type only the characters not letters

To reinstall OS X after that computer had to be completely erased.  Now trying to do, only the characters type and no letter. Help please.

Still, Apple wrote:

Only the characters type and no letter.

Letters are also 'characters', you will need to provide more detailed information.  When you press the asdf keys, do you have ass∂ƒ?  or AIII? or what?

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  • Apparently I have inadverdently clicked on something that has changed my address book listings to show only the first three letters of each name.

    the column showing my address book now shows only the first three characters of each name
    It's as if they have all been abbreviated

    I try to decipher the names of these three characters before clicking on
    to see the
    address window of the person with all of the information

    I'd like to be able to read the name first & last as before

    Thanks in advance

    Try dragging the column header to create the wider column

  • Show only the value not save to the database based on the dynamic action

    Nice day
    I have a select box with products and dynamic action that updates a single display element with the price, based on the selection of products.
    Once the selection is made and the page is submitted, I noticed that the price is not stored in the database. If I change the display
    only the value of a text box, the data is saved. This is expected behavior? If so, can I add something to the text box to make it uneditable?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Version is Application Express


    stmontgo wrote:
    Thanks for your advice. I changed the STATE of SESSION SAVE Yes with the other values remains the same, as they met to your recommendations.
    When I change the value, I get the error below. It's maybe because the value is taken from a dynamic action?

    Yes. That would mean there isn't an item "view only". The value is changed by the browser.

    You might change view as textitem and set read-only by adding the ReadOnly attribute to the property attributes of HTML form elements .

  • When I add a video on my calendar, it allows only the audio, not the video. It is in MOV format.

    I'm working on my first project with elements first, and when I add a video to my computer, it will add it only for audio, not the film section. All my files are in MOV format. I am able to open the same file in Microsoft Movie Maker, but not in the first of the elements.


    Your specifications video camera and your lack of QuickTime presets, it's almost a certainty that the installation of the first Elements needed as QuickTime will solve your problem.

    What could be your problem is the use of a video codec MotionJPEG for your video. Your camera seems to offer MotionJPEG video codec, but only as an .avi file. The video codec that goes with the file from your camera .mov is H.264. Thus, with an extension of the .mov file, you do not have the question common to Premiere Elements MotionJPEG any version.

    Please let us know if the installation of QuickTime works for you. It should based on what I've read online on your camera and knowing the requirement of Premiere Elements for QuickTime.

    Thank you.


  • Try to install Photoshop Elements, but the serial number check.  It will only allow me to type in numbers, but not letters.  Have you ever heard it?


    I just bought photoshop elements and cannot type my serial number.  Do not type the letters, but the numbers will be. Have you ever heard something like that?  Can you help me?

    You may have a redemption code that must be converted to a serial number.


  • error code 646 will let only the dates not be installed

    will not install all updates windows 17 to be exact its been like that for a few months now. It says error 646 and used to install these updates.  I get many other updates installed, but I can never install these 17.

    A KB was created for 646 error code that appears during the installation of the updates of Microsoft Office. The KB includes an automatedMicrosoft fix 50461 that corrects the problem. Look at the following KB:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2258121>

    Please let us know if that helps.

  • Pavilion G6: Word prints only the rest not

    Microsoft Word does not print.  Alternated program print very well.  I reloaded Word and print driver for my printer.  How can I get Word to print?

    I removed the printer and then reinstalled and now word prints very well.

  • How to print only the sticky notes.

    How can I print just my sticky notes or comments about Adobe Reader?

    The catalog dialog click comments summarize.

  • Why DurationElement is not blocking the characters not substituted?

