Tried to install Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

I'm running 32 bit xp pro svc pk 3, ie 8. I have a friend who is running xp home, svc pk 3, IE 8. I want to set up a connection to remote so I can help with fixing on the xp pc problems at home. Search in the forums gave me this site: , I tried to download from my cd and got a msg saying it is already installed on the xp pro and look under the heading accessories communications remote desktop connection, I did it but it is not listed. Services has help and Auto Connection - connection - management session in this moment I on manual, I started the services and their changed automatically, but it isn't always in my accessories.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Thank you N Syed, but I finally found a site that has responded to my question. Noted above, and it explains where and what file to find mstsc file and place it in the folder of the comm in VAC. However it gave me an error msg: specified file is not found. PAM handed the file system protected to system32 and instead, I created a shortcut on the desktop. and now, I'll check the link above.

Downloading and the ms support link is fine, but they do not explain where the file is located on your computer, it just says that it is loaded in your pc.

Appreciate your attempt anyway. Thank you and I am afraid that this question is closed.

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    I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and try to use the Office XP Pro system remotely. I am the admin on both boxes and I have all of the necessary credentials. It errors I wonder if there are some parameters in 7 that I'm missing. Any suggestions?

    Hi Caslon540. Here's something that might help you troubleshoot:

    Another thought, is that you will need to download a later version of connection desktop remotely (version 6.0 or later) so that XP can handle the incoming connection to Windows 7 that uses authentication NLA.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for posting,

    Gloria Boyer

  • using windows Remote Desktop connection 7 to vista

    I bought a laptop with windows 7 and I would like to know how I can remote control my Office Home premium windows vista in my laptop with windows 7.  I read that windows vista does not allow the conections using the remote desktop connection tool.

    is the different way to connect to my vista to windows 7, when I'm away from home?

    It can be done in certain versions of Vista, but not in all.  The ability is disabled by default.  Here's how to set it to the top and also explains in which versions it works:  Unfortunately, Home Premium is not included.

    Here is an article on how to use 3rd party free software to add Remote Desktop capablility to Home Premium:  Use it at your own risk.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Windows Remote Desktop connection

    Good day, the team

    Please, I have 2 computers, COM A [Windows 7] and COM B [Windows 8.1].

    I would like to have remote desktop connection Windows on both computers with the B COM is the controller and the COM has being the controlled.

    If please be informed that I went to the windows Web page, called their tech support and this seems to be my last will. My modem is AZTECH 1016 EN

    There are a few things missing in your message:

    • What flavor of Windows each machine work? Home Basic? Professional? Ultimate?
    • The two machines are connected to the same network?
    • You have a problem? If so, what is it?
    • You have a question?

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  • SE error message: the local policy of this system does not log in an interactive way, trying to access a remote desktop connection.

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    I get this error message when you try to access a remote desktop connection.  The local policy of this system does ot allows you to open an interactive session

    Hi CamilleHolt,

    1. were you able to use the before remote desktop connection?

    You can try the following steps and check if it helps.

    a. Click Start, point to settings and then click Control Panel.

    b. double-click System and select the remote settings and then click the Remote tab.

    c. click Select users, and then add the name of the user account

    d. click Add and then click OK.

    Note: Adding users to the remote desktop group requires that you are connected via an administrator account.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.

  • Remote Desktop connection between my Windows 7 and a new friends Windows 8.1

    Hello. My friend just got his first computer and is completely lost. She has absolutely no experience with a computer and a computerphobe of full tilt. We are 400 miles away and tried to help him by phone with little luck. To make things worse, I think that someone in which she rose to set his computer did not understand 8.1 either. I've been computing for a long time and have studied 8.1 and feel comfortable with it. But I never configured before remote connection and am unsure of certain things.

    First the operating environment:

    My computer: Inspiron 560 s under Windows 7 Home Premium.

    I'm on a home using Netgear network. I'm not using a wifi connection.

    His new computer: desktop HP Pavilion Slimline model 300-413 running Windows 8.1.

    I'm not sure of its network connections.

    Note: I use this to 8.1 as a guide (the link opens the guide for Windows 7...? But I use the guide for 8.1)...

    I think I can happen by steps 1.a. to 1.e. without any difficulty.

    Now the questions:

    1. in step 1.e.1. regarding 'Locations', I don't know what are the options it will present with or should I tell him to choose?

    2. to step 2.b. on the 'system', I know that she must see 'Computer name' and 'Working group', but I'm not sure what she's going to see in which area '? This does not appear on my version of Windows 7.

    3. If I can talk to him through this, she will be able to watch what I'm doing on his monitor?

    Please keep in mind that it is a perfect beginner so no instructions to its end should be as simple as possible, and I am new to 8.1 and uncertain as to what exactly she will see during the installation.

    She told me yesterday that she is so frustrated that she's almost ready to throw it all in the street and forget it. So any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    We can help you help questions.  Frankly McAafee exhale is a good thing IMHO.  I would never use it for multiple reasons

    It can remove using this program to uninstall McAfee and use Microsoft Security essentials

    McAffe often contributes to BSOD

    I remove and replace it with Microsoft Security Essentials

  • How can I return Windows on the desktop after the remote desktop connection is disconnected?


    When I connect to Windows from another computer with desktop connection remote, Windows will display connection, and when I disconnect it remains this way to the login screen.

    How do I log back as it was before I am connected remotely? Or how he stop going to the total login screen?

    Thank you


    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, I understand that when you connect to Windows from another computer with windows, remote desktop connection goes to the login screen and when you disconnect, he stayed at the login screen.

    I would like to inform you that it is by default technical, it will go to the login screen.

    If you have any additional questions regarding this issue, I suggest you to post your query on TechNet forum.

