Unable to connect to the HP ePRINT with Color LaserJet Pro 400 M475dw MFP website

LaserJet Pro 400 color multifunction m475dw-Just installed. Print, scan, copy and fax all works fine! use of WiFi

Using IMAC OS 10.8.2 with all updates

Netgear DGN2200v3 router using

Printer not connect to the HP ePrint website

Printer connects using Hp and profile for fax set up etc.  But the "HP Web Services" article when enrecorded and hit the Activate button - it does not connect to the site - it seems just to refresh.

"If I try to connect thro the printer not the imac and try to activate the web services, it says" connection "on the screen BUT after a few minutes of trying - so says" CONNECTION ERROR - the printer is unable to connect to the service. Check the internet connection


Thank you very much

I try to pull up the built-in web server (EWS) by entering the IP address of the printer in a browser and set a static IP & DNS address.

The information for the default gateway, subnet mask and IP address can be accessed from the Setup menu on the front panel, go to settings > reports > network summary and it will print off the coast.

Once you entered the IP address in a browser and have the EWS pulled up, go to the tab above titled "Networking". Then click on IPv4 in the left column; who will bring to the top of the address configuration page.  Place the manual radio button and fill in the IP address, the default gateway and the subnet mask with the information from the report. You don't fill the part entitled WINS server, which can be left alone.

You will then want to fill in the DNS of the page part, the favorite should be set to and the alternative/secondary must be set to Then click 'apply '.

Power cycle the printer. Turn off the power, wait 30 seconds and then turn it back on. Once it is fully operational, try again to connect to web services.

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    I just bought a mfp laserjet pro 400 m425dn printer/phtocopier and I can't seem to connect to our network.  I have it plugged into the router and it says "cable disconnected" without an IP address.  I don't have the USB cable to configure the machine and I was hoping to do it via the network (which tells me is an option).  I don't know if that has something to do with it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The printer should be released the box set up using DHCP for addressing.

    When plug you it into the router it should pull an IP address, if it is its cable disconnected then you might have a bad port on the router, a bad cable or a bad printer.

    Plug something else into the same port with the same cable and see if it works, if you have a defective printer and need to return it and get a replacement.

    You may also be able to find someone to replace the trainer who has the network port to it.

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    How do I disable broadcasting SSID for HP laserjet pro 400 color mfp m475dw.  I disabled the configuration via the web console wireless printer, but it is still broadcasting.  I also updated the firmware to 20131028 last available.

    Since it is wiered one of the scenario, I could solve this with the help of the HP Support is by doing factory reset/NVRAM reset the unit by turning the printer and holding right arrow and cancel on the touch screen of the device (cancel is on the lower right of the touch screen on the black area and right arrow is just above him (one in the middle of the Panel) in the same black box) and the device of turning on until the message something like storage reset... is displayed and can release the two buttons/zone button.

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    Hi team,

    I tried all the options in your post and I am still unable to connect to WiFi with WPA2-PSK encryption.

    I am currently using the adapter network driver atheros 5007 wireless.

    Some of the links in your message that resolved this issue earlier are currently unavailable.

    It would be great if you could help me to solve this issue.



    Here is the patch for WPA2 for XP SP2...

    Install and reboot and then see if you're OK...


    That's the only reason why I can think that now prevents you from being able to connect on a network with WPA2 Personal Security.

  • Unable to connect to the PPPoE server with 2 BEFSR41ver

    I had to get a new AT & T DSL line to a new home with new ID and password. I've never had a problem with the router to the old address and the line DSL.  I've reconfigured the router with a new user name and password for PPPoE I got from AT & T for use with their new motoroal they sent me. The modem gives me the internet when I connect the modem directly to the computer.  When I connect the modem to the WAN port of the router with the computer connected to one of the LAN ports on the router, I get "Unable to connect to PPPoE" when I try to access the internet. When I connect the modem to one of the LAN ports with another port LAN from the router to the computer, I don't have the internet, but this is not recommended for the router cable management. With the modem connected to the WAN router and a power cycle performed port, I still get the same error message. I disabled my firewall and still have the same error message. I don't think I have another firewall to operate.  I never had this problem to my old address and line DSL AT & T with different ID and password and the same router.  Anyone know what is happening?  STEIN

