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Hi my friends,

Please help me

I get confused

1. What is call Cisco Workforce Optimization (WFO) (CR) vs MediaSense different record?

It's two different products with the same function?

If buy WFO CR, we buy the operating system Windows Server and SQL?

If buy MediaSense, buy only license and UCS server?

2. is it possible buy only MediaSense for UCCX of voice recording?

3. what document "CCX-90-N-CR-LIC. ' DESC: CCX 9.0 call NEW Rec appointed seat Qty 1 LIC ONLY.

This is a license for voice recording products Cisco WFO CR?

1 officer, 1 need this license?

4. for the new installation (dan UCCX of CUCM), must buy the mediakit 'CCX-90MEDIAKIT-K9 ='?

What is c?

5 is it possible CMBE 6000, deploy UCCX with 150-400 agents?

CMBE 6000 datasheet, said "up to 100 officers.


Purchase CMBE 6000 bundle, with UCS C210/C220 series.

installed CPIC 150 agents.

6. I see on paper wiki, on the eggs of MediaSense server.


Primary/secondary: 7 vCPU.

What is SRE?

MediaSense required vCPU 7, so that's way I can't implement UCS even with CUCM?

7. I read UCCX guide orders.

Said, for HA, each server must license HA.

So must buy 2 pcs/qty of 'L-CCX-90-N-PHA-LIC. ' DESC: CCX 9.0 PRE NEW HA (Dual Server Cluster) Qty 1 LICENSE ONLY?

But when I put the QTY: 2, unauthorized CCW. only QTY: 1.


  1. WFO - QM is a Calabrio OEM product that allows you to capture audio and provides an interface to USER enough extended to search for, read, and in the case of the QM/AQM licenses mark calls. MediaSense is simply a platform for audio/video capture. He plans to act as a network of abstraction service responsibilities of media capture and allow that products such as WFO - QM to focus on experience user, after the media has been captured. If you use purely WFO - QM or MediaSense coupled with WFO - QM (or another supplier) is a design decision.

    1. Two distinct products
    2. Yes
    3. MediaSense has two licensed server software.
  2. Yes but the INTERFACE is extremely limited. I believe in 9.0, they added a search and playback application, but it is nowhere near the functionality of the QM products.
  3. Record of compliance is a license for WFO - QM level that records purely, without quality management (i.e. rating) calls is included.
  4. Yes
  5. Not on the same server of C200M3; they do not have test the user 300 or 400 EGGS. You use the solution sizing tool to think through this; across the superior CCX imposes a heavy load of CTI.
  6. Engine ready, aka UCS Express services. They are servers x 86 Module-Service running in VMware ESXi form factor. OK, at the seven vCPU is wrong to fit on your C200M3 BE6k box.
  7. You only need a quantity one.

Please remember useful frequency responses and identify useful or correct answers.

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  • Configure UCCX 10.6 high availability

    Hello Experts,

    I have been looking around and could not find documentation on setting up autonomous on WAN HA. Farthest I have is the "deployment models" in UCCX Design Guide version 10.6 which includes the General guidelines and considerations for deployment (which is very useful). However, I was wondering if anyone knows if Cisco's documentation (for our version UCCX) to configure HA from autonomous.

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    Thank you

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    Hi Randy-

    You are looking for the installation and upgrade guide: Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Installation and Upgrade Guide, version 10.6 (1).  Take a look in the topic "add a second node.  It's pretty simple, but you will need to purchase a license for HA.  Your partner should be able to help with this.

    UCCX install and update Guides: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/customer-collaboration/unified-cont...

    Thank you


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    Please provide exact word Word error message and complete including all codes were introduced.  What in fact presented the error message - the computer or the printer setup or the Dell Center?  When during the installation of this error happen?  This printer has already worked before with this computer or on the network?  If this isn't the case, it always works with the computer, he was working on that?  What has changed?  What version of Windows you are using (for example, Vista Business SP2 - 32-bit and Yes, detailing a lot)?

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  • the first LMS 4.2 is available for purchase?

    I have some SMB switches must be managed. I found the last premium Infrastructure 3 is unable to support SMB switch, but first 4.2 LMS can support.

    I knew LMS 4.1 was replaced by Prime Infrastructure, but later LMS version is 4.2, so I don't know if LMS 4.2 is available for purchase. I can't find order guide for LMS4.2.

    What should I do?

    It is not available for purchase, but if you buy premium Infrastructure 2.2 (NOT the last 3.0), you will also have a license for first LMS 4.2.

