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for some reason, I must have pressed some shortcuts and providing transparent windows and the forecast of nail on the taskbar, any open windows. I don't want that. I want the parameters of taskbar perfectly superimposed and default to a single button labeled with all open files/windows stacked vertically. In other words, I hate Aero and is how the taskbar preview of content. I like the vertical look neat.

Can someone please? Impossible to find anywhere in help how to disable and restore the default settings.

See you soon.


Hello Andy Rosa,.

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There is no way to change this feature, even with keys. Basic Help is the only way that has been designed to perform this function. However, you are able to select other themes that you like the background for and copy the pictures and change the basic theme with these images as a slide show background.

-Right click Desktop > click Customize
-Click on desktop background > right click on each image you want to save > select make a copy (place the copy in a folder in your library of images that you want to use)

Repeat for each image throughout each theme. Then select all the images to include in the background slide show.

Hope this helps Chris.H
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