    In OSMF 0.95, I used successfully a DurationElement to implement a framework simple poster, using a composition of series built as follows:

    var posterImageEl: MediaElement =

    mediaFactory.createMediaElement (new URLResource (...));

    durationEl var: MediaElement =

    new DurationElement (0.0001, posterImageEl);

    var videoEl: VideoElement =

    VideoElement (mediaFactory.createMediaElement (new URLResource (...)));

    videoEl.defaultDuration = 31.67;

    var el: SerialElement = new SerialElement();

    (durationEl) el.addChild;

    el.addChild (videoEl);

    With the media player AutoPlay property set to false, after loading, the image of the poster was posted. When the player started playing, the image of the poster disappeared and read video. This is the desired behavior.
    This code has stopped working in OSMF 1.0. After loading, nothing is displayed. The image of the poster is not displayed until the player starts to play.
    I found the cause of the problem. In OSMF 1.0, the class of DurationElement block exposure of all traits not substituted when the element is neither play nor suspended. In particular, it blocks the exhibition of the characteristic of the display object until the item is played. If my image of the poster does not appear until the player starts to play.
    I was able to work around the problem by commenting the line of code in DurationElement which blocks the line of display object. I replaced lines 250 to 259:

    private public static const ALL_OTHER_TRAITS:Vector. < String > = new Vector. < String > ();


    / / Everything but LOAD, SEARCH, PLAY and TIME.

    ALL_OTHER_TRAITS.push (MediaTraitType.AUDIO);

    ALL_OTHER_TRAITS.push (MediaTraitType.BUFFER);


    ALL_OTHER_TRAITS.push (MediaTraitType.DRM);

    ALL_OTHER_TRAITS.push (MediaTraitType.DVR);




    private static const ALL_OTHER_TRAITS:Vector. < String > = new Vector. < String > ();


    Everything except LOAD, SEARCH, PLAY and TIME.

    ALL_OTHER_TRAITS.push (MediaTraitType.audio);

    ALL_OTHER_TRAITS.push (MediaTraitType.buffer);


    ALL_OTHER_TRAITS.push (MediaTraitType.DRM);

    ALL_OTHER_TRAITS.push (MediaTraitType.DVR);



    With this change, my code once more to work correctly, and the image of the poster is displayed when loading.
    So my question is: in OSMF 1.0, why DurationElement blocking features not to be overridden when the element is neither game nor paused? My solution is likely to lead to some kind of problem, I'm not aware of that?
    A related question:
    In the ExamplePlayer example, there is a poster frame example that uses a class named PosterFrameElement that extends from ImageElement to add a dash of game, as well as a class named PosterFramePlayTrait that extends from PlayTrait to stop as soon as it is played. Is - that the best way to make posters simple frames? This approach seems to be too complicated compared to my attempt to (perhaps naïve?) simple to use a DurationElement.

    The change you are referring was in response to this bug:


    Basically, before the fix for FM - 719, the proxiedElement of her DurationElement would expose his features even when the playback head was not the beach of the DurationElement.  This proves to be problematic if her DurationElement was placed in a SerialElement, in what traits would be exposed even when him DurationElement wasn't the current child.  Usually this isn't a problem, but if you have a SerialElement (with a DurationElement) which is in parallel with something longer, then her DurationElement will expose his features, even when its duration is reached, which is unlikely to be an expected result.  So, your solution would solve your problem, but this could introduce problems in the case where the DurationElement is used by other means (no-shows framework).

    The example of ExamplePlayer circumvents the whole issue of the times by mapping the poster in the "play" operation frame display  In general, it is a useful model to use to include pieces isolated from the logic that must be performed immediately (BeaconElement uses the same schema).  I agree that it is more complicated than the direct use of a DurationElement, but it is much less fragile because it does not depend on the calendar somehow.

  • can I move the characters not, IE just do lip sync movements and eye?

    I'm interested to know if this is possible, I would like to do for example so that I can export the lip sync to a 3d application and use as animated texture. The movement, followed head would destroy that illusion, however.

    Also, you may be able to put just the face head Position/scale/Tilt force behavior and resistance of Parallax to 0.

  • My support of virus deleted some files from my pc... now one of programs displays only the code not text

    "+ __flash__argumentsToXML (arguments, 0) +" ")) ;}'" close = "function () {return eval (instance." "(CallFunction (" "+ __flash__argumentsToXML (arguments, 0) +" ")) ;}. Open = "function () {return eval (instance." "(CallFunction (" "+ __flash__argumentsToXML (arguments, 0) +" ")) ;}. setVolume = "function () {return eval (instance." CallFunction("" +)

    Can you please provide some context?

  • How can I type the characters printed in green on the keyboard of Acer aspire switch 10?

