Unable to connect to the database server messages

I checked all the posts here on this subject and can not find a solution if we go

I have a new C410 all-in-one Premium fax - sets up a fine on a wired network or wireless and prints & Fax etc. without any problem, but when I try to activate eprint I just get the error message from server connection - there was a problem connecting to the news server to retry or OK to leave.

This has not worked for 2 days

I ran the speed test

Download 2.66 MB/s

Download 8.84 Mbps

Ping 40ms

I use a belkin N1 Wireless modem router

All my other computers connect to the internet fine

I do not have a vpn

VAx2FN1024AR firmware revision - cannot verify updates without connecting to the server

I have fixed Ip address because I owe everything to be connected to the network the IP address is

net void mask Gateway

Cable and wireless reports show no errors BUT the entries for the primary and secondary dns servers are blank - I can't find anywhere where I can enter the required parameter IS - what THE PROBLEM? IF SO HOW TO SOLVE IT?

I tried

Uninstalling and reinstalling

Restore default network (I can't connect to the network)

Re start printer

Only, I bought this printer for the eprint

Help please


Let me start by saying that I am not familiar with your particular machine, but the following points can help.

1. try setting, the subnet mask of , just to make sure that it is on the same subnet as the rest of your devices.

2. I guess from what you say that the option to add the DNS server is not available in the peripheral screen menu.  Is this correct?

3. as you say all your devices have implemented static IP, receives the router as DNS server or you set the addresses of DNS servers individually under the IPv4 for each device properties?  Since your PC can view you a Web page for the device by entering its local IP address in your browser.  If you can, is there an option under network in order to assign either the router as DNS server, or to be able to define individuals respond, depending on which is applicable in your case?

If all goes well, someone who knows your device will see this, but let me know how you get the above proposals.

Best wishes

DP - K

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