Try to set / change the password BIOS admin via the script WMI on ThinkStation D20

Hello Lenovo Community!

Start using the WMI Lenovo_SetBiosSetting class on a D20 system.

If I understand the documentation that there is a limitation on the BIOS password in the past, but I updated to the latest BIOS Rev who support States was added for this feature.

I use a script that changes the supervisor on computers password successfully thinkpad, but when even to run the script from command line on the D20 system it returns "SUCCESS" however to change the password did not effect!

I'm using the right parameters are the standard of lenovo

' pap, oldpass newpass, ascii, we.

I thought maybe "pap" is not the correct setting for password Admin on the D20, however the WMI available, posted 2010 guide, does not show otherwise.

Someone at - it an example script that they can display successfully change the password on a D20 system?

Please and thx!


Did you run the SaveSetting script after changing the password?

You can get the SaveSetting script from the sample scripts D20 located at the following link:

You can use the script SetAdminPassword from the library of scripts of series E, then a follow-up that with something like what follows before restarting:

"cscript SaveSetting.vbs" originalpwd, ascii, we.

Replace 'originalpwd' with all what your existing password was at the time wherever you booted the system.

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    function itemUsable (arr, item) {}

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    try {}

    arr [point];

    usable = true;

    } catch (e) {}

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    usable back;



    The code point is around the issue of the Illustrator to throw errors when accessing properties that do not always exist.  Connected ESTK the try/catch statement intercepts the error "No such item" and then sets the function returns false.

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    Thank you



    Try this,

    var mySelection = app.selection[0];
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    Hi Harvey.

    I guess that's what you expect below,


    var link, image, image;

    var openDocs = app.documents.

    var openDocsLen = openDocs.length;

    for (var d = 0; d)< opendocslen;="" d="">

    currDoc = openDocs [d],

    Links = currDoc.links,.

    counter = 0;

    for (var i = links.length - 1; I > = 0; i--) {}

    If (links [i] .status == LinkStatus.LINK_MISSING) {}

    try {}

    link = links [i];

    image = link.parent;

    Frame = image.parent;

    Frame.Remove ();

    counter ++;


    {} catch (err)

    $.writeln (i + "-" + err);






    Please add extra code to save the document if you need



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