Trying to pass information to an editable field

Good day everyone.

Here's my problem:

I want to retrieve data from a search window and pass on an editable field, while maintaining it's editable property.
The following expression (essays) removes the editable property, even if the field is not marked read-only:

#{(not empty sessionScope.projectReturn)? 'constant'}

I tried to find the expression of default inputValue (#{}) where it was empty, with the following expression:

#{(not empty sessionScope.projectReturn)?}

This gives only a field read-only with nothing inside. Is it possible to make editable all receive a value from the pop-up?

Thanks in advance,


To solve the problem with the required fields, you must use subform in the popup (to avoid the can initiating the full publication of the entry field - he must refresh only and not repost). Please note that subforms in TP4 prescheduled some questions and problems (search forums here). And, also, that you must use partialSubmit on can in order to use the subform.

Kind regards


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    I'm new to BB10 apps development and its environment.

    I use the latest IDE with 10.3 SDK in cascade mode.

    I want to pass information to main.qml to another qml file.

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    I have the second page that opens when a file is chosen by a filepicker.

    onFileSelected: {
                  selectedFile = selectedFiles[0]
                  var myPage = pageDefinition.createObject()

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    Thank you!


    onFileSelected: {
                  selectedFile = selectedFiles[0]
                  var myPage = pageDefinition.createObject()              myPage.fs = selectedFile; // new line

    second page is attachedobjects as:

    attachedObjects: [
        ComponentDefinition {
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            source: Page{            id: secondPage            property alias fs: fileinfo.text  // create an alias            Container{                 Label{                     id: fileinfo                     //this field will be populated width the name after you                     //create and push the new page onto your nav                     text: ""                  }            }        }
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    I have searched and tried many things, but not got success.

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    = new VerticalFieldManager(Manager.USE_ALL_WIDTH |) Manager.USE_ALL_HEIGHT | Manager.NO_VERTICAL_SCROLL) {}

    protected voidpaint (Graphics grphcs) {}

    if (imgBG! = null) {

    grphcs.drawBitmap (0, 0,

    imgBG.getWidth (), imgBG.getHeight (), imgBG, 0, 0);


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    if (imgBGCoverInternetHome! = null) {

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    maxWidth = UIConstants.


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    imgBGCoverInternetHome.getHeight () - imgButtonFocusBig.getHeight (/2/*UIConstants.SCREEN_HEIGHT - (UIConstants.LABEL_HEIGHT + (UIConstants.FOOTER_MENU_HEIGHT + VERTICAL_GAP))) * /;

    Super.sublayout (maxWidth, maxHeight);

    Super.setExtent (maxWidth, maxHeight);



    I'm addidng all fields in the Manager of scrolling that is vfmScroll.

    By clicking on the edit field, virtual keyboard opens on the screen, change the field leathers and screen does not scroll.

    Help, please.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for the reply of Peter. Instead of UIConstants.SCREEN_HEIGHT, now I use Display.getHeight () - headerHeight-footerHeight. Given that Display.getHeight () is calculated accordingly when the virtual keyboard is open, so his works well for me.

  • Get the text in the Edit field


    In my Application, I add a check box and a label field and a field change a grid field Manager. Then this network domain manager, I add several times in Vertical field Manager. So it's looking like list of items. Now, when I checked the box five, trying to get the text of the corresponding edit field.

    This is the code for the domain network manager:

    int c[] = {screenWidth/6, (screenWidth)/3, (screenWidth)/2};
            gm = new GridFieldManager(c, Manager.VERTICAL_SCROLL);
            Logger.out("Grocery", "Here it is coming"+i);
            cbfChecked = new CustomCheckBoxField();
            cbfChecked.setChangeListener(new FieldChangeListener()
                public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context)
                    if(checked[i] == false)
                        checked[i] = true;
                    else if(checked[i] ==  true)
                        checked[i] = false;
                        Logger.out("Grocery", "It is UnChecked" +checked[i]);
            Logger.out("Grocery", "Adding first Label Field");
            LabelFieldCustom lfFrom = new LabelFieldCustom((String) m_vtrItems.elementAt(i),Color.BROWN,FONT_FAMILY_0_SF_AS_16,Field.FIELD_LEFT);
            Logger.out("Grocery", "Adding second Label Field");
            efcAmount = new EditFieldCustom(Bitmap.getBitmapResource("dob_text_box.png"), 25);
            efcAmount.setMargin(new XYEdges(30, 0, 0, 0));
            return gm;

