Twisted colors in Lightroom development mode

When I want to develop my photos in Lightroom develop mode of that all the colors in the image are bent upward. See the screen capture below:

I struggled a while to figure what's wrong without success.

Those who know how to solve this problem?


Is this LR 6 / CC 2015?

Disable the GPU acceleration: Adobe Lightroom GPU troubleshooting and FAQ

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    Help please. I have imported just a few photos in Lightroom, when developing mode, I can see the photos, but he says photo is missing, and they appear very pixelated, but well behind closed doors, do not know what to do

    Hi Jana,

    Please see the following article to locate the missing images in Lightroom: Adobe Lightroom - find folders and files moved or missing

    Let me know if it helps.

    Kind regards


  • Adobe Lightroom develop Mode question

    The guys, please someone can help me get rid of this problem? Once I open the image in develop mode it is is messed up with this effect and I do not know where to go this coming end.


    Go to Preferences, click the performance tab, and then clear the check box

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    I have a new Dell with Windows 10.  I installed only creative cloud, Photoshop and Lightroom so far.  Camera Raw is also referred to as a current version.for my 7 D Mark ii.  Photoshop seems to work very well.  When I go to windows, and import a jpg or Canon raw files, I see them well in library mode but when I click on the mode to develop, I get blue by filling the entire section that the photo should appear.  Nobody knows what will fix this problem?

    Disable the "use of graphics processor" in the Preferences/Performance tab.

    See other messages-

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    Issa, john brings a very valid point

    I had some problems not unlike yours, and all that was needed was an update for my Nvidia driver.

    Because I updated the driver, my lightroom {and computer} runs smooth as silk.

    You can check, to see if a new driver is available...

    I hope that wiser member with chime in here?


  • Lightroom does not develop mode amd grafics and lightroom update still doesn't respond not

    Lightroom does not have amd and lightroom update still doesn't answer do not develop mode

    To find out the version of operating system you are using.

    Also, have you tried to use the new catalog.

    Kind regards


  • CC of Lightroom is stuck in develop mode

    When I click on LR CC for the throw, all first library mode begins to come toward the top and then he passes to develop mode where it hangs up automatically and won't do anything else.  What is going on?

    Hi colrehogan,

    You must disable GPU preferences in Lightroom.

    First you must reset the Lightroom preferences.

    Steps to follow:

    Stop Lightroom.

    Navigate to the preferences file:

    Mac OS: /Users/ [user name]/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.Lightroom6.plist

    [Windows 7, 8: C:\Users\[user name] \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Preferences\Lightroom 6 Preferences.agprefs

    Rename the file from Lightroom 6 Preferences.agprefs.old preferences

    Now, when you launch the Lightroom it will open on the library Module.

    Go to the editing Menu on the top of the page (Windows) Menu / click the Lightroom on top (Mac)

    Click on preferences

    Go to the performance tab

    Disable the GPU there settings.

    Restart the Lightroom

    Let us know if this can help,

    Kind regards

    ~ Mohit

  • Lightroom 6 develop Mode.  Screen loupe and compare view after screen show blue background with two diagonal lines of tbrl top low right another top right at the intersection of criss left in the Center.  If I move to another photo, the program stops

    Lightroom 6 develop Mode.  Screen loupe and compare view after show blue background wallpaper with two diagonal lines left and top right side of the other top right at the crossroads criss left in the Center.  If I move to another photo, the program no longer works and ends by asking me to close the program. Help?

    Go to your Lightroom preferences, performance tab, uncheck the option of the graphics processor.

  • is it possible to have two different images in "develop" mode  I need to match the color and other image to the other.

    is it possible to have two different images in "develop" mode  I need to match the color and other image to the other.

    Select the reference image and choose window > secondary display > Magnifier (locked). Now the image you want to change, and start working. You can refer to the secondary display window while you work on the image you are editing,

    If you have a second monitor attached, the entire second monitor may be the secondary display.

  • In Lightroom 5 mode to develop I don't have a base Panel in the right panel

    In Lightroom 5 mode to develop I don't have a base Panel in the right panel

    Right-click in an empty area of one of the panels or the empty box at the bottom of the list of panels and select Basic to put a check mark on it.

  • When you make changes in develop mode the peak becomes Blury (Lightroom 3)

    Hey guys,.

    I'm developing mode. I have change we tell exposure on my pic. After the change of the photo becomes blury and does not refresh automatically. I have to go to 1:1 Preview or change photo to load again and delete the image. My preview quality is set to: high maximum and standard previews. Never had the same problem on previous versions of Lightroom. Really boring. Any ideas?

