Type of Conversion rate by default FAH

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FAH, you can assign the source of the 'Type of default Conversion rate' system for the accounting attribute "type of conversion rate. Great! But what type of rate if it picks up, where you set a default rate type?

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I doubt it was coded correctly.
You might get an error when using this source.
Please check with the help of the Oracle, if you are facing a problem.


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    "Specified clock rate is lower than the minimum conversion rate of the ADC." Your data may be invalid.

    The material I have is a Multifunction PCI-6115 data acquisition of NOR.  If I am interested in signal above 100 Hz can I safely ignore this warning or what I taste to 50 kHz and then have labview re - sample data at 1 kHz?

    Hi, according to the specifications you are limited by a minimum of 20 kS/s sampling rate. anything weaker that should give you the same error, because this is a physical limitation of the card is using the internal sample clock.

  • data form for the opening of the conversion rate

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    Actual spending; 2005; January; Periodic report; [None]; [None]; AverageRate; [ICP no]; USD; EUR; [None]; [None]; 1.05742

    I'm new to HFM and any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you

    This looks good to me. C1 will be USD and C2 will be EUR entity will be [none]. Choose USD and EUR in C1 and C2, make sure to change the 'Selector' drop-down list on the form of "currency".

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    Hi bryznet


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    I hope this helps.

  • Add or remove an element of type strict def changes the default cluster cluster?

    Hi all

    I have a big type strict def cluster.  I put it in a vi with all default values.  The problem is, every time that I add or remove an item from the strict type def, I find the change in values of default cluster, they all went.

    Anyway to fix this?

    Thanks for any help.


    Could join you the "ctl" instead? Also, what is your version of LabVIEW?

  • Rate of default reminder


    What the default call rate is set at an EX / C to reach

    1 1080 P

    2 720 P

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi George

    the ex - series_administrator_guide_tc5.1.pdf

    BR Oleksandr

  • Conversion rates for simultaneous data acquisition

    I use a Mech multifunction data acquisition. / s/SMU-6366. The maximum sampling frequency for the analog inputs is 2 MHz. Is the time of actual conversion of CDA always 0.5µs, or t - it change with the evolution of the sampling frequency? Can I set the time of the conversion? Reading, looks with peripheral multiplex, you can set convert it clock and the sample separately clock. What is with simultaneous data acquisition?

    Hi Daniel K..

    It is a big question. I wonder if you get any errant behaviour - your card is not up samples as you hope?

    Here is some information that might help you:

    What kind of analog-digital converters are used in National Instruments hardware DAQ Multifunction...

    Wikipedia: successive approximations ADC

    I'm not sure exactly what happens, but dare a guess time digitizing ADC does not vary with the frequency of sampling.  And it will also be more than 0.5 US - it is more than likely faster than that.

    I hope this helps.  Good luck with your application!

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    Now I have the value '060618' and I need to convert it to type date so I can list the comics of today, but also perhaps the last five days of a value.

    Thank you.


    The following returns jj/mm/aa

  • What is the difference between 'spot' and 'corporate' of the conversion rate

    Hi all.
    I'm really confused about this.
    can someone give an example.


    Please see if (Note: 123542,1 - rate frequently asked Questions) help.

    Kind regards

  • When you upgrade to a new version your catalogs remain intact or you have to do some type of conversion?

    I think the PSE9 upgrade to the latest version. The only thing stopping me is thatI have spent a LOT of time to organize my photos and want to ensure that the organization is still there after the upgrade.

    With version 6 or later, you need not additional steps. When you install the current version, you automatically get the option to convert the current catalog of your old version. If you do not immediately agree, we will create an empty catalog; you will be able to convert all your catalogs successively from the Catalog Manager. You can even convert the same catalog several times.

    The old catalog is always available for the old version of the element, but it is renamed with the suffix-1.

  • Problem with the conversion date by default.


    I use JDeveloper I have a 'read-only through sql access' VO in which I defined a query to retrieve the attribute "issuedate" of a table. The query is as follows:
    select to_date(issuedate,'dd-Mon-yyyy') issuedate from administration_circulars
    I tried using a spreadsheet sql and it worked fine (for example, it returns 'January 16, 13')

    However, in my application, I have a system on a chip to display this attribute. When I try to launch the application, I get "13/01/16. Anyone has any idea on this? I even tried to change the format from data of the user interface in the view object to 'none' so far so 'simple' value 'dd-Mon-yyyy', but it works at all.

    Thank you


    Have you tried it in a sql worksheet?
    It should return the date in the format as a string.


  • Can not update exchange rate Type in the Planning Application


    I have a planning multi-currency application that I have synced from our shared Liabrary. I created arrays of currency in our scenarios (Budget rates & real) and entered the end & avearge rate (also deployed the application). However when I run the script of coversion of default currency I don't see the number of converts, but I get the same numbers in the converted currency (which means that the data is copied by other currencies scripts, but are not converted). The shared library shows the Type of exchange rate for the account dimension members, however in the application, I see the disabled Exchange rate Type (watch 'None') field. According to me, the problem of currency conversion is maybe not definition of the Type of exchange rate.

    Please help and sugget how to activate (select end/medium) type exchange rate... to members of my account.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Member account must have "Currency" data type

  • I want to set the default action for a file type.

    When I installed a photo editor the default action has changed from ""Preview " to 'Open'."  I want to return to "Preview".  Someone at - he had success with this?

    You can try your idea as an experimental, if you don't do that you export .jpg any key for simple restoration (import) in the registry.  Or create a restore point from the system to use.  Don't forget that my machine isn't your machine, so he could have probably NOT the goal in all cases.

    Have a look at the default programs in Control Panel.  Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set default programs.

    See which by default is actually set to "Windows Photo Viewer.  Click on the words "Windows Photo Viewer", then "choose default program".   Whatever file types you set as the default value for "Windows Photo Viewer" should give you the option to preview "BOLD" as the first and default option on right click for this particular file type.

    Then, you should probably use the Edit option to open a file for editing if you wanted to not just previsualisez?

  • How to hide the default text once the departure of the user to type the value?

    Hi all

    I use JDeveloper11.1.1.4. My scenario is that I have the login with the username and password fields page. Need to field of password to display the default, text give your password here! Start the user to type the password for the default text should be disappear. (E.G. Gmail login page). Is this possible in the components of the ADF, or I need to use JavaScript to achieve this scenario.

    Thank you


    Hi David,

    See also Oracle ADF | WebCenter tips tricks and experiences: watermark to display on af:inputText in ADF 11 g using javscript

    Thank you


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    I got it ;-).

    There seems to be one for me unexpected behavior:

    If you add the link to the workflow runtime using the following syntax:

    what you want to write

    the property presentation as well as actions for these properties work fine.

    If please select the workflow in the client and press CTRL + C (to copy) and paste it into a txt file.

    Could you confirm please?

    Thank you very much


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