Unable to copy files to my Sansa Clip +.

I can't access my sansa clip + 4 GB when I connect it with usb, I formatt, I reset it, I have tried MTP and MSC mode but it still the same, a message from windows xp, which does not recognize my camera

i ' v uninstalled the USB device and then when I plugged it back, it works!

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    You are running the same version of Mac OS x on a Mac?

  • Impossible to copy files to the Sansa Fuze using Windows 7 (drag and drop, or Windows Media Player)


    Yesterday, I bought the Sansa Fuze and I have problems copying files to the device using either Windows Media Player (Sync) or Drag and Drop (Explorer).

    The symptoms are:

    (1) the device is recognized and available in Windows 7 (Series USB MSC - sorry don't have it with me right now)

    (2) took me to upgrade to the latest firmware, which has worked flawlessly

    (3) when I try to drag and drop a file on the device (I use Windows 7, 64-bit), it starts, but doesn't seem to calculate the size of the files or waiting time to download correctly.  It is followed by a slow progressive, until the computer crashes, resulting in a constant 100% of the CPU.  The only solution is a hard reboot

    (4) when you use Windows WM, the device is recognized, okay and the synchronization starts, but it then stops without reason.  Once again, the processor springs and requires a reboot

    (5) using the results 3 and 4 in 1-5 files being copied across, but not more.

    (6) I tried several albums and one album at a time, but cannot determine if that makes a difference.

    Help, please!

    See you soon,.


    It may be a bug in Windows 7. But one thing to try is to go to the Device Manager (assuming that Windows 7 still has), uninstall the "rocket" (under USB controllers), and then run add hardware to find and reinstall the driver.

    Use the MTP with Windows Media Player mode, MSC mode without.

  • Unable to copy files... Read only problem?

    A few weeks back, I noticed that I couldn't copy or access certain files on an external hard drive.  If I tried to copy the files to another drive, only a few files copy and then she quit.  Finally windows could not even see the external hard drive.  It is this same thing on three different computers. I assumed it was a problem of hard drive and that it was not...

    At the time it seemed that I could access the files on all computers.

    Today, however, I tried to copy photos on my camera and it's the same thing. He copied some files and then abandoned. I then tried to copy the files to my laptop and it's the same thing.

    It seems that all folders on all three computers are 'read only' and if I uncheck it automatically re-itself allows to...

    Any ideas as to what could be the problem?  This could be something to do with the parameters of authorization on the computers?

    Thanks for your help.


    Edit: I tried simply to copy the files from th again. During which I repetedly went to folder properties and off to read-only and it was able to copy most of the files, the only exception is a large 100 MB video file +... This looks very similar to what was going on with my external hard drive...

    Whatever the problem is, it isn't the read-only check box.  In XP, the 'Read only' checkbox in the properties is associated with a custom folder and has nothing to do with the write protect.  A good explanation is in this article:

    "You can not view or change the read-only or the attributes of system files in Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7"
      <>http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/326549 >

    Is the number of characters in the path to the file?  If you have directories within directories, etc., the number of characters in the path to the file can become large.  Windows has a limit of 256 bytes.  There are other more reliable means of copying the files.  Discover "Robocopy" (robust copy) that figure in the freeWindows XP Resource Kit .


  • Error: Unable to copy file 34 GB VHD in Vista Business 64-bit since hard drive USB 1 TB NTFS format drive.

    I have a big file VHD, > 34 GB. Created a Virtual PC (Virtual PC 2007) image, with disc of cancellations. Installed Win 7 Pro all updates. Office 2010 Pro all updates. Judgment, apply all changes.

    When the copy of the file on a hard disk to another disk Vista hard real partiton, it copies. But whenever I try to copy it to NTFSdrive USB, copy time continues to increase (cancelled when the transfer rate increased to 3 MB/s, time to copy remaining 11 hours 38% copied), the I/O reduction.

    Tried to launch the tool Rich Copy, which reported as 8 I/o operations failed and had to stop copying.

    Check the disk (from the virtual image) gives 314 cases of large files, 4 EA records, 88 business cases, NO problem.

    I tried to disable cancellation drive, start the computer virtual, reboot & running disk error checking, aok.   OS / works fine.

