Try to update the graphics driver for Satellite C660-1LD

Hi all

So I'm trying to update my graphics driver on a satellite C660 1LD, and I'm going nowhere quickly.

The current driver I have is version
Site Web from Toshiba offers the version which I'm inclined to believe this is an older than my current version?

I tried downloading the new version on the Intel site but it does not work either and I can't really figure out what the new version of the site. Can anyone offer advice on how to achieve this?

The trouble is that I've lived this process for more than a year to fix a bug on civilization 5. I remember that it is a bit of a headache then. The most annoying is that I don't remember the process that I had to pass by to do. DOH!

Thanks in advance



In General, you should only use the drivers from Toshiba. Why? The drivers offered on the Toshiba support page are tested and adapted to work with the s portable equipment. Of course, you can use the GPU manufacturers support page drivers, but you should know that most recent drivers will increase performance GPU. More performance means more heat and also some risk for material.

Result can be suddenly stopped downs or even damage the hardware.
In any case, I hope that you are satisfied with the performance of the GPU with your latest driver so I don't understand why you want to update the current version. Be happy that everything works well with this version of driver is not supported.

In any case, I m you know that everything you do is at your own risk you can do with your computer laptop all you want. I found an interesting article that can help you.
Check it out please -

Good luck

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    It is the site of Intel Web here:

    I can not use connect an external display to the superior to 1184 x 666: after many conversations with Sony on the phone, it seems that this driver is supposed to solve my problems, but it's still not available via the updates from Sony.

    What is the deadline for this driver?

    In addition, if there is an alternative solution, I would be very happy to know!

    Hi dcmdtna,

    We do not have time for these updates. We are more than happy to send your comments to the appropriate Department. We place a very high value on feedback from our customers because it allows us to continue to improve. Alternatively, you can try to download the update from this link. I can't guarantee that it works. If this does not resolve the problem, we can always return the computer to its default settings. Just a quick note, please do backup all the files first and possible please create recovery disks for your unit before update you the driver using the download link. I hope this helps!  Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

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    This update has screwed up the system. Auto brightness doesn't work anymore. The brightness keys don't do anything. I reinstalled bootcamp on a fresh drive to isolate this problem.

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    Delete Windows, re - install, create a Windows system restore point, disable all updates Intel GPU and then apply the updates and test.

  • Question on the most recent version of the graphics driver for Satellite a series


    Probably, I'm not the first and the last who will ask: he is going to be any discount for display drivers, because who can be found on the driver-Toshiba homepage are v8.4.0.0 form 2006 :( For example: Far Cry (1 not 2).

    Nearly 2/3 of the landscape is black (when I say black, a BLACK of average). And that's not all. TimeShift would not start at all (Yes, I know that the card won't support graphics, but I played matches with much better graphics on my PC at home (with a GeForce 5200 128 MB).

    Well that was just a demo.
    Have no idea what a "nice" surprise it would be if someone gives a $ 40-50 for a game and learns that he cannot play because of the drivers.

    Just tried some 3D animation programs trail... Well, the only problem :-/
    Another program has me in a straight line - pilots not up to date.
    Update drivers will fix most of the graphic problems etc...

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    What Satellite model dou you have?

    As Akuma has said, you can try the drivers updated the drivers who are not Toshiba. But with these drivers, you can get more problems as today.

    As far as I know that games need a lot of power and a laptop satellite was made for computer games. The Qosimo series is ideal for playing games.
    If you want to play games on your laptop satellite, do not define quality settings in the game. It works best when you play with settings below.

  • Updating the graphics driver for HP Pavilion DV6 - 2157wm

    Hello world!

    I'm new to this community and I really need help guys. I need a driver for my laptop DV6-2157wm updated. His having intel hd graphics integrated in the laptop and the site of hp, the pilot is always 2009. No new update driver has been provided by HP. That the devil they do? Why are they not updating the driver? No indication of this problem will be really appreciated of you guys

    Thank you


    Download the drivers from the website of intel. you do a manual update which worked very well on my dv6-2150us, and I now have the 12/01/2012 drivers from intel.

