Try to set a different "vision" for each folder in Windows Explorer - I have Window 7

I have Windows 7.  I'm putting each file in Windows Explorer to a specific view (for example 'list', 'Large icons', 'Détails', etc.) and I want that this point of view to apply to a single file, and I want this file to show in the view selected every time that I access.  And I want to be able to define different views for different folders.  But every time I have to change the view in a given folder, it keeps this view of every folder I open it.

I clicked on 'Tools', then 'Folder Options', but I don't see anything that helps.

How to set different views for each individual file?

Thank you very much!


G: Samhrutha

I'm a fool lol.  I realized that I had copied my entire "My Documents" folder by mistake in the 'Documents' library, rather than simply copy a shortcut in my 'Favorites' (which is what I intend to do).  And I had tried to change all my folders by accessing them through the library instead of via the location of origin in 'My Documents '.  And the library does not change the display of each specific case.  This is why the buttons 'Apply to folders' and 'Reset records' shady and would not allow me to push, because I was in the library.

In any case, it's all good now.  Now that I'm accessing the files from their original location in 'My Documents', it's to let me change the display of each individual file.

Thank you very much for your help.  Without you me through these steps, I would not have stumbled on the problem.

Thanks again!

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    Did you put the IP cameras as a destination / local IP?
    If this is not the case, do.

    Aside from that, the best would be to contact the manufacturer of your router for assistance with how to correctly forward ports to your camera.

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  • Windows 7 - enable the display settings for each folder: folder options, "save the display settings for each folder".


    Any one out there know how to activate the display settings for each folder in WINDOWS 7?

    I'm especially interested in adjusting the size and the location on my screen.  A few days earlier, before moving to Windows 7: I could open a file, place and size where I wanted, and when I opened it again, presto!, even spot and size.

    I've seen several posts of users seeking to turn this feature off.  I'm looking forward in opposition.   I would like to than windows "remember each folder view settings.  This particular configuration seems to no longer be available in Windows 7, screenshot attached:

    Thank you for your time and your interest.

    Best regards


    Have you tried the solution here:

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    <> >



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    ERR = DAQmxReadAnalogF64 (taskH, 5, 10.0, DAQmx_Val_GroupByChannel, val, 10, & read, 0);
    DAQmxClearTask (taskH);

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    I finally understand it.

    This is my code:

       public static class TreeCallback implements TreeFieldCallback {
            // The "drawTreeItem" method is invoked
            // when a treefield item requires painting.
            public void drawTreeItem(TreeField tree, Graphics g, int node, int y,
                    int width, int indent) {
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                String text = (String) tree.getCookie(node);
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                    b = Bitmap.getBitmapResource("your_first_bitmap");
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                    g.drawBitmap(indent + 15, y, b.getWidth() + 5, b.getHeight(),
                            b, 0, 0);
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                    g.drawText(text, indent + b.getWidth() + 20, y + 15);
                    g.drawBitmap(indent + 15, y, b.getWidth() + 5, b.getHeight(),
                            b, 0, 0);
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    The slideshow widget is specialized to create slideshows of the image. The widget of composition is a much more flexible widget which allows any combination of images and text in the trigger containers or containers of target of the widget. A widget of composition could be used to create a slide show with several legends by image and/or legends of different places for each image. The disadvantage of the widget of composition is that, due to the nature flexible widget, very little is automated for you and so it is much more intensive work to create a slideshow of images using the widget of composition.

    Thank you


  • Web Gallery - different caption for each photo - broken?

    It's something I've done successfully with versions before LR2.5 but for some reason that I cannot now create different captions for each photo.  The help page in line said: "to display a different caption or title for each photo, click on the menu of settings customized to the right of title or a legend and choose Edit. In the patterns of text editor that appears, insert the IPTC title or caption metadata element, and then click Done. »

    This does not happen.  If I create a title for the first photo, it appears for all others.  If I change the caption for the second picture, everything changes, including the first caption of the photo.  Is this a new bug, or am I just missing something?

