Unable to make a copy of the HP Photosmart D110a

When I try to make a copy, directly on the printer, I get only a blank page with no ink on this subject. Copy jobs black, the color or the economy. I can print wireless from a Web site and telephone.

Solved, simply by changing the black ink cartridge; Although it shows does not completely empty.

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    I can't make a duplicate with one copy double-sided Control Panel of the printer using the COPY function. It does not show an option for 2 original face 2 face copy. The printer has a duplexor unit installed, the latest firmware, but the option described above does not appear on the printer Panel option "double-faced." I prefer not to repeat the flat glass scan - Tower and the tests to get a copy of face 2. The printer has no problem filling a two-sided printing function. What can I do?


    It's one of the limitations of the 8610 compared to 8620/8630.

  • How to get or make a copy of the Windows 7 OS disk?

    How to make a copy of the Windows disk? Similarly, is there a way to copy

    from the computer to a CD/DVD?  What happens if the hard drive crashes ever?

    I have a refurbished Dell Latitude E6410 with Windows 7.

    I bought at Staples.  I think theres a way to make a recovery disk and should be a means of

    make a backup of o/s disc.

    My Dell 2003 desk top comes with the OS and disk drivers...

    but not my two latest laptops.

    You should make a Rescue Disk (external hard drive Bootable) or backup (Bootable USB Flash Drive) plant using the latest version of Dell backup and restore. See here for more details:


    I illustrate how to create the recovery media and use it to install the factory settings on a new SSD.

  • Make a copy of the image of laptop

    Try to make a copy of the image from my laptop with Windows 7. Error appears saying failed, because not enough space on drive hard usb. I tried two hard drives and both came with the same error. Concert need 47 for image and yet two spare HDDs have more than 145 concerts. Why he not continue. With the help of DVD would be endless.



  • How can I make a copy of the FAQ module or the filter on language?


    is it possible to make a copy of the FAQ module? I need to have FAQS in various languages.

    I can add event, photo, new ANDS media modules, but not a new module FAQ.

    I also found that you can add a category and view the frequently asked questions with the filter: cr or individual filter. But where do I add the category name to filter?


    Quick fix: the ID is used for the name of the category, so I need to make a tedious process to find the ID.


    {module_faq, c., 19227, ajax,}


  • How can I make a copy of the "Windows Calendar" - my 'save Windows' installation does not work!

    I would like to 'save' the Windows Calendar and save it to a Kingston USB device, or something similar. I seem to be unable to locate the file via the 'computer' tab - the only file I could find/copy was the "quick start up.

    Perhaps Windows does not allow me to do so, but if there is a way I would like to hear that I am very dependent on the use of every day of the calendar.

    Hi Wayne N.,.

    1. What is the exact error you get when you try to make the backup of windows?
    2. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?

    The first thing you want to do is to ensure you have all of your known appointments, meetings and functions is entered in the calendar.
    a. click on file in the windows calendar.
    b. click on export. (This will take you to the export dialog box.)
    c. choose a location to store the file *. ICS. (The ICS standard is a standard text developed by Apple to facilitate importation of text data for the calendar).
    Note: Save the file to removable media such as a CD or a Flash drive and bring it to another computer to import other utilities of calendar. Or you can also save it on the same computer for upload to the calendar application.

    Now we can import this file into several types of calendar applications such as Yahoo or Google Calendar online. For example, I'll show import you backups window "in MSN Calendar.

    Go to your MSN Calendar, and click the Add drop-down list and import calendar. Enter the location of the backup schedule, and then click Import.

    another thing to remember is the file ICS is a calendar snapshot. This means that all changes will not automatically be saved in the file. If you rely on your calendar strongly make sure to save regularly.

  • How to make a copy of the sent IMAP messages when the sent folder file cannot be found?

    My Thunderbird works fine. I also see messages in the "sent" folder but I wonder are only registered in the IMAP server messages. For the backup application, I would like to copy the file from the "sent" folder but I can't find a local file for this.

