locks", but...

The phone is reading the expansion card (4 GB), but only let me put a song on it! before you say full. So, I was wondering if maybe he is not locked properly (because of the missing hinge).

Buy another one somewhere?  I looked at the Palm site, but she had that standard sort of bits & pieces listed.


I have looked for a tray of replacement SD card but have not been able to find this part. There are bins available SIM cards but not the CD tray card.

You will probably need to contact Palm in your location and set up a repair.

Come on, select your region, click on support and look for support services telephone numbers. Call the number of the smartphone support and deal with compensation.

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    Hi all

    I am trying to install a Firewire IEEE1394 card in my new Toshiba laptop (Toshiba Satellite Pro L40 - 17 laptop computer G)
    Unfortunately, the card I have is a PCMCIA card - which does not fit into the laptop.

    Can some advice please the name/type of card that fits in this Toshiba laptop?

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    New models of laptops have Express Card slot as your L40 SP. Read more about it, please visit

    Pick up some info and get the right card for you.
    All that s what I can say about it.

    Good bye

  • memory card slot help ~.

    can someone tell me where the accommodation of memory card on a palm pre more with at & t is because I can not find

    Sorry if my first answer was no clearer.  There is no expansion card slot.

  • Expansion card for Treo 800w

    I recently switched to a Palm Centro (Palm o/s) to a Treo 800w (Windows Mobile 6 o/s). I formatted my 4G expansion card before ejecting the Centro and it burst in the Treo 800w. However, the Treo 800w does not recognize expansion card. I tried several times.


    try reformatting the card from your pc
    After that you can insert it on your phone

    Message relates to: Palm TX

  • HP SlimLine 450 - A24: Add an expansion card 4 ports USB 3.0 PCIe to a HP 450 - A24

    Hi, new to the forum.

    I have a HP Slimline 450 - A24 and would like to know if it is possible to install a port 4 USB 3.0 PCIe expansion card?  All I could find is that the expansion port was used. Is it possible to add even 4 port USB 3.0 PCIe expansion card?

    Thanks fror your help

    Hi @gulwing1,

    That the Forums are with you! It's a good place to find the help you need, other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff. I understand that you are looking for more information on your system and whether it is possible to put a 4-port USB 3.0 PCIe card. I'm happy to give you a helping hand with this.

    Looking at the HP Slimline 450 - a24 Desktop PC product specificationsand HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - specifications (P-nutmeg nuts) of the motherboard, System Board lists no matter what expansion slot at all.  With this in mind, you cannot use a PCIe card in this system.

    It is unfortunately not the news you wanted, but answering your question. Please mark this message as a solution. Bravo would be appreciated as well.


  • Re: Map Satellite M60-104 PCI Slot or Express Card Slot?

    I'm confused about what type of adapter should I buy for my expansion slot, on the button, it says that my laptop have card PCI II type: type: express card slot.

    So far what I've read, it's the type of card PCI II differ from Express card. I just need to know what my machine supports, a card 54mm or 34 mm card, 16-bit or 32-bit, I don't know, I need to buy an adapter for esata interface to connect my NAS via esata to my laptop for more speed.

    Can someone enlighten me on this point, please?

    Did you look in the user manual?
    There are details on the M60 Series.

    But AFAIK the M60-104 unit supports the Cardbus 32-bit/PC-Card 16-Bit interface.
    For example, you can use 1 x PCMCIA Type II only and 1 x ExpressCard.


  • AXC-603-UR10 for cards WiFi or PCIe expansion card?

    I have an AXC-603-UR10 and I would like to add a wireless card and a PCIE video card.  The case has two spots for expansion cards, but the motherboard has only a small connector that looks like a place to add an expansion card or something like that.

    Is anyone know the part number or model number for an expansion card to go in the slot at the top of the motherboard on an AXC-603-UR10?

    Thank you.


    This model has only a half size mini-PCI Express slot for adding a LAN + Bluetooth wireless card.

