two fingers scrolling down does not work

After the upgrade to OS Sierra my Macbook air (2015) trackpad scroll (two fingers) does not work. Please provide a solution. Thank you

MacBook Air (13 inch, early 2015), OS X El Capitan (10.11.1)

It took a little time, but I found a solution.

  1. In System Preferences, open accessibility.
  2. Use your keyboard to scroll down on the left side of the mouse and Trackpad.
  3. Click the Trackpad button.
  4. Uncheck scroll and click OK.
  5. Click the Trackpad button.
  6. Scroll to check again, and then click OK.
  7. Check that this set.

It worked for me. Good luck to you!

Tags: Mac OS & System Software

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    Look in the system Prefereces - mouse and make sure the scrolling feature is set up how you want. If the action still does not work, please reset the SMC and the PRAM by iMac SMC and the PRAM reset

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    I've updated to Firefox 4.01 today and the Center knob on my Lenovo T400 does more. I downloaded the updated Ultranav utility and the Ultranav driver for my T400 by , then uninstalled the 'Thinkpad Ultranav Driver' to add/remove programs, rebooted and then installed the update utility and driver (another reboot) and now it works perfectly.

    So happy to get it working again.

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    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    == Immediately after installing

    UPDATE: I've updated my synaptics driver for my touchpad (by going to the device by clicking on Update Manager in the tab drivers mouse) and this fixed the problem not only for my touchpad, but also for my USB mouse. My computer is a laptop HP, is told by the way.

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    I suggest you submit your feedback using the link below.

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    Model: HP Envy spectrum-xt, eo 13-2000

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    Thank you


    Windows 10 updates on its own default. Microsoft has given a choice between automatic update or refuse all updates, unlike previous Microsoft operating systems.

    Enter the control panel and click on the Synaptics section and fix option here.

  • Page Down does not work on Firefox

    Starting with 3.5.3 and continuing with 3.6 and Ubuntu last, the scroll wheel to move a website from top to bottom, but the keyboard commands Page UP and Page Down do not work. After hitting key a second time, he jumps off the page and press the top back to the top. In addition, a black flashing rectangle appears on the left side of the page. This will disappear when the user clicks on an empty space on the site.
    I thought to install the latest version of Ubuntu and the latest Firefox could solve the problem, but he persists.
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    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    Is see description above

    Try to hit F7.

  • Spectrum HP 360: new spectrum HP win10 and scrolling touchpad does not work!

    Can someone help me please? I need scrolling options and does not work. Anyone know what this could be?

    Thank you very much



    You are welcome

    Download and install the Synaptics software on the link below.

    When the installation is complete, restart the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    The gesture of "sweeping down from the top" does not work in any application of metro/modern Windows 8. Can I close an application by dragging it down with the mouse, but sliding down with my finger on the screen does nothing. Anyone else experienced or corrected it? Thank you.


    Well, if you read this forum, there seems to be a lot of people with problems with the touchscreen quarity, unfortunately it looks like for me to a hardware failure like them and something that you would have to send to.

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    The scroll bar and the superposition of 6px are still persistent on the screen.


    Thanks for reporting this. I've logged it as a bug.


  • Drop-down menus and scroll bar does not work

    I had a lap top 8 windows based perflectly until about a week ago, when I download updates for windows 8: when I started to scroll to the bottom of the window, as soon as I stopped by pressing my left click of the mouse, the scroll bar would automatically scroll to the top. I scroll down again and it automatically scrolls to the top of the page again. Similarly, this problem occurs with the help of the drop-down menus, it's not appear or deploy in a flash that won't let you point any option.

    This is to occur with all the drop down menus: on internal programs as well as in the internet sites. Even the menus on this assignment window, refers to windows 7, as the first choice and I cannot change. The problem is the WINDOWS 8 and its updates.

    How can I fix?


    As the scan of the System File Checker has reported that he could not fix, you can see the steps in the section to fix damaged manually file.

    "Windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Details are provided in convertible bonds. Log % WinDir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. »

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    Since the installation of the version 4.0, there was a problem with the scroll wheel doesn't work does not correctly. Most of the time it works but sometimes the wheel stops working and is no longer made the pages up and down. At this point, I have to close the browser and reopen it.

    Have you updated your mouse drivers lately? In addition, this can happen if you spend the rendering engines using an addon like IE Tab. If you have installed IE Tab, it may need to be updated.

  • My touchpad scroll function does not work in Firefox 4

    4 years Dell Inspiron 1520 with a Synaptics touchpad, running XP. Just downloaded FF4 last night, now discovered that my scrolling on the touchpad function no longer works. It's very irritating. If no fix is available, how to go back to the previous version of FF?

    Try running Firefox in questions to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode. If it works properly in this configuration, then one of your modules is the culprit.

    By the way, I recommend you visit the Plugins check page and update your plugins. You are potentially expose your system to attack with some versions you have installed at the moment. Their update can also solve the problem with your touchpad.

    In case the previous steps do not resolve the problem for you, you can return to the previous version and secure that 3.6.16 as follows.

    1. Go to Download Firefox v3.6.16 and download it to your desktop.
    2. Then go to add/remove programs, scroll down to Mozilla Firefox and remove it, choosing to keep your bookmarks, etc., the customizations (don't tick the box).
    3. Reboot and delete the folder called Mozilla Firefox at this location: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
    4. Finally, run the downloaded installation file.
  • Satellite L45: touchpad scroll feature does not work

    OK, I have a laptop Satellite L45 and I need help.
    The functionality of scrolling on the touchpad worked for awhile and now it will not work.

    I've looked throughout the computer and tried everything and nothing seems to work.
    I don't really know too much about computers in a first time, and no one I know can help me.

    My father had the same problem with his computer, but he says it seems to work himself.
    Mine has not yet and it drives me crazy.

    If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much.


    Have you checked if the touchpad scroll function has been enabled and configured correctly?
    I recommend that you check these settings before you to reinstall the driver for the touchpad.

    Do you know where to find these parameters?
    You can find it in

    + Control Panel-> mouse-> last (device settings) tab-> settings button.

    Here, you should check the * virtual scrolling *.

    Good bye

  • Two subsequent acquisitions - 2 does not work


    Here are the main features of my configuration:

    1. Two channels of generation/acquisition
    2. Each channel was part of generation (staircase varying low) and acquisition (output is shorted at the entrance)
    3. When the output value reached a threshold, stairs stops and last tension remains in the output
    4. The behavior of two Channels are identical, the only difference - the value of a threshold voltage
    5. And finally the most important feature - channel 2 should run once stops 1 channel

    The VI is organized as follows:

    1. Outer loop that should run 2 times - it starts with the 1st string and then should run with 2nd channel
    2. The FOR loop variable 'i' controls:
      • "source" and "sink" for the execution of channel
      • choice of the threshold
      • local variable (which stops staicase) choice
      • indicator for the performance of channel

    The problem is: 2nd iteration of the outside OF the loop does not run.

    Where I've been misled?

    Thanks in advance


    Hi Pavel,

    When the 2nd iteration of the loop FOR external it starts no way the 1st iteration is not yet complete. THINK THE STREAM!

    Have you checked that the behavior to help highlight the debug execution? Where your loop IS blocked?

    Edit: I see now where your 1st iteration gets stucked - even without executing the code!

    Please check all THE terms of judgment of your inner loops: one of them will never stop in the 1st round of your outer loop!

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