    Your problem is that your "modem" is actually a "modem-router" and it uses the same subnet as the BEFSR41 192.168.1.x.  To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

    All first, reset your BEFSR41 factory default, then set the "local IP address"

    To do this, follow these steps:

    To reset your router by default, follow these steps:

    (1) turn off all computers, the router and the modem and disconnect from the wall.
    (2) disconnect all the wires of the router.
    (3) turn on the router and let it start up completely (1-2 minutes).
    (4) press in and hold the reset for 30 seconds button, then release it, then let the router reset and restart (2-3 minutes).
    (5) turn the router.
    (6) connect a computer cable to port 1 of the router (NOT to the internet port).
    (7) turn on the router and let it start up completely (1-2 minutes).
    (8) the power of the computer (if the computer has a wireless card, make sure it's off).
    (9) try ping on the router. To do this, click the 'Start' button > all programs > Accessories > command prompt. A black DOS window will appear. Enter the following text: "ping" (without the quotes) and press the Enter key. You will see 3 or 4 lines that begin with ' response to... ". "or"Request timed out". If you see "reply from...". ", your computer has found your router.
    (10) open your browser and point it to This will take you to the login page of your router. Leave the user name blank and in the password field, enter "admin" (without the quotes). This will take you to your router configuration page. Note the version number of your firmware (usually found near upper right corner of the screen).  Then, change the "local IP address", then click the 'Save Settings' button and wait (3 to 60 seconds) of the screen refresh.  You will be probably disconnected from the BEFSR41.  Don't worry about this.  Turn off the BEFSR41 and your computer.

    (11) then, using an ethernet cable, wire the ethernet port of the modem to the Internet port on the BEFSR41.  Turn on your modem and enable good start.  Turn on your BEFSR41 and enable good start.  Turn on your computer.  Test your system, it should work.

    If you can not ' response to... ". "in step 9 above, your router is probably dead.  Report with this info.

    If you get a response in step 9, but cannot complete step 10, is that your router is dead or the firmware is damaged. In this case, a report with this problem.

    If you need additional assistance, please state the version of firmware on your router and the results of steps 9 and 10. In addition, if you receive error messages, copy them exactly, and report.

    Please let me know how things turn out for you.

  • Unable to connect to the server on my HP Officejet Pro 8100 eprint

    I bought this printer a few months ago and had no problems of implementation. It is configured as a wireless printer and I allowed him to install his own IP (use DHCP). EPrint configuration was also easy to implement.

    Last week, it was necessary for me to set up my network home, consisting of 3 computers, NAS QNAP, IPAD3, HP printer, with static IP addresses.
    To set a static IP address on my printer, I had to reset the printer, uninstall the software and drivers and reinstall. Everything is going well until I tried to connect to the eprint server by using the embeddeded web server (EWS). It wouldn't let me connect to the server. I went into the settings of web services, but not a not to connect to the server in one of the topics. On the printer, the symbol wireless is turned on and the printer works with all my devices on the network, but the EPRINT symbol is turned off and not be in power switch manually.
    (My main computer is a HP Envy 17 under Windows 7 Ultimate and the printer has been configured using this computer. 2 other computers running Windows XP
    I would appreciate your help. Thank you very much

    Hi VisionAiry,

    Received an email from HP no later than April 4, after I had been hunting them for a response. I've been away for a few days, so today was the first opportunity to try the HP suggestions, they were as follows:-

    We recommend that you do the following:

    Please, check the following:
    You have a MAC filter or the firewall of the router may be blocking the signal?

