Unable to print, incompatible cartridge.

Original title: print printer print

My printer worked fine, just stopped all of a sudden, the message in the window of the printer says 'cartridge incompatible (s)' what has never happened, and they are the correct cartridges.

Hi Joanne,

I suggest you try the procedure described in the article and see if it helps.

"Cartridge problem" or "Incompatible cartridge" Message "Cartridge missing or damaged" appears on the computer


If the problem persists, I suggest you contact HP support for help.


Hope this information helps. Answer the post with an up-to-date issue report to help you further.

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  • Unable to print black and white with an empty cartridge

    My printer will not print not black-and-white, except when a color cartridge is replaced empty.

    How can I print black with an empty color in place cartridge?

    Some IIC (individual ink cartridge) printers have print heads that require ink available for periodic maintenance tasks. This avoids problems with hooves in the print head and the bad print quality. The following printers are unable to print when a cartridge is empty, even if the other cartridges.

    If one or more color ink cartridges are low but not empty and you want to minimize the use of color ink, you can change the settings in the HP software to print in black ink only (grey levels). Even if you change the print settings to print in black ink only, the other ink cartridges still have ink in them so that the printer to print.

    If you choose to print in black ink only, the printer always uses small amounts of ink from all cartridges for occasional maintenance tasks. HP recommends to replace the low ink cartridges in order to avoid any interruption in printing.

    For more details, see the link below


  • Error message "Incompatible cartridge" on Photosmart C4480 printer


    My Photosmart C4480 printer says "incompatible cartridge" all the time. I recently changed the black boss and after a few prints, he stopped it upward and the message appeared. I tried an another black protector, but it does not help. Don't know what to do. Could you please help me?


    Hello Hakon

    Try to clean the contacts of the cartridge and printer carriage...

    It works?



    Figure 6: cartridge
  • I've recently upgraded to Windows7, now I'm unable to locate the Toolbox of printer (ink cartridge levels).

    I've recently updated to Windows7, now I'm unable to locate the Toolbox of printer (ink cartridge levels)

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    Download the right driver Windows 7 from here:


  • HP Photosmart C4480 all-in-one printer. Message "Incompatible cartridge". New 75 HP cartridge inst

    It was for a while, then recently started printing with the message "Incompatible cartridge".  I followed the instructions how to clean cartridge, still with the message "Incompatible cartridge".  Help!

    HI - at this point, replacement of the cartridge would be the next step.  I hope it solved for you!

  • Incompatible cartridges; printer purchased abroad

    I bought my Photosmart 4783 in Russia C. I bought new cartridges here in Holland, 300 black and color-3 300 but although they be perefectly the printer says they are incompatible. The cartridges that were in the printer have been black en 121 121 and 3 colors.  Is there a solution

    one) to make new cartridges to adapt

    (b) to purchase cartridges fitting in Holland or in Europe?

    Or what I have to buy a new printer, and a little shame.


    Since you have a printer that was purchased from another region and the cartridges are another region, printer gives me an error under the incompatible cartridge.

    Please call HP in Holland and inform on the issue which will be able to reset the printer to the region where you are now.

    Avoid all fees for this, since the cartridges are under warranty (assuming that the cartridge genuine HP cartridges).

    Contact our of Nederland.


  • HP Envy 5530: Message incompatible cartridges.

    My printer display suddenly came with:
    "The cartridges listed are not for use in this printer."
    Who has disabled access to the screen and printing.
    Cartridge in question is 61/301.
    I am enrolled in "Instant ink" and so the cartridge was sent to me by HP. And has been installed properly.
    I'd be happy for any suggestion. Thank you.

    Hi @Yaffa1.

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support. I understand that your instant ink cartridges give you an incompatible error. I would like to help.

    This document should help solve the problem. HP ENVY, printers HP DeskJet - resolve the error 'Ink cartridge problem'.

