Hello, I bought the monitor U2412M some time ago and am very satisfied. I would like to ask something thouh. I always use the power button / stop to turn it on when I turn on my PC and it turns off when I turn my PC off. Should I just leave it on all the time so that things would turn out when I turn on the main switch for my power outlet (which feeds my PC, monitor and other devices)? Could monitor will suffer such use ok that would be OK? Thank you! :)


Hi Bellzemos,

When you turn off the computer, the monitor goes into stand by mode. The monitor consumes negligible energy in stand mode.

When you turn off the power, the monitor turns off completely. When you switch on the network once again, if the previous status of the monitor was on, it will start automatically without having to press the power button on it.

I suggest you connect your computer and the monitor to a surge protector in order to avoid any damage due to a power surge.

I hope this helps.

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  • U2412M, is no longer recognized by Windows 10?


    I have a Dell XPS and two monitors Dell, a U2412M and a U2415. Yesterday, I had to do a Windows 10 reset due to a software problem. However, now 10 Windows recognizes only the U2415. The U2412M he sees as a generic PnP monitor and sets a horrible resolution of 640 x 480, which is unusable.  Previously both monitors worked fine on Windows 10. I spent much of yesterday with the support staff of Microsoft, without success.  I can't find a Windows 10 driver for this monitor.  I know that I probably should have checked for a first driver, but I can't say that I have never had a problem with a monitor when changing the operating system.

    Any suggestions?


    I had exactly the same problem. I use Win 10 and U2412M for 9 months without problem and then all of a sudden a couple of days resolution has been reset and he used the generic PnP Monitor driver. Further details on a post I did in Windows Secrets Lounge at the link below:


    I finally fixed it by swapping CPU of VGA/DVI monitor connection using the lower connector on the CPU. I rebooted and immediately returned to the correct resolution.

  • Where can I download DUCCS to calibrate the screens U2415 and U2412M?

    Hi, I would like to calibrate two monitors, a new U2415 and a three or four-year-old U2412M. I saw the documentation for a tool of Reference called Dell Dell Ultrasharp Color Calibration System (DUCCS), but I am unable to find a download for it on the Dell site page - other links I found simply go to the launch of Dell support page.

    The oldest set U2412M to the point an artifact pronounced as a task of water on the right side (as U2412M that guy) and it moved slightly purple. The new U2415 seems that it might be a bit too yellow. They are quite different side-by-side, and I would be recognizing a tool that can help me calibrate the two as well as possible.

    Thank you!

    * CN0CFV9N7426167D269L
    * Self-assembled Asus P6X58D PREMIUM (LGA1366), Intel Core i7 930
    Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit
    * Sapphire AMD Radeon R9 Vapor-X 280 x
    * Crimson 16.7.3
    * DP, HDMI, DVI x 2
    * 1.2 Mini-DP on the U2415 DP, DP, DP with the U2412M possible
    * Reference Dell DP to the Mini-DP on U2415 cable, certified Accel VESA 10 ft DP to DP on U2412M
    * High performance

    * 1920 x 1200 for both
    * U2415 just bought Dell U2412M probably from Newegg

    Unfortunately, neither the U2415 nor the U2412M are supported by DUCCS. You need search and purchase a 3rd party colorimeter and software to calibrate the screens. The burrs on the U2412M is the default of yogore / mura and it cannot be resolved. Everything what we would have done is Exchange under the 3 years warranty period purchased.

  • Double U2412m installation on an edition of founders of MSI GeForceGTX 1080


    Is it possible to connect two monitors u2412m to the graphics card MSI 1080 FE with two DisplayPort cables. The monitor has a DP, but I don't know how it works. The video card has the following products: x 3 (Version 1.4) of DisplayPort / HDMI (Version 2.0) / DL-DVI-D

    How this configuration? What kind of cables/adapters are to be provided?

    Thank you!

    Hi softerthansteel,

    You can just use normal cables DisplayPort for touch screens, so one cable for each monitor to the graphics card. Another option would be to HDMI/DVI (for one of the cables because the card is 2.0 and the other DisplayPort, but I recommend you stick with the DisplayPort cables). The card will have no problem to drive the two U2412M for etc. Extended desktop.

