TypeKit fonts do not display in my site after update of Muse.

They are visible in "Design" but not in "Preview" and published site.

Sorry for my bad English

I solved this problem. It was bad DNS from my internet provider. I put google public DNS and it works.

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  • Typekit fonts may not display on a mirror of my site (area of replacement) version.

    Hi all

    I'm trying to track down why my typekit fonts will be displayed correctly on my main domain: nicksava.com, but do not seem to load for users or myself on my area of replacement: nicksavarese.com

    To work around the problem, I understand that I can just download the same site on the FTP server to the two addresses - but I currently have domain forwarding set up to mirror the site and prefer to keep it that way.

    All advice is appreciated. Thank you!

    The instant kit on your site does not list the area that you are having problems with. In order to have the fonts to load up on nicksavarese.com, you will need to add to your list of domains.

    Here's how to add another site to the list:

    1) go to Muse and choose the option "Export to HTML".

    (2) you will be asked to provide a list of domain names for export. Make sure you add all your domains to this list.

    (3) upload the new HTML to your web server and Typekit fonts will begin work in a few minutes.

    If please give that a try and let me know if you have other questions.

    Best regards


  • Typekit fonts do not display in iPad app DPS (created by Indesign) in Web content (leading edge)

    I think I tried every permutation to make this work, but probably miss me something.

    I'm creating a single application iPad DPS with InDesign, and I use a Typekit font throughout.  So far so good.

    I created a project to animate Dashboard using the same Typekit fonts.  In preview mode, this makes it very well.

    However, when I place the project dashboard animate in a frame in InDesign and use the Web Content Overlay Folio (I have use the .oam file or directly link output .html published by Animate), Typekit fonts will not appear in the dashboard part animate DPS app and use instead a rescue police.

    Can anyone suggest a way to make edge Typekit fonts animate the work when they are incorporated into a DPS app?  (For what it's worth, I have the same problem when the incorporation of output html of tumult Hype, it seems unlikely that this is a problem with edge animate at all and probably more to do with something in the way that the DPS application deals with embedded html content has.)

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hey cp_level,

    Unfortunately Typekit fonts don't lend themselves well to borad distrubition you must define on site that the police is broadcast. For example, I want my fonts for display on www.mysite.com--je must go to Typekit and explicitly define www.mysite.com in the list of allowed sites, otherwise the police appears. It is a requirement on the side of Typekit so people can tear off the embed of someone other site code and use it on their own.

    As your digital publication does not have a site that can be defined, your fonts will not be shown by the use of HTML content incorporated (including Animate) with DPS. Typekit Fonts of office work as expected because they get shipped with the release with another Office font you use.

    Now if you are uncomfortable with using online-only, you could find a suitable replacement using Edge Web fonts that don't require site definition. If you have a police office that you want to use WITH the EULA, suitable for web use, you can use a web font generating service as FontSquirrel and incorporate locally with Animate.


    Sarah Hunt

    Product Manager, Adobe Edge animate

  • Bandcamp player is not loading on my site after updating firefox to 23.01

    the page --------------------------
    the player must appear inside the box after "listening".

    Hello tzitzipou, it of the new blocker of mixed content at work - for details, please refer to https://blog.mozilla.org/tanvi/2013/04/10/mixed-content-blocking-enabled-in-firefox-23/

    Bandcamp seems to support ssl in any way, so you can easily solve the problem by changing the url of the iframe embedded on your site to http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/... to https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/

  • Styles inline does not display in Design view after update (Mac)

    I use DW to create HTML emails that rely on tables for page layout styles and online for the appearance. After the recent update, none of my inline styles are in Design mode. It is a puzzle. The reason I use DW is to see what I'm doing visually.

    Everyone knows about this problem? SO annoying...

    I found a viable option if you don't mind add a bit of code to the top of your emails:

    • In the CSS designer pane, find "sources" and press the sign more.
    • Choose "set page.
    • DW adds in your head
    • The styles appear, even after closing and re-opening.

    I start my models HTML emails, and add the code via the method above for models seems to work for creating new files.

  • Typekit Fonts are not sync or activation

    My Typekit fonts do NOT work. My laptop has no problem, but on my iMac is not what works so that never.

    I already have the following...

    1 disconnect off Creative Cloud App, reboot the computer, new journal-ing (done several times)

    2. security settings etc. are are correct (firewall is disabled, app downloaded for Anywhere is turned on)

    3. close all adobe programs, restart the computer, re - open all programs and the CC App.

    I also run Suitcase Fusion, I quit and restart the computer. Open programs in different orders and still no luck.

    I run all programs and settings same as on my MacBook, even internet connection as well and nothing is working to get the fonts to synchronize.

    Out of the blue, they do not work and were yesterday.

    Help please! I lost so much time that should make money today to solve this problem!

    Police office synchronization works again. All the fonts you have selected in your Typekit account should begin automatic synchronization.

    You can also disable synchronization of the police in the application of creative cloud under the gear icon in the preferences > creative cloud > fonts (Typekit "power"), then turn again to start a new synchronization session.

    If please give that a try and tell me if you see other problems with synchronization of policies (here or at [email protected]).  Thank you


  • Typekit fonts do not sync

    Typekit fonts are not sync. I open an Illustrator file I created with Illustrator CC and now it says that some typekit fonts are missing. I'm going to Typekit and it shows that the fonts are available for desktop. I'm going to CC .app and it says in the section fonts that «synchronization of fonts is turned on...» »

    What the heck Adobe?

