Unable to connect by Satellite C70 - A - 16 L to my WLAN

I bought a Satellite C70 - A - 16 L today, when I tried to set up a wifi connection using my known password I got the message "cannot connect to this network.

I'm not a techie whizz, far from it and I wonder if I am missing something that may be obvious. The laptop detects my network OK.

I will be grateful to anyone who can help you with this.

Thank you.


If your laptop can detect your WLAN means WLAN is successfully activated. Please make sure that you use the correct password and make sure you have it points right.

What you can try is to remove the WIFI password for several minutes just check the WLAN connectivity.

Using LAN, everything must be OK, right?

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  • Unable to connect my Satellite A200 - 1 MB to new router WLAN

    Hi all

    I recently bought the LinkSys Router (model No.: WRT120N) and configured it. But it does not connect to my TOSHIBA laptop (model No.: Satellite A200 - 1 MB) with this new router.
    This is a wireless connection. I don't think its something to do with the router because other laptops can access the signal and they can connect to this router.

    Can someone please help me to solve this?

    Thank you best regards &,.


    First, check if your WiFi is turned on!
    The wireless network card must be enabled using FN + F8 and the WLan switch located on the side of the laptop.
    Then you check the points listed by Al - ex.

    How about WLan driver update? Do it if a newer version is available!

  • Unable to connect by Satellite 1410 604 to WLAN when enabled WEP in


    Well, all I was looking for this forum, but I was not able to find what is happening with this computer.

    News of the laptop:

    Toshiba Satellite
    Model: 1410-604
    Installed wireless network adapter:
    Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card
    Texas Instruments PCI-1410 CardBus Controladora

    From what I could find so far (the laptop is not mine, I'm helping a friend to get solved this problem) this card supports the standard 802.11/b. This should not be a problem, because the A / P supports 802. 11b standard.

    Anyway, there is absolutely no way to get the laptop connected to the WLAN...

    Or, to be more correct: it does not connect to the WLAN when WEP encryption is enabled (WEP or WPA give the same thing: it seems to get connected, but never address IP of DHCP), but this drug is going very well, if I turn off the WEP encryption.

    The worst is that the installed drivers don't support almost any configuration. Advanced configuration supports the following:

    1. the station name
    2 channel
    3 speed transmission
    4. power management card

    In addition, the card doesn't have any network manager (as others have, where it is possible to adjust some settings and ensure that WEP is used properly).

    I don't know what is happening here. I wasn't able to get the card working in Windows XP and or in LINUX (knoppix, ubuntu and xubuntu I tried).

    I'm starting to think that this has to do with the card and it is the inability to work under encriptación WEP or WAP (it works OK in open WLANs), and I do not see how to solve this problem.

    It seems that there are no newer drivers than what I (downloaded at Toshiba),
    I don't know if an update of the BIOS, will probably not solve.

    The card is maybe just too old... but if I'm not wrong... It should work. Shouldn't it?

    All ideas are absolutely our guests!

    Best regards



    It seems that this map was made by Agere (it comes to WLan driver appearing on the Toshiba page).
    The INF file provides a few details and the driver appear to come from v7.42.0.300 19/12/2001

    However, the encryption WEP or WAP is features material and if the equipment (WLan card) does not support this then an update of the driver would not help you!

    But what you might check is the option in the Device Manager-> card Wlan-> properties-> Advanced tab
    Usually, there is all necessary settings and if the encryption would be supported then you should find it there.

    If this doesn't help then I advise you to buy a USB WLan stick who favour more recent ciphers

  • Unable to connect by Satellite A100 for TV using a cable SCART

    Please help me! I'm trying to connect my laptop Toshiba Satellite A 100; Video card from NVIDIA 7600 with my LCD TV Panasonic Viera.
    When I connect it with the cable SCART there is no signal on the TV.

    Maybe my video drivers are not real, but when I download again on the Internet it displays the error message?

    Before that, I was with the old CRT TV-Goldstar I there is no problems.
    Now, I can't change my resolution he remains on 800 x 600 for the second screen and does not find it.

    I hope someone will give me useful advice!

    First check the TV settings in the properties of the nVidia graphics card!
    I put t remember where you go exactly and what settings are important, but you should definitely check out everything in the graphic properties-> advanced.

    In addition, the user manual describes exactly how to connect a TV to the laptop.
    To my knowledge, you must use an s-video cable.

  • Unable to connect by Satellite Z30 - A - 1 8 external projector


    I have problems to connect to this laptop to an external projector.

    When I connect the cable, it recognize the projector and screen is displayed, but after 15-30 seconds, the screen goes black and computer keeps trying to connect again to projector and problem keeps when its connected.