    I hope this helps.


  • U2412M, error DDM, not supported


    I use windows 7 on a desktop computer. my graphics card is Nvidia quadro FX580 (the driver version)

    I can see the display in Device Manager, it is not identified as Dell U2412M (Display port)

    Manager display of Dell (1.27.1792) is not identify the monitor. I get a balloon message, saying he needs a Dell monitor supported. Old version of the DDM was not working either.

    The screen is connected via the HDMI port on the graphics card. I tried the DVI connection as well, but same result.

    Only one monitor is connected to the computer. DDC/CI, on the screen is activated.

    I am using resolution is 1920 by 1200 @ 60 Hz

    Thank you



    Unfortunately, the U2412M is not supported by the DDM (Dell display Manager). It was an error in the web on page drivers U2412M. DDM requires a monitor Dell model year 2013 or newer. Note that there is no user Guide of a DDM on the U2412M page:

  • (Redirected) Monitor DELL U2412M - light problems


    I just bought a DELL U2412M monitor, but have problems with its brightness settings. I found extremely bright, can't spend too much time in front of him without having headaches, at the present time, this monitor is useless for me. If I decrease the brightness of the Panel, it helps a little, but only if the brightness is of ~ 10, which is too low to produce a screen the user can enjoy. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you


    Best of this post in the Forum of monitors, here:



  • Reference Dell place 11 Pro and 2 x U2412m

    Our company Installer

    -Dock revision A01.

    -A11 BIOS on a 7130

    -Driver 3496_A02

    -DP - DP Dell U2412m don't works

    -HDMI - DVI Dell U2412m works fine

    We also try active adapters, but it does not work too. With the DP to DP cable the U2412m is recognized by Windows 8.1 64 bit with other cables of nothing.

    Already talk to the Dell Support without any solution they told me it was a problem with the docking station you have version 1.0 of DP and our monitors 1.2 DP which does not. I don't want to believe this response. Sometimes, when I installed a different video driver 3 display will light for a few seconds, but after installation always the same problem. Hope the new driver brings the solution for us.


    The only solution I found (to make V11Pro on docking station to work with U2412M on DP) is to downgrade the video driver version A00.

  • U2412M, border of screen problem


    My Dell U2412m has this problem where the edges of the screen (I mean within the visible area, not the covers) displayed a configuration stripped during cold boots. To be precise, these border areas appear foggy/cloudy motive which disappears slowly after about 10-15 minutes of use, but come back every time I start the monitor. I had this problem for some time. Would appreciate any suggestions to get this rectified issue.


    The monitor passes the self-test and SUBMISSION (built-in Diagnostics), page 42?
    * If Yes, the monitor is not defective. Turn to the graphics card Driver graphics card, or wiring.
    * If not, get the monitor exchanged if still under warranty.

  • U2412M and Mac mini 2012

    After much research, I bought this monitor of second hand with power cable that for a Mac mini from 2012, which has only a hdmi cable adapter dvi. I looked on this topic on many forums and cable mini display port seems the most recommended. I realize that Dell does not test its products with Apple devices, but any advice on the best way to attach your monitor for my Mac mini would be useful.

    The Mac Mini 2012 has the following video ports =
    Crush (their version of Mini-DisplayPort)

    The U2412M has the following ports video =.
    DP (DisplayPort)

    Possible configurations.
    Mac Mini Thunderbolt on--> mDP to DP--> DP U2412M cable in
    Mac Mini HDMI out--> HDMI DVI--> U2412M DVI Cable (you have it. What happened when you tried?)

    Ask users on the Apple discussion Forum on the Apple Thunderbolt (CDM) getting to DP cable.

  • Application of monitor Dell DDM with U2515H and U2412M dual screen setup and USB drive menu


    I have U2515H and U2412M independently connected with DP cable to GTX960 video card.

    Two questions;


    I have the latest driver display and the last Application of monitor Dell DDM.  It detects U2515H OK but not U2412M.   necessary on the menu OSD is activated but still no go.    Is - this known issue?


