Tried to download the last update, no compatible system, now browser does not work even when I tried to download it again. I have bookmarks, I want to come back.

Currently, I have a Mac, version 10.5.8. My Firefox was slow so I tried to download the latest version. When it was downloaded, a message pops up saying that this version of Firefox is not compatible with my system. Well, ' don't quite no fault "I thought and I tired to go back to my previous browser.
But when I went to click on it, there was a large circle with a line through it. I couldn't open anything. Firefox has actually been removed from my computer.
Now it's ok if I can't start Firefox more but I got thousands of bookmarks, compiled over the years that I really want to go back. And I have no idea how to do that.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hello world.
I have downloaded the old version of firefox, replaced the new with the old and boom! They were there!

Sorry for the runaround. Just goes to show that you should always have backups for things.

Thanks anyway.

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