Two active cursors by parcel

Hey all,.

Another problem with my VI is that we have two sliders that are 2 local maxima in our current traces motors... At present, there are two locations per chart: the raw signal and the filtered signal... Statistical data (time Max, max, etc.) are derived from the signal filtered as was done with the previous version of VI. In each chart, I implemented 2 sliders of different colors and made sure they were involved with the plot of filtered signal... I then use property nodes that are slightly changed compared to the previous control VI when they are active and where they locate to...

In previous VI, there were 3 cursors, but there are 3 plots (gross, 1st signal filtered, second filtered) and so 1 slider by plot was looking for one of the peaks in the footsteps of motor currents... However, it was at an early stage, which is no longer necessary. What I need is to have two peaks on the filtered signal located with cursors... Right now, one of the lines of Y of the cursor finds its correct height (input from the peak are the X, Y signal is broadcast by statistical express VI)... However, the other cursor is just sitting there idle, turn his thumb... I don't understand why this isn't to find its respective height because its input in the property node data is correct and its setting (0, 1 or 2) for the ActCrsr property is the same as for the cursor that works...

Does anyone have any ideas as to why I can't have more than one cursor follow the peaks on the same plot?

Thanks a bunch...

Well the first thing I see is that you have all the sliders value active cursor 1 you can adjust them at 0, 1 and 2

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    You will need to use the property of the graph nodes to move cursors programmatically. The properties of interest are the active cursor and the cursor Position > X and the Position of the cursor > y. use the active cursor to specify (by index cursor) what slider you want to work with, and then set the X property values and, and then adjust the slider according as the active cursor and set its property values X and Y.

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    (a) what game are you trying to play?
    (b) is an online game or software installed on your computer?

    You have contacted the support of Sandboxie, to determine if the program is able to provide this functionality.
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    Open the Task Manager->, click on users-> right click on another user who isn't currently active and choose log off.

    This can occur when the user account is not properly disconnected.

    I hope this helps.

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            P_PASSWORD    => :P101_PASSWORD,
            P_SESSION_ID  => v('APP_SESSION'),
            P_FLOW_PAGE   => '&APP_ID.:1'
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    My problem is that I can't have two active sessions of simoultaneous in two browser tabs. When I login in the app in the first tab, I can navigate fine enforcement. But as soon as I open a second tab and a newspaper in the application (with the new session ID), the first tab stopped working - I get redirected to the login page. And when I log in again, the second tab not working anymore... etc.

    Example can be seen here: [ |]-just open this link in both tabs and connect (any name of user and password will do)

    Someone knows how to fix this? According to me, Miss me something (in my authentication scheme?)

    Thank you

    I think that the OP's question is can this behavior be easily extended to applications that have been built in the APEX, not only the builder himself.

    This would require a sentinel of custom page common to all applications that conform to a particular session of the management rules set, regardless of those who are. The exact requirements (functional specifications) are too vague for me.


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    IF you have more than one plugin flash on a Web page, this is normal.

  • Active cursor (property node). You will need to obtain a number of active cursor.

    Hello world

    I have searched for this answer for a while and found no one. So, let me describe my problem:

    I have a XY Chart with 10 sliders on a FP. On the comic, there is an event-driven state machine.

    I want to use a node of ActCrsr materials for a number of active when cursor occurse event (event of slider type for example). Unfortunately, LabVIEW gives me only 2 numbers of cursor and I don't see any logic behind it!

    Why do I need? Imagine, when you take a cursor, the graph to which he belongs to type of assets (the line is thick and the name appears and so on). My program visualizes graphic adjustments of pulses.

    Thank you very much in advance!


    You must use the property "SelectedCrsrs".  Try the example below.

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    It's a shame, that we do not know what update it was!

    Do you have to manually download and install updates or use automatic updates? If the latter, which is enabled:
    Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them
    Notify me but don't automatically download or install
    For later use, as a general rule, you must install ONLY the updates critical or high priority. Installation software optional or made optional hardware update can be risky! (There are some exceptions to the optional software, for example, root certificates update.)
    You can try different methods to repair your installation, but if you can simply perform a system restore, which should solve the problem fairly quickly. Then simply determine what updates (remember: only critical or priority!) you still need.
    I don't know if SR work because you are having problems to start in Normal Mode. If you're lucky, you'll be able to boot mode safe mode with command prompt. If you do this, follow these instructions:
    Choose the date before the updates (15 November?).
    If you can not do the above, then post back for tips on how to use your Dell XP 'relocation' of brand CD CAREFULLY. You don't want to do something drastic like reinstall Windows!
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    Hello world

    I'm programming an application with sliders on my graph XY. They are visible or not according to Boolean State keys programmed event. I just need to retrieve the position of the visible sliders and then transform to a material substance, but it seems that I do not use the right solution. I'll be back all positions of cursors, even the most invisible.  How can I tell the difference between the visible and the other ones? I said I can't do it one by one because I have a lot of sliders this is why I use the cursorList as you can see on the relative picture.
    Any idea?

    Best regards

    The list of cursor does not distinguish between visible/not visible. It will always return all cursors. If you want just the ones visible then you must browse cursors and read the Visible State. Something like this:

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    Ignore the rose as downstairs. It is not connected to the property node, it just happens to run behind him and it doesn't bother me to keep it there.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


    I'm not so sure... but why not try to use different structures for each process? Try to use highlight for execution see the order of what is happening in your software and then you could determine if you should use a sequence of plate or structure of the event.

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    With the only running app - alarm. It started after the last update/update.
    Is there a solution for this problem?

    Out of curiosity, have restarted your device since the upgrade?

    Perform a simple reboot on the BlackBerry this way: with smart BlackBerry poweredphone, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart.

    Then test the alarms emit again.

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    Ask what want sure to contact support using adobe:

    Contact the customer service

    * Be sure to stay connected with your Adobe ID before accessing the link above *.

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    can I activate my acrobat adobe DC on two computers?


    I checked your registered products and Yes you can install the software on the computers of two windows.

    ^ Ani

  • active cursor for select data for further processing

    I have included my data and partial vi with annotated text. Briefly, my input data is of a DEM so line # represents distance in x - ed., column # represents the distance in y - dir and data is elevation. I would like to deal with the sequentially a column of data at a time where I visually select the data I want to keep for further processing. The position of the data is important, so the data in the selected range will be prepared in the same column and lines as it was in any of the original input data. The rest of the column in the selected range can be NaNs.

    (1) it seems to pause fine when I run it.  What happens when you click on the pause button?

    (2) this can be accomplished better by using a shift register for the column instead of the iteration number.  Then use a button continue triggering the shift register to increment.  One thing to check is that the button continue action mechanical latch when released (right click then mechanical Action).  Here is an example of this:


    (3) for a shift register contain the values you need to write to the file, you will need to make sure that it is always passing the table you add to in the right side of the team to register.  You'll also need to use table to build instead of insert in the table.  Here is an example:


    (4) this should automatically after the previous steps.

Maybe you are looking for

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