  • AnyConnect 4.0 license with ASA-5515-FPWR

    Hi all

    I have a small question, where I can't find a clear answer for:

    A customer wants to buy a new ASA for a showroom. He wants to connect 30 phones VPN and 60 VPN users, where only 10 of them are simultaneously connected. Then we would have two choices now

    -Either go with the 3.5 Anyconnect licensing, with a premium SSL 50 license and activation phones VPN and mobility AC licenses

    - Or go to AC 4.0 license, where we would have to license 100 users with MORE licenses.

    My questions are:

    -Can I any other / more license on the SAA (i.e. SSL)

    -Where to install the license

    -How is the number of users (i.e. of the ad groups, local accounts)

    Is there a documentation clearly indicating the answers

    Thank you all for your help.

    If you want that the phone itself to be the endpoint remote VPN access, then Yes - you need VPN phone license which requires in turn AnyConnect Premium (for 3.x installations)

    "Plus" AnyConnect (for 4.x) includes 'VPN functionality for PC and mobile platforms, including per-app VPN on mobile platforms and phone Cisco VPN' (referring to the January 2015 of the ordering Guide AnyConnect 4.0 version)

  • UCS C200 M2 - RAID card R200-PL004 battery backup

    During the installation of a 6 G of LSI MegaRAID 9260-4i, I am invited with the statements "the battery is missing" and "Protect against data loss in the event of a server failure or power by providing emergency power to the cache."

    Can someone tell me if the backup battery (R2XX LBBU) for the LSI 6 G MegaRAID 9260 - 4i (R200-PL004) is required or simply a recommendation to avoid any loss of data during a power outage?  Ordering guide said "Battery Back-Up Option available" so I guess that's not a mandatory item for purchase.

    Please notify.

    Thank you


    Hello Chad,

    BBU is optional.

    C200 M2 Datasheet


    Please see STEP 4.



  • Cisco Anyconnect NAM module require a license purchase?

    Can I download the Anyconnect NAM module from Cisco website and start using it? Or I have to buy the Apex or more license? I just need the part of NAM to use as a "supplicant" EAP.

    Thank you

    (NAM) network access Manager is part of the license 'More' 4 AnyConnect. Details are provided in the ordering Guide.

  • A question about approval of the controller et al.?

    I have authorized but WCS are licenses for Auditors and I need license? Also, what is a license for Wplus? and do I have one?

    Thank you


    Hi Gary,.

    Licenses are applied on the WLC product line. With the 4400 series

    of WLC license was directly related to the size of the controller which was

    ordered and could not be set to day/upgrade to support a larger number


    That is to say;

    4402 12 (could support 12-AP)

    4402 25 (arguably 25 AP)

    4404 100 (could support 100 AP)

    The new 5500 series can be ordered with a base like 12 amount and

    upgrade down the road via a new 'licence' to support 25,50,100 etc.

    Cisco WirelessPLUS licenses
    The optional wireless software MORE supports the mesh wireless Cisco OfficeExtend solution and the company.


    Cisco 5500 Series licenses wireless controller and
    Guide command


    Control system wireless Cisco (WCS) licenses and orders Guide


    See you soon!


    Thank you to support CSC helps Haiti



  • Cisco Anyconnect mobile licenses


    We need to buy 1200 anyconnect Apex licence, I read the ordering guide

    for anyconnect but he's confused, I have to mention that we have 2 ASA 5545 - X in cluster mode,

    I don't know how to order. It's the way that I think is true, but I'm not sure.

    part number                                                   Qty


    L AC-APX-5 YR-G AC-APX-5 YR - 1 K - S 1

    L AC-APX-5 YR-G AC-APX-5 YR-100 S 2

    Thank you.

    It would be OK for a 5 years AnyConnect Apex for 1,200 users license.

    Note the Mobile feature is included with Apex or Base Anyconnect 4.x licenses.

  • Cisco 1250 and AIR-ANT5959

    Hi all

    Ordering Guide 1250 Cisco indicates that AIR-ANT5959 can be used for 2.4 radio concert.

    1250 AP provides 3 connectors for dipole antennas but AIR-ANT5959 spec indicates that it comes with 2 BNC connectors. Are that we assume a dipole to stick on the rest connector? If this is the case, how can we identify which is the TX and RX, you can connect the AIR-ANT5959 to the respective radio without the performance impact? Any help much appreciated.

    see you soon,


    Hi Jean Miche,.

    The connectors on the side of the 1250 are the connectors of the transmission. Then, left and right. Way is not to ' receive '.

    So if you want to connect a 2 antenna connectors like the 5959, you need to plug it into the connectors on the left and right (the order is not important).

    Be aware that you lose the ability MIMO antenna being diversity and no MIMO.