    If the cartridge is a cartridge of subscription and belongs to HP. You can always contact the team to instant ink directly for assistance with this problem. If the cartridge is defective, they (as part of the service) will send you a free replacement cartridge.

    Instant ink contact information can be found in this post from Happytohelp.

    I would like to know if these measures worked for you. If they did, it's great! Give us some reinforcements by pressing buttons of solution and laurels, that we will help and others see that we have the answers!

  • HP Envy 5530 incompatible cartridges

    Just buy new printer HP Envy 5530. Provided with the printer ink cartridges are HP 301 black & TriCol in sealed bags.

    Have removed all the Ribbon, inserted cartridges properly and loaded paper.

    Get error message - cartridges are incompatible with the printer.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you, John. You have same suggestion from HP support as well. But I returned to the store (PC World) and they have exchanged without problem. Also been a new course was working fine before I took it.

  • 3510e: unable to print a copy of a document placed on the screen of the printer.

    My 3510 e printer works using my computer & Iphone but I'm unable to print a copy of a document that I placed on the printer screen.

    I solved my problem by installing new ink cartridges.

  • OfficeJet Pro 6830: replaced warranty for printer and cartridges of manipulation

    My Officejet Pro 6830 AiO printer doesn't have 3 months after purchase (power supply is ok, but it no longer lights). I contacted HP support and a replacement printer is on the way.
    Unfortunately I replaced all ink cartridges 'setup' 4 with brand new just a few days before the failure of the printer, so I asked the Lady to support (good person) if and how I can recover the defective device.
    She told me to take off the cartridges of the faulty unit and retain them for the replacement printer, but was to serve once the "setup" cartridges sent with the unit will be out of ink.

    Now, I have some doubts:

    (1) when I take my full semi the defective printer cartridges, I fear that the ink will start to dry... should I cover the opening at the bottom of the cartridges with tape? Will it be enough?

    (2) the ink in the printhead of the defective unit will start to get dry as well. The defect of the device is clearly in electronics, while the print head has worked perfectly. Isn't bad to leave the print head is clogged by dry ink? I still have empty cartridges "setup" out (differentiation 'stock' of waste...) should I put them on the print head?

    (3) the defective printer does not turn so to loosen its cartridges, I need to manually pull the cart of the printhead to the center position. Is it Ok?

    Thanks to all those who will clear this point to me.

    Hi @RickyGold,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I see that you have questions about your printer HP Officejet Pro 6830. I am happy to answer these questions for you!

    To answer your questions:

    1. To properly store the cartridges, I suggest you put them in an airtight container, such as a ziplock bag or Tupperware. Make sure that the contacts on the cartridges are not touch anything.
    2. I wouldn't worry about the obstruction with the defective printer printhead.
    3. I suggest to try to move the cartridge door manually, but don't force it, if it will not move freely. If you are unable to get the cartridges, please contact HPtelephone support for further assistance. As they would be able to replace the cartridges for you. (After you fill out the information, you will receive a phone number.) If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number. Language-country selector.

    Hope that answers your questions and have a nice day!

    "Please click the Thumbs up icon below to thank me for having responded."

  • HP Photosmart all-in-one C309a: need help Urgent! -HP Photosmart all-in-one problem C309a Incompatible cartridge - 564 and 862

    Hello everyone.

    I am a happy user of HP Photosmart all-in-one printer and for many years never had a problem.  I always bought new 862 cartridges and it worked fine.  Recently, a friend brought me to Singapore two new series of cartridges, but the owner of the store said this is the new higher capacity cartridges.  I said why not?  Even better, in fact since the printer is a guzzler of ink!

    This is, because I tried to install these new cartridges, I always get the message "Incompatible cartridge" after what, I can't not access the printer.

    Can someone help me solve this problem?  The cartridges are exactly the same, so I suspect its something to do with the chip?  I tried all possible methods such as the re-installation of the cartridges, remove the carriage and re-setup, cleaning the cartridge chip, etc.

