Two sites disappear as soon as they load into 32.0.3

These two sites work well on previous versions of FF, IE and Safari. This a goes to an error message on the website saying to try again later. I did it several times. This a disappears about a second after it is loaded. Other sites seem to work OK on 32.0.3.


Hi jackyhood, I agree that the software works in mysterious ways.

When you run uninstall from Firefox, it asks if you want to remove data personal, which includes the historical record of parameters with bookmarks, etc.. Good thing you kept, otherwise there would be a lot of rebuilding to do. But if you had removed your personal information during this process, then when you have reinstalled Firefox, it would have been as a new user sees.

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    I live in the United States (Missouri) and I have: Chrome, Firefox and internet explore. The main browser I use is Chrome, not recently but earlier, two sites I want to go to ALL the time suddenly stopped working for me, so I asked a question on yahoo answers before, asking if the sites were working for someone else, they all said that the websites worked perfectly for them! Then someone gave me a link to a website called "down for everyone or just me? I typed in the two sites I tried to access it in the search bar, and of course he said "it's just you, the site is up" when I try to load these pages on google chrome, I get an error message exactly like this: "Oops!" "Google Chrome did not Try reloading: additional suggestions: access a copy cached Google search:" here is the other site: "Oops!" "Google Chrome did not Try reloading: additional suggestions: access a copy cached Google search:" and when I click on the grey globe on the left of the address bar, I get 3 notifications saying: 1: "the identity of this Web site has not been verified" 2: "your connection to the site is not encrypted" 3 : "You've never visited this site before today" how these 3 problems? That's what I get when I try to access the sites on Firefox now: server not found Firefox can't find the server at (Same message on fox trying to visit Check the address for typing errors, such as instead of if you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web. When I click on the yellow triangle with an exclamation point in the Middle located in the browser search bar, it's notification it reads: "this website does not provide identity information" "your connection to this Web site is not encrypted" I know as I type these sites properly as I typed it in like a thousand times before! Y at - there anyone out there who can tell me what the * is going on with my sites? The work of course sites! I need these sites to work for me! I am trying to learn Japanese, and these sites are essential. More info: I recently restored my computer to factory settings (these problems two site began to arrive before that I have in mind the factory settings get you, even on the desktop these websites do not work.) Once I reset my laptop to factory settings, natures sites don't work! I have 60 days of protection antivirus Norton Anti (came with the factory restore), recently scanned, so I know I have no viruses. I already deleted my cache, re-installed Google chrome and firefox. Both sites still do not work. I use an HP laptop. Running Vista Home premium 32-bit. HP Desktop running windows 7 with windows or microsoft security databases (the one that it is supposed to be) not load not these two sites either. All other sites are working perfectly, there is no other site that I know, who does not work for me with the exception of these two sites. I also have a Linkys modem which I already reset. Can someone tell me what is happening and how to fix this please! I posted on the google forums and other places not always some answers! I tried firefox and internet Explorer, browsers still nothing with these two sites. And I think that it is on this subject, someone please get back to me as soon as possible! It totally sucks: \.


    • What version of Internet Explorer you are using?

    If you use Internet Explorer, you can check this link:

    Can't access some Web sites in Internet Explorer

  • Audio disappears as soon as they are published

    Using Captivate in eLearning Suite CS4. I recorded multiple segments of JVM and included in a Captivate project. The audio about 50% of the FMV segments, is inaudible as soon as the project is published in an .exe file. The sound is very well within the Captivate project during a file review Captivate - but once the project is published in an .exe file, it's gone. Pouf. Went.

    And only about half of the FMV of the segments. All have been registered with exactly the same settings, etc...

    What gives?

    I am on a deadline, and that's not enough!


    While I don't know exactly why you are having this problem; what I can tell you is that the waveforms for say the marker of 0.5 seconds on the timeline in motion prevents the stiching Captivate all audio files together when you publish, which can cause a lot of problems.

    Greetings - Mark

    Visit blog macrofireball

  • Web videos on two sites do not play

    I tried to watch videos on and ( has no problem), but have had no success on each site. On, I get a request to disable Ad-Block; I do, but I always get the request. On, the videos don't load not yet. When I contacted' technical assistance, they suggested to switch to Chrome. I can see the videos of these two sites with no problems, but I prefer not to have to switch browsers just to watch videos. Someone else has encountered this problem, and if so, what solution did you find. Note: one of the posts I read recommended to download and install a package of Microsoft; I tried half a dozen times, but could not get the package to download.

    The CBS and ABC use Flash. The notification plugin icon on the address bar? If this is not the case, some relevant websites can be blocked by NoScript. If you get the icon and Flash is allowed by you do not get the pre roll ads, the question could be NoScript or HTTPS Everywhere is perhaps not secure items are involved.

  • Odd popup/after-setup windows named 'Hidden Start v2.1' as soon as windows loaded without a single click or action - hacked already?