    Here I add the grid domain manager several times:

    for (int i = 0;i < m_vtrItems.size();i++)
                vfm.add(new SeparatorField(SeparatorField.NON_FOCUSABLE));

    Here is the snapshot of my screen:

    Please help me.

    You can access the field by index (prone to errors if).
    or you could save your fields in a data structure, such as a hash table, with the checkboxfield as key to the editfield as value.

  • How can I send a document by e-mail in PDF with editable fields, drop-down boxes and check boxes?

    Our company uses Adobe Reader as well as the version where send you it for signature, convert to word, excel etc.

    What we are trying to do, however, is create the PDF document, save it to our readers of local network for use in a format PDF with editable fields, drop-down boxes to select and check boxes.

    Can you help me please?

    See you soon


    Hi lucindab50782713,

    Yes, you can save the document as a model using eSign service create a library template | services eSign so that it can be reused.

    Kind regards

  • My pdf reezes when I click on COMMENT. I'm trying to get the tools to edit a pdf file. If I use the tools on the toolbar, there is no problem, but as soon as I click on the COMMENT, the document hangs and I have to open the Task Manager to plant it. It st

    Sorry, I'm new to the type of problem-solving process, and I don't know how to change my first speech. My true statement is less to:

    My pdf freezes when I click on COMMENT. I'm trying to get the tools to edit a pdf file. If I use the tools on the toolbar, there is no problem, but as soon as I click on the COMMENT, the document hangs and I have to open the Task Manager to plant it. It started in the last seven days (3.31.15).

    I responded to your questions below, BUT while I was looking for properties, I found repair service REPAIR the INSTALLATION of ACROBAT, and (this is) the issue has been resolved!

    Thanks for making me look for information.


    I use Acrobat Pro XI, version

    I created the file, that I worked in during the freeze, so I tried a PDF I created with Adobe and it also freezes when I click on COMMENT. I discover that the OBSERVATIONS of the plug-in is loaded. (See image

    I used the REVIEW for years without this problem occurring. He started in the last 2 weeks.

    I could not find real estate under the file menu, but found a security setting in the preferences in the Edit menu. It doesn't have a way to allow/disallow COMMENT.

  • Cannot save PDF files that are editable fields

    I'm unable to save forms that have editable fields. I get the error "the document could not be saved. The disc you saved or the disk used for temporary files is full. "Free up space on the disk and try again or save to a different disk.

    I am running windows xp, and began with Player 10.1.4 having this problem now, I upgraded to 11 and same results. My colleagues can save the same shape and I have over 80 GB of free space on my hard drive, which is where I am saving it to. I tried saving it to other locations on my drive hard but get the same message. However, I can save the pdf files that have no form to complete in them very well.

    I could really use some help.

    Thank you

    Figured out prtected mode has been set to enabled at startup. Turned off power and no more than problems.

  • Script to move the description metadata information in the title field

    I tried for 2 days (market) to try to get Bridge CS6 to copy the information in the Description field for the field title in the metadata. I can get it in the menu, but nothing happens when I change other scripts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    If you want a good laugh, I can post my previous attempts.

    It is a way to copy the information...