    Please proceed as follows:
    -Perform a reset of the NVM on the printer, please find the below steps.
    -update the firmware of the printer, please find the below steps.
    -connect the printer to the router with the Wireless Setup Wizard (dynamic IP address)
    Press the button on your printer wireless
    Choose settings
    Choose Wireless Setup Wizard
    -Enter Google's DNS servers in the EWS (built-in web server) the printer
    Click the Networking tab
    on the left side choose wireless (802.11)
    in verifying the Configuration of DNS manual DNS server address
    in manual preferred DNS Server type
    in auxiliary DNS server, type

    -enable Web services
    -If this does not work, please provide us with the exact error message.

    Execution of the NVM reset
    NOTE: Be sure to keep the ink supplies in the unit to avoid to reset the State of the initialization of the device.

    1. press the Power button to turn off the product.

    2. with the product off, press in and hold the wireless button and the button (the button with the rectangle and arrow) and then press the power button.

    3. release all buttons.

    4. wait while the product resets. The screen stays on during the reset process.
    When the on stop button lights or flashes, the product is ready for use.

    Firmware update
    Please follow the link on the hp site for an update of the firmware:


    It is absolutely vital that this update via a USB cable or ethernet so it is physically wired to the printer. An update of firmware through a wireless connection is NOT recommended and may cause other problems with your printer.

    I have also attached the link for the User Guide in case you want to review.



    Please update firmware as explained above.

    Please turn on the router, the printer and the iPad. Important first to reboot the router.

    Make sure that the product is connected wireless to the same subnet as your iOS device.
    Check if the printers EWS accessible from Safari on the iPhone/iPad (insert the IP address in the URL field). If this is not possible, then the iPad/iPhone not be connected to the same network as the printer. Open system preferences, and then select the network

    After suggestions from HP and after having re-recorded with eprint and after the email address for a new another eprint choosing, I can now use eprint and print from my IPad with all devices on my network using static IP addresses.

    (I don't have to change all the settings on my router)

    Thanks again for all your help and suggestions along the way

  • Portege 2010 PP201E - unable to connect to the router encrypted with WPA


    I just bought a Toshiba (? 2002) Portégé 2010: PIII 866 MHz/XP... Part number: PP201E-00GPP-EN. support for the Wi - fi network: 802. 11 b

    When I try to connect to the internet using my sky router (WPA / PSK) my Toshiba does not connect because it asks for the WEP.
    I tried to change it on Assistant, but that's it or turn it off.

    I have only one option is to change the router WEP, but I heard it is an old and easily hackable, technology
    In any case, I don't want to mess with my router, another PC wireless and my playstation.
    I looked on update of the driver toshiba but that did not work.

    Does anyone know if there is a updated for my lapptop driver or do I have to buy a USB product?

    Thanking you


    Maybe the internal WLan card does not support the newer WPA encryption but only the WEP key.

    The fact is that encryption is hardware related. This means that an update of the driver will not help you. If the hardware does not support WPA, then you need to replace the WLan card or buy a USB WiFi dongle that supports WPA.

    I have thin external USB WLAN key is the easiest solution

  • Unable to connect to the generator signal with LabView


    I use a Tektronix AFG 3021 B signal generator. I installed the National Instruments driver (tkafg3k) for this device. My computer is connected to the signal in the block diagram generator, I place a block called "Example - Getting Started vi". I run the vi (there is no need of connections, so the vi has just the one block).

    The vi then gives me this error:

    Error 1073807343 has occurred to be initialized with Options.vi of tkafg3k

    Possible reasons:

    Driver status: (Hex 0xBFFF0011) primary error: error (Hex 0xBFFF0011) - information on the inadequate location or a resource that is not present in the system

    I know that the signal generator properly communicating with the computer because when I run "VISA Resource Manager", I can ask for the name of the device and it returns the correct name.

    -I'm using Labview 8.6.

    -I have NI-VISA installed 4.2

    -The driver that I use is available here: http://sine.ni.com/apps/utf8/niid_web_display.download_page?p_id_guid=005994E37F5B2318E0440003BA7CCD...