    Since I'm brought this printer back from China to Europe, I really need to solve this problem otherwise I'm stuck without a printer.  These cartridges are not available locally.

    I would be grateful any advice!  Thank you.

    Your printer can use cartridges of 864. Unless you call HP and have them reset the printer to your new country, you live. Only then these cartridges can be used if you can find them on the spot. Call HP.

  • C4480 incompatible cartridge


    I have all in one Photosmart C4480 printer.  It worked fine a few days ago, after that, he started getting the message "incompatible cartridge".  I followed the instructions of cleaning of the HP Web site.  But it does no good.  Help, please.

    Hy. I found another solution for c4480 "incopatible cartridge. It worked for me, so I hope this works for you in the steps: 1. Press power at the same time 2. Press 3 BLUE, GREEN, GRAY. Press BLUE until you see "INFORMATION MENU" 4. Press OK 5. Press blue until you see "CHECKSUM for REBLOQUER DATA INPUT" 6. OK 7. X press on until you exit all menius 8. What promted for fodder cancel with X. He must ignore the error

  • Photosmart D5160 with Windows 7; Unable to print on CD/DVD

    I installed my Photosmart D5160 on my new HPE180t.  I used the "HP Photosmart and Deskjet full feature software and drivers" for Windows 7 64-bit.  Before, with Windows XP and HP Photosmart first, I was able to print on a CD/DVD.  Now, HP Photosmart Essential replaced HP Photosmart first, and I'm unable to print on CD/DVD.

    This same question was also documented on this forum, but no resolution found: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Printer-All-in-One-Install-and/Photosmart-D5160/m-p/154007/highlight/tr...

    I chatted with HP Technical Support online and they had me install Roxio Express Labeler for Windows Vista and run it in compatibility mode.  The result was that I was able to print on a CD/DVD, but the image has been moved to the top.  HP technical support said that I should buy a third-party CD/DVD printing software and they suggested call me Nero to determine what software to use.

    My questions:

    1. is this a known problem, the fact that the D5160 impossible to print on CD/DVD with Photosmart Essential and Windows 7?

    2. If someone has had this problem, what do you do to solve the problem?

    3. Another option would be to buy a new HP printer that prints on CD/DVD?  If so, what printer?

    Thank you very much


    old computer: HP Pavilion PU131AV / a1050y, Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.20 GHz, 2 GB RAM, Windows XP MCE, SP3 32-bit, Nvidia GeForce 6600
    new computer: HPE-180 t, Windows 7 Pro (64 bit), Nvidia GeForce GT 220, Intel Core i7 - 930 quad-core CPU @ 2.80 GHz, 8 GB of RAM

    That's what I did to solve my problem:

    1. buy a HP Photosmart D7560 h

    2 use Windows Photo Viewer to print on CD/DVD

    Note 1: The only way to buy the HP Photosmart D7560 h through HP's through its "upgrade" program, because this printer is no longer available via the HP shopping site.  Do NOT buy the D7560 h through the 'upgrade' of HP program because you will receive a refurbished printer.  After talking with the resolution of HP service, they advised me to buy this printer to a retailer who sells this printer yet.  I bought my new HP Photosmart D7560 h from newegg.com.

    Note 2: This printer (D7560 h) also uses the HP Photosmart Essential 3.5 when you use Windows 7, like the HP D5160.  When I installed the EP 3.5 and only had a printer is installed (as opposed to a printer and scanner HP), the 3.5 HP allow for printing on CD/DVD via the HP Solution Center.  The problem (not being able to print on CD/DVD via PE 3.5) occurred when I plugged in and installed my HP Scanjet G4050 scanner, which also uses the HP Solution Center.

    Note 3: I believe tha the D5160 could work with Windows 7.  It may be able to print on a CD/DVD, if you do not have an another printer/scanner HP device installed on your computer.  It may be able to print on a CD/DVD using the Windows Photo Viewer.