    I can copy other files (virtual hard disk, etc.) in both directions from the USB key. Have executed Optiomizer, disabled Compression and indexing on the USB. The USB is displayed 100% functional and no problem.

    It seems to be a problem with the Vista i/o system and the context of the VHD file. Someone else encountered similar problem on Vista, have a solution?

    Thank you


    In this case, I don't know.

    The only thing I can suggest is Process Monitor when it starts to slow down.


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    I uninstalled K9 web protection and now things work again. Very very slow for an adapter n, but at least it ends. I notified K9 on the problem.

  • Sansa clip plus and itunes - how to transfer files

    I'm really ignorant, but I would be very grateful for the help.   I did research on this topic here but do not understand the answers...

    Basically, I use itunes on Windows XP.  I just boughts liked a Sansa clip.

    I don't know even what kind of files I have in itunes - they are mostly ripped a CD. I guess they were mp3s but looking at recent postings here it looks like they may be something else (ACC file extensions?).   Anyway, I was fiddling around in itunes but have not been able to verify what are the types of files ('cos I'm ignoring it!)

    Earlier today I just copied some of the songs in itunes, go to Windows Explorer and paste in the section music to the Sansa Clip file.   They played very well...

    Then I went and deleted these files on the Sansa Clip Plus, because they were just an experiment.

    Then I went back to itunes and copied the files over.   This time, when I went to paste the files in Sansa Clip Plus in Windows Explorer, I found the option to paste is grayed out.

    I'm stuck and would be incredibly grateful for the help.   As you can from it of the mess that the above, any guidance I get has to be pretty basic.

    the easiest way is just to look at the files in windows Explorer. go to documents, then music. the music folder to itunes folder. That's where itunes stores all the files. you need to configure the computer to display file extensions for known file types. Find your MP3 files and copy them from windows Explorer, then glue them to the clamp.

  • Clicking or stutter during playback of the audio file on Sansa Clip

    I'm having a problem similar to that described in the following thread:


    Only I have the problem on a 4 GB Sansa Clip.

    The audio file is a DRM WMA to NetLibrary, 165MB, 32 Kbps and 11:48:01 in length.

    I am currently at 05:21 mark in the file and the stuttering arrived at a point where it is difficult to listen to the file.

    I had filled the files of devices (especially the music, a few podcasts) and then deleted, filled again, etc., so there may be some fragmentation that is either the problem.

    I'm reformatting of the clip using the internal format of the device function and allows you to copy only the audio book on the device at the beginning to see if the problem goes away (this * should * minimise, if not eliminate the fragmentation).  Then I resync the rest of the music files to the player using Windows Media Player, and then see if the problem comes back.

    I'll post my results here.

    Reformat the device worked very well.  The audio file sounds fine and the file is read immediately when you rewind or fast forward through the file (before it should pause a few seconds once you wanted to before play).

  • I upgraded the firmware Sansa Clip &amp; now I don't see the files I had previously in

    Hi guys, this is my problem: I have a sansa clip v2, it worked fine until yesterday, when I updated the firmware with sansa updater; the upgrade went smoothly, but now my windows xp sp3 detects the drive because it was a normal penstick/external hd and I cannot see the files I already had in it: I can still listen to their - players works as usual - but, as I don't see them, I can't delete them! I tried the "hidden and system files" in folder options, but it did not help. I think that after the upgrade of the internal structure of the file has changed a bit, now it is: sound, music, audio books, podcasts, record, WMPinfo.xml, MTABLE. SYS, RES_INFO. SYS, SYS_CONF. SYS, version.sdk. I try to put a few new files in the folder "music" and it works perfectly, they appear in the player, so the problem is only with the 'old'; in fact, I would not delete them mind these files if it is not necessary, because I have them on my hard drive).

    I hope someone can help me, thank you very much! (and please excuse my bad spelling & grammar, I'm Italian!  :-))

    1. pick up your player Sansa Clip - the physical drive you bought.

    2. activate.

    3. press the small 'home' button, the small button on the front of the item located at the top right of the Ferris wheel - it's the small button with the little house printed on it.

    4. press on the lower part of the wheel (at 06:00 position) until the screen shows the settings.

