Triggering of a task by using PFI on a Board of PCI-6221 (37-pin)

Hello everyone,

I need material triggered acquisition, use of the PCI-6221 (37-pin) card board. In LabView, I used the simple program (see attachment): in a data acquisition assistant, the start of the task is set to 7 PFI. However, to make a PFI7 pulse does not trig acquisition and I get timeout error.

When I test the same, but using the standard PCI - 6221 Council (i.e. 68 pins), everything works fine.

I have to do extra to PFI configuration when I use the Council 37 pins? (Note: the same PIN is assigned to the PFI7 and digital line P1.7).

Thank you.


P.S.: I use LabView 8.0, OR-DAQmx 8.7.1 and Windows XP Professional.

Problem was curious, but it is solved now:

-OR-DAQmx wasn't actually 8.7.1 8.0.0; I have updated (but it still didn't work)

-J' replaced the virtual channels by the corresponding physical channels; He began working

-J' replaced return physical virtual channels, and it works always :-)

It seems that there is a bug somewhere in OR-DAQ.


Tags: NI Hardware

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    Thank you.

    Hi capncane,

    The 6221 is not able to do an analog trigger so DAQmxCfgAnlgEdgeStartTrig will not work for your card. Is your relaxation a digital signal? If so what kind of logic level is? If it's TTL, you can use the PFI lines. If this isn't the case, you need to trigger as I mentioned in my previous post.

  • Need help on the use of the PCI-6221 and c# to control three digital Port and an analog of entry

    I need to send the digital output at three ports and then read an analog input voltage using the analog card PCI-6221.

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    1 million thanks!


    Hi Jin,

    To answer your questions, Yes, you are able to configure a task of digital output to use three output ports and PCI-6221 has a buffer of memory FIFO aboard 4095 samples.

    I would like to direct you to the example of NOR-DAQmx for c# files located in the following location on your computer

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    There is also a useful help file which you will find by navigating to Start > all programs > National Instruments > NOR-DAQ > help of NOR-DAQmx .NET Framework 2.0

    I hope that this answer is useful.

    Best regards

    Steve H

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    You have your task to acquisition of data configured for the mode differential or asymmetric acquisition for the analog input?

    I don't understand your comment about to connect the pins WITH a DC power supply.  Why is that you connect a DC power supply to the analog input?

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    Hi, I'm a mechanical engineering student is his last years, for my final project I do an inverse pendulum system, the University already offered me this data acquisition card which is a NI PCI-6221, and I have to get the other components (motor continuous, encoders, cables, servoamplificateurs, etc.).

    My concern is to choose the right encoder so I have no problem... I was told that the best way to measure the position of the carriage uses an absolute encoder mounted on the motor shaft and some incremental encoders for measurement of angles of clock, but I don't know if the 6221 can handle this kind of data to an absolute encoder, and if so, what are the main parameters for selection? as the format, the number of bits.

    In the case where it doesn't work I have to go with the option of incremental encoders for both measure the position of the carriage and the angle of the pendulum, I believe the 6221 can manage entries in quadrature encoders, there´re a lot of examples of this, but since models of incremental encoders are wide enough there´re some features that I worry about : frequency vs the sampling frequency response and the output type.

    I found a catalogue which includes two types of digital incremental encoders said their models have 300 KHz frequency response, being the only differences, the output and food, anyway the 6221 can handle this freq resp? sampling rate of the card being 250 kech. / s, would there be any conflict?

    They offer two types of output: TTL/74LS04 and line pilot, and even if I go further with the hohner encoders they have the following outputs/freq RESP: RS-422 (TTL compatible) / 300 KHz, push-pull differential/200 KHz, NPN Open Collector/100 KHz and push - pull without complementarity/200 KHz.

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    Thanks for your help


    Hello Ben

    I hope you are well.  The consensus is that it is possible.  Have you tried this yet?  If so, can you tell me what you have tried and how you made a lot of progress?  I recommend the following VI example: Cont Gen tension Wfm - Ext  Are you able to get all the functionality you are looking for this VI.  It was recommended that I'm showing you this.  We find this VI under help--> find examples and then material input output &--> DAQmx-->--> voltage analog generation.

    Please let me know how you are progressing and if you have need of all aspects of this example explained.  Thanks for choosing National instruments!


    Greg S.

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    If someone has encountered this problem, I would appreciate any information you may have to permanently remove the files/folders.

    Thank you


    Not a virus.  Trace program to Asia and Germany.  Version of rogue of an old Corel. DLL file.
    Has had a few days within the registry to track all change of name/alias and refill/change of name entries, but I finally beat him.

    Its very common in Europe.  Very surprised by Symantec and McAffee had nothing on this subject.

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