    #target bridge
     if( BridgeTalk.appName == "bridge" ) {
    descToTitle = MenuElement.create("command", "Description to Title", "at the end of Tools");
    descToTitle.onSelect = function () {
     if (ExternalObject.AdobeXMPScript == undefined) ExternalObject.AdobeXMPScript = new ExternalObject("lib:AdobeXMPScript");
     var thumb = app.document.selections;
        for(var s in thumb){
            var selectedFile = thumb[s].spec;
      var myXmpFile = new XMPFile( selectedFile.fsName, XMPConst.UNKNOWN, XMPConst.OPEN_FOR_UPDATE);
      var myXmp = myXmpFile.getXMP();
             var Description =  getArrayItems(XMPConst.NS_DC, "description");
            myXmp.deleteProperty(XMPConst.NS_DC, "title");
            myXmp.appendArrayItem(XMPConst.NS_DC, "title", Description, 0, XMPConst.ALIAS_TO_ALT_TEXT);
            myXmp.setQualifier(XMPConst.NS_DC, "title[1]", "", "lang", "x-default");
    function getArrayItems(ns, prop){
    var arrItem=[];
    var items = myXmp.countArrayItems(ns, prop);
     for(var i = 1;i <= items;i++){
     arrItem.push(myXmp.getArrayItem(ns, prop, i));
    return arrItem;
    }catch(e){alert(e +" Line: "+ e.line);}
            if (myXmpFile.canPutXMP(myXmp)) {
             } else {
  • Code for editable field

    In a container a non editable field seeds page. Now, I have to do this editable field using CO extension. Pls let me know the field code.

    Thanks in advance,


    Before leaving for trying to CO Extension reach through customization. Check the read-only & Disabled property. setting this property to True/False mite fullfill your requirement.

    If this isn't the case, then go-CO Extension.

    Kind regards

  • How can I create a PDF with editable fields?

    I have a problem with my Microsoft word at the normal address form. Customers who fill out the forms, complete their area prescribed in form, but some of them also change the original text of the form. I though it would be better if direct to a digital solution by which I can have all my PDF form, but the need to 'fill in the fields' remains a problem. Is there a way where I can create a pdf with editable fields form my clients to fill out the requested information? This solution will also allow my clients the advantage of not having to print forms but rather to complete on the computer. Help, please.

    It seems the comment by Bernd, this version 7 (Standard) did not have this

    the fact of functionality, but version 9 (Standard).


    However, as I wrote, if you want users to be able to save the file after

    they filled, you will need version 9 (Pro).

    And Acrobat has an assistant who can pick up the fields that were created in Word

    and convert them into Acrobat form fields.

  • I'm trying to update my ipad (first edition) to the new version and after about an hour, I get a message that says unable to finish because the network has expired.

    I'm trying to update my ipad (first edition) to the new version and after about an hour, I get a message that says unable to finish because the network has expired.  How can I fix it?

    Original title: network programs network networking Internet Web site Site Web Web Site URL


    You need to support iPad not Microsoft.

    iPad - media choices

    iPad - Support

    iPad - communities (Forums)

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    I am trying to install Windows XP Home Edition on XP Pro. How do I? I load it in the drive, reboot and it won't work.

    Without going into why you might want to do this, you may access your computer's BIOS and change the order of boot devices so that it looks first at the CD player.  When you start the computer, watch the screen carefully.  There will be a message that says something like, "to change the system settings, press F1.  The exact text, as well as the key, may be different.

    Restart the computer and press the key as soon as you see the message (you'll probably just a few seconds).  Once you are in the BIOS configuration utility, navigate using the arrow keys, the tab and button.  Navigation instructions usually appear at the bottom of each screen.

    Here's a 'how to' with screenshots.  Your computer may not be identical, but this should help you in the right direction:

  • I am trying to export information from one site to the other; i.e. doba products to sell on ebay. I get an error telling me to "set associations"?

    I'm trying to export information from one site to another, i.e. the products to sell from doba to ebay.  I get an error telling me to "set associations"?

    Looks like a command prompt to set the default program for opening a certain type of file.

    This can be done in two contexts > Apps or right click on the Start button to open the Control Panel, choose the command display by: icons, then default programs.

