Ultiboard select HIERARCHICAL block

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Short: I want to select components in ultiboard, which belongs to a specific hierarchical block in multisim. Secondary attribute to a group of party in ultiboard.

Best show a column in the list parts view with the hb_sc_name property already contained in the file .ewnet for each instance of the component and allow sorting by this column. Then you can easily select all parts with a specific hb_sc_name and change their "party group.

Or something similar.


Hi tfa.

You can do it, but only from Multisim. It also will not work in Multisim 10.1 and earlier versions, because part groups (also part spacing, pin swap and Exchange door) where no specific instance as they are now.

  1. In Multisim, open the main design and select the hierarchical block that you want to change.
  2. In worksheet view, select the components tab
  3. Make sure show all is not selected
  4. Click the column heading of the Group of the party to select the entire column
  5. Select one of the items, and change the name

NOTE: when you select the item, you must select a component that can be a part of the Group (for example, by selecting a HB/SC connector, you cannot change the name of party group).

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  • No option to place the hierarchical block

    Hello world

    I bought NI Circuit Design Suite 14 - Student Edition. I am quite new to this program, so I wanted to work through a book in order to get some experience.

    Unfortunately, even in the first chapters that they refer to the hierarchical block function. I don't see this option. It is supposed to be in the "'place-> new hierarchical block" menu, but I do not have this entry. " Also I tried to customize my toolbar just to make sure that this feature is not disabled but I can't find any entry on this.

    I use the German version of Multisim 14 but I tried to change the language to English - there is still no menu available.

    For me, all of the features on this block herarchical lack (New, hierarchical block of the file, replace with hierarchical block). But the online help lists only these features as well.

    Is this some sort of restriction for the version of education? I wonder because the books I use offer a copy of the version of education as well, and they refer to this feature very often.

    I would apreciate any comment.

    Thank you

    Hey Stg86,

    This option exists in Multisim 14. This is a screenshot of my version of multisim, and as you can see, I have more options available in the menu of the Place. I changed the language to German, but this should not be the reason for the appearance of additional options.

    I think that this problem is related to the version or the installer of Multisim. Multisim is available in two versions: for academic users and industrial users. Some options are only available in one of the two versions.

    It's the version for industrial users:


    It's the version for users of acadmic:


    Best regards, stephan

  • Set up the hierarchical blocks?


    Is it possible to set up HIERARCHICAL blocks?

    With LabVIEW, you can create a circuit and get in a secondary circuit. You can do so that you can change the settings of the components inside the secondary circuit without having to open the secondary circuit, to do this. Is this possible with Multisim?




    This feature is not currently available. You must navigate to the page that contains the elements to change their properties.

    Kind regards

  • How to select a block of text to the Script name?


    I have listed the text block in the code below,

    UIDRef uidreference = stories->GetNthTextModelUID(0);

    InterfacePtr<ITextModel> TheTextModel (uidreference, UseDefaultIID());

    if (TheTextModel is NOTHING)


    IFrameList * Frames = TheTextModel->QueryFrameList();

    if (Frameworks is NOTHING)


    AFrameUID UID = images->GetNthFrameUID(0);

    I need to select the block of text by Script name (Windows-> Utitities-> Script title).

    Please suggest the solution above the problem.


    InterfacePtr script (content, UseDefaultIID());

    If {(script)

    ScriptLabelValue = script PMString-> GetTag();

    CAlert::WarningAlert (scriptLabelValue);


  • Select the block of text on each page of a sudden and resize them

    Hello, I want to do a 400 pages of text. How can I select the block of text on each page of a sudden and change their size at the same time? (each block of text is the same size per page)

    Make a backup copy of the file incase something goes wrong, then:

    Ensure that executives align on the margins on all sides - change margins of the master page applied to achieve, if necessary.

    Allow the adjustment of the layout (layout > setting layout...)

    On the master page, change the margins to be the size you want the new text frame dimensions to be.

    If, for some strange reason, you won't use these margin settings in the layout, turn off the setting of page layout and reset them on the master page again to what you want.