  • (Redirected) USB 3.0 expansion card

    Can anyone provide me with information on how to install a USB 3.0 on my Dell poweredge t300 Server expansion card?

    After talking with dell, they recommended using a visiontek USB 3.0 pci - e card. But after opening the server, I discovered there is no power supply to connect the card. The card came with a female molex to sata adapter cable male. The only open power cable plug / on the server is a female connector, 4 slots, which seems like it would be for a floppy drive.

    Anyone know if this is possible or is there a workaround for this if I can install this or any other USB 3.0 card in my machine?

    Thank you

    Best of this post in the Forum servers, here:


  • BlackBerry Z10 no sound on speakers on Z10 more after a repair of SIM card slot.

    SIM on my Z10 connector pins were broken. I went and replaced the SIM tray. Location SIM is fine now and the PINS are fixed and the SIM card is now detected properly.

    But now there is NO sound on my speakers. So if someone calls the phone rings not IE no sound. However, I can talk to the other person and that he talks to me and we both can hear each other fine. Something seems to be wrong with the speakers now.

    Also when I try to play the audio or video, there is NO sound. However if I plug the headphones the sound is there.

    I checked the mod, the settings of all buttons, there is no problem here. The sound was perfect, until the technician fixed the location SIM.

    Don't you think that he messed up the phone during the repair? Maybe everything in the re - assemble the phone he screwed the motherboard, or connect to speakers or something was wrong while welding the new SIM slot.

    Everything is very much like before, except for the sound, which is gone after the repair. Would be a hard reset, reset factory etc. solve the problem? Or is it now a hardware problem that is the tech messed up during the repair of the SIM card slot?


    It was fixed to date . It's a fitting loose inside. He blew it all by setting the SIM card. He he redefined today i.e. the loose connection, that has been caused because of his mistake.

    now, the speakers are fine.

  • Add a Firewire expansion card to my Pavilion slimline 5210t

    Can I add a Firewire expansion card to my HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop 5210t? Using Windows 7 64 bit. Any help you can provide about what to purchase or installation will be appreciated. I am trying to download movies from my Sony Handycam which uses the digital 8 mm band and has an output of firewire 4 pin.


    It is the only card that I could find that would work with the low-profile chassis has your PC.

    Please feel free to look around a few others.

    Your choices are limited due to the fact that your PC requires a flat mounting bracket to secure the card.

    The motherboard on your PC supports the two PCI express or PCI cards (there are 2 PCIe x 1 slots and one PCI slot as shown in the illustration below (white parallel slits at the bottom of the motherboard).


  • Sorry, but I'm confused! Z61T card slot

    Could someone please tell me what the card slot is for certain, above two USB ports on the left side of the machine?

    I try to add an ExpressCard 34mm (firewire 1394b (800) with a stabilizer of 34mm - 54 mm) and do not know if the card is faulty or I have the wrong card or place. No sign of what appears in the Device Manager and "new hardware not listed do not when it is attached.

    I told you, I was confused.

    Help, please!

    In the details on the Lenovo site, it refers to: -.

    PC card

    • Conforms to the Standard 95 PC card
    • Type II interface
    • Both card 32-bit CardBus card 16 - bit Release 2.1 standard are supported.

    Type II - BUT, under the 'Expansion', it refers to


    • A built-in, easy to load modular Ultrabay Slim
    • Type II PC Card slot
    • One ExpressCard/54 slot

    Hi solariski,

    It's a PC card slot, and according to personal lenovo reference book you can use Type I or Type II card. There is no ExpressCard on Z61t card as it appears. Was also a thread on this subject:-

    ExpressCard and PC card are two different technologies.

    I hope this helps.

  • OptiPlex 755: 1 & 2 lights lit, noisy, but not the expansion cards. Why?

    This seems to be a problem for many people with Dells, apparently for most Optiplexes. No one I found here has received a response.

    My desktop Optiplex 755 in 2007 (hand) computer refuses to put on today. I don't know why. There could be all sorts of reasons (I dropped a few weeks ago as he ran, he was overheating until I removed the cover and blew my air conditioner for the last week and a half, etc.) but the problem is not only started when I went to turn it on this morning.

