Unable to connect to the Internet via the router and Modem

I've recently updated my version of office xp to windows 7. I have a D-link router and a modem with an ISP, and they are all correct, the son. I tried to install the router, but it cannot detect an ethernet cable, even if everything is good. I shot all three offshore, the computer, the modem and router for 60 seconds, reset the router and tried to configure a connection through windows, but nothing seems to work. I have a laptop that can capture the wireless signal and connect to the internet through this. But it's the computer that cannot find the modem or router and does not connect to the internet, I am lost on what to do.


If your laptop is connected through the router (wireless), then your router is
more or less OK.
Go to Control Panel/network connections.
If your PC has both wireless and LAN cards, turn off your PC wireless
network, here's how:
Right-click on the icon of your PC's wireless network connection. Select Disable. Wait
until the end of this process.
Then, right click on icon to connect to the LAN of your PC. Select Disable. Wait
until the end of this process.
Now right click on icon to connect to the LAN of your PC. Select Enable. Wait
until the end of this process.
Open a command window (cmd.exe). We will see if there is a LAN connection. On
the command line type:
then 'Enter '. What answer did you (paste here). If you receive the answer
pings, enter this next...
Ping www.yahoo.com
then 'Enter '. What answer did you (paste here). If you receive the answer
pings, open your browser and go to www.yahoo.com. What is going on?
Other things to check...
You have DHCP enabled in your router configuration (preferred answer: Yes)
Set the maximum number of DHCP users to 10 or more (you can reduce that
later if you prefer).
Is set to "obtain an IP address automatically" the IP address of your PC
(preference response: Yes, unless you know what you are doing) or is it
already a value in place.
"staz2020" wrote in message news: a707c004-e504-4f14-b1d4-2bc465c15eb3...
> I have recently updated my version of office xp to windows 7. I have a
> D-link router and have a modem with an ISP, and they are all correct, the
> son. I tried to install the router, but it cannot detect an ethernet
> cable, even if everything is good. I have disabled all three, the
> computer, modem router for 60 seconds, reset the router and tried
> establishing a connection through windows, but nothing seems to work.
> I have a laptop that can capture the wireless signal and connect to the
> internet through this. But it's the computer that cannot find the router or
> modem and does not connect to the internet, I am lost on what to do.

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  • EA6500 unable to connect to the router after Time Machine

    Just got an EA6500 - updated to the latest firmware available.

    I have attached 2 x WD NAS and 1 x WD through the USB port of the device.

    Each time after I finished running Time Machine on the MacBookPro (written to one of the WD NAS), I can no more connection to the router as neither the local IP, or the cisco connect cloud. The error message I get (loosely formulated) is: unable to connect to the router. Please ensure that the router is connected to the internet.

    At this point, all the devices connected to the router (wired and wireless) still can access Internet perfectly. Only the console of the router is therefore more accessible.

    Anyone else have the issue?

    Any ideas on how to solve it?

    Contact support for Cisco and the person advised me to do a factory reset (even if the router is new with no customization!). Regardless, it now works correctly. Cisco Cloud Connect works always before, during, and after a Time Machine.

    "When in doubt, try to turn the grid and the.

  • Printer Hp6700: unable to connect to the router wireless D - Link DI-514 when SSID Broadcast is set to no.

    HP6700 printer: unable to connect to the router wireless D - Link DI-514 when the router Broadcast SSID is set to no. My MAC laptop and HP laptop both work with the set SSID on no. If I change the router Wireless SSID Broadcast is YES, then the printer HP6700 can connect to the wireless router. I set up the printer it saying that the SSID and password have been, the same as both of my laptops, but it connects ever, unless I have change the router to broadcast the SSID. Help!

    Have you tried to update the firmware on the DI-514?