    In home/me/.thunderbird/44g5fxvp.default/ImapMail/mail. .fi [mymail] I have files
    Archives - 1.sbd
    Deleted messages
    Messages.MSF deleted
    inbox_old. MSF

    IE Sent.msf exists but is not named file sent. I am looking for a bad place? My Thunderbird settings or preferences are wrong? Is there something obvious that I missed?

    What is the most convenient way to make a local copy of the sent messages folder if Thunderbird does not have a local copy of it?

    Information on my system:
    The application databases
    Name Thunderbird
    Version 31.0
    User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (X 11; Linux x86_64; RV:31.0) Gecko/20100101 Thunderbird/31.0

    Application version identifier 20140721092545
    Permit Plugins about: plugins
    Build configuration about: buildconfig
    Memory usage on: memory

    Mail and News accounts
    account3 mail (imap). [mymail] .fi:993 password smtpa Normal SSL/TLS. true password [mymail] .fi:465 Normal SSL/TLS

    Subscribed IMAP folders accounts configured to synchronize and place a copy of the folder on the server in the profile of mail, but this issue is constantly updated to match the server, so if you have new messages then these changes are made to the server folder and the folder on your computer is updated to match the server folder. Or if you delete mail from your copy then it will update the server. Then synchronized files are constantly changed and updated.
    Moving while copy/move, it stops the activity on files synchronized and enables offline that get you a copy to anywhere else you want.
    Less chance of something going wrong.
    then go back to online mode.

    I knew that some people have problems with copy/move emails in online mode that are offline.

    Easy way to go 'offline and online.
    To go offline:
    Click 2 bluescreen icon located in the bottom left of the status bar.

    To go online again:
    Click 2 screen black icon located in the bottom left of the status bar.

    Some useful info on IMAP backup:

    ImportExporttool - very useful:

  • Make a copy of the recovery media which can no longer be ordered from Toshiba

    I have Toshiba Portege M200 computer without recovery media. Because the computer is old media are not available to order from Toshiba.

    If I found a person who is the original owner of these media I could make a copy of it to use with my computer when I have a valid license for Windows and other software on the recovery disk?
    I don't volatile legal terms?

    In General, you can use a recovery of other media laptop, but there is the same model of laptop with the same hardware configuration.

  • Upstream 13: make a copy of the USB of computer image 13 Stream

    It has come to my attention that the image USB copy that I compiled may not be usable as a way to reinstall windows 8.1?
    I learned that the Scandisc USB flash drives which I used are not designed as a way of copying and for the resettlement of same OS if the disk image I can say copied ok. This has now been confirmed by Scandisc. The question is now how do I make use of the unique copy of my computer image I have on my flash Scandisc disc and what USB memory keys are designed to provide a useful computer image copy?
    I hope someone can advise me on this.

    First of all, make sure that you start from the USB port. On the portable stream you constantly hit the ESC key when you turn it on to bring up the BIOS Menu in the upper left of the screen. Choose Boot Options then choose USB Flash Drive and it will boot to a screen that says select your keyboard type.

    On mine US is by default I chose that.

    Now, click on the button problems. Click Reset your PC.

    Select the target operating system. Windows 8.1 should be there. If it says Windows 10 and you want to come back to win 8.1 choose it anyway.

    Then, after clicking on the target operating system you will see a screen that says: 'This is what will happen', click Next, and then click YES, repartition the disks.

    Make sure you choose the option in the final stage, which said just delete my files. Do not select the option completely clean.

    Wait 45 minutes and your system is restored from the factory.

  • I created a DVD of a video cassette (without using the PC). I would now like to make a copy of this DVD (DVD - RW) on the PC. How can I make a copy of the DVD?

    How to make a copy of a DVD (-RW) by using Windows Media or any program using PC?

    First... just a suggestion... using a slow burn speed
    produces a more reliable copy.

    If you have software installed Nero should have
    an option for copying DVDs.

    Also, the following method can be your answer...

    The following freeware can create an ISO Image
    that allows to burn copies. Once you have the
    image created... you can use it to burn as many copies
    as you need.

    FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    Download ImgBurn:
    (The download is: SetupImgBurn_2.5.5.0.exe)

    (During the installation there will be an option to install
    Shortcuts of UniBlue and the "Ask Toolbar"... you can
    you want to deselect those)

    The following tutorials may be worth a visit:

    How to create an image file of a disc with ImgBurn

    How to write an image file to a disc with ImgBurn

  • Make another copy of the DVD from a DVD created from Windows Movie Maker

    My laptop was stolen recently and, with it, a slideshow (with audio) I had created on Windows Movie maker.  I have a disc I created after the completion of the project.  He plays very well on an external DVD drive.  However, when I download it on my new laptop or try to copy it to another disk, it does not copy as a movie.  It seems that it changes the formats and any copy I made will not play on an external DVD drive.  Is there a copyright protection or something embedded on discs created from Movie maker.  Any advice on how to make a playable copy would be appreciated.

    No copy protection is used.

    How are you trying to copy it?

    You will need something like roxio or nero and their software disc in copy, or import the movie in movie maker and then recreate the dvd disc again from scratch in your creation to dvd.

  • Bought a used HP computer and cannot make a copy of the recovery disc

    Bought a company that buys and sales of computers... etc... tried to make a copy and he said: it has already been done. Now what?


    Order a set of recovery disc from HP for your specific model.

  • When I sent a point (from document file) in the garbage can, it makes a copy of the item and puts it in the document file

    Hello, please help.  When I try to remove an item from the My Documents file, it sends the item to the trash to recycle, BUT ALSO creates a copy and put it in My Documents. It drives me crazy.  Thank you

    go to msconfig (type in the search box in startmenu or run in xp, and then press enter) then prepare your computer to clean boot by disabling all startup items and any of the services of windows, and then restart your computer. See if it makes a difference? If it did then you know who caused the problem.

    Then, make sure your system is clean of viruses and spyware and also

    using the analysis


    It is recommended to perform a complete analysis using above program anti-malware and a good anti-spyware and antivirus as:
    for viruses:
    For spyware:

    Try deleting the files in 'Safe' Mode, see if it happens again?

  • Unable to make a copy of an image

    After installing windows 10 and then back to 7, I am more able to make copies of my photos.  The desktop icon I have for the shortcut of photos has a top lock. How can I fix it?

    So far, you said this:

    -L' desktop icon I have for the shortcut of photos has a top lock. How can I fix it?

    -When I click with the right button on the image file, then go to properties, the Security tab does not appear.

    Your first statement means only administrators can change the desktop icon.

    The second statement probably means that the forlder of photo is stored on a FAT32 partition.

    These are two completely different subjects.

    Your first statement reads as follows:

    After installing windows 10 and then back to 7, I am more able to make copies of my photos.

    To avoid other confusion that I recommend that you declare step by step what you do and what you see on the screen, for example as follows:

    1. Double-click the image of the desktop icon. My Pictures folder opens.
    2. Right-click on an image, then click on copy.
    3. etc etc.
  • How to make a copy of the address iPhone 6s list automatically fill?

    Recently, I left my previous company after working there for 15 years.  I was able to transfer ownership of my work mobile phone number to become my personal phone number, even if I had to buy a new iphone.  I was also able to transfer my contact list on my new phone.  However, it seems that the iphone has copies of many "extra" contact email addresses I used in the past that are not included in my contacts.  These additional addresses appear when AutoFill of email on my phone.  I would like a copy of all these 'auto fill' email addresses for later use.

    Some other background notes:

    • These addresses are not in the choice of auto-complete when you create an email in my outlook from home computer account; only on my iPhone.  It seems to be specific to the iPhone.
    • I have no other accounts of e-mail (like GMail) where these addresses are registered.

    Can anyone suggest how to get a copy/download of all the e-mail addresses of my iPhone 6s AutoFill?

    iOS has no method of retrieving such a list.

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  • fingerprint sensor does not work in protected toshiba z830

    Fingerprint log on does not appear while loading win 7. I get the message "failed to connect to sensor" by clicking on the shortcut for the fingerprint reader. I downloaded the latest driver on the toshiba site. Thank you.

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