Unable to connect to localhost - web sharing does not?

I recently upgraded from the Mavericks to El Capitan. Before the upgrade, I could go to localhost/folder/file to test php files that I had in Library/WebServer/Documents/but since the upgrade I just get "Unable to connect" message in my browser.

The first thing I checked was in system preferences > sharing Web. It was not so I have tried to market. When I do the cursor moves on IT and the words say "web sharing is on", but the dots are red. If I close the web sharing control panel and reopen it is OFF.

The second thing that I tried was running on apache in the Terminal, but he says that it is already running.

Then I tried this trick and got the following error:

apachectl configtest

AH00526: Error on line 20 of /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-mpm.conf syntax:

Command not valid 'LockFile', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

Have tried Googling this syntax error and tried a few solutions, but just make more and more confused now. Maybe someone out there better than I understand what is happening? Thank you very much in advance.

What is in your file httpd - mpm.conf around line 20.

I have no reference to "LockFile" anywhere in the config file, so looks like there's something wrong with the file.

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    Hi BarryTL,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft community.

    I understand that you are unable to connect all web pages and you receive error Web Proxy not responding.

    Before you start the troubleshooting steps, I need the information required.

    1. you are on a domain network?

    2. what web browser do you use?

    3 did you changes to the computer?

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    This Web site does not work with a Firefox 12 user agent.
    13 Firefox works, so it would be best to install Firefox 16 because it is the last version that works on your operating system.

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    I can't scroll through sites that I connect. something happened in Firefox Mozilla. He used to work when I am connected to a Web page, but not now. all I can do is to manipulate the page through links on the page. No sidebar to scroll or the other. It works fine in Explorer, so I know it's a problem with Firefox, also can scroll etc on pages like MSN, Yahoo, etc., but does not not using Firefox, when I connect to one Web site other than the one which is also a search engine, what happened? can you help me?

    You get a pop-up window or dialog style without menu or the toolbar either? In this case:

    38 of Firefox has a little problem with this combination of circumstances:

    (1) turned off tabbed browsing
    (2) viewing a page in a private window
    (3) you click on a link encoded with target = "_blank", which launches the link in a new window

    The new window opens without menus, toolbar, scroll bars, etc.

    Work on this bug is in progress, but I don't know if the fix will be available in the coming weeks. These are the known workarounds so you can continue using windows browsing private - one of them will work around the bug:

    (1) use tabbed browsing (there is a checkbox in Options > general > "Open new windows in a new tab instead");

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    Who is relevant or do you have a different question?

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    Please click the button solved it next to the answer that meets or solved your problem of Firefox support, it appears when you are connected, so this thread is marked as solved to help other users who may have this same problem.

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    Do you use the preinstalled original WIN7 64-BIT HOME PREMIUM?
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