    The machine reached the Dell screen on both monitors. Then they will empty, start the computer beeping quickly (without reason) and 1 and 2 are turned on but not 3 and 4. The manual says this means there is a problem of expansion card, but specifies that it is NOT a graphics card problem. The graphics card is the only expansion card in the system.

    What does that mean?

    Well, gee... If you dropped it, you could have dislodged many things inside the box, and you can even crashed hard drive. So you may want to reinstall the RAM modules in their slots, plug cable connectors between the readers and motherboard (at both ends), and Yes, even to reinsert the video card.

    Are you sure that your system does not have a PCI-e modem, a wireless card, a supplement network (Ethernet) card, etc., which were all of the options available for the 755? Instructions for the removal of the video card, because it starts without the video card, so removing it will not help you exclude 1.2 error IDENTIFICATION of the other PCI-e card that can cause problems.

    And if it started overheating after you dropped it, there's a chance you dislodged the heatsink and the CPU fan, you will have to perhaps remove the heatsink, clean the old thermal paste off the heatsink and the CPU (do not clear the CPU in its socket!) then apply a small amount of thermal paste fresh (for example (, Arctic Silver) before turning the heat sink.

    When all this is done, remove the battery from the motherboard and press / hold down the power button for about 30 sec. Reinstall the battery (use a new, if it is old) and see if that solves your problems.

    Always turn off, unplug and press/hold power button for about 15 seconds before opening the case.

  • How to export contacts (not addresses) from 650 to Mac address book?... .get photos out in the computer expansion card?

    I have a lot of contacts in my Treo650. I would like to export these to the address book of my Mac to switch to an iphone. There was no information on Palm contacts right on Palm addresses. Even if I sync my Treo with the pal Office successfully, there are 0 addresses on Palm desktop to export even though I have hundreds of contacts? I don't see a way to convert contacts to Plam desktop addresses. I could not find contacts on Palm desktop. I would appreciate your help. Jpertsch

    How to make pictures out of 1.0 GB and my Mac computer expansion card? Thanks Jpertsch

    Its ask me who found the answer:

    When the Palm Desktop window opens on the computer, in the upper R corner is an option for 'user '. Don't forget to specify yourself as the user! The default user is not automatically you. Once I made a selection of the user all contacts were there in the address section ready to be exported as a vCard to the Office so that I can then import in Mac "address book".

    I called Palm support 1-877-426-3777. Since I had a support Sprint Treo is in a Sprint. To directly call the Sprint: 800-974-2221 I stumbled on the issue of the 'user' waiting to phone support.


    Message is about: Treo 650 (Sprint)

  • Help! Malfunction of MacBook retina SD card slot


    Recently, I wanted to use my card slot for a Micro SD card on my macbook 2012 end retina pro website. After inserting the card, I gives me the message "the disk you inserted is not readable by this computer.

    I then followed the button «Initialize...» "as recommended online.

    "" I then delete the MS-DOS card "(FAT)", also reported online.

    However no matter how I try to delete it, I gives me the same message every time "error input / output.

    I made several tests such as the D on start up and made a NVRAM resets with no found error?

    Please help, everybody!

    Try to insert/remove a couple of times and shake the card into the slot.

    The card works OK in another computer or card reader?

    The contacts on the map like own?

  • Express card slot new dv7

    I am awaiting delivery of a new dv7. My old laptop (old and still under Windows 98) had a PCMCIA slot I have a couple of cards for. My question is quite simple, the old PCMCIA cards will fall into the new Express card slot?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    dv7t-1000CTO Vista Home Premium (32 bit)
    DV6-1350us Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

    No, I'm sorry to say that they will not. Although most of the features that people used to use pcmcia cards is attended the computers internal laptop is still a rude awakening for a lot of people when they can use the old card mobile broadband on this new laptop and they must spend more money to get a usb or expresscard version.

    photos of different cards for laptop computer

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