    I can always change the HTML gallery, but it is not an elegant solution, to say the least.

    Help appreciated.


    Enter the title or caption in the library, in the metadata Panel. And select the items in the grid. The titles that you change apply to the web gallery, not the individual photos.

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    Bruno1798 wrote:
    Sorry, don't really understand what you mean. I have 2 different accounts of O2. We have blackberry included in the service, so that the other is for the use of the lamp, so I have to pay for the blackberry section I use - it is the latter that I need to set up two different accounts.

    You will need the data Plan for BlackBerry on two accounts, including the one you want to use "light".

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    In the metadata Panel in the library Module

    Click on each image individually.

    Fill the field caption for this photo.

    Repeat until all these photographs were legendary.

    (Note If you have selected all selected or more than one and you are in the library grid view, all of them will receive the same legend.) This may have been what happened to you.)

    Set your text overlay in the slideshow Module to display

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    When all the subsequences (tests) is selected to be executed by the operator (as "Run selected Tests" and not as a part of "USE Test") I have to save the test report to its specific subdirectory in the reports directory. To do this, I created a variable in StationGlobals, which contains the name of the sub directory and is changed in the configuration section for each subsequence (test), according to the name of the test.

    I am trying to use the following expression as a path to the report file in Report Options:

    "StationGlobals.ReportsDirectory+"\\SN_\\"+StationGlobals.TestSubDirectory+"\\SN_[] []."

    The problem is that the path of the report expression is read before execution of the selected step starts (and the StationGlobals.TestSubDirectory is changed), this is why the report is always saved in the subdirectory of the previously executed test. Any change in the StationGlobals.TestSubDirectory made by the subsequence running will be 'seen' in the next run of one of the subsequences.

    I tried also to change the reports using the ReportOptions Callabck directory, but the same problem stop there as well (is executed before the subsequence selected, changing the StationGlobals, TestSubDirectory to the value of specific test).

    How can I get the name of the subsequence selected for execution in order to build a custom report for this subsequence directory/path?

    Other means will be appreciated as well.


    I solved the problem using my custom LabVIEW interface:

    When the report is displayed in the status display window, I send it to a printer. At this point, I read the value of the global variable Station (from TS), which contains the name of the directory in which the report should be saved (this variable has been already changed by the executed subsequence). Then I change the path to the PDF printer, depending on the value of the global of the Station, so that the report PDF file is placed in the correct directory.

  • Can I set a different password for my online account, by email and on the linked account PC.


    I think that it is on the windows system's huge security breach 8.

    I have 3 PC and all of them use the same password (password of account).

    My email is also using the same password too.

    If I want to buy items in the store windows, I need to use the same password again.

    Therefore, I don't want to make purchases of the Windows application because it is not secure.

    It is because if your computer gets hacked or something, the hacker is able to get all your information of all accounts linked to your on-line account (e.g., facebook, e-mail) and all your live account Details payments. They can also delete your account if the computer is a reliable PC.

    I hope that Microsoft is able to allow people to use different password for different purposes.



    Windows Store purchases

    Each Windows PC

    Manage the Live account

    I like the concept for windows 8, but I think they still have room to improve. So, I hope to contribute.
    If windows 8 store is safe to use, the store will work very well in the future.

    Kind regards


    Hi Simon,.

    Thanks for the post and comments about Microsoft Community.
    I look you would like to know if you can use a different password for your online accounts and emails and on the computers.
    I would suggest that you can use different password for the same account on different computers. You must use the same password to buy anything on Windows Store. Windows Store is a secure store you can go ahead and make purchases from there.
    See the link given here for assistance:
    Tips for creating the passwords and strong passwords
    Protect your PC:
    My account has been hacked:
    Note: The link also applies to all Microsoft account.
    Feel free to write us if you have problems to Microsoft Windows.
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    To display a different caption or title for each photo, click on the menu of settings customized to the right of title or a legend and choose Edit. In the model text editor that appears, insert the piece of metadata, IPTC title or caption, and click done.

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    I have to select the image in a different way, I've already tried?

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