Unable to add a new column to the table of the LCD? Option, just usually add it.

I have a form of LCD with a table in it. Im trying to simply add a new column to the table. The option is there, but the column appear just after clicking Add the column to the left. I selected a column, right click the space > insert > column to the left. But the habit intsert. The object table properties tab shows lines and colum numbers, but they are grey.

See screenshots:



It is a dynamic array, where a new line can be inserted using a button. Is that the dynamic nature of the question? ID hate to cancel all the flow dynamics and programming just to add a column, and then reapply them all.

Thank you!



You do not add the columns in the object > palette (screenshot 2) of the Table. I suspect that the problem is that it is not enough on the page (in the content area) to add the column. In the screenshot 1, if you look at the width of the column highlighted from the space to the right of the table, you will see that a column can be added due to restrictions of space.

Reduce the width of the column highlighted (temporarily), and then add a column. Once added, you can resize the columns to match the width of the page.

Hope that helps,


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    I think the best way is to add the column at the end of the table and create a new view with the order of the columns...

    Another option...

    places the data into a temporary table and recreate the table with the correct order of the columns, and then insert data to the table from the temporary table


    Add column (from table) in the desired position


    CREATE TABLE temp_my_user LIKE)

    SELECT * FROM password);

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    Kind regards



    Login in as discoverer administrator, right-click on the folder and select Refresh. This should prompt then allows you to add new columns to the folder.

    Rod West

  • How to add the new column in the tabular layout editor in Oracle Forms


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    Thank you

    In the layout editor, you can simply drag the fields so that they do not overlap.
    See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7emNa7THMLg

    Sandeep Gandhi

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    I am new to oracle forms.

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    I added the text elements manually on the editor of layout of the data block.

    In the range of property under section of the database that I gave the name of the column as A & B (new name column of the table).

    When I run the form, it gives me FRM-40505 (impossible to make the request).

    I know, the new text must be associated with system_parameters. A and system_parameters. B...

    There are several things that must be accomplished in order to reflect the two new columns on the scree?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards


    When you get this error, displays the full error message by clicking on the option menu to help-> the last error .


  • Add the new column to the desired location in the table through customization?

    Hello world

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    Thank you.


    Customize page, there is another icon for just before reorganization create icon.

    You can use and organize all the elements in the region of the table according to your requirement.


  • Add the new column to the table, having trouble adding to an existing form

    I added a new column to a table that has an existing report and on this form. I was able to get the new column in the report, but I can't seem to get in shape. Can anyone give me a suggestion as how to proceed without having to recreate the form?

    Have you added a new element of the new column and set the source type on DATABASE_COLUMN then the value from the source to your new column name?


  • I have a column with two values, separated by a space, in each line. How to create 2 new columns with the first value in a column, and the second value in another column?

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    Add two new columns after than the original with space separated values column.

    Select cell B1 and type (or copy and paste it here) the formula:

    = IF (Len (a1) > 0, LEFT (A1, FIND ("", A1) −1), ' ')

    shortcut for this is:

    B1 = if (Len (a1) > 0, LEFT (A1, FIND ("", A1) −1), ' ')

    C1 = if (Len (a1) > 0, Member SUBSTITUTE (A1, B1 & "", ""), "")


    the formula of the C1 could also be:

    = IF (Len (a1) > 0, RIGHT (A1, LEN (A1) −FIND ("", A1)), "")

    Select cells B1 and C1, copy

    Select cells B1 at the end of the C column, paste

  • How can, during the collection of data, start a new column in my table every 100 data points?

    Hello! I have a problem with my data - I get in a wide range of 1 x 1000, but it's the repeated measures, each taking about 500 data points. I want to break this table for this data string start a new column in my table every 500 points given. I don't know how to do it-please help!

    datacompiler100 wrote:

    Hey thanks for the sponsor and the first off I must apologize for the State, I am attaching my VI. I put the part of the VI that I am working on (my team has access, so didn't post everything here) and also attached the data file (when just written in a spreadsheet file, not through the attached VI). I want to convert the long row of data and then start a new column every 50, 100, 5 points (user-defined).

    Using the data from the file, you can reshape everything simply (as you already!), followed by transposition (since you want columns instead of rows). 2D arrays must always be rectangular, so the last column is filled with zeros if necessary. Is that what you want?

    Of course if you try to add a new column in a file, that will not work. You can only add lines in an existing file because of the way the data is organized. To add columns, the entire file must be read, intertwined and all re-written new data in the file.

  • Add a field to a form after you have created a new column in a table


    I searched extensively in the menus help and tutorials and maybe I missed this, but after you add a new column to a table. How do I change the form so that when the data entered into the form, it is filled in the table? Is there a tutorial or an explanation of the process somewhere?