    You can also try to set a static IP address on the printer, and then assign the printer to the list of DHCP static in the interface of the router.
    To give a static IP address to your printer:
    -Print a the front of the printer Network Setup Page. Note the IP address of the printer.
    -Enter the IP address in a browser to reveal the internal settings of the printer.
    -Choose the network tab, then wireless along the left side, then on the IPv4 tab.
    -On this screen, you want to set a manual IP address. You must assign an IP address outside the range that the router sets automatically (called the DHCP range). If you do not know the range, change the last set of numbers (those after the last '.') 250
    -Apply the subnet (unless you know it's different, if so, use it)
    -Enter the IP of your router (on the Page of the Network Config) for the gateway.
    -Enter for the first DNS and for second DNS. It's Google DNS. You can choose a different external DNS if you wish.
    -Click 'apply '.
    Now, stop the router and printer, start the router, wait, and then start printing.

    After that you remove and re - add the printer to your Mac.

    Show support by clicking on the blue Kudos star in the post that solved your problem. Doing so will help the other members of the forum their solutions also.

  • Unable to connect to the router

    -Please ignore this message: I did not wait enough to do the factory reset. It seems that launch a factory reset without waiting for 10 seconds only restarts the router.


    Today I tried to connect to my router (I do not use it for a few years) and it didn't work at all.

    Initially, I plugged it in just 2 RJ45 cables: one for internet, one for the PC. The computer could not connect to the router (DHCP failed).

    I then restored the factory settings and tried again: same thing, the computer could not find the router via DHCP.

    I tried to force an IP address (IP:, mask: Gateway:

    By forcing the INVESTIGATION period, I was able to connect to the router, but when I tried connect to with admin/password, it wouldn't let me (bad password - don't forget I restored it to factory settings, several times actually). The address http://routeurlogin.net/ is not found (404) and I was unable to go on websites (404). A curious thing is, using this connection, I was able to connect to Skype (and send/receive messages), although the sites Web could not be reached from a browser.

    I'm running out of ideas to solve the problem, but I suspect a hardware problem, so any help would be welcome.

    Yes he did.

    I couldn't find an option to delete my message, otherwise I would have done it.

  • Unable to connect to the router WLan - Satellite L300D

    Please help me so that I have still a few hairs left!

    I installed WLAN driver on my laptop Satellite L300D with Vista Home installed.

    I see my network in the available connections, but when I go to connect, it will not connect.

    My other two desktop computers can connect to the router without a problem.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you


    I think that you didn t try updates. Right?
    Therefore, my first recommendation would be an update of the BIOS and driver WLan.

    Check the current version of the BIOS that is available on your laptop. If the latest version has been released then update the BIOS.
    In addition, to download the latest WLan driver from the Toshiba WLan portal and to update:

    On this Wlan site, you will find three different WLan drivers for three types of WLan cards. First check your wireless network card, and then use the right driver!

    See you soon

  • Unable to connect to the router (even after reset)

    I'm really frustrated, and I hope that this community can provide an answer. After all the hype around this router, it is he who gave me the most trouble.

    About a month and a half... completely randomly it seems to me, I could not connect to the router more. Not through intellectual property, routerlogin.net/com...nothing. It just says: cannot display the page. I did everything I could possibly think, tried all of the suggestions I could find here and elsewhere and still nothing would work.

    I finally did a hard reset and obviously lost all my settings... and RIGHT AFTER the hard reset after upgrading the firmware, I can't connect to the router again. This could be the cause? Is there a way around it?

    The router worked fine until about a month and half ago. Then I stopped being able to connect to the admin page. Several resets hard did nothing.

    I ended up RMA'ing it and the new replacement works fine (for now).

  • C6180-unable to connect to the router

    I just installed a new Cisco Valet M10 router for a home network.  I'm following the installation process for the HP, but it keeps just looking for the router and it is never.  I spent hours with Cisco determine connections, there are very good.  Is there a way to manually insert the name of the network, so the C6180 can find it?  Any ideas how to get the configuration wireless without the printer being able to find the network itself?

    printer down radio.

