Trying to connect a computer to the lan port Aiport Express "auto assigned IP address"

I am trying to connect a computer to the lan on my Airport Express port. In preferences, it says "status: connected, Ethernet has an assigned IP address and won't be able to connect to the internet." Any suggestions?


An "auto assigned" IP address indicates that your computer could not find or negotiate with a DHCP server to obtain an IP address appropriate for network access.

It should be more on your network to provide assistance if you need it. For example, is the terminal of AirPort Express the only router in the current configuration of your network? What exact model do? What is the brand and model of your modem Internet?

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    You are probably connected through the bad device.  You must have a wireless to laptop (?).  If so,.

    Control Panel

    Network and Internet

    Network Sharing Center

    Change the settings for the adapter.

    Make sure that the network adapter to use is selected

    Right-click on it and select Connect

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    Well, I know that the issue is long-term... believe me, it's a long, but as they say, the devil is in the details. Anywho, the question is, my grandfather has a HP laptop, which for two years has been able to run through a Linksys switch to his router and connect its printers to his laptop. About two months ago it suddenly doesn't work like that. Now, it works fine if it plugs directly into the router/Ethernet. My uncle suggested that the switch was bad, but after testing the same port, cable and all, the switch worked well for him. ' GRAMPS really needs this answered, but someone else, it is called can not understand and now I, in turn, ask you all for what you can offer. Here are the ideas that we have already discredited.

    -Switch bad: as above, is that this particular laptop, even under identical conditions, the works of my uncle very well.
    -Bad NIC: debunked through the fact we connected to the computer directly to the router and it worked fine.
    -Bad configuration of the firewall: we have disabled the firewall (please do not notice, he wasn't the smartest idea, we already know) and even if she recorded the switch exists, the internet is always triggered when you are connected with the switch.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can provide and Merry Christmas to you all.

    It would be useful to consult the results of the ipconfig/all command both when it is connected to the switch and when it is connected directly to the router.  In addition, what is the model of the switch?

    To save the manual copy and the new hits of the ipconfig/all command output-

    First connect through switch.
    Open a command prompt window (start > run > cmd > OK)
    Type the following lines in the black command prompt window and press ENTER after each line

    echo "Connected via the button" > "% UserProfile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt".
    ipconfig/all > "% UserProfile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt".

    Now connect directly to the router, type the following lines in the command prompt window and press ENTER after each line

    echo "Connected to the router" > "% UserProfile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt".
    ipconfig/all > "% UserProfile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt".
    Notepad '% UserProfile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt '.

    Copy the contents of the Notepad window in your response (if you use the laptop when it is connected directly to the router) or close the Notepad window, and then copy ipinfo.txt of the laptop to the Gramps in a USB FlashDrive you can connect to any computer allows you to answer.

    You can delete ipinfo.txt on the desktop when you are finished.

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    • Are you referring to Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) Service?
    • What happens when you start the automatic Wireless Configuration Service?
    • You receive an error message?
    If you experience problems with the wireless network, reconfigure the Automatic Configuration Wireless for all wireless profiles automatically, click the fix this toolfrom the link below.
    Click run in the file download dialog box, and then follow the steps in this wizard.
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    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    I see that when you connect multiple computers using the Netgear router, it does not recognize the signal from the modem.

    You must contact the ISP to verify if they can help you with this question.

    In addition you can keep these items handy, it might help you.

    Set up a wireless router

    Install or remove a modem

    Change modem settings

    It will be useful.

    If you need help with Windows, let know us and we will be happy to help you.

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    It is unfortunate that Adobe has chosen to use the "update" in the notice inside LR 5. It is not an "update". It is an 'upgrade '. Thus, you pay if you want. Also as usual, Adobe directs clients to the CC solution and makes it hard to find perpetual license option.

  • WRT54GP2 cascade successfully, but VOIP does not work via the LAN port


    I searched a lot for a solution to my problem, but have found that it is really above my level of understanding. My apologies if this question has been answered before – if she, I can not find or understand.

    I have an existing wired network that is running on a Netgear WPN824v2. This configuration works perfectly.

    I want to add a Linksys WRT54GP2 to this network to act as a Wi - Fi hotspot and the VOIP connection point. I don't want to replace the Netgear with the Linksys, I want the different VOIP in a physical location access point. I would therefore like to them so cascading: Internet-> modem->-> Linksys Netgear. I do not want to bind the Netgear and Linksys Wireless, but instead, use a cable.

    I actually had this works almost perfectly, using the following parameters:

    NETGEAR IP with wireless off

    Linksys IP with disabled DHCP, active wireless.

    In this way, the Internet works, I can open a session the two routers and wireless of Linksys works very well.

    The problem is that VOIP will not work. I think it is because the connection between the two routers is: port LAN Netgear-> port of Linksys LAN.

    I understand VOIP tries to go through the Linksys WAN port, not the LAN port. If I connect LAN Netgear port-> Linksys WAN port, the phone works indeed but I can no longer connect to the Linksys, wireless router and unable to connect more.

    I would like to VOIP and the wireless work at the same time. Is there a way to get the VOIP by the Linksys LAN port instead of the WAN port? Or is there a way to make wireless and router connection work, if the Linksys is connected to the Netgear via its WAN port?

