U20115 error message


I got this U20115 error message, when I started to change things in a show of telling. Muse always chrashes downwards.

Anyone know a solution?

Thanks for help sour,

WolframBildschirmfoto 2016-09-01 um 12.47.47.png

Hello Wolfram,

Please click on the slide show in full and select ' copy the text formatting to > all breakpoints '

Now please check if Muse crashes or not.

Thank you


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    reinstall everything, your mail and the setting will not be affected and any other file is corrupted will be if all goes well replaced.

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    For a few months (end of 2015) Firefox returned an error of "secure connection failed" when I try to access my account at a major insurance. The site worked fine in Firefox for years and works very well with Microsoft Edge, but I prefer to use Firefox. The link "more info" in the error message indicates that the message the site uses outdated TLS security and I have to contact the owners to tell them to update. I've tried and failed; Blue Cross makes it even more difficult to "contact us" that Mozilla does.

    Why is there no no "I trust this site - go anyway" option? I'm experienced enough to make my own decisions of safety.

    Thank you! The security.tls.version.max had been "user set" with a value of 1, and I have reset as you indicated. The value is now 3 and I could access my Blue Cross account normally.

    I guess that dates this problem when I got my new computer and did a new install of Firefox to August 10. The TLS parameter is perhaps one provided with the download.

    BTW, I noticed BitDefender in the news of the page also. The error page didn't identify its source; 'other info' led to support from Mozilla, but I was wondering if my antivirus was the culprit. Apparently, this is the setting in place of security of Firefox.

    Problem solved, thank you, jscher2000!

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