  • Unable to connect to the router (BEFSR41 V4.0)

    I have a Linksys BEFSR41 (Version 4.0) wired router and I am not able to connect to it. It has been in storage (the top of a closet shelf) for the past two years and when it when it was still used it worked like a pro.

    I used the downloaded from the site Web of Linksys router configuration utility to install it, and when it gets to the final stage, he says that it cannot connect to the router. Try to go to translates into a (very long) network timeout.

    I have reset the router several times (retained in the for more than 10 seconds reset button) and have had no result. All the lights on the front of the router work normally.

    I already checked and I'm set up to get the IP addresses of network automatically rather than assigning a static.

    Any help appreciated,
    ~ Darxide

    Number set by putting the ADSL modem in bridged Ethernet mode.

  • Error in the configuration wizard. Unable to connect to the router.

    All connections are correct.  I am able to connect to IE and FireFox with ethernet and connected my corner via "Linksys".  I opened with ISP address and configure security.  Is there more in the configuration I have to do?

    What is the model number of your router? If the internet connection is working well, then you need not to worry the installation disc. As long as you know how to set up the router manually and able to access the interface of the router then there is nothing to worry about. It is with the disk configuration wizard is exceeded or there could be some firewall software on the computer that is blocking the setup of your router to detect Wizard. It is the most common problem I encountered, but well it's always the manual configuration. If you do not need to install and use the software just go to the linksys download site, or you can also consider using another computer.

  • Unable to connect to the router with windows 7?

    I have just bought an Acer Revo R3700 and installed Windows 7 above, but I can't connect to my router.

    My router is heaven and successfully has 4 laptops (both under Vista, two 7 running), an Xbox and a Wii and two smartphones connected to him. Yet I just can't do this system to connect to him.

    I'm at my wits end... I've tried absolutely everything. I searched the Microsoft answers site found several similar problems and tried a lot of solutions, including adding files in the registry and update drivers.

    At first I could connect to the internet every now and then, but it was biblically slow (I tried to download Google Chrome and got him to 0.2 Kbps) and soon disconnected. Now I can't connect at all.

    I just downloaded a the Ethernet controller driver and updated a driver WLAN as they apparently do not come with Windows, but it still doesn't work. Although the message has now changed to "Unable to connect" to "Limited connectivity" (even though I think it's more coincidence than anything else)

    It should not be a question of signal strength, like the Xbox and laptop computers work fine when placed next to her.

    Really needed a solution to what running an ethernet cable is not really an option :(

    Thanks in advance guys. I'll be happy to provide any additional details if you need it :-)

    EDIT: / / I would add that I seem to be able to connect fine with a phone as a hotspot? It is very very weird.

    EDIT: / / I just managed to connect, but its very slow and not changed anything for the last 100 times? Everything seems to be completely random when it let me? : S

    Hardware support comes equipment - including the drivers/software manufacturers to use such software in all operating systems.

    Looks like a possibly faulty hardware or shotty (the wireless network device.  Make and model)?

  • Portege 2010 PP201E - unable to connect to the router encrypted with WPA


    I just bought a Toshiba (? 2002) Portégé 2010: PIII 866 MHz/XP... Part number: PP201E-00GPP-EN. support for the Wi - fi network: 802. 11 b

    When I try to connect to the internet using my sky router (WPA / PSK) my Toshiba does not connect because it asks for the WEP.
    I tried to change it on Assistant, but that's it or turn it off.

    I have only one option is to change the router WEP, but I heard it is an old and easily hackable, technology
    In any case, I don't want to mess with my router, another PC wireless and my playstation.
    I looked on update of the driver toshiba but that did not work.

    Does anyone know if there is a updated for my lapptop driver or do I have to buy a USB product?

    Thanking you


    Maybe the internal WLan card does not support the newer WPA encryption but only the WEP key.

    The fact is that encryption is hardware related. This means that an update of the driver will not help you. If the hardware does not support WPA, then you need to replace the WLan card or buy a USB WiFi dongle that supports WPA.