    The connection to the projector is made hollow VGA cable with about 10 meters, I have tested on several other projectors with other cables and the problem persists.

    The computer is new and I have installed the latest drivers. What can I do to fix this?

    Thank you.

    Have you tried to use a shorter cable?
    Not very well but it might be possible that the problem appears due to the cable (10 m).
    That would you say, using a HDMI cable? Have you tested it?

    On the other hand I also recommend a graphics card driver.

    By the way: to switch between the internal and external monitor, you must use the Fn + F5 key combination.
    Note: If you use the simultaneous mode, you must set the internal display resolution to match the resolution of the external display.

  • Re: Unable to connect by Satellite C660 for TV


    Please be gentle, I'm new here!

    I bought a new HDMI cable to connect my laptop to the TV, but nothing happens.
    The processor usage is Intel64 family 6 model 23.
    Ehwn I click on the parameters of the monitor/TV, that is to say that the ' TV/monitor settings are not supported.

    Any help/suggestions to rectify much apprciated


    First, you must connect both devices (TV and laptop) using a suitable cable, which is supported by the TV and laptop.
    You can then turn on the TV and the laptop and activate the HDMI on the TV channel.
    Now, use the FN + F5 key combination to switch the video TV output.

    It work?

  • Satellite Pro A100 - unable to connect to the internet

    I'm unable to connect new Satellite Pro A100 to my youngest daughter to the internet.
    I have a cable modem Netgear DG834 router that works perfectly with my desktop pc and laptops other two of my daughter.
    I checked all the settings, but to no avail.

    Can anyone suggest anything that could restore the balance of my household!

    How have you tried to connect the laptop to the router?
    A you connect using a LAN cable?

    Are the firewall enabled?

    Please publish more details!

  • Satellite Pro A10 - WXP re-installed and unable to connect to the internet

    Please help me... I have re-installed Windows XP Home... and now unable to connect to the internet... have also not more of her!
    I went into the Device Manager... in 'other devices' - and it is yellow? mark beside...
    1 / ethernet controller. 2 / multimedia audio controller 3 / PCI modem controller 4 / video...
    They all say "drivers for it are not installed. .... Also, went to "system devices" and find 9 other things that no longer have the drivers installed... said there is also no "audio device" installed!

    My laptop is completely exhausted, or it is better to try to resolve this issue. I'm a fool when it comes to stuff like that... so be gentle with me... what I need to find all the individual drivers and re - install...? BTW... There is no wireless card in the back... (Already checked)...

    Would appreciate any help...
    Thank you


    Satellite A10 is a little older model laptop and you can find the drivers in * archives *. go to the [page driver Toshiba | http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp]

    Archive-online Satellite Pro-online Satellite Pro A series-online Satellite Pro A10

    > / ethernet controller. 2 / multimedia audio controller 3 / PCI modem controller 4 / video

    Download and install: 1) Lan Card 4) graph of the card sound 2) 3) Modem driver download also, other drivers if necessary.

  • Satellite Pro L50 - B - unable to connect at 5 GHz Wi - Fi


    I just bought a new Satellite Pro L50 - B and it is unable to connect to the wifi of my company 5 GHz network. It connects well to the 2.4 GHz network, but poor performance on network thaat there.

    Is it possible to get the L50 - B to work in the 5 GHz range?

    Thank you


    Frequency of 5 GHz is supported by 802.11 A and 802.11 N
    But if the WLan module is not compatible 802.11 A, then the standard 802.11 N will operate at 2.4 Ghz

    The question is: what are the standards WLan are supported by the integrated WLan module?

    Which module WLan is integrated?

  • Unable to connect satellite C55 - A WLAN

    Hi, I am unable to connect to my WIFI.

    My router has been zapped in recent storms and talktalk sent me a replacement. While setting up, I decided to change the ssid and the psk.

    The new router but not my Satellite C55A will connect other devices in our home (laptop, desktop and Tablet). He can see the new ssid but when I enter the psk it gives the message "unable to connect to this network. I have win 8.1 ar956x, driver atheros wireless network adapter is

    Any suggestions?

    It is really strange. Normally it should not be a problem. When the WIFI network is detected, all you need to do is put the correct password.
    Have you checked all the WLAN settings on your machine?

    Is there a possibility to test with another WLAN from your friend, just to see if the problem is the same?

  • Satellite A500 - 03P: unable to connect to the WLan using Win 7 + event message

    Hi all

    I recently bought the Satellite A500 with the offer included Windows7 while he was available late October 09.