    Also with U2515H, curiously section USB tab energy on screen Menu (the one who press the button) is grayed out.  Can not choose how the power of USB hub behave when the screen goes into sleep mode?    What cause this menu to be grayed out?    Factory reset has no effect on this menu item.

    Be aware that U2515H has been replaced by Dell last Friday with monitor construction January because the one originally, I got a defect on the bezel mounting, but this USB menu was selectable.   It was built in April/205.

    Thanks for the research.

    (Updated the model type edition only)

    There is no U2414M. Do you mean the U2412M? If so, the U2412M is not supported. It was an error in the web. DDM requires a year of Dell 2013 model year or newer.

    There is no U25125H or U2525H. Do you mean the U2515H? From the U2515H Manual page 41 =
    Allows you to enable or disable the USB function standby monitor.

    NOTE: USB power standby mode is available only when the USB upstream cable is disconnected. This option will be grayed out when the USB cable upstream traffic in.

  • P2815Q, U2412M, Surface Pro 3 + Dock. Flickering U2412M

    Hello - my setup below =

    -Surface Pro 3 (i7, intel hd 5000 video) - connected to surface P2815Q pro 3 dock mini DisplayPort / on monitor (display size full port)

    -Monitor P2815Q 4 k (surface pro 3 dock - using display port output daisy chain U2412M)

    -Monitor U2412m (connected via the displayport P2815Q display port out)

    My first question was that I could not display port on the P2815Q of work - until I chose the menu on the monitor and the displayport 1.2 setting turned on.  Now the output on the P2815Q dp port feeds the U2412M.

    Now, my problem is that when I remove the surface and re-dock - the U2412M sparkles. I can solve the problem of flicker by unplugging the power cord of the U2412M (last of the closed string) and plug back. It's almost as if there is some type of sync problem.

    Any thoughts or ideas?
    Any help is appreciated!

    Thank you

    I have three Surface Pro 3 docks that have had this problem. After replacing the display-port cables provided with the Dell monitors with some Star Tech cables to the problem disappeared.

    www.StarTech.com/.../6-ft-Mini-DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort-adapter-Cable-male-to-male ~ MDP2DPMM6

  • U2412M Dell, Dell Display Manager does not work


    I have Dell U2412M Rev. A05. I have a problem with DDM - it says that I need monitor support the application. I tried to turn the monitor off/on power, update the driver, disable / enable DDC/CI.

    DDC/CI turned on.

    Monitor driver is DELL_U2412M-MONITOR_A00-00_DRVR_HF7W5. EXE. It has been installed without any error message.

    I tried 1445 version of soft and 1554. Tried to run as administrator.

    DVI to connect to GTX 970. pilot 350.12.

    Windows 7 x 64

    What I am doing wrong?

    You do not have something wrong. I'm afraid that the U2412M is not supported by DDM...

  • U2412M DisplayPort to HDMI to the computer port?

    I tried to connect my U2412M as a monitor using his DP port for my new laptop HP Envy, with its port HDMI CableMatters HDMI Cable of DP. Message on Monitor says cable DisplayPort No.. Tried a different cable and two other laptops with the same result. It should work, no? In addition, I tried with and without USB cable. How can I get this to work? Help please!

    HDMI from a computer cannot convert to DP on a monitor via a simple converter cable. The DP to HDMI cable standard will not work. These cables are made from a DP computer with a HDMI port monitor. Your options are as follows =

    Computer graphics card output HDMI--> HDMI to HDMI Cable--> HDMI converter Active DP --> DP cable on DP--> DP monitor in

    Card computer video output HDMI--> HDMI Câble DVI - D monitor DVI - D--> in

    Card computer video output HDMI--> HDMI to VGA Converter --> VGA cable VGA--> monitor VGA in

  • U2412M - all white becomes bright yellow

    Just bought a new monitor and am having a strange problem. When I attach my computer monitor (IBM laptop computer T61p, Intel 965 chip graphics card, VGA hook up with the cable supplied with the new monitor) and boot, what would normally be white becomes bright yellow. (Is not like the yellow tint problem, some people have, it's pure, saturated yellow.) Sometimes even the text of the MESSAGE, so it can not because of the OS. (OpenSuSE 13.1). Yet, if I connect the VGA cable to my old monitor (Dell 2001FP) and start and then exchange the work cable to the new, I get white normal and just need to use xrandr to reset the display. So it can't really be a failure to monitor, can it? (And shows the monitor self test all colors properly, as do the messages and messages on the screen. I'm at a loss as to what could be the cause. I really like the monitor when the colors are good, but I won't be swapping cables whenever I start. Any suggestions?