    I have thin external USB WLAN key is the easiest solution

  • Satellite A300D - unable to connect to the router

    I can't connect to my wireless modem that works correctly for other laptops at home.

    I bought this phone 2 weeks ago and when I discovered that it can not connect, I took it to the shop, I bought it. Here, surprisingly it connected to wireless internet so they told me that there must be sth wrong with my modem. I reinstalled my modem but still not good. I can connect with other laptops that have vista as well.

    I can view the connections. Sometimes, he tells me that the password is wrong that I'm sure I get right! I even tried to completely disable password security, then it seemed like it was connected, but I could not access Web sites, including google.com. Sometimes it is said that id verification timeout. I reinstalled the wireless driver that did not work. He has no problem with the connection to the local network. I almost tried everything but still can't connect.

    Help, please!


    Why you try to reinstall the modem driver if you have a problem with your wireless network card?

    Anyway, if you can plug it into the router in the shop everything should set up and installed correctly on your laptop and the reason must be the router.

    So in your case, I would try to update the firmware on your router.
    If you use DHCP, try static IP addresses. Try to also disable filtering of MAC addresses and try another encryption, e. g. WPA2.

  • E4200 PC connects to the router and the network home and says its connected to the internet but wont


    I have an E4200 and upgraded to the Cloud Connect. It was buggy, and so I went down to the firmware before that.  I have all the computers works well in the House except my office.  It connects to the network, he can see the other computers on the network can still do a windows update. But when I go to use google chrome or internet explore it just won't connect to the internet.  Has anyone already experienced this? It does not work either if it's a wired or a wireless connection, it was fine before the upgrade downgrade and following. It is on this desk that I installed and uninstalled cloud connection thew.  I know enough to set up the network, but when it does not work... .so I'm lost for what to do. Help, please!

    I did a restore of the system to a point before I upgraded to Cisco Connect Cloud, and that did the trick. Thank you for your willingness to help. All is well now.

  • ea4500 unable to connect to the router smartwifi

    Since yesterday my linksys smartwifi account says that it cannot connect to my ea4500.

    I pedaled power the router itself and it is not fixed.

    The router has access to the internet. I can also access the router locally using

    Is there a setting somewhere in the router UI that will allow me to sign out and back in on the account of smartwifi?

    Linksys system has been up and dow lately so it's most likely the problem. Sometimes its down for days at a time. Very unreliable. Give him one day and see if it comes back. Can the mods can follow it and put it on a sticky?

  • Unable to connect to the router WRT54GS

    I recently had a malware attack on my computer by cable.  It has since been cleaned, but I still can't connect to the signal wireless to my router on my laptop.  I had no problem before the attack.

    I used the EasyLink Advisor steps to try to fix the fitting, but it did not work.  No idea what else I can / try?

    Thank you

    Open an Internet Explorer browser on your computer (desktop) wired page. In the address bar type and press ENTER... Let the empty user name & password use admin lowercase...

    For wireless settings, follow these steps: -.
    Click on the Wireless tab
    -Wireless network mode must be mixed...
    -Provide a unique name in the name box of the wireless network (SSID) in order to differentiate your network from your network of neighbors...
    -Set the channel 11-2 wireless, 462 GHz... Wireless SSID broadcast should be enabled and then click on save settings...
    Please take note of the name of the wireless network (SSID) because it's the network identifier...

    For wireless security: -.
    Click the sub-tab under wireless > Wireless Security...
    Change the mode of WPA wireless security, encryption, select TKIP. Password input your desired WPA key. For example, MySecretKey, this will serve as your network key whenever you connect to your wireless network. Do NOT give this key to anyone and do not forget the key.
    NOTE: The password must be more than 8 characters...

    Click the settings advanced wireless
    Change the tag to 75 interval, change the Fragmentation threshold to 2304, change the RTS threshold to 2304 and click on save settings...
    Now let's see if you can locate your wireless network and try to connect...

Maybe you are looking for