    As soon as Windows loaded without further action or simple click, 3 popup/after-setup windows (all the same) named 'Hidden Start v2.1' (with some unknown ads) appeared. And they observed above all other applications.

    In any case, I was able to move to the sides and finally closed the.

    Although nothing (so far), is that my computer has been hacked already?

    Hello LeafPomelo,

    You can do a search in the registry for Hstart and see if you can find and remove from the registry.
    Go to the search box start. Type Regedit.

    If you get a guest user account control, click Ok.
    Click on edit in the menu bar.
    Select search.
    In the look for box, type Hstart, and then click the next button.
    It will show you the research register.
    If it finds all entries, you can delete the key.
    The executable file is hstart.exe.

    Change the settings of the REGISTRY can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the REGISTRY settings configuration can be solved. Changes to these settings are at your own risk...

    NTWindows is the manufacturer of the software and have forums you can ask questions about Hidden Start.

    I hope this helps.


  • Replication between two sites with essential Kit more

    Hi all

    can anyone confirm that the following scenario is possible?

    A basic Kit Plus - replication - another essential Kit Plus
    3 Hosts                                                                      Other 3 Hosts

    In other words: is it possible to replicate virtual machines between two sites, each managed by a single essential Kit Plus (outside the bounds of the CV)?

    I'm sure that is correct, but I want to be sure.

    Thank you guys!


    Yes, you can use replication between vCenters thus vSphere. To do that you would like to devices VR is deployed to each vCenter and then connect them. How to do this is described in the VR installation and config and administrative documents.

    BTW, my name is GS.

    See you soon!

  • Problem set up RV connection between two sites

    Dear all,

    I'm putting a replication for some virtual machines from the production site to a recovery site. The two sites are on ESXi with vCenter 5.5 5.5 with their own AD domains. The connection between them is done with customer VPN Cisco of DR site in Production site.

    I installed SRM 5.5.1 on two places and I was able to successfully combine the two sites. The State of them is CONNECTED on both sites. On both environments, I deployed unit of replication vsphere and that they are properly registered on the two vCenters.

    The problem is that when I try to configure the connection of VR, I get the following error:

    VRM Server generic error. Please see the documentation for troubleshooting information. The detailed exception is: '"HmsServiceInstance" thrown an unexpected exception "' with message '' when calling method of managed objects' getContent".

    I get this error from two different points.

    I can't do a ping on the two sites using the FULL domain name and I've tried the following article:

    VMware KB: Configuration to connect to the VR in VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager server reports the error:' managed objectives...

    Could you please help me solve this problem.

    Thank you

    Aleksandar Aleksandrov


    In fact the two devices needs a connection between them as they periodically exchange messages for the two sites must be able to connect to vCenter Server port 80.

    Thank you


  • Why are there two sites Adobe Muse by Adobe?

    Why Adobe has two large Muse following Web sites:

    I spent the last month trying to find resources, help, all stuck extended tutorial in site 1 above. Just today, I found the second site above and it is with the help of google to search of muse... What's worse, is that there is no link to everything I could find between the two site. Web site 2 above seems to have much more info on Muse than site 1 above. They both seem to be managed by Adobe.

    I've always had difficulties to navigate the Adobe website and now I find stuff like above. Very frustrating. I can't conceive a reason why Adobe still do this. Nor have links with Adobe TV with muse tutorials... who knows what other pages of Adobe, under the aegis of Adobe, with help/tutorials/resources for Muse and other applications are 'hidden' where you have to use google to find web pages.

    I wish that Adobe affineraient their Web site... I love the apps, but the site looks such a mess and a hodgepodge of pages whose half seems that all break the link, but with the same information to the application.

    The Adobe website uses the same structure for all the product pages. With Muse being a relatively new product in the area of web design, the Muse team themselves have added their own website where they can add as many resources as they wish. It is not possible to add these resources on the main site.

    The second site is one you should use to Muse that the first is just the basic selling stuff.

  • Two sites that I go to every day are not in a format of Web page on the screen.

    After the latest Mozilla update, there are two sites that I go to every day. These sites are not formatted in Web page format. For example, a site is my century e-mail account link. I can connect on e-mail, but the page that is displayed indicates and looks like a Microsoft Word document. The other Web site is my online banking Web site. No other site don't give me wrong.

    You can attach a screenshot?

    Use a type of compressed as PNG or JPG image to save the screenshot.

    Reload Web pages and ignore the cache to refresh potentially stale or corrupt.

    • Hold SHIFT and click reload.
    • Press 'Ctrl + F5' or 'Ctrl + Shift + R' (Windows, Linux)
    • Press 'Command + shift + R' (MAC)

    Clear the cache and cookies from sites that cause problems.

    "Clear the Cache":

    • Tools > Options > advanced > network > content caching Web: 'clear now '.

