Two measures of different thermocouples 1303

Hi all

I use a SCXI-1303 module and a module SCXI-1102 and SCXI-1000 chassis. The plan is to measure the temperature using thermocouples type T. 1303 modules (I have 3 of them) are completely new, and I pulled out of the box and put them on my 1102. I was testing my thermocouples to ensure they all worked when I noticed a difference in temperature between some of the thermocouples. When I started using AI16 (0-15 was already in use) temperature readings began to appear about 4 degrees below all other temperatures. Most of the thermocouples read 21 c, which is good, but those channels AI16-19 (I'm not plus far only 19), have been reading of 16 C. So I swapped the thermocouples, who had read the right temperature (from AI15) set AI16 and he showed the same offset of 4 degrees, so should not be a thermocouple problem. I put the 1303 on another module of 1102 and I swapped the 1303 modules, I had the same problem each time. The polarization resistance came in 1303 modules, so I have not tested with them. I get the same temperature difference using "integrated" and "constant" for the source of the CJC. I can hardly believe that it's a hardware problem, scxi-1303 1102 both had the same result. So I was hoping there is something else here I'm missing. I looked in the forums and not found anything quite like my problem. I read the manuals but have not encountered anything that would explain this.

Please let me know if you need more information,

Thank you



Well, I feel stupid. When you use the wizard daq, you must specify the type of thermocouple for each channel. I've had several channel sent to the type of thermocouple wrong without realizing it. Switching the appropriate type, made them of course work.

Heh, sorry for the useless post


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    Edited by: 994229 2013-03-15 12:44
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    Kind regards

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    Thank you


    Set up your first extraction for 2009: seven to June

    Finish with the bang (!)

    Then add in the second extraction for 2010: July to December

    Finish with the bang (!)

    Essentially two separate report of scripts, but if you put them in one, separated by a bang. It will work one after the other, in the same report, issued to the same file script.

    This will accomplish what you're asking.

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    My underlying SQL query is very sensitive and so would stay away from the analytical functions. Is there something I can do with hierarchies?

    It comes to OBIEE 10 g

    Edited by: 934462 may 6, 2013 03:09

    Edited by: 934462 may 6, 2013 03:15

    It seems that your amount depends on only the number of command line while 'reserved' measure depends on many and line number order. So, you have combined measures of two different grains in the same table. Follow these steps:

    1 fix the problem at the level of the database of this division in two separate facts and model them as two logical facts connected via a number of command line only one dimension. It's cleaner, and it should run faster.
    2. you can copy the amount ordered as a new logical column but not prescribe any rules of aggregation. Align on the presentation layer, and use it as a common command line attribute in your report. Given that this column would be part of the group by, he can sacrifice some performance.
    3 the extent of the quantity ordered, go to the tab of aggregation, see "Based on Dimensions", in the new list, choose MAX() as the rule of aggregation for dimension of command lines (create a logical and associated table dummy command line attribute hierarchy if you don't have them) and SUM() as rule of aggregation for the size of the location of stock. It's a little experimental, I doubt how useful it would be in your scenario.

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    I want to have it set up so that if I changed the value to 1 or 2 of the worksheet, the cell is updated in both places. AKA, it forces the two cells to be always the same, regardless of the cell is edited to make the change.

    Is this possible in number? My language is clear? Any comment is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


    The fundamental problem is that a cell of numbers can contain a value or a formula, but not both at the same time.  So when you enter a value in a cell, the value you enter will overwrite any formula or a value that was already there.  So I don't think that what you want to do is possible by using formulas.

    It is possible using AppleScript, but probably isn't worth it.

    Can you explain a little more why you want to do this?  There may be another way to organized the document, you don't need this.


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    Yes. You can use a RTSI cable between them. See the examples of the expedition. If you are using LabVIEW, look at several Synch - Analog Input - Cont Acquisition devices.

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    Well.   Use of VI a cDAQ, a cDAQ doesn't "work" a VI.

    If each VI uses its own frame, then you should have no problem having 2 VI parallel running or independently each using a cDAQ.

    Each cDAQ will be identified in MAX by one different name, as Dev1 and Dev2 to the other.  Each VI has just need to refer on behalf of cDAQ for it.

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    I have the sensor that generates output voltage at different orientations so when he gets shot it generates a type pwm duty cycle 50% wavefrom

    When measured with the higher wind speed, it will be generating the signal with greater frequency

    Now using labview, I'm trying to see if he can show me the right of the signal as I saw the scope, but it does not show me a good performance

    When I rotate the sensor, the light of NI 9423 seems to blink at the right frequency (meaning work) but led I did LabVIEW flashes at a different frequency, not really to work

    I don't see how this happens when both LEDs are managed by the same code, the diffrenece is a material is and the other is software

    What should I do?

    I think that's the problem. Your code is very simple and there is nothing really go. This means that the LED will change very quickly in the resolution of Nova Scotia. The way you look at the façade of the FPGA VI is made using what we call the Interactive Communication of front panel which is not deterministic. This means that as the target FPGA block diagram continues to run, the host updates the values in the FPGA VI front window as often as possible. But, it is not possible to update the rate the FPGA VI running, nor is it possible to transfer this data to the host at that rate there since both are running at different speeds (FPGA your code runs at ns while the UI can be updated by ms). Let me know if you do not understand this.

    Communication interactive front panel

    If I were you, I would test the flashing by placing a kind of counter and count the number of state changes.

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