    Thanks in advance!


    When you wired your VOIP phone directly to the Netgear router you can in fact calls?

    If your Netgear router connect to the Linksys router to the WAN port, it will not work. As you already disable DHCP on your Linksys router and you will not have access to your Linksys router. This type of configuration has some other parameters.

    Connect the Netgear router to router Linksys on the WAN Port, then connect your computer to the router on the LAN Port Linksys. To connect to the Linksys router using default IP: and change the LAN IP of the router Linksys and DHCP must be activate and click on save settings. Once the parameters are now save your network power cycle and all your computers should be able to go online.

  • WRT54GL cannot transmit from inside the LAN port?


    I have a Server servers running several (HTTP, SVN, FTP,...) inside my network.

    I used to have a SMC router in the past, and of course I had to use port forwarding.

    This is why I realized that when we "talk" to the server, I can 'talk' to the router that will forward requests to the right compurer, based on the NAT table. If, for example, that if I move the SVN server, I don't have to change the path to the repository, change the NAT entry is OK in this case.

    If this is not understandable, here 's another report.

    However, I discovered that even if my new WRT54GL seems to be much more advanced, it cannot do this. Requests made to the router from within the local network are not transferred to the right place.

    Is there a way to accomplish what we need, or at least a road map? It's sad that the SMC products otherwise is not very reliable can do...

    Kind regards


    Well, I have it solved.

    I tried to convey the SVN, HTTP, FTP, and SSH.

    However, it was not working when the server IP assigned by DHCP.

    When I set up (the server within the LAN) to use the static IP address, not only that port forwarding began to make sense, but I have seen web pages by typing my public IP address in the browser on a computer inside the LAN.

    What surprised me, is that it only worked when the server had assigned auto private IP address. I know that these addresses change so it would not very long work, but it did not work even before that t has changed...

  • Satellite U200 - cannot get the LAN port to work


    I hope someone can help. I reloaded a new version of windows on my laptop, I don't have the recovery disk but downloaded all the drivers from this site. However, I can not the LAN port to work. I tried several times to install the driver but no luck. In the Device Manager, it says device cannot start for the Intel 82559 fast Ethernet LAN on motherboard.

    Can someone please offer some advice? I am a person of correct PC then understand the concepts and can get around the windows.
    Thank you

    Satellite U200 what model do you have? The number of other Sat U200-xxx would be very useful to know which LAN chip was equipped with your laptop.

    But generally, you can find all the drivers on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Check the model number and serial (bottom) and choose the correct LAn driver Toshiba page.

    Notes; Win XP should be updated to the last State. I mean that you need SP2 and the additional fixes to ensure that everything would be fine.

    Good luck

  • Equium M50 will not recognize the LAN port - error: disconnected network cable

    I own a Toshiba Equium M50 and have problems with the Marvell Yukon 88E8036 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller.

    I used to connect through a Modem/DSL switch "ADDON" and had no problems. I then replaced the ADDON with an ADSL Modem/Router "NETGEAR" DG834G to win the wireless port, and since that time my machine won't recognise the LAN port. .

    I know that cables are OK I used with other phones and had no problems. I can also plug a PCI card to connect without any problems. It seems to me that if the Marvell Yukon 88E8036 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller has a problem with the netgear Modem/Router.

    Anyone out there with a similar experience and some tips/suggestions?



    For me this doesn't show t as a problem of LAN card but your router is a problem.
    Check Device Manager if the network card is correctly recognized. If there is no yellow exclamation point, so all is ok!
    You can try to remove the network adapter from Device Manager and reboot after new install driver LAN again.

    The question has looked after installing or connecting the new Netgear modem router.
    I would recommend to check first the settings or update the firmware on this router.

    I found more useful websites

  • Ethernet has an auto assigned ip address and cannot connect to internet

    In my ethernet network settings it says "Ethernet has an auto assigned IP address and won't be able to connect to Internet." even though it says its connected.

    End 2014 27 "iMac 27 inch Retina 5 K, processor i5 3.5 GHz, 24 GB of memory, AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2048 MB

    Just upgraded memory 16 GB with Corsair Memory

    Go to System/Network Preferences and access your active account (ethernet or wifi).

    On the scale of the location at the top of the screen, choose a new location.

    Go through the short checklist and make it active.

    Who should receive your active internet connection again.

  • tried to connect my computer vaio laptop to my home theatre with a HDMI cable and get great picture on the tv

    Tried to connect my laptop vaio to my home theatre with a HDMI cable to run the windows media player music I get beautiful picture but no sound through home theater just the laptop itself... How do I get sound through home theater too?   It is model # SVE151190X

    Hi woodsman0692,

    To get sound from the HDMI, please activate in sound property.  To do this, press Windows + Q.  That will raise to SEARCH and type in the PANEL.  When Control Panel opens, select SOUND.  When sound property is displayed, right click on AVAMP and on the left, click on SET AS DEFAULT(pic below).  This noise turn sound via HDMI / av receiver system.

    (with plugged hdmi cable)

    (without the hdmi cable connected)


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