    -J' use the driver that is for version 7.1

    -J' uses this compliance record: http://joule.ni.com/nidu/cds/view/p/id/1095/lang/en

    What is the cause of this error and how can I solve this problem?

    Thank you.


    Do you really need to use the IVI driver, or you can use the LabVIEW driver? If you have need of IVI, configure you the Max with a logical name, etc.

    PS You have posted to the wrong Board. It is for the signal generators of NOR. You should have posted to the Instrument of narcotics control.

  • Satellite P750: Unable to connect to the other PC with WLAN

    Satellite P750 was working fine until yesterday.

    Today, when you use the Atheros AR9002WB-1NG wireless adapter I can't connect to the other pc on the network.
    However, I can connect to the internet ok.
    Other pc can not see me either.

    * When I use wired everything is ok *.
    I tried to stop the antivirus and firewall, but it made no difference. I reinstalled the drivers and etc. shares checked file.

    Can anyone help please?


    You should enable the option called Ad-hoc to peer option in your WLan settings!
    Go to network connections
    Select connections-> properties-wireless
    Add the new network
    Here you must configure this (insert SSID, encryption, and password), and don t forget to check this is a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network

  • Problem connecting to the Buffalo TeraStation with Windows 7 Pro

    Our network has a server running Win2K AD files.  We have added a Buffalo TeraStation TS - X 2. BTA/R5 for more than a year to complete our storage.  Since that time, we had computers, Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro and Windows Vista Pro, and trendy Home and works very well with the Buffalo TeraStation.  Recently, we have replaced Windows 2000-based computers with Windows 7 Pro computers.  Everything works fine - except that they do not connect to the TeraStation.  I can ping the TeraStation.  I can see the TeraStation.  But when I click on the TeraStation to access folders and files, I get an error as follows: "the folder. \\TS-XLFAA is not accessible.  You might not have permission to use this network resource.  Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.  The user name is not found. "All the other workstations access the TeraStation very well, because they always have.  I can't find a solution to this problem.  I tried setting the 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\LmCompatibilityLevel' value to 1 and changed "network security: LAN Manager authentication level" to"send LM and NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated". as suggested by others, but it didn't work.  Any ideas?  I have several Windows 7 Pro computers that cannot access the TeraStation storage.  Help!  Thank you...

    Browsing through the posts, I found something that worked.  It was suggested to disable the use of IPv6 in network properties and use the ip address of the NAS instead of the server name.  I opened windows Explorer and typed in the address like this: \\\ and the server was available immediately... Thanks CODY!


  • Unable to connect to the internet after installing Windows 8 Pro

    I installed Windows 8 Pro on my laptop, but I can't connect to the Internet. When I diagnose the problem, it can not find the problem. I use a computer dell laptop. The notification on the corner of the Office says I'm connected. I use a wifi that works fine as I can connect my iPad with it. Can anyone help?


    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you can not connect to the Internet after the installation of Windows 8 Pro operating systems. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will certainly help the question of fixing.

    To help you suggest several steps to solve the problem, I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

    1. you receive an error code or message?

    2. what web browser do you use?

    3. don't you try to connect to a wired connection?

    4. What is the Dell laptop model number?

    Please follow the methods and mark the question below:

    Method 1:


    Step 1:


    Start the computer in safe mode with network and check if the problem persists by following the link below.

    Start settings for Windows (including safe mode):


    If the problem does not persists in Mode safe mode with networking, and then perform a clean boot.

    Step 2:


    You need to perform a clean boot to prevent any third party conflicting application from interfering with your computer.

    To put the computer in a clean boot state, you must follow the steps in the article mentioned below and check with the question.

    How to perform a clean boot for a problem in Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8:

    Note: You must follow step 3 of the article mentioned above to recover your computer to a Normal startup after you complete all the steps.


    Method 2:


    Follow the steps in the link below.


    Wireless and wired network problems:



    Method 3:

    Follow the steps described in the links below.