    Thank you


    This must be done manually, but it's simple. Create a new item of the type you want for example text item, select the list by right-clicking on the region and select Create a Page element. A wizard will start when you select the type you want. Press next and enter the name of the element. for example, P3_LAST_NAME. Press next and enter a name for the element. Press next and select the Source Type as a queried database column. Press the button create.

    It will be useful.

    MaxApex accommodation

  • Query took too much time when adding new column to the table and the index set on this

    I added a new column to the table that contains thousands of records. and created the composite index with three columns (those newly added + two existing column)

    for the specifics. TBL table there are two columns col1, col2

    I added the new column col3 to TBL and created composit index (col1, col2, col3).

    Now for all the records in col3 is NULL. When I choose on this table, it takes too long...

    Any idea what my I do bad., I have check the query plan, it is using the index

    It is solved using collection of statistics using the


    @Top.Gun thanks for your review...

  • Can someone tell me if I can add a new column in the Explorer of Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008?


    Previously in Windows XP and 2003, IColumnProvider is available using which it was possible to add a new column to Windows Explorer Details view, but with the removal of this API, the new columns are is not displayed in Windows Explorer on a Vista or Windows 2008 Server. It is said that there is a new concept of property system. So I would like to know if it is possible to implement something similar uses of property systems.

    These forums are for end users, rather than developers. You must use the MSDN Forums to get this kind of information.


  • Add a new column in the table of research Serial_number remaining each time 1-10

    Hi all
    I need to add a column to the lookup table Serial_number and what I want is that he must view 1-10 on each page. I press Next and it should even once show Sr 1-No...
    To do this, I added a temporary variable to the SearchVO and central for the Table region code is the following:-
    ' Public Sub processFormRequest (pageContext OAPageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
    super.processFormRequest (pageContext, webBean);
    Am = (SearchAMImpl) pageContext.getApplicationModule (webBean) SearchAMImpl;
    SearchVoExImpl vo = (SearchVoExImpl) am.getSearchVoEx ();
    SearchVoExRowImpl searchRow = (SearchVoExRowImpl) vo.first ();
    searchRow.setSerial (new Integer (1));
    While (VO.hasNext ())
    If (searchRow.getSerial () .intValue () == 11)
    searchRow.setSerial (new Integer (1));

    int i is searchRow.getSerial () .intValue ();.
    Integer p = new Integer(i+1);
    searchRow = (SearchVoExRowImpl) vo.next ();
    searchRow.setSerial (p);

    I am facing this problem is when I sort the result table by any column, that serial number gets disappeared.
    And also when I press the Go button to search it shows me the final results first.
    Please help me.

    "Now the left only problem is that it shows me the latest results first."

    This could happen if the rowIterator has been moved to the end. Please try this code.vo.setCurrentRow (vo.first ())

    Thank you


  • Effect with application ADF Go-live when I add the new column to the database.

    Hi all

    My already deployed ADF application and entry into service.
    I would add three columns of data.
    I worried that if I have does not add the new column and will redeploy again, it will have an effect at my request.

    Anyone here ever face with a kind of this problem

    Kind regards


    As the General best practices. You do not direct operations on the ACTIVE database rather test the application in the test environment.

    on the other hand if your column is NOT NULL then it will affect your application otherwise no impact

  • Add the new column in the search of the Organization on the Create User page

    Hi all

    I have added a field defined by the user on the screen to create organization. (For example, country-> ACT_UDF_COUNTRY).

    Now, I want to display in the search for organization window. (i.e. when clicked on the image of research organization field on the form to create a user, the research we receive).

    Currently, this research only display the name of the company. I want to display two columns. for example, company name and country.

    I try to edit the file FormMetaData.xml and
    < attribute name = "-2"label ="request.requestDetail.organization" displayComponentType = "LookupField' variantType = dataLength 'long' = map ="Organizations.Organization "50" name">
    "< lookupMethod ValidValues ="findOrganizationsFiltered"operationClass ="Thor.API.Operations.tcOrganizationOperationsIntf"= displayColumns" Organizations.Organization Name, Organizations.Status, * ACT_UDF_COUNTRY * "selectionColumn ="Organizations.Organization name"/ >
    < / attribute >

    But it did not work...

    Kind regards

    You'll want to do the following:

    1. create a list of choices for the type of field with the domain being your UDF name and the name of the search as Oraganizations.Country.
    2. change your view columns in the post you made to be Organizations.Country.
    3. put to update your xlWebAdmin_en_US.properties for any country you use and in the section "LOOKUPFIELD column headers" add an "lookupfield.header.organizations.country" entry = Country

    Restart your IOM and it should now show.


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