    Thnx for your attention

    See this thread for more information. Apparently, it's a bug.

  • My pictures as soon as I switch to 'develop' mode completely to chance

    I'm fairly new to Lightroom and I would love to work with her, but I have no idea of what is happening to my photos. I've seen a lot of tutorials and find out how to import a picture and what I can do with the mode of development. But as soon as I import one of my photos (JPEG format) and go to "develop" - mode, my picture is kind of screwed upward and I don't know what to do. I tried it with pictures of external hard drives, as well as with the photos on my laptop. Also, I closed and restarted my laptop, but it's always the same.

    problem lightroom 1.jpg

    It's the photo I just imported into Lightroom. So far, everything looks good. But as soon as I push the button "develop" in this case: "."

    problem lightroom 2.jpg

    Why my picture than elsewhere when I try to change it and how can it change so that I can actually see my photos with the original colors?

    I hope I can find someone who can help me. Thank you very much!

    Looks like a problem with the communication of hardware acceleration with your video card.

    menu / Edition / Preferences / performance

    Uncheck the box "use the graphics processor.

  • RAW of Nikon D810 images appear darker after importation develop mode - why?


    I have a problem with the LR. I shoot in raw, and after copying the files on my pc, I choose several pictures and import them into LR. After this step, I want to continue with the mode of development. Subsequently the following problem: the image in the develop mode has changed - it's much darker and the colors aren't the samet. Even if I change the example flat camera mode I get the same resuslt as the original raw file. I do not understand the problem - maybe you can help me?

    Thanks in advance


    Camera: Nikon D 810

    LR version 5.7

    The color space, running on the development module and the library module is completely indifferent to what looks like your image. It is not serious, and the difference is extremely subtle and really visible only on the screens of the range very high-end. In addition, color space in develop is not prophotoRGB, it is once again a linear gamma with primary prophotoRGB but space called MelissaRGB which is quite different, not important for this.

    He must know one thing more to diagnose your problem: when you return to the library, the images are dark or do they go back to the Lite version? If so, you are dealing with several possibilities. The first is as already mentioned a monitor profile. You should re - calibrate your monitor with hardware calibration. If you don't have that, test that possibility by assigning the sRGB profile to your monitor in the monitor properties pane. If this fixes it, you must get a puck of calibration to calibrate your monitor, the problem is caused by a bad monitor profile that has been installed by an update of the system. These are very common on the windows platform and even if other applications behave normally, that is the question.

    Second option is that your graphics card is not dealing with well GPU acceleration and omitting the color management. Test by going in the Lightroom preferences, selecting the tab performance and power of the graphics card acceleration off. Restart Lightroom and check. (update: I see that you are on LR 5.7: this option does not exist here so ignore this notice)

    If none of these fix the problem, and after that you spent to develop, the image is too dark in the library, that several other issues could occur. First is that you may have set a default value for the camera. Make sure the settings are zero on your images after importation. They could be zero if you apply a preset to the importation, or when you set a default development setting. Reset it by going to preferences-> presets, and then click 'reset all settings default development. " You see the change of the image when you go in develop because the library, firstly the jpeg preview the generated camera is shown and only when you are going to develop is the actual raw image get rendered by Lightroom.

    Another issue that could happen is that you use dynamic lighting on your camera modes. Nikon calls these active D-lighting. You must completely disable those. What the camera does when you have those active is to underexpose the image by a stop or two and then highlights the tag of the raw image with an indicator that shows the Nikon software to increase exposure compensation and make an HDR processing on the image to trigger shadows and bring down. Lightroom can not read these tags and just makes the image from raw data (which are underexposed!). In the library first see you the jpeg in-camera image and that the image was made by the camera using the HDR technique. You are better expose properly and leaving these modes if you want raw data of highest quality.

  • Lightroom development [Blue screen in the develop module]

    I am new to lightroom and I can't seem to put my photos. I was able to import them into lightroom. In the picture below, when I select develop, I get a blue screen. I click on the image in the scroll bar (which I've cropped this image), but I always get this blue screen. Can anyone help?

    Check the answers to another thread - development - blue screen!

    Most likely, the graphic processing unit cannot display the image in the develop mode.

  • Images in development mode

    My pictures in development mode are weird, they show a lot of collors and show high ligh. I would like to see the actual image, can you help me?

    José Luis Serzedelo

    Go in Edition > Preferences > Performance (on a Mac: Lightroom > preferences > Performance) and uncheck CPU graph use.

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