Try to find alternatives for my Walkman headphones

It seems that the model number of the earphones supplied with my Walkman is MDR-NWNC33. This is the noise canceling headphones with a mini plug with five surfaces of contact. When I do a search for this model number, I get no results.

The MDR-NWNC33 and MDR-NWNC20, both seem to support the built-in noise canceling feature of the new Walkman players.

Can someone please send a link to how these two models of headphones can be ordered with parts of Sony?

Thank you.


Hello Dryne,
The Atria you speak are Atria Japanese model not sold in the United States.

Here are the numbers of exact model of ear buds looking for
MDR - NWNC20->
MDR - NWNC33->

If you are looking for similar earbuds that are sold in the United States please consult the bulletin following MDR-NC13 anti-noise headphones: 1666308822

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