    Why can't I connect to the Internet? :



    A Wi - Fi & networking:



    For reference:


    Connect to the Internet:



    Your response is very important for us to ensure a proper resolution. Please get back to us with the information above to help you accordingly.

  • Unable to connect to the network, Inspiron 6400, Win XP Pro

    Hello. I have a laptop Inspiron 6400 with Windows XP Pro and cannot connect to the local network and thus to internet. The problem appeared after I took the laptop with me on a trip. I don't know if I hit it too or maybe changed a setting that I should not have. The only relevant thing I can remember is that I tried to connect to a wireless network, but totally failed. So now I'm back home and cannot connect to my network (not wireless), even if the icon on the computer says that it is connected to the network and works fine, then the function 'fix' there was no help. Other computers connected to the same router doesn't have the same problem. The laptop is not reachable from the other computer, and vice versa.

    Here is the ipconfig information:

    Windows IP configuration:
    The host name...: (who cares, right)
    Suffix main DNS...:
    Node... type: hybrid
    Active... IP routing: Yes
    Active... proxy WINS: No.

    Ethernet connection to the Local network card:
    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    Descrtiption...: Broadcom 440 x 10/100 Integrated Controller
    Physical address: 00-1D-09-BE-2A-B5
    DHCP active.... : No.
    ... The IP address:
    ... Subnet mask:
    ... Default gateway:

    Ethernet wireless network connection card:
    State media: Media disconnected
    ... Description: Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN minicards
    Physical address: 00-1F-3A-11-2D-61

    So, I would be really happy if someone could tell me what is the problem...

  • Color Laserjet PRO MFPF 377dw: problem with Color Laserjet PRO MFPF 377dw and HP network scanner

    After removing the package of printer drivers HP, all attempts of resettlement via WLAN regularly fail before the end, which indicates that the device is not found. I physically connect the printer to the computer by USB cable to install the software successfully. When I go to WLAN Wireless thereafter, the printer works perfectly within the network. If I remove the USB cable, the following error message appears when I try to start scanning HP: HP CLJM377 Scan found . In other words, HP Scan cannot be used with a PC not connected by USB cable. All other remote features function normally printer in wireless, including HP Scan & Capture. Is there a possibility to correct this, via the Windows registry from my PC?

    MrRobot wrote:

    Hello! @Chirsistei, your description of the HP product is classified as a commercial product (business). Our sales support team provides support via the channel of entry here. If you need immediate assistance, you will need to open a session one business with our sales support team. Click on this link http://ow.ly/I3gw30140F8 for more details.
    Let me know if you want more information and/or assistance.

    Have a great day!

    See you soon!

    Hello Chetan,

    I think I'm in the wrong forum here because I live in Switzerland and here the Laserjet Pro M377dw color is sold to private users. I have no access to a support plan and use the printer in my home office network. Your proposed solution therefore does not help me, during this time, I have posted this problem in the forum on language German you need not to pursue this new. Thanks anyway

  • LaserJet pro 400 m401n: where is the power button on m401n laserjet pro 400

    Sorry for this stupid post but:

    Well, I unpacked it M401n and pluged and attached to the computer via hard wire, and

    put the paper of soe and was about to embark on the end of the software of the job, but theere are no nights on

    on the pronter.  With power applied, I expect some kind of fire on in the small window on the top?

    I've linked the red x button and ok and others, but I can't get any sign of physical life out of it. I tested only the

    out of the wall was live.

    Thank you - got the power and the initialized cartridge. Thanks (as emily Litells would say-Never Mind)

  • Color LaserJet MFP M177FW Pro: 126 a Toner can be used with Color LaserJet Pro MFP M177FW?

    I recently bought a Color LaserJet MFP M177FW Pro and still have 126 a toner cartridges (magenta, cyan and yellow) for my LaserJet MFP M175 precedent. I can use them rather than the cartridges of 130a recommended?


    Only 3 printers can use HP 126 has:

    http://WWW8.HP.com/us/en/products/OAS/product-detail.html?OID=4148379#! tab = compatible_hosts

    Kind regards.

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