Unable to connect to the HP printable applications. 7520e Photosmart printer.

I can't access or manage printable apps on my HP 7520e printer. I get the message error "unable to connect to the server, check the internet connection. My printer is connected to my WIFI with 100% signal. It has a static IP address. I can print with HP ePrint, while on the same network as well as remotely. I have remote access 100% to all the functions of the printer. I checked the updates using the update function printers and I have the latest firmware and updates on my printer. I also put in the manual entries in DNS Server and and I followed all threads to try to solve this problem. I also have errors on the connected HP WEB site preventing access of server certificate. This product using a Windows PC or Safari. It is a different matter, but I was trying to print the pintable apps that are on my printer from the HP WEB site connected.

Fixed a problem!

I decided to reset my printer to the factory settings and perform another installation. It worked! All my printable apps work! Be aware that if you decide to take this route, you will also need to go online to hpconnected.com and add your printer. Simply follow the instructions to Setup printer this impression during installation. You will also lose the printer name of e-mail that has been previously assigned and you will need to create a different, or use a new one that is automatically created. Also as easy advantage to use, does not need to set up my printer with a static IP address or manually set the DNS addresses. After I chose the factory and WIFI selected as my connection, my printer connected to my router immediately. Note: I do not use security on my router. Also, I installed FireFox on my Mac computer and can now browse hpconnected.com without problems.

  1. Press the key Icon on your control panel and go to "restore default settings", and then select.
  2. Power cycle your printer.
  3. Run the Setup program.
  4. Optional if you have a Mac instead of a windows PC: install FireFox to navigate hpconnected.com that Safari has issues with this site.

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    Here what I was trying to fix my problem:

    1. I try to restart the computer, then reconnect to my wifi - nothing fixed

    2. I have try to change the DNS and - still not fixed, worse still, unable to connect all Web sites

    3. I try to delete the Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration folder and restart the computer - nothing has changed

    4. I try to start safe mode and it works very well and when I reboot to normal, it still happens

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    If an application you have installed unexpectedly closes, unresponsive, or does not open

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

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    Someone knows how to fix this? I tried to remove and add the account again using IMAP instead of POP3, but still get an error message, the e-mail address and the password are all correct and I think that ive got the right to Server (live.com?) Im not exactly computer so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    You will find the right settings for an account on this page live.com: send and receive Hotmail from an e-mail application. To change your settings, select Tools > accounts > {account} > properties and make right onto the tabs of servers and Advanced entries.

    [I moved your question on the forum just for Outlook Express issues.] You should not notice a difference].


  • Unable to connect to the web proxy/services

    Unable to connect to the web proxy/services used for officejet pro 8600 as well as using verizon fios actiontec router.  I tried wireless and ethernet.  Connectivity seems good.

    Resolved.  Port forwarding blocked by another application of verizonwebcamera problem.

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