Try to get a wireless remote control to work with Flash presentation... Help!

I know almost nothing about Flash or Powerpoint.  They gave me a Flash presentation that I need I want to show at meetings using my wireless remote control, but I can't seem to move forward and backward between slides (works very well using the arrow keys on the keyboard to laptop - Windows XP Pro).  The remote works fine with Powerpoint presentations, so I don't know the remote is ok.  Is there some setting/order I have to run my Flash presentation with my remote, or do I need a special remote control?  I have already spoken to the remote support (Keyspan/TrippLite) and they were totally unknown wirh Flash and said simply that their device works with Powerpoint, as announced, which was true, but they could not help me with Flash presentations.  There, can someone help me?  Thank you very much!


Thanks a lot for all the help.  I see a lot of situations where I can use the functions available through the use of SharpKeys2 key mapping, as well as a few other programs I 'discovered' during my travels recent (KeyTweak + AutoHotKey).  Even better for my situation here, I just got a more advanced model Keyspan remote (PR-Pro3) what Flash handles submissions very well - I have no idea why - and nor their tech support, apparently.  Anyway, the PR - EZ1 will come back to Newegg and I'm fortunately wireless practice of my script for my Flash presentation - working remote in hand!  Take care.

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    The HP page says that XP drivers. Then you can try to use XP Mode, if you use Windows 7 teacher or company or buy a Windows 7 compatible scanner. "A programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP -

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    Close the light WLAN, you should see a window of irda receiver.
    The irda is necessary to receive signals from the remote control.

    If your F60 does not support this irda you can not use remote in this laptop.

    PS: you can not use any remote. You must use another compatible which can be bought at Toshiba ASP.

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    Yes. Your remote control has a switch on the bottom it is shoot immediately, or with a 2 second delay sets. I guess that yours will be set to position 2. It must be set to 0. Problem solved. Best regards, col.

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    Hello jjf23,

    To see if it solves the problem, follow these steps:

    1. "control Panel."

    2 system.

    3. "Device Manager."

    4 expand "controllers of Bus USB"

    5 right click on each of the items listed individually and select 'Properties' for each item. If there is a "power management" tab click on it. Make sure that the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power " unchecked.

    6 click on "OK" and "restart" your computer.

    If they are not already checked, simply reply with it.

    Thank you

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    Easy.  You must associate each ATV with one of the remotes.  Each ATV is not paired and will 'listen' to any distance.

    The trick is to cover before the other ATV when matching so the two do not listen.

    Silver or white remote control: pair or cancel the twinning of the Apple Remote with Apple TV (3rd generation or earlier)-Apple Support

    Siri remote control:

    Don't know what models you have the ATV, but the whole process is the same:

    1. choose a remote control and an ATV.  Cover the front of the another ATV.

    2. hold the remote control in 3 inch they recommend, pair it with appropriate above process.

    3. choose the other remote, unlock the first ATV and block that you just paired.

    4. hold the second remote control 3 inches from the second ATV and pair it with appropriate above process.

    5. release the first ATV and enjoy.

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    my remote was working initially. now it does not work in Qosmioplayer or WinMCE mode. The red light in the receiver when you press the remote control in order to do not a dead battery! any suggestions as to what was popular up


    Have you installed any other tools or utilities, or have you changed a few settings?
    As far as I know you need the infrared receiver only to control the MCE Win.
    The receiver is plugged into the USB port. Please check in Device Manager if the receiver is recognized. Also, check the cable of the infrared transmitter is also related.
    However, if you are working with the Qosmio player receiver should be removed from the unit.

    Moreover, in the user manual, you can find useful information about the remote control

    Best regards

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