    So I had the Toshibe DVD for the upgrade and followed the steps and Visa home premium upgrade to Windows 7. Now I have two questions.

    (1) I get a system event Notification after start, talk to me about the system event log. The full message is below.

    Unable to connect to a windows service
    Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification service. This problem prevents limited users to logon to the system. As an administrator, you can view the system event log to see why the service failed

    (2) I was able to use this laptop for the internet before the upgrade, both via a USB wireless drive as well to the office via a DSL modem.
    Now I can't access the internet after the upgarde of Windows 7!

    For example the Optus dial-up box pop up appears commandeLorsque I click on 'connect', it does not connect.

    Can anyone help please?

    Thank you
    C I

    Hey Buddy,

    (1) did you check the Configuration of the Service for this service? The Boot System Event Notification Service type must always be set to automatic. This service is absolutely necessary for Windows and shouldn't t be disabled or set to manual startup type.
    Check it!

    (2) to be honest I never heard on the internet BEFORE, but normally, it should also be possible to access the Internet with Windows 7.
    Make sure that the WLAN or LAN card is installed properly and check the TCP/IP settings. If you are missing some driver you can get on the page of Toshiba.

  • Satellite L650 - unable to connect to the public network (has no valid IP address)


    Toshiba satellite L650 laptop computer (with windows 7 64-bit), I bought two days back and I'm unable to connect to the public network. Sometimes, it must be connected to the public network and after a few minutes it disconnects. I get the message "wireless network doesn't have a valid IP configuration him."

    I have visited many forums and did everything, but of no use.

    1. people with disabilities the tcp/ip V6 of the registry.
    2. the DHCP is enabled. With the help of the automatic IP (DHCP)
    3. also tried with a static IP configuration.
    4. uninstalled the antivirus provided with laptop computer (Norton).
    5 disabled the windows firewall.
    6. restored to factory settings.

    I called Toshiba Tech support as well and they have suggested that it may be a problem of H/W but I don't think that so that it can be hardware problem because sometimes he must be connected to the public network. Now I'm left with no option except return the laptop to Toshiba (I'm less interested in this because I know that sending laptop for replacement will be more frustrating).

    Can someone please give some other suggestions for this problem?


    Can you connect to your home WIFI router correctly?

    If you have problems with the public network connection, you should ask the owner of these networks. Usually, there is always a contact, you can ask if you have any problems with the connection.

    What you can try is updated WLAN driver from Toshiba's official website:

    If it doesn't work, ask the person contact I mentioned.

  • Satellite C650 - unable to connect to message

    I have my Satellite C650 connection problems to my home network.

    At least tries to connect to the network I get an unable to connect to the message, if I leave the phone alone for 15 minutes it usually will have connected when I
    Come back.
    I have also 2 other machines which connect without problems, one of them is a Satellite earlier.

    I tried the network troubleshooter who wants that I reset the router, I tried, but it makes no difference.
    I would be grateful if anyone has any ideas.

    Hi ralwat,

    Interesting, but what operating system, do you?

    I put also t know what the problem is exactly, but you should check if there is a newer version of the WLAN driver on the official website of Toshiba. The problem is maybe a problem of driver driver update would be useful:

    Check this box!

  • Satellite Pro L510 - unable to connect to the Internet

    Hi, a newbie on this forum so here goes. I got the "fix Windows 7" virus on my laptop because my virus protection that flows. I downloaded AVG which solved some problems, but still not back to the original values. I reloaded Windows 7, but of course I lost all the software preloaded Toshiba & now cannot connect to the internet (laptop computer purchased through the catch of the day).

    What I need to download software/drivers toshiba etc. to address this problem. Thanks for any input.


    > now unable to connect to the internet
    Can you write more than one sentence about your problem?

    Does anyone know how you connect to the Internet via modem, LAN or WLAN? More exactly, what happens if you want to connect, you an error message or probably t can find the router?

    Sorry, but without this information there s no end of discussion

  • Satellite L300-1 a 6 - unable to connect to the internet

    I have a problem - unable to connect to the Internet.

    First of all, I try to use internet DSL from phone, there was no result.

    Then I try to use digital TV internet - no result.

    Laptop does not detect a network, it says - undefined network.

    My firewall is active, now I use a modem to laptop...

    Sorry, but I don't understand how you have configured your DSL router/modem.

    First of all, you need to configure the router and need to insert all the data from your ISP (Internet service provider).
    Usually the model or DSL with router assigns the IP address. Therefore, only connect your LAN cable to the LAN books and you should get a connection to the DSL router/modem.

    I think that in most cases the whole process is described in the manual of the router

Maybe you are looking for