  • Select the block of text to items found

    Hi experts

    Here I find etc using the character style. I found myself results. Now, what is my need I want to select the block of text for the element found.

    app.findPreferences = NothingEnum.nothing;
    app.changePreferences = NothingEnum.nothing;

    app.findPreferences.appliedCharacterStyle = "FigCallout";

    var myResults = app.activeDocument.search ();

    for (i = myResults.length - 1; i > = 0; i--)
    Select the block of text where myResults [i]


    I use CS2 Windows.

    Thanks in advance


    a you are the

    Memory: .parentTextFrame myResults [i]?

  • Select all blocks of text related

    Dear all,

    My request:

    1. is it possible to select all the text frames linked to my block of text by selecting (see attachment)

    2 suppose that if we choose all the blocks of text, it is possible to set the height for all blocks of text such as 3 p or 4 p etc...

    Try the script to select all the linked text frames:

    If (app.selection [0] .nextTextFrame == null)


    If (app.selection [0] .previousTextFrame! = null)


    Alert ("Pass")

    App.Select (previousTextFrame.parent) & & app.select (nextTextFrame.parent) & & app.select (startTextFrame.parent)



    Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 8.01.03 PM.png

    Could someone give you a solution for my application.

    Thanks in advance


    If you want to do is make managers of related related texts have all the same height, here's a way to do it:

    If (app.selection.length == 0) {}

    Alert ("Please select a textFrame before running this script");



    mySelection var = app.selection [0];

    If (!) mySelection instanceof TextFrame))) {}

    Alert ("Please select a TextFrame before running this script");



    var mySelection.parentStory = monarticle;

    var myFrames = myStory.textContainers;

    var nFrames = myFrames.length;

    for (ix var = 0; ix)< nframes;="" ix++)="">

    var myFrame = myFrames [ix];

    var limit = myFrame.geometricBounds;

    delimits [2] = limits [0] + 4;          Set the TextFrame 4 height units

    myFrame.geometricBounds = limit;



  • Select the block of text of XML structure

    I try to move the specific text blocks created if an XML to import to the bottom of the page (low mounting table) as info Folio and slug.

    I can choose the text associated with an XML "VTag" element, but not the text block. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    property myHoHoV: {}
    on myLoopLoop (myElement)

    Tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"
    tell the active document
    the value moreElement for each XML element of myElement
    Repeat with 1 x to (moreElement County)
    the value of element x of moreElement em1
    Select em1
    If (the tag name of the em1 is "VTag1") then
    em2 Set to em1
    Set the properties of the display preferences {horizontal measurement units: inch, vertical measurement units: inches, origin origin: the rule page}
    at the top left anchor the transform value point of reference of the window layout 1
    Select text of em2
    Tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"
    move the em2 text to {5, 5}
    tell the end
    end if
    Tell me myLoopLoop (point x of the moreElement)
    end repeat
    tell the end
    tell the end
    end myLoopLoop

    Hi Kyran,

    If the previous code has a problem, then try this code below.

    Tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"
    the value myPageHeight at the height of the page of the preferences of the document 1 document
    the value myPageWidth to the width of the page of the preferences of the document 1 document
    the value myOldRulerOrigin at the origin of the rule of document 1 display preferences
    the original value of the rule of 1 at the origin of the page display preferences
    Set the zero point of the document 1 to {0, 0}
    the value mapping page active of the active window
    tell document 1
    the pgcnt value to count pages
    Repeat with 1-pgcnt p
    tell the page p
    the txtframe value to count blocks of text
    Repeat with 1-txtframe f
    the value paracnt to count paragraphs of text frame f
    tell text frame f
    TagName {} Set
    Repeat with 1 paracnt access point
    end game of tagname to (name of the tag to (point 1 of the associate XML elements) paragraph ap) as string
    end repeat
    If ((comte de tagname) is equal to 1) and (each point of tagname contains "VTag1") then
    move to {0.125, myPageHeight + 0.125}
    on the other
    don't select anything
    end if
    try to end
    tell the end
    end repeat
    tell the end
    end repeat
    tell the end
    Display dialog "process is complete...". "with the 1 icon
    tell the end



  • Dreamweaver auto selects / highlights blocks

    Every time I work in Code view and click on a line in the script to start typing, Dreamweaver automatically selects all of the script block and I have either double-click the block to release, or if it does not work I double click on the button to "surround with tags. He also makes this whenever I click on another tab of document. It seems that something, I should be able to turn off, but I couldn't find the setting.