    1 save the disk does not open for installation during the d/l process.

    2. open and decompress the files to the folder.

    3. via the devices pane control manager you'll select the graphics card.

    4. open the properties of the graphics card.

    5. Select the driver tab.

    6. Select Update driver.

    7. Select Browse my computer for driver

    8. Select let me pick from a list of drivers for devices on my computer.

    9. select disk, and then find the folder where you unpacked new pilots and selection of a folder named graphics.

    10. Select the igdlh64.inf file and off you go for new pilots being installed. Good luck, it works.

    HP Pavilion


    Intel core i3 - 330 m, trying to switch to i7-820qm if I do work 8)

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    * Congratulations are greeted with joy! *

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    Have you tried to install the Intel HD graphics driver in Device Manager?
    It works for you.

    You must download a zip package.
    Then, unzip the folder and choose the installation advanced driver in Device Manager.
    This allows you to choose the folder (unzipped) driver and the system would take the driver automatically.

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    Hi, can someone tell me how to upgrade graphic Drver on my HP PAVILION 14N201TX

    I use windows 8 64 Bit Enterprise edition

    Hi amol_hp,


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    I installed a 300w power supply and a 9800gt low profile with PIN 6 connected.  My computer does not read or use it. If it is connected directly the rest monitor orange and shows no display. Is is possible to upgrade this slimline for games?

    Hi wb2001,

    Thank you for your useful tips

    I use is: which has a connector 6 pin. I don't understand power outputs very well so I'm not sure about the requirements of 12V. I use a giant fan to cool my computer and it keeps the temperatures low.

    This power supply 400w would work? The idea to upgrade thinness comes from this forum with those who have had good results, but honestly I don't understand half of it :

    I am on a budget and would sincerely like to experience some of the newest games out there, so I'm very grateful for your help!

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    Anyone know why this message appears if I worked well?

    Thank you

    The message appeared when I was making the project.5070-2.png

    This means what it says - you are out of memory, even if only temporarily. Most likely the tesselation was too or things like samples of your memory exhaustion motion blur. If it worked regardless of the message, that I would not make too much of it...


  • Portege M300 - update the graphics driver


    I have starteg get random crashes while trying to open Word documents and others.

    The Microsoft Online Crash Analysis tells me that I should update my graphics driver. It is an Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller and Intel homepage shows updates available. Intel also alert you that some manufacturers to customize this driver, so before chack updated.

    There is no update driver doesn't appear on the Tosh site.

    Question: Is it safe to update on the Intel site?

    Thank you, Richard

    Well, I checked the site Toshiba driver and the graphic driver for M300 was published on 28/01/05. The version was 6.14.103937.

    I read many comments here in the forum on the graphics drivers and it seems that generally it s advisable to use the graphics drivers from Toshiba but I think you can also try installing the Intel graphics driver.

  • Former need graphics driver for Satellite L650 Win7 64 bit


    I'm looking for a version of the graphics driver for my machine odler. The current on causing havoc in one of my CAD applications. I am currently runnign with material support that is sloooooowwwwwww... Any ideas where I can download a former?

    Also, I can't find where to change the graphics memory allocation. Can someone tell me where I could do this?

    See you soon

    Is this the same issue as described under

    I mean why there are two identical topics?

    In any case, you need laptop with factory settings, preinstalled original Win7 64 bit? What graphics card has your laptop? ATI or Intel? What version is older than the version preinstalled on your laptop via Satellite?
    Your model of laptop is more recent and all the drivers, that you got in the recovery image are essentially the same as drivers on the Toshiba download page. So I think t is old version proposed by Toshiba.
    For example, if you have the graphics card Intel initially we version, the same as on the download page.
    Can you confirm this?