    My (Northern) keyboard on my Acer Aspire switch 10 has some characters printed in green. This includes the backslash character I need desperately. However, I can't find any information in the manual or elsewhere about access (type) these characters. Help, please!

    I tried now. With the help of the button Fn-type only the characters printed in blue. The backslash is printed in green, as is the Danish æ and 0-slash (o). Explaining the problem to my wife, she wanted to give it a go. And to my surprise it resolved in less than a minute. I had missed that the backslash WAS ALSO printed in white on the same key as + and? so, to be able to type it, all I have to do is pressed the Alt - Gr key pressing this key. Stupid of me to do not see it the first time around.

    Getting back to the question initial on the characters printed in green, I came to the conclusion that it is "conversion" of the keyboard in a Danish provision of individual countries by specifying this keyboard layout in Windows settings. Similarly, there are a few characters printed in red. I assume these are Norwegians.

    This type of complexity, that's what you get when manufacturers want to reduce country-variants for as little as possible, I guess.

    So all is well here

    For reference, I enclose a picture of my keyboard

  • Everything my daughter Pat on Firefox, it displays only the numbers, why? yboard types only

    Its keyboard functions normally everywhere outside of Firefox, including other browsers. In the Firefox browser, each keystroke releases only the numbers.

    I'm glad that you have solved the problem after trying safe mode.

    I note the software GuardedID does not seem to be designed to work with Firefox, at least on Windows Vista, by this faq, it is slow: http://www.guardedid.com/support_faq.aspx#EBCDA

    And other FAQ, on the same web page, to mention going out of sync and producing numbers when you type.

    No doubt the other thread you found was: numbers of types only Firefox instead of letters

    I wonder if a better solution to prevent the strikes may have an including installed AV security suite.

  • On initial Setup, I enter a computer name using only valid characters and get an error message saying that some characters are not valid.

    I installed Win7 using a .wim that I used successfully several times before. The .wim is on my USB and the computer is not connected to the network. Using a disk to start Windows PE and imagex, I applied the image. When Windows 7 was started for the first time and prompted me to a computer name, I entered a name with only lower and upper case characters. An error message told me that some characters that I had used were not valid and listed the characters not valid, which I had used.

    What is my next course of action?

    I did a hard reboot and Windows later accepted my computer name.

    This has been resolved.

  • Characters not visible (caused by hitting the bar space or TAB in PL/SQL developer tool) causing slow running query? and database with low performance?

    Hi all

    I need your help to get this issue resolved its urgent and I'm not able to get to the conclusion. Here is my scenario, I'm getting slow query runs because of some non-visible characters that are copied with the application of the PL/SQL developer tool. Please find below attached screenshot: Oracle_Issue


    Note: This non-visible characters are caused when we write the query then us hit the SPACEBAR or press TAB PL/SQL developer tool

    I use the developer tool PL/SQL to write or test the query. Now I take this request copy paste in my application of the company (who takes this query connects to Oracle or any source of data base, catch data and produce PDF reports for customers).

    Now, my client is the Oracle user when I write and you run this query by the PL/SQL Developer, it works fine, but when I paste in my Inbox feature request (reporting system) and run it, it runs slower and jams to the customer database. Now after a little research I found that when I copy the query directly from PL/SQL developer at my request, he copy some characters not visible (introduced when we press SPACE or TAB in PL/SQL developer tool when writing query) with the request, then I copy this query again to my box of the application Notepad and delete these non-visible characters. Now, after removing the non-visible characters again once I copy backup question in my application and run the query, it works normally. Please find below attached screenshot: Oracle_Issue 2


    So I think that the cause of slow performance is due to some INVISIBLE CHARACTERS present in the query.

    My application uses SQL server 2008-2012 at the backend to store data from different sources.

    Character set used: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS

    To write and test queries: PL/SQL developer tool

    My Client use Oracle 11 g

    Character set used: Normal character: NLS_CHARACTER: AL16UTF16

    National Characeter: NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTER: WE8WIN1521

    I just wanted to know the blocking process to the top of the database and the characters not visible how affecting slow running query of query database.

    Please let me know if I'm missing something or you need more information on this issue.

    Thanks in advance,


    Simple answer. No.

    Spaces and line breaks do not change the execution plan created. Does not plan to run slower or faster.

Maybe you are looking for