    Solve this problem!

    I'm tired of all this connecting what and CC portal just to work!

    I'm tired of it, really frustrated and tired of it.

    We do not get our money with all these questions.

    Adobe, you are NOT what you used to be. You have got worse, not better.

    It helped for me:

    Switch dimmed Typekit

    1 leave the desktop application Cloud Creative

    2. in the menu go to the Finder, select go to folder

    3. paste this path, and click OK:


    4. in the window that opens, you should see a list of files, including com.adobe.accmac.plist

    5. click on com.adobe.accmac.plist and rename it to com.adobe.accmac.plist.old. You will be asked to confirm that you want to change the .old extension.

    6. start the creative Cloud desktop application again.

  • Single-pass does not work for Web sites after the last update of firefox

    Single-pass does not work for Web sites after the last update of firefox. This works in IE and Chrome and it works under windows (when starting the computer), but not with any website in Firefox.

    Firefox 30 spent some less commonly used "Always turned on" plugins "asking to activate. To check and change this to SimplePass, you can use the page modules. Either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

    In the left column, click on Plugins. Then on the right, check the control on the right side of the SimplePass.

    You may need to exit Firefox and start it again before it takes effect.

    A little luck?

  • Language display button became unavailable after update

    Language display button became unavailable after update


    I use the Russian version of the HTC sense XE. After the last update button, triggering languages of entry become unavailable. So I can't type on my Russian servers.

    Someone knows something about this problem?

    My PocketCloud's Pro version.

    Max, St. Petersburg, Russia.

    Once again my apologies, we still don't officially supported the Russian language with our application. =\

    Josh Maurer
    Visit our web site books and the Knowledge Base at pocketcloudsupport.wyse.com

  • Typekit Adobe fonts will not display in any browser

    I'm working on this site: redsky.firthwebworks.com.au and think I've set up the kit and added the header properly code but does not display the fonts (teckton-pro). Any ideas?


    I'm sorry that you trouble with that! You have everything configured correctly in your kit, but there's a small typo in the CSS file:

    do-family: 'teckton-pro', Verdana, Helvetica, without serif.

    The font family name is Tekton Pro (without 'c').  If you change the CSS:

    do-family: 'tekton-pro', Verdana, Helvetica, without serif.

    the police will apply.

    Here is a screenshot I made this change in web development tools:

    If please give that a try and let me know if you have any other questions!  best,


  • Fonts are not displayed correctly

    Fonts not correctly displayed on some site like Google Play, my Web site.

    Also, I have disabled hardware acceleration because of this problem.
    https://support.Mozilla.org/questions/980215?ESAB=a & s = & r = 0 & s = ACE

    Any solution?

    By changing

    GFX. Direct2D false in about: config

    Solved my problem.

  • Web fonts are not displayed

    For some reason any my Firefox Installer does not display web fonts correctly - it may have done this before the upgrade 13. Is not serious if it's @font-face or Typekit or something else, we'll just to the bottom of the list of relief until it finds one that I installed on my computer.

    I went with the nuclear option and completely reset the FF. Now works.

  • Typekit fonts are not sync... help!

    For some reason, I was not able to sync Typekit fonts. On the site of typekit, they all say that they have synchronized and are ready to use but when I open Photoshop, none of them are there. I have a stable internet connection, I restarted the programs and my computer but nothing works. Any suggestions?

    Hi kellid,

    Please follow the steps in the link below.

    Fonts are loaded in TypeKit, but they tend to synchronize my Adobe software

    Let me know if it helps.

    ~ UL

  • Adobe Muse 2015 self hosted fonts do not display on the page

    I am new to Muse 2015 but not web design, started with UltraDev and DW CC. So, here's my problem, I have a web font that appears and makes it very well locally but when uploaded to the server and displays the web fonts shows not default to the friendly web police.

    The police's bleeding Cowboy and I used an FFT can fontsquirrel to convert it to a web font. Muse took the new time without problem. Any ideas on what's going on? Here's the URL


    On the page, the following text should be bleeding - Cowboy

    Extreme running

    Your only limit is that you

    Here is a link to the sites and the police



    Here is a link to the code.


    Thank you

    Fix. The following message appears in the console of Firefox inspector when I visit www.bigfootdesigns.com/web-dev/ngd/index.html

    the downloadable fonts: download failed (-font family: "__Bleeding Cowboys_5" style: normal weight: normal stretch: normal CBC index: 1): status = 2147746065 source: http://www.bigfootdesigns.com/web-dev/ngd/fonts/bleeding_cowboys-webfont.woff

    I see on your screenshot above that the WOFF is transferred to the intended location, so the hypothesis on a wrong configuration of web server seems the most plausible.


  • fonts do not display right

    I am creating a website with Muse and I need to use Scandic letters. But they do not seem to work. I tried both web and web safe fonts, but the letters still are not displayed. I closed the Muse and relaunced it without success. I use the latest version. In previous versions, I have no such problems.

    The site is www.sumiaispiiras.com I really need help to solve this young.

    Hi Eija,

    Thanks for your update on that. So to sum up, the question turns out to be the encoding of the host used for your files and it must be utf-8 for a generated web site of muse.

    - Abhishek Maurya

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