  • I've updated the Mac driver for the 8600 and direct wireless printing is no longer works. V5.9.1

    I've updated the Mac driver for the 8600 and direct wireless printing is no longer works. The HP utility is v5.9.1, Mac OS x 10.7. I did the software update and a new driver HP was part of the package. HP ePrint still works, and print tests are okay for General network settings are intact. None of the applications that use the print dialogue box standard and local networking make it through the print queue. Any tips? Any way to roll back a driver version? Or quickly get the next revision and hope printing works again? Thank you.

    Update: OSX-specific Version is 10.7.5, model of the printer is HP OfficeJet 8600. See you soon.


    Try to reboot the router and check if that can help you.

    After connecting the back of the router, wait 30-60 seconds and restart the printer and Mac.

    If it persists, try resettign the system as follows:

    * Be aware that reset the printer system will eliminate any existing queue and reset all custom settings driver.

    Click on the Apple menu and then click on System Preferences.
    Select Print & Scan.
    Right click (or Ctrl + click) your product with the Printers list in the left panel and then click on reset printing system.
    Click OK to confirm the reset.
    Type your user name and password.
    Click OK. The printing system resets.

    Now reconfigure the device by following the HP (under Utilities Applications\hewlett-Packard\Device) installation wizard.

    Please let me know if this can help,


  • Question on the infrared driver for Satellite Pro U400 - 12 p

    I downloaded the infrared driver for Satellite Pro U400 - 12 p
    When I run the Setup, I get an error that says "the installation of the windows package file is not complete" or something like that.

    Anyway, he said that the Setup file is in ruins. Tried downloading it several times.

    Hope I have posted this question in the right forum.
    Thanks for help.

    When you download the driver to extract it to a folder created on your desktop. From there start the setup.exe file. It should work.
    Have you done the same?

  • Satellite U300-14 b: can I use the graphics driver for the Intel page?

    My Satellite U300-14 b (VIsta 32 bit Home Premium, 2 GB) has a 'Mobile GM945 Express Chipset Intel'. Download from Toshiba site, says I've got the latest driver, namely dated 04/25/07.

    The Intel site lists their latest driver such as in date dated 11/12/07.

    I want to try the latest version of the driver to help solve a problem of occasional crash / restart when Vista wakes from sleep. I am told that the graphics drivers are often to blame and should therefore be updated.

    Can I safely updated with version 11/12/07, or I risk of problems? Not sure if Toshiba are just slow to release the updated driver, or if there is a better reason that they did not?

    Well, usually you can use the graphic driver directly from Intel page but I found several threads here in the forum that said that the chart non-Toshiba drivers can be installed and used only at your own risk

    > want to try the latest version of the driver to help solve a problem of occasional crash / restart when Vista wakes from sleep
    Hmm perhaps this problem could be related to the graphics driver, but I recommend you to update to Vista and install all THE patches for Vista.

    Best regards

  • Satellite Pro A120: I have problems with the installation of the graphics driver for W2k

    I installed windows 2000 on an A120, the system is fully packed and service updated before I even start to install the necessary drivers, I am unable to restart the system. I once, install as recommended drivers that I have problems with the graphics driver because it will not be installed because it requires a reboot and then I can't install new programs that require a restart that the driver has not been installed correctly.

    The laptop is a Pro A120, age of 1 week and came with XP home, because of this toshiba will not offer me support I changed the o/s even though they obviously support 2000 on this laptop, because they provide the drivers.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    Did you use and install the drivers from the Toshiba driver page right?
    The drivers of Toshiba W2k for Satellite Pro A120 have been published and are ready!

    But please pay attention to the Toshiba drivers.
    There are two different sets of Satellite Pro A120, with different drivers W2k!
    After choosing the good laptop and download the drivers please follow the proper installation order that is indicated in the document "installation instructions"! Check it!

    I think that if you follow this guide line everything works and runs correctly. Good luck

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