    The problem you are having is better suited in the TechNet forum, we have a dedicated team with advanced tools and permission to help with such issues.

    Please let us know if face you any problems with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • Remote Desktop connection options are not available

    Original title - Remote Desktop connection

    Im trying to use the remote desktop connection, but when I go to test to enable it, it won't give me the three options at the base that are:

    1 do not allow connections to this computer
    2 allow the connection of computers running any version of remote desktop
    3 allow that connect the computers running remote...
    Can someone help me please?

    Hi JuanLeiva


    1. which edition of windows vista is installed on the computer?
    2. where exactly you check for settings?

    3. have you successfully activated the remote desktop connection to use?


    I suggest to refer to the links below and try allowing the remote desktop connection, as a result, then check if the problem is resolved.


    I hope this helps.

  • Experts Question Remote Desktop connection...

    I'm looking for someone with a lot of experience with Windows Remote Desktop Connection to answer a basic question or two...
    I have a WireShark capture (one side unfortunately) which shows 880 MB sent from the client connection remote desktop, running on the host. but I have no capture WireShark volume package from the host of the IP address of the client. The capture is for a period extending over 32 hours. I wonder trying to determine (guestimate) the amount of data that would have been sent between the host and the client... I know it's a real question here; That's why I'm looking for someone with real experience of connection Office remotely.
    Given that if the volume of traffic from the client to the host is 880MBytes more than 32 hours; is it at all possible to guess how much would have been sent between the host and the client?
    Please be nice, it is important and this is all the information I have.
    Thank you!


    Welcome to the Microsoft Community forums.

    I suggest you to send your query using TechNet forum for this issue.

    Check out the link to post your query to the TechNet forums.

    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, we will be happy to help you.

  • Problem with the remote desktop connection.


    I have two computers on my network.  I'm trying to use the remote desktop connection to connect to each computer.

    Computer A allows me to edit or delete the credentials when I uncheck the box always "ask for credentials.  There are two sentences under the user name field.  The second sentence says "To use saved credentials, uncheck the following."

    Computer B I cannot edit or remove the credentials.  The checkbox is labeled "allow me to save credentials".  There is no ability to modify or delete credentials.

    When A computer using I am able to connect to computer B by using RDC.

    When using computer B I am unable to connect to the computer A using DRC.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Hi David,

    This question is more suited for a TechNet audience. I suggest you send the query to the Microsoft TechNet forum. Check out the link to do so:

    Please let us know if you have more queries on Windows.

  • Y at - it a Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection application for iPAD?

    I would like to know if there is an IPAD application for Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection for RDP'ing in Microsoft XP computers.

    Thank you

    Hi Mirza,

    Currently, there is an app for the iPad to Microsoft Remote Desktop connection. There are plenty of others on the Apple market, and I suggest to search for on iTunes Remote Desktop connection:
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    While trying to upgrade to remote desktop I get the following error message: Setup cannot update your Windows XP files because the language installed on your system is different from the update language. Now, that - what it means and how can I fix it? I have installed SP3

    Eivind Aakhus Hello,

    If you have the latest version of Office installed on your computer remotely, then you need to enable the Active X control.

    Follow these steps to activate the ActiveX module.

    a. open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button, and then click Internet Explorer.

    b. click Tools, point to manage add-ons and then click Enable or disable add-ons.

    c. in the list view, click to view all ActiveX, ActiveX controls downloaded controls.

    d. choose the one you want to activate, and then select Enable.

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    Hi guys,.

    I regularly connect to computer Windows 2003 Server R2 of various computers via remote desktop without problem. However, I just got a brand new computer running Windows 7 Edition Home Premium and for some odd reason I can't connect to the Windows Server 2003 by using Remote Desktop connection. I tried to disable the firewall on both computers with no positive results. My DRC telling me that it cannot connect.
    Can someone give any idea why this computer refuses to connect? Y at - it no service apart from the DRC services that should be running and can I get a list and try to restart their? Is it possible to re - install Remote Desktop connection? Maybe a download for windows 7 because I find only one for Windows Vista & XP.
    Thank you


    I suggest you to report this issue in support for Windows Server 2003 TechNet Forums:

    Thank you.

  • Networking Windows XP to Windows 7 OS via Remote Desktop Connection - it does not connect...

    I manage problems while he was trying to use my connection remote connection desktop wireless with Windows XP for my desktop computer that is connected to my router by an ethernet cable, and my office has Windows 7 operating system. It seems that the remote desktop connection cannot locate this PC BUT I can not enter all office files when I go to my network places that throws me a loop for.

    It is important that I am able to get on my desk that I just had surgery and will be in his bed for 4 to 8 weeks without rising...

    Any help, you can be one would appreciate a lot! Life is what you make if you can walk, talk, see or stand! "Disabled doesn't mean impossible" My 96 Ford Windstar Supercharged

    And I have another question, I apologize. When I tried to update my profile, I received a message; "Sorry, we're unable to process your request. Please try again later. "I tried the update a few weeks ago, but I got the same message - could - it be me, Firefox or is there a problem? Thanks again! Life is what you make if you can walk, talk, see or stand! "Disabled doesn't mean impossible" My 96 Ford Windstar Supercharged

  • Remote Desktop connection for XP Pro to a pc Windows 7

    I am trying to connect to a Windows 7 Pro pc using my Windows XP Pro computer.  I created the firewall for inbound and outbound rules to a specific port, set the port on the Terminal Server and upgraded the Remote Desktop Client in the XP box to 6.0.  However, I still can't connect to the Win7 pc unless I completely disable the firewall.  Could someone please give me a solution to this problem?

    Thank you


    The firewall blocks the traffic, you probably does not correctly configured the ports and its opening.

    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

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