    Any ideas?

    I can't say that I have experienced this problem myself, but you can try the following troubleshooting tip:

    If Dreamweaver is behaving in a strange way, this often means that you have a corrupted personal configuration file.

    Close Dreamweaver, search the personal configuration file and rename it.

    When you restart Dreamweaver, it should create a new folder of configuration with all the default values of program.

    For more information on how to find the configuration file, see the following in the Dreamweaver FAQ page.



    Adobe Community Expert: Dreamweaver


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    Web Design & development



  • Selecting hierarchical LOV

    I've referenced the example here to display the LOV in groups.


    Question is, how to link it to an attribute in my VO so that it selects the value that I have in my VO. And how I use it to update the VO attribute when registering.

    With the help of JDev 11 g.

    Thank you.

    Somewhere in your pageDef, you probably attribute definition where you fix LOV, in the form of:


    (if you do not have the case, add a)

    Then, for your af:selectOneChoice, just give the value property, which designates the attribute in pageDef, value = "#{bindings." SomeId.inputValue}'

  • Select a block of text with lable

    I'm coming down with a block of text from the document page 2 with label "main script text" but script below does not work.

    app.activeDocument.viewPreferences.horizontalMeasurementUnits = MeasurementUnits.points;

    app.activeDocument.viewPreferences.verticalMeasurementUnits = MeasurementUnits.points;

    app.activeDocument.viewPreferences.rulerOrigin = RulerOrigin.spreadOrigin;



    var jt = app.activeDocument.pages [2] .textFrames;

    for (i = 0; i < jt.length; i ++)

    If (.label jt [i] is 'Hand Text')

    JT [i]. TextFramePreference.autoSizingType = AutoSizingTypeEnum.HEIGHT_ONLY;


    {catch (e)}

    Alert ("nothing happened");


    Can you please help me what is the error here.

    Counting with numbers index starts with the number 0.

    So the second page is app.documents [0] .pages [1].


  • [CS6] Select the block of text with a certain height and move it to a specific location?

    I have a bunch of labels on page that I need to move. All these labels are the same height (0.125 in.) so what I think is that a script could go on each page and find the article on this basis, select it, and finally, move it to a specific location of XY with a right anchor point. It would be very difficult to do? I think it would be a rather simple script.

    Thanks for any help you can give!

    No problem getting the height of a selected image and looking for images with the same height. Here is a sample script:

        function frameHeight (frame) {
            var gb = frame.geometricBounds;
            return (gb[2]-gb[0]).toFixed(3);
        function moveFrames (h) {
            var pItems = app.documents[0].pageItems.everyItem().getElements();
            for (var i = pItems.length-1; i >= 0; i--) {
                if (frameHeight (pItems[i]) === h) {
                    pItems[i].move ([0,0]);
        if (app.selection.length > 0 && app.selection[0].hasOwnProperty('geometricBounds')) {
            var h = frameHeight (app.selection[0]);
            moveFrames (h);

    This move of the elements on the page with the same height as the photo selected to the top left of the page. See the move() command line 12. You can substitute your own coordinates [0,0].

  • Select Max (blocks) in dba_segments


    I want to get the bigger picture in terms of number of real blocks occupied my database.

    The above command is correct?

    Thank you


    Hemant K Collette

  • Selection of specific text by name - JavaScript block


    I'm trying to select a block of text specified by its name and content of the search/change inside by findWhat.

    Global search does not work for me on this project:

    app.findTextPreferences.findWhat = highlight_data[i];
    app.changeTextPreferences.underlineTint = 30;

    A similar question was answered here - but referring to a solution using Applescript: http://forums.Adobe.com/message/4468076

    Thanks in advance!

    See you soon

    If you want to target just your text block, to do something like this:



  • How to select several images of text block?

    Hello world

    I'm sure it must be something obvious, but I can't get out!

    I'm trying to select multiple blocks of text. I choose a text frame and then 'shift' to select a second frame and his works fine AS LONG AS the blocks of text are not threaded. When text frames are threaded I can't select more than one at a time?

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.  HJ

    You can select several images (threaded or pierced) as long as they are on the same page or spread. But ID won't let you select images that are on different pasta spread.


Maybe you are looking for