  • Non editable field change to highlight the problem

    Hi all

    I have an edit non editable field in my screen. In order to make the difference between editable and non editable field, I put the bottom of the field cannot be changed to light gray as in the code below:

       Border nonEditableBorder=BorderFactory.createRoundedBorder(new XYEdges(5, 5, 5, 5),Color.LIGHTGRAY,Border.STYLE_FILLED|Border.STYLE_TRANSPARENT);
    EditField textField=new EditField(EditField.NO_NEWLINE|EditField.FOCUSABLE|DrawStyle.RIGHT);

    Now the field cannot be changed when I scroll the wheel to the right or left the text gets highlighted in white as shown in the image below:

    I don't want the text to highlight. Can anyone help me please with this. Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards

    S.A.Norton Stanley


    Thank you. Overridding method drawFocus() and nothing doing, emphasis has been disabled on the fields and the white highlight was not. But once I reached the first or the last field of the white selection screen gets drawn again.  But the border I also assign the background of the field edit as shown below, and this solved my problem.

    Background bgNonEditable = BackgroundFactory.createSolidBackground(Color.LIGHTGRAY);
  • How to paste text in ANY editable field (e-mail, sms, browser, contacts address bar / any other application)


    Can anyone help me please with the following questions:

    1. once I have add a menu item to help

    ApplicationMenuItemRepository.getInstance().addMenuItem(ApplicationMenuItemRepository.MENUITEM_SYSTEM, myMenuItem);

    I am able to access an instance of net.rim.blackberry.api.mail.Message (when I'm in the e-mail editing mode) and put the content in the subject / body of the email, but it was mostly a proof of concept for me.

    What I really want to be able to do, it's automatically access the instance of any editable field in any (RIM / part 3) app that the user cursor is now. When the focus is on something that is not editable, then my menu item should not appear in the menu.

    In addition, it is important for me to know exactly where the cursor is. For example if the cursor is in the middle of the text, then I want that my extraordinary paste paste of stuff there. The same for the selected text - it needs to be replaced.

    Basically I want my menu Paste Special feature works exactly like 'Stick', unless I want to offer which should be pasted.

    2. Apart from curiosity, what are we supposed to go back to the

    public Object run(Object context)

    method? For now, I'm doing my treatment based on the type of control context and make the treatment on it and everything just return null (which works well), but I don't know I'm on some features.

    Never done this, but looking at the API and remembering what simon_hain said when asked a similar question, I think it goes like:

    You can get help from the active screen

    UiApplication.getUiApplication () .getActiveScreen ();

    You can get the Menu for a screen to help

    . getMenu();

    You can browse the menu for help

    . getItem()


    . getSize()


    I think that 'toString' will give you the message, then

    . Run()

    to run it.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Z5 compact touch acting weird

    Hi all I just got my couple z5 days and already I have a problem with my phone when im trying to type a msg and I press a letter (lets say I press S once) the phone it will record as this sssssssssssssssss and it doesn't stop... If I use facebook I c

  • Imposed restrictions on the WSA-S370 WCCP

    Hi all Transparent proxy' design ing. WCCP running on ASA5585X - everything configured properly (client and server even vlan - and all works well under low load) 2 x S370 to assume responsibility for about 4000 users- At the moment we have migrate as

  • My LAN connection disconnects me periodically networks.

    LAN issues Hello iam using LAN as my internet, any connetion is runing ok, I guess when he's not working, however filing it disconnets me from the local network using iam This is what it looks like when he's working. {PC}---> {network 2]---> {Interne

  • I downloaded Acrobat version XI, but I don't have a serial number. How can I start?

    I downloaded Acrobat version XI, but I don't have a serial number. How can I start?

  • My Muse library on my 2. an Imac computer, are empty? Why?

    Hello Muse!I had CC Adobe for over 2 years now, but only to my laptop. And I love Adobe CC!BUR, now I bought an Imac on my place of work- but I have a problem when you use the program of Muse.When I need to use my library. It is empty ?? I bought a b