    Note 4: To replace the cartridges of 5 ink (XL) on the HP Photosmart D7560 h, it costs a total of $115.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.  Bottom line... I am able to print on CD/DVD with the D7560 h on Windows 7 operating system but I don't have to use the Photo of Windows display program.

    Take care


  • Incompatible cartridge (HP Photosmart C4480)

    I don't have the luxury of wasting my time here, I'm supposed to write an article for an academic journal, but let's do it anyway. because I'm pretty annoyed for this give actually the few minutes that I let myself before another staff meeting.

    A week ago, my printer (HP Photosmart C4480, almost a year now) began to give me the message that my cartridge is incompatible. The cartridge has been about a month or two old that I think, and I printed with her until he was about ¾ of his initial resistance. I followed all the steps troubleshooting gave me; reset, cleaning, I even had my old cartridge rest to see if this one has worked and that he could solve the problem (it worked, one that came with the printer, but it does not solve the problem). Apart from the replacement of the cartridge or get a new printer, it is not a way to solve this problem.

    But get a new cartridge doesn't just prolong the problem without actually solving. Now, it has become more obvious to me that there is a general problem of HP printer with error message "incompatible cartridge". This forum alone shows many examples unresolved for anyone who cares to look for them for a few seconds. The result is that people simply buy or request for new cartridges, and then, either immediately or after a certain while, the error recurs.

    It was an a little more vital product, like say a car, it must be recalled. If you take a look at the Amazon comments, they have been regularly in downhill, becoming more and more negative, the way a few months ago. I don't know if it's a software thing you guys has changed, or if your hardware or cartridges are doomed to failure. Maybe you send a bad batch of cartridges, but that would not explain why recurring popular printers fail with the same message.

    I am currently waiting for a response to a request for assistance. As I shine since other posts about this problem, you can not give a) an explanation of this debacle, b) a solution that does not involve the purchase of new cartridges to replace a cartridge that was perfectly fine before mounting them in your cartridge deathtraps. If there is anything that can be done does not mean to ignore the problem, spending more money on more product failure, but actually goes one way to solve the problem, I have he would hear gladly.

    OK laddie and gentlemen listen hear is how to fix this error message "incompatible cartridge" boring.
    Step 1: turn off your printer
    Step2:turn on your printer
    Step3:hold to the bottom of the button works / stop and the 'x' button - you will receive a message prompting you to "enter special key combination.
    Step 4interested "blue-> green-> ORDER BECAUSE gray!
    Step 5NCE "support rhLxFN0810CR" message is displayed 'blue' push the button once until appears the menu information
    Step 6interested 'ok' now using 'blue' new button scroll until you see "checksum for repo I input data ' appears
    STEP7interested ok and a code number will be displayed (note code will change each time this spice is used)
    Step8nce code appears press 'x' 3times to return to the main display screen. You are now ready to print as usual! if the print head is allowed to return before next print this process should be repeated every time print head reset

  • Incompatible cartridge envy 4507 at initial start-up

    Hi, first time here. I just opened the box on a brand new hp envy 4507.
    I'm stuck at the first hurdle! I inserted the ink cartridges supplied with the printer and the screen bed "incompatible cartridges not intended for the use of this printer.
    In case of problems on the website says to clean the contacts by using the items, that I have not at hand. As it is just out of the box, I'd be surprised if that's the problem. They look perfectly clean and free of scratches, etc.
    Just wondering if someone else has had this problem at the initial start up. The impression that I'm maybe something wrong.
    I took the stickers protection out of the cartridges, I tried switching market. I looked at the contacts.
    Is there something that I am missing?

    Thanks for any help.

    Your welcome, glad it's working now.

    Gremlins at work or possible tip dry for the flow of ink that has decided to go down with repeated removal and insertion of the cartridge.  Has been known to occur when the cartridge is approaching the expiration date.

Maybe you are looking for