    So for the IOS ap, you need to configure "antenna diversity of transmission" and "antenna receive diversity". That will prevent your 11n rate but works perfectly.

    WLC APs can be the same configured in the configuration of the AP WLC. You simply specify what a diversity antenan plugged into left/right only.

    Connecting a different antenna on intermediate connector would be a mistake because 3 antennas is used only in the case of MIMO and you cannot reach with a diversity antenna MIMO + another antenna on the middle connector.

    I hoep this helps, s



    Please note the answers that will help you

  • Update license Contact Center 85 and related services


    One of my clients wants to spend his permit Center contzct, ENH at premium, he has a valid contract of ESW years UCS services for licenses on its deployment.

    I would like to know, is - it necessary for him to buy ESW and UCS, as well as the PN upgrade (L-CCX85-85U-E-P-S1)?

    Thank you.

    Hi Andre,

    I was just referring to said ordering guide

    Update of UCS contract during the upgrade of licenses Unified CCX

    UCS cannot be upgraded from one category to the other (for example Standard on improved). If

    client updates within the solution, they need to buy the UCS to a greater or

    value equal to cover the new version, so they can claim a credit of unused term

    purchase of Service the customer

    You can also apply to [email protected] / * / for more details on ESW.



  • ACS 5.2 design issues

    Is it possible to have my managed network ACS Appliance (CSACS-1121-K9) 5.2 as primary and an ACS Server 5.2 VMWare (CSACS - 5.2 - VM - K9) as secondary? I have problems with basic license?

    Otherwise if I plan to run servers ACS 5.2 VMWare are my primary and secondary. Should I buy 1 or 2 VMWare Software (s) (CSACS - 5.2 - VM - K9)?

    We currently have a device of 4.2 ACS on a platform of 1113, is there any option for ACS 5.2 upgrade device or ACS 5.2 VMWare Server? The ordering Guide indicates that he's upgraded options like, CSACS-1121-UP-K9 & CSACS-5.2 - VM-UP-K9 to upgrade from previous versions. But the Migration Document, said that the ACS4.x device must be restored to a windows ACS4.x server before migration and backup. This does not seem like an easy migration. Is there another solution?


    Is the new ISE product better for AAA / GANYMEDE + or I should have a separate ACS for AAA?

    Thanks in advance.


    Here's the answer to your questions:

    Is it possible to have my managed network ACS Appliance (CSACS-1121-K9) 5.2 as primary and an ACS Server 5.2 VMWare (CSACS - 5.2 - VM - K9) as secondary?


    I have problems with basic license?


    Otherwise if I plan to run servers ACS 5.2 VMWare are my primary and secondary. Should I buy 1 or 2 VMWare Software (s) (CSACS - 5.2 - VM - K9)?

    This is just sku which included another license that you purchase. You don't buy the software from us, license only. You can download more likey the software from cisco website.

    We currently have a device of 4.2 ACS on a platform of 1113, is there any option for ACS 5.2 upgrade device or ACS 5.2 VMWare Server?

    You answered your question on this one, there are an involved migration process that converts your old base of 4.2 to 5.2, take into account the fact that migration migrates only the hard parts such as: groups of network devices, internal users, ldap database configurations, network devices, sets of shell commands, to name a few. You will need to reconfigure the authorization policies since acs 5.2 takes on a different model of acs 4.x.

    But the Migration Document, said that the ACS4.x device must be restored to a windows ACS4.x server before migration and backup. This does not seem like an easy migration. Is there another solution?

    This isn't a bad solution, all you have to do is to deploy another server windows just to run acs for windows on, and then you use vnc to walk through the migration process. You will need to open a folder of tac for a person to publish the installation files and patches to put you on the same version.

    Is the new ISE product better for AAA / GANYMEDE + or I should have a separate ACS for AAA?

    ISE is a new product that migrates only 5.x databases. Right now ISE 1.0 not Ganymede support.

  • Replacement of the ACS 1121

    Hi people,

    I have a clarification associated with ACS 1121. Client needs a solution for the ACS function, rather than to invest on the basis of the ISE, is there any model exists in the form of ACS appliance only. In my view, ACS 1121 will be EOS and he said THAT SNS 3415 is the replacement model.

    I'm confused, it is an ISE, but also the ACS and it is separated from issuance of ISE (as a basic and advanced). What should I do, if I need to select SNS 3415 as ACS appliance? It is based, or should I need to add something more?

    Appreciate your help and your support.

    Kind regards


    You shouldn't base purchase and license in advance. You just buy the license of migration and it will work quite well for your existing users. For more details on this, you can see ordering guide attached ISE.

Maybe you are looking for

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