    5. press once on the right side of the wheel (at 03:00 position) to access settings options.

    6. press on the lower part of the wheel (at 06:00 position) until the display shows USB mode.

    7. press the right side of the wheel (at 03:00 position) once to enter USB mode options.

    8. tap up or down the Ferris wheel (at 12 and 06:00 positions) and select the USB setting menu is currently not checked (I think that this will be the PSG; ignore the setting "Auto", for the reasons I stated above), then select it by pressing the right side of the wheel (at 03:00 position).

    9. you have now set your video mode MTP USB drive.  Press the small home button twice to return to the regular game mode.

    And that's all.  Now when you connect your player to Clip on your computer, your files should appear on your computer.  If they don't, repeat the above, but set the USB to the MSC mode.

    I hope this helps.

    PS As I said earlier, the USB modes, the MSC mode (compared to the MTP mode) is more universal and will work on multiple computers.  If you use a video player on other computers, you can set your video player in MSC mode, to ensure that it will connect to other computers.  If this is the case and if your video player has been set to MTP mode so far, before changing the setting of mode USB mode MSC, to be able to see all files in the reader of your video on your computer, first copy the files from the drive of your music back to your computer delete them out of your video player, set the Clip Player USB Service mode weather of the Canada (see above) and then copy the files to your video player.  This ensures that you can see all the files of your video player when it is connected to your computer.

  • Print file stuck in the coil, the message "unable to copy the name of the file: it is used by another person or program".

    Recently, I tried to capture a job by a break of a print queue, print work and copy the files from the spool (under C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS) before unpausing the queue. However, when I try to copy the files, I get the error message "unable to copy the name of the file: it is used by another person or program". I tried several times with the same result. The only way to get the file off the ground is obviously t reactivate the print queue and they will quickly deteleted shortly after. Is there a way I can recover these files? Assume the change the port in 'File' to make a copy of file is on the table. I ran this in the title of administrator user rights.

    The file you are trying to "capture" you will do some good.  However, if you want to watch or copy it, first stop the print spooler.  Open the Services applet (start > run > services.msc > OK).  Scroll down to "Print spooler" and click "Stop".  Don't forget to restart the print spooler after you copy the file or you will not be able to print.

    If you want to print to a file rather than on paper, there are at least three ways to do it (not counting "Print to a file").

    Using the "Print to file" box will produce a *.prn file.  It contains commands specific to the printer; It cannot be opened by the usual word processor applications; It can be used to print to the printer selected in the print dialog box or printer that uses the same commands to the printer.  For example, you have a printer installed on 1 computer but you have physically moved the printer to computer 2, where it is now installed.  You can check the "Print to file" on the computer 1, save the file to a flash drive *.prn, carry it to computer 2 and then print it out by copying the file to the printer (in a command prompt window).

    1. the best way, IMO, is to print to a PDF using free CutePDF Writer.

    2. you can create a "generic, only the text" printer and select this option when you print.  This produces a *.txt file.  To install the generic/text printer only, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Start button, point to settings, and then click Printers.
    2. Double-click the add printer icon.
    3. Click the next button.
    4. When you are prompted "How is this printer attached to your computer? Click the local printer option button, and then click Next.
    5. In the manufacturers box, click Generic. In the Printers box, click generic/text only, and then click Next.
    6. In the available Ports box, click FILE, and then click Next.
    7. When you are prompted "do you want that your Windows-based programs to use this printer as the default printer?" click the no option button, and then click Next.
    8. When you are guests "would you like to print a test page?" click the no option button, and then click the Finish button.

    3. use the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, which may already be installed on your computer.  "XPS" was Microsoft's attempt to compete with Adobe PDF.  He did not.  Unfortunately, the only way to view a document produced by the XPS Document Writer is using the Microsoft XPS Viewer.

  • Error message "unable to copy the file"hiberfil", it is used by another person or program." Problem copying content from your PC to external hard drive.

    Original title: problem to copy content from your PC to external hard drive.

    I use Windows XP 2000 and am trying to restore my pc to factory settings as it is continuously 'stick '. When you try to copy my drive "c" on an external drive I get a message saying "unable to copy the file"hiberfil", it is used by another person or program." Close any program that might be using the file and try again "." What is 'hiberfil' and how do I close it down as I am not aware that I use?



