PC will not boot up there windows 8 on it and automatic repair does not work did a test and it fails the disk hard short dst failed, product failure id UKLFKF-00070E-9XH2W1-60R003 id: C3T59EA,... THIS CAN BE CORRECTED?



My best advice would be to call HP directly if you are in the United Kingdom, on 0844 369 0369 (Monday Friday 08:30 - 18:00).

Kind regards

DP - K

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  • 15 - af156sa (energy star): 15-af156sa (ENERGY STAR) will not start correctly or start System Recovery Manager

    Recently my hardrive has failed on my computer hp laptop, I return it to the store still under warranty and they send to repair by how.

    I return the laptop yesterday and some paperwork saying the hardrive was replaced, the laptop already worked when it arrived and I had right to use it for about an hour before it crashed (windows screen 10 to meet a problem and the device need to reboot)

    When the unit restarted, he was blocked indefinitely on the hp loading screen (nothing other than the hp logo and the white rotating circle) and so I turned it off after a certain time, removed the battery and held the power button to drain everything left power and tried again.  This time, I got the hp logo and the text of 'attempt to auto repair' but after 10 seconds or so, it goes to a black screen and nothing happens.

    I decided to try to restore the factory settings, I turn on the unit then turn it back you press f11 to start Recovery Manager, the text appears in the lower left corner to say that the unit had registered that I was pressing the button but then the screen goes black and nothing happens again. I started then in the BIOS menu and reset all settings by default and tried once more, but nothing happened once more.

    a last attempt and I decided to perform a test of the extensive system, the device failed in the short DST test of hard disk with ID UC097X-83D89R-XD7WLK-60R003 failure

    IM really hoping there is a simple solution and that I don't need a new another hardrive or possibly a new laptop.

    Any help would be much appreciated

    I would take it back to the people who have tried to fix it. The error message means that you have a bad hard drive. I wonder if they actually replaced your old.

  • HP G62 freezing after startup


    I have a G62 which keeps freezing minutes after the start. After reading the forums, I ran the HP SMART Check and on the Test drive , I got the following response

    Smart Check: spent

    DST short: failure

    Failure ID: Q4G5W2-5AR71F-9XL03F-60R003

    Product ID: XF332EA ~ ABU

    HARD drive

    I have Windows 7 64-bit o/s

    Can someone please help

    Hi George,.

    You will need to use your recovery DVD to reinstall the operating system to a new disk - this is described in the document of HP here.

    If you do not have your recovery discs, you can order a replacement set.  Looking at the model number of the laptop, I guess you live in the United Kingdom - if that is correct, you will need to use the 3rd party on the link below.

    HP recovery disks.

    For the existing personal data, you can have the existing drive, your best chance of data recovery would be to use the services of a company that specializes in data retreival, but it is a fairly expensive to borrow road.

    Another option, you can try (and much cheaper) would be to remove the HARD disk space, in an external enclosure - an example of what you need is on the link below - connect to another PC and see if you can access your files.

    2.5 "HDD external Caddy.

    Best regards

    DP - K

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