Unable to scan GPIB when it is deployed the program...

Hello world

I have programmed a form with VS 2010 c# windows application and use the .net Framework 4. I use NationalInstruments.Common version and version NationalInstruments.VisaNS references.

For deployment, I created a Setup project with the main output of the other project (of this solution) as a source. I changed the prerequisites for the ".net Framework 4" (not the version of the client).

I find the following three dependencies affecting drivers OR VISA:

mstudiocommon.2010.msm version

mstudioutils.msm version 9.1.159

mstudiovisa.2010.msm version

My software returns to the deployed application, an exception, when I am running the following command:

resources is ResourceManager.GetLocalManager (). FindResources("GPIB?*");

and the exception is:

"Where not enough information or the device or resource is not present in the system. Error code - 1073807343 (0xBFFF0011), ErrorResourceNotFound of VISA"

I should mention, it works perfectly on the computer I have programmed the application with.

Thank you


Hi Ben,

Even if you include the simple module of the world in your distribution, the pilot VISA itself is not actually be distributed. You will need to install the real driver itself on the target system. Unfortunately, the installation of Microsoft Project do not provide an easy way to package the driver itself in a distribution. You can try to pack the driver with your Installer Setup program and run the setup.exe for the VISA pilot as a post install step.

For your first post, however, it seems that the pilot can actually be installed (I'm not sure of this, so be sure to check that it is actually installed). You will receive this exception if the search fails to find all the instruments corresponding to the expression that you spent it. Are you sure that a name starting with "GPIB" device is installed on the system? Could you post a technical report MAX?

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