    The hiberfil.sys will be created every time that you start... If you put in hibernation enabled in your control panel, Power Options and the file is 'open' to think that you can actually choose to Hibernate at any given time.  When you Hibernate XP gives a note of it and will write a hiberfil.sys sometimes important in the c:\ folder so that when XP fires again upwards and returns from hibernation, XP will read the hiberfil.sys file and return to the situation that you were in when you put into hibernation.

    I use to be a chronic hibernant because it takes less time to return after hibernation as a cold start.  Sometimes, it can actually be slower that a cold so start your system based on the amount of RAM has.  The more RAM you have, the more your hiberfil.sys will, if sometimes it's faster to move with just a cold start if you Hibernate (26,03 seconds for me).

    If hiberfil.sys is giving you a hard time (you would not in any way copy it) disable hibernation in your Power Options and the file will be deleted immediately since it would be is no longer necessary.  That would solve this, but if you are trying to copy the entire C drive, you will have other files to complain after that.

    It is certainly possible to make a complete copy of the C drive, if you want, but you will have to initialize on something next to your drive hard if you want to do this so the XP files are not used - then you can copy anything and everything.  You can get some imaging software of disc that will also help you.

    It depends on what the problem is you want to solve and what you wand to end up with when you're done (so far, unspecified).

    I would work on figure our why your XP is paste and fix it in place.  XP should not be sticky.

  • Sansa Clip - computer does not recognize the music file

    I have a Sansa Clip 8 GB. It works OK. It connects to my PC (Windows 7) and fees. But when I open the music from the PC folder there is nothing in it. There is the music of the clip and he is playing. But nothing in the folder on my PC. The clip has the firmware version: v02.01.35A. His car is up to date. Any ideas?

    Try changing the drive USB MSC mode by going to settings > system settings > USB. If you still don't see the files, try MTP mode. Files transferred in a mode are invisible to your PC when it is connected to the other mode (files transferred in both modes are still visible by the player himself, that's why they play even if the PC cannot find them). The third mode, "Automatic Detection", should be avoided because it can change between the MTP and MSC between sessions without warning, according to the whims of Windows.

  • Sansa Clip 8 GB - Firmware Version 2.01.32 - all my files disappeared

    So, today I have updated the firmware on my Sansa Clip from 2.01.16 to 2.01.32 and now, therefore, when I connect my player to the PC any of my files stored on my drive are visible. I tried to use the options to display the hidden files and system files on my PC, but it does not work. All files are always visible and readable on my player, and my shows to PC where there is 5.58 GB of used space on my drive but when I search in the records of the player using my PC, they're all empty... not so much as a single byte in sight... What is going on? Where are my files stored now? (And especially) How can I access them through my PC?

    I read on a website that the deletion of the "MTABLE. SYS file' could solve this problem, but I have tried this 4 times now and the problem persists.

    A big thank you to all those who can help.

    Probably not a mistake but a MSC / outcome of the PSG. Go in the configuration of the element, and then select MTP. If still no files and select MSC.

    If still no removal follow the instructions in the FAQS on this site.

  • Rename the name of a file in Sansa Clip +.

    Why can't I rename a file or folder name in the Sansa clip +. ???

    It is a big problem in Sansa.

    I should rename my file name before you plug it into the computer to transfer.

    There are some who have problems of "naming" when you use MTP mode. In fact, sometimes this mode will be re - their name to something totally different from what they were originally. I would try formatting your player, which will erase all content, switch to MSC mode (settings > system settings > USB Mode) and re - transfer your files back. You should be able to name them as you wish.

  • New firmware Sansa Clip (1 GB) = no music file?

    I just upgraded my Sansa Clip (1 GB) with the new Firmware, and when I plug it in, it does not my music files, how to bring them back? The music is still playing and everything, just at the moment where I Plug and click on the folder, it is not show them.

    Firmware updates usually restore the unit to the default USB, Auto Vice mode. It will connect to the PSG most of the time. If the files have been transferred in MSC mode, you do not see them unless in this mode. Go to settings > system settings > USB mode and switch to the MSC. Then re - connect and see if these files now appear.

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