    What happens if you test the old on the new U2412M 2001FP VGA cable?

  • Can't install the Driver of Dell U2412m monitor

    I just got mt dell u2412m monitor, but I can not install the monitor. I followed the step in the CD with the monitor. I can not install the Entech API and PowerNap. System now recognizes the generic screen as Non - PnP monitor. My laptop is a ThinkPad T420 with two graphics card and my OS is Win 7 64 bit. How can I leave my laptop recognized the Dell u2412m monitor?

    Ok. Open my computer - C: drive-DELL-Drivers. Delete the HWMNG folder.

    * Go here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8237747/Dell_2412M.zip
    * Save the file to your desktop
    * I use winrar to unzip the files. I click with the right button on the file and then click on extract here
    * On my desk, I see now three files-
    U2412M. HCl

    Open the Device Manager
    * Click the icon to the left of monitors
    * Double click on the listed monitor
    * Click on the driver tab
    * Click the Update Driver button
    * Click on no, not for the moment
    * Click next
    * Install from a list or a location specific dot
    * Click next
    * Click on do not search. I will choose the driver to install
    * Click next
    * Click on Have Disk
    * Click Browse and navigate to the where the three files are now (office)
    * Click the monitor inf file
    * Click Open
    * Click OK
    * Click next
    * Click on finish
    * Now the Device Manager - monitors should show your monitor

  • U2412M, CCFL or white LED?

    Go to calibrate the monitor using X-Rite ColorMunki Display. Just do not know what setting am I suppose to select during calibration. Use the U2412M CCFL or LED white?

    All monitors with ol ' very close to sRGB or smaller gamut backlight and standard gamut are "CCFL".

    All monitors with LED backlight and the standard range (very close to sRGB) are WLED (white led, it is a blue led with phosphor which take the blue light and glow in yelow, thast how white WLED is done)

    All THE new models with the standard range or laptops monitors are WLED: Inspiron 7000 13, U2412M, U2414H, P2414H, U2713HM, U2415, U2715... Led backlight monitor Dell 5 k and I think that gamut sRGB so here's a WLED too.

    A monitor with GB - LED backlight (family of the RG_phosphor in Xrites names) are widegamut monitor with 99% AdobeRGB cover and Red range beyond AdobeRGB. It is made with one blue and one green light and phosphores enjoy this light that illuminates in red. These are monitors for photography as U2413, U2713H, U3014, UP2414Q and UP3212Q

    A screen with backlight RGB is a very expensive monitor with a plu gamut tah AdobeRGB. They are not used in the new models because they are expensive to manufacture so GB - LED is chosen for new widegamut monitors.

    If you could spend a litle of your time to read the documentation ArgyllCMS/DispcaGUI I recommend that you USE these programs, not Xrites color munki software. They are free software (code and binaries) and are most porwerful and i1Profiler accurate by far than software color munki or even. No driver is necessary i1DisplayPro or Munki Display. Just plug, open DispcalGUI, sleec your spectral correction (WLED, as in software from Xrite) and configure your calibration target.
    A lot of topics in this sub-forum of monitors about the calibration of GPU U2413/U2713H with DispcalUI not suitable for other monitors, remember that instead of RG_phosphor spectral correction you need to apply the correction WLED

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello Here are the details of my laptop and the problem. Product name: Pavilion dv6-7029wm OS: Windows 7 Error: Fail to start. Caps Lock flashing in 1-1/2 dry once continuous, red wifi light on. Power light and the battery light on, no flicker. Pre-g

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    I use IE8 with Outlook Express.  When I click on the tab options, and then click the tab spelling, the French is the only language listed in the menu dropdown.  How to me English is displayed?

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