    'Delete Cookies' sites causing problems:

    • Tools > Options > privacy > Cookies: "show the Cookies".

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do not click on the reset button on the start safe mode window or make changes.

    Also, make sure that your security (firewalls, anti-virus) software is blocking the files or modify response headers causing Firefox to get the pages as text/plain instead of text/html.

    You can check that in tools > Page Info > general and in the net Web Console log (Web Developer > Web Console;) CTRL + SHIFT + K).

  • Firefox is not fully load site Barclaycard of authentication. It load regarding the demand for certain letters in my password but does not load the button 'Submit', so I can't continue with my purchase and I switch to IE8 browser to buy whatever it is ov

    Firefox is not fully load site Barclaycard of authentication. It load regarding the demand for certain letters in my password but does not load the button 'Submit', so I can't continue with my purchase and I switch to IE8 browser to buy anything on the internet. Clues?

    This has happened

    A few times a week

    Is a few weeks ago

    Your UserAgent string in Firefox is totally messed up by another program that you have installed and Barclays does not know you use Firefox 3.6.6 - it is probably similar to IE 6.0 on this site.

    type of topic: config in the URL bar and press ENTER.
    If you see the warning, you can confirm that you want to access this page.
    Filter = general.useragent.
    Preferences are "BOLD", a line at a time, and then select reset, right click
    Then restart Firefox

  • Can someone explain why these two paintings 'look' different even if they are from the same source?

    Hi all!

    I'm just curious, why these two tables are different and are they really different in terms of structure, even if they are from the same source? The left is the exit of tdms get properties and the other is a power of arry auto indexed.


    No doubt, you are referring to the visual aspect, since the data are the same. One of them uses a different type of indicator of the chain. You probably click right and choose 'create-> Indicator '. When you perform this LabVIEW will use the same style of indicator as what sub-VI/uses. In case you made directly from the PDM function, but the other was created between the autoindex loop tunnel for, in the second he used everything that was default in your preferences.

  • How can you re-0arrange photos as soon as they are in a folder?

    How to re - organize photos as soon as they are in a folder?

    Hi, Hollinsiam,

    What version of Windows are you using?

    Open the folder


    Point to sort by

    Select from the available options

    If he makes reference to SkyDrive, follow the directions here

    Another option is given by Bruce Hagen

    Work with files and folders

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    in my computer laptop network xp home in my network places can not see the two other vista computers portable altought they can see xp laptop computer and access this computer laptop xp shared docs, laptops 2 vista can see eachother so working group name is on all computers the same portable 3, all are connected etc. What can I do to see the portable 2 on my computer vista laptop xp

    Hi wiking17,
    Follow the suggestion given in the article below to resolve this issue:
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  • Two sites, each site UC520

    If I have two sites (main & distance - in the same city), both with a UC520 at each site, can I use the SIP trunks on the main site for incoming and outgoing calls to the remote site?  In other words, I have 2 DIDs.  I would like to assign a DID to ring located on the site main and second DID to ring located at the remote site.  Is this possible with dial peers custom and profiles of translation?

    IPsec VPN will be established between the two sites.  I'll give you two sites with POTS as a backup in case of failure SIP or VPN.

    Is there any sample configs that I can refer?

    Well Yes, you can do it.  You go just to have a dial-peer that designates in the remote MAN at the CME HQ for PSTN numbers.  And conversely, you'll dial-peers on HW to repoint DIDs from the remote site to this device.

  • Hi, on some sites of adobe muse, when I load, I get a mobile version of the site (on a laptop). I tried to remove the 'phone' and the words after that on the address bar and even cleaned my browser, but the problem still exists. What can be the reason? I'

    Hi, on some sites of adobe muse, when I load, I get a mobile version of the site (on a laptop). I tried to remove the 'phone' and the words after that on the address bar and even cleaned my browser, but the problem still exists. What can be the reason? I am using Lenovo y50... help me please

    The y50 Lenovo is a hybrid and that manufacturers are especially ThinkPads, I guess that Adobe sees it as such is why you get the phone display.

    However, you can delete the 5876 to get a view of the desktop and all do it muse site

    for example, the home page

    change the /phone/index.html to to see the office... I suppect you forgot the slash so delete/phone phone not only

    Office ex = yourweb page | Home

Maybe you are looking for

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    Yesterday morning, I was able to select the day I wanted to see, but I checked and noticed an updated with no date range in the afternoon.  I want to keep track of that which is seen day after day, not a week.  Help?

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    There are several sites marked on my list of bookmarked on my ipad, but when I try to delete some of them, the star is not blue. If I do blue, it added the site again to my list. Then I can remove this site by clicking on the Blue Star, but the origi

  • Says Vista system AG Searchhook class is running and the original internet is slow

    my computer says I have class searchhook ag running and slowing down my internet what? and how can I get rid of it please any help. * original